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9 Best Gym Bags Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Best Gym Bag Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Because there are so many great (and less great) options out there, choosing one of the best gym bags has become a task in itself. After you manage to separate what is quality and what is only pretending to be, you have to start looking for the things that interest you most in such a product and Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag may just be it. This gym bag comes with plenty of features that will attract you such as the fact that it is one of the most spacious gym bags you can come across with even the small size being big enough for all of your things. Other aspects like resistance to water and abrasion are the cherry on top that convinces people to invest in it. In case this product is not available, you can also try the FocusGear Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0 which has plenty of attractive features as well.



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9 Best Gym Bags (Updated Reviews) in 2022



In choosing a gym bag you have to pay attention to many aspects – from how many things you can put inside to how resistant are the zippers. So you won’t waste any time doing this research we have created this guide for you which presents all you need to know about various models of gym bags.



1. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag


This product has plenty of features that are meant to draw attention to it! For example, the fact that it has resistance to abrasion and water is surely not something to ignore. Every time you put the bag down and lift it up again, you’ll scratch the surface which, in time, would affect the material. This won’t happen to this bag thanks to the resistance it has to abrasion.

Anytime you get out of the house, rain can start and catch you on your way. While you may carry an umbrella, this won’t do much to protect your bag. Fortunately, as this Under Armour gym bag has water resistance, you can walk in the rain with it, put sweaty clothes in it and so on without worrying the material will degrade in time.

You can be very comfortable while carrying this bag as it comes with a shoulder strap so you can keep your hands free.



One very big plus that this gym bag has is how spacious it is. It comes in three sizes, but all three of them seem to be bigger than their regular counterparts.

You can put here your clothes, shoes, a bottle of water, a protein shake, a towel and everything else you need and there’s a chance you’ll still have space left.

The front part has a very big pocket which will enable you to carry a better organization of your things. You can put here the most important objects so you’ll have easy access to them.

The sides also have panels which offer you also plenty of space and easy access.



The design and colors this gym bag has are a bit likely to rub off rather easily after a period of time, even if you don’t wash the bag often.

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2. FocusGear Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0


As the name suggests, this gym bag is the updated version of one that was previously sold by this company. Among the upgrades done to ensure client satisfaction, this product has now reinforced stitching in the areas where mechanical stress can appear most often. With these new stitches, the bag is less likely to break.

Another upgrade brought to you by the Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0 is the bottom panel which is now created to be water-resistant. As a result, you can leave your sweaty gym clothes on the bottom of the bag or you can place the product on the ground even when it’s raining without fear of it being damaged.

This gym bag has 10 compartments in total so you can organize your stuff much better. You can have one compartment used for shoes, one just for the outfit, one for the towel and soap and so on without having to cluster everything in one space.



Among those compartments, we have to mention that two of them are classified as 2 wet pockets. Basically, these two pockets are created so you can put in them the wet items (t-shirt, towel etc).

Size-wise, the pockets are full length so you needn’t worry about space – you can even fit your shoes here.

The bag has a big mouth opening which makes the main pocket open very easy for total and complete access.

From now on you don’t have to get annoyed if you can’t fit your stuff properly or that you can’t get them out as easy as you ought to which is a huge improvement as opposed to those tight-fit pockets on other models.



The pad is not as resistant as most people would like so you have to be extra careful when handling it so it won’t break or fall apart.

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3. Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment


This gym bag is made out of oxford fabric of high-quality. This gives it at least two very important advantages: being lightweight, it makes the gym bag much easier to be carried around, while the material also makes it much more durable as it is not a soft one that would break easily.

After all, resistance is one of the many aspects we look for in a gym bag since we usually have many things to carry with one, from the water bottle and protein shake to the whole outfit and towels so having an option made of a well-known and good material is sure a comfort to most everybody.

The Kuston Sports Gym Bag comes with many other advantages as well, which we couldn’t possibly ignore, like the fact that it has resistance to water. So, from now on, when rains start or when you have extremely wet clothes, you don’t have to think twice about it since this gym bag won’t be affected in the least by these conditions.



This model is wearing-resisting and presents an anti-theft feature.

The wearing-resisting aspect is about the fact that this gym bag was created to combat the damage that would be normally caused by a variety of factors like high temperatures and corrosion as you take it on and off your shoulder.

The fact that the product is also spacious is a very important aspect since, after all, you need plenty of space to carry all of the products that you need to the gym and back.

For easier compartmentation, the bag comes with several pockets so you’ll be able to organize all of your things in the way you wish to.



If you’re not very careful when using them, the zippers can break off pretty easily.

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4. Boost Sports Gym Bag


This gym bag can be used by both men and women. In women’s case, the gym bag can be converted into a handbag or a cross bag thanks to its adjustable strap, pleasant material and the fact that it is so comfortable to wear it. The product is fitting to both women and men thanks to its unisex design.

The Boost Sports Gym Bag is created from high-quality oxford fabric, which gives it a very nice and rather refined feeling when you touch it, separating it from the classic gym bags made of polyester or nylon. The dimensions available for it are 20 x 10.24 x 9.86 inches so you’ll have enough space for your gym stuff.



The fact that this bag is made of oxford fabric gives it a breathable quality so the inside of the gym bag won’t become damp, keeping your things fresh as they come into contact with air.

This product is also wearing-resisting meaning it won’t be affected by the fact that you use it often, so factors like corrosion and high temperatures won’t worry you anymore.

Having a highly spacious inside gives it the much-needed edge for such a product. You can use it to deposit here all of your gym accessories without worrying about space.

The product is also highly versatile (party due to its side, but also thanks to its design) meaning you can use it not only for your workout but also for swimming, tennis, yoga, traveling, camping and any other type of such activities.

Its pockets are multifunctional and you can use them to deposit all the things you need.



The shoe compartment may be a bit small for men with bigger feet.

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5. DALIX 20″ Sports Duffle Bag


This model can be used in a variety of scenarios since it has a size of 20 x 10 x 9 inches, making it useful not only for going to the gym but also for going on a holiday, for when you want to go and play a variety of sports, etc. You can even use it at your job!

The duffle bag comes with a main compartment that has 20 inches length space and benefits from easy access to it thanks to the big opening it has. This means you’ll be able to put here everything you want and need, from clothes and shoes to towels and sports accessories.

The DALIX 20″ Sports Duffle Bag also has 2 compartments with zippers on both ends. Here you can put the things you need the most (like a toothbrush, toilet paper or a mobile phone) so you won’t have to go looking for them in the big compartment which has plenty of other things already.



The front pocket also has a zipper and is very easy to use. The sides of the duffle bag contain mesh pockets and outsides which can be used to store your bottles of water.

The pockets at the ends of the bag are double zipped.

You can buy this item in a variety of colors such as black, grey, dark green, maroon, navy blue, royal blue, gold, red and purple.

Depending on your style and general mood, you can have it fit with your day-to-day activities and general personality.

Regardless if you use it for going to the gym, to travel or for sleepovers, this duffel bag is resistant enough to do its job.



Unless it’s full, the bag doesn’t keep its shape so it can be harder than expected to use its zippers.

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6. Venture Pal Packable Sports Gym Bag


This item is part of the lightweight category as it only weighs 1.1 pounds – this is 80% less than your usual gym bag. It is also very easy to fold it using its own pockets and store it, while when you want to go to the gym, you just have to unfold it. The materials used for it may be lighter than most, but they are not weak, not by far.

The gym bag comes with a large compartment that’s placed in the middle and it’s considered the main one. On the sides, there are several pockets placed in which you can put the outfit, shoes, water bottle, umbrella and so on.

The model is also very easy to fit alongside your other sports essentials and it can even be used for traveling. Being spacious enough, it can act as a large suitcase basically.



The Venture Pal Packable Sports Gym Bag is a very versatile product as it can be used in a variety of settings. The main use, of course, is that of a gym bag. This will keep your sports accessories in their proper place.

You may use it not only for going to the gym but also for going to any other sports activity, such as yoga, modern dance and so on.

Another purpose this bag can have is that of a travel and trip bag as it is made of durable and high-quality materials so you won’t risk having them breaking as you travel.

We simply can’t ignore the compartment for shoes which is odor-resistant. This one has a ventilated air space so you’ll be sure it won’t ruin the smell in the bag with used shoes or sweat-filled clothing.



The shoulder strap is not the most resistant of them all.

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7. Sportsnew Sports Gym Bag


Looking for a spacious new gym bag? This one may be it. The item comes with one main big compartment, one shoe compartment on the left, one inner waterproof PVC compartment, two slip-in mesh pockets on the right side of the bag and in front, and one small pocket that is used for quick and easy storage.

The versatility of the Sportsnew Sports Gym Bag is truly attractive as you can use it in many places and in many instances without having to do much of a change. Aside from being used as a gym bag, you can easily use it for similar purposes such as a sports bag and yoga bag but also for traveling or as an overnight bag.

You can carry it as a handbag, shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag, all of them being more fitting considering what style you’re more comfortable with.



The item has separation of compartments based on several aspects which means you’ll find one for wet accessories and one for the dry ones.

The main and large one is zipped and is used for clothes that are dry and clean, while you can also find one upgraded waterproof PVC pocket that is also zipped and is used for wet items.

Another attractive feature refers to the pockets for the water bottle and for shoes. The item comes with a compartment with a zipper that is used for shoes or dirty laundry (you can find it on the left side) and two pockets for water bottles of 800 milliliters (on the right side).

Besides all the different types in which you can use this bag, there are several styles in which you can use them.



The material used for this gym bag is not quite among the very best.

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8. AmazonBasics Sports Duffel Bag


With this product you can keep all of your things in proper order, basically following the saying “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”. The bag is light but very sturdy and highly versatile as you can use it for your gym workout or to transport the equipment needed for football, dance, yoga, etc.

Thanks to its versatility, you can also use the duffel bag for sleepovers or for short trips during the weekend instead of your regular luggage, which makes this whole investment very convenient. It’s basically at least 3-in-1 giving the number of activities you can use the bag for.

The item comes in two sizes, small and medium, with the small one having a capacity of 40 L and the medium one of 60 L, both being big enough for your needs. Just take some measurements of the things you plan to carry and decide accordingly.



This AmazonBasics Sports Duffel Bag is highly durable due to the fact that it has a bottom that is resistant to abrasion plus side panels so you won’t scratch the surface by accident.

Naturally, the increased resistance is a big pro, because gym bags are prone to being overused and to being scratched most every time you use them and they touch the concrete, walls, in transportation, etc.

Being able to organize your stuff as neatly as possible is another plus this item offers you as it comes with a big pocket in the front that has a zipper, another large pocket with a zipper plus a mesh pocket on the outside.

You’ll also find a pocket on the interior (this one also has a zipper) and you can use it for small items like your keys.



The sides of the bag are rather soft to keep up and still by themselves.

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9. PUMA Womens Evercat Candidate Duffel Bag


This model is created out of 100% polyester and this material comes with a series of advantages such as the fact that it’s a strong one. It presents good resistance toward shrinkage when washed or being stretched, you can wash it in the washing machine or you can dry clean it, it doesn’t wrinkle, it’s resistant to abrasion and many chemicals, etc.

Other benefits of the polyester material that translate to the general quality of this PUMA Womens Evercat Candidate Duffel Bag is the fact that it’s very strong and highly durable, crisp, but also soft, thus making it a good choice of material for this type of a bag. The lining is also made out of 100% polyester so you have the quality guaranteed.

You can close this duffel bag with zippers which is the standard way of closing this type of product.



The shoulder drop is of 27 inches which gives you enough room to let it hang on your shoulder without feeling like it’s too close to you or too far.

This distance can also be considered a safe one as you can feel if you’re on your way and somebody else is maybe trying to work through your stuff without your approval.

One immense benefit of this duffel bag is the fact that you can wash it in the washing machine. Many such bags can’t be used in the washing machine because of their sensitive material which could get torn during the process. Fortunately, polyester doesn’t have this problem.

This item also has three pockets on the exterior giving you the opportunity of placing there the items you need to have in better reach, like your towel, shoes or even keys.



The strap doesn’t have a cushion for the shoulder so after a while you’ll have to change shoulders when wearing it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Your gym bag is an extension of your style and personality so you have to pick it carefully. Aside from how good the exterior looks like, you should also go for as much storage room as possible and check how functional those gym bags are.

Storage Space

The storage space is, by far, the most important aspect when it comes to selecting affordable gym bags. Sure, you can go with the “the bigger, the better” approach, but even then you may end up carrying around a half-empty sack that doesn’t really have a shape.

A good gym bag should carry without any problem your workout clothes and your exchange, a towel, your shoes, a water bottle and a toiletry kit (in which you’ll have your soap, deodorant and everything else of the sort). All of these things should make your bag medium-full if you want it to look good when you carry it with you.

Check gym bags reviews and you’ll see they should also fit without a problem in a common gym locker which can sometimes eliminate the whole “the bigger, the better” idea you had in the first place. The product may look splendid, but if it doesn’t fit in the gym locker, what’s the point? You’ll just have to leave it at home and buy another one of the right size.

Buying men’s gym bags should also draw to your attention the aspect of “functionality”. Basically, you will need large gym bags that let you put in separate places the old sweaty clothes from the new clothes that you will wear on the street, the soap from the boxers, etc. Don’t forget you also have to make sure the gym duffle bags can fit into the assigned locker.


The Organization on the Inside

Organization is highly important when it comes to any bag or luggage and good gym bags are no exception to that rule. You want to find what you need quickly and not spend a couple of minutes so you can carry on to the next step. Why waste time looking for the bottle of water when you can know exactly where to find it as it has its own special pocket?

Naturally, after a good workout, your clothes will be sweaty and if you’re the type of person who sweats a lot, then you should really check the best gym bags for men that include a special pocket for the wet clothes. They may be a bit more expensive but you won’t have to wash your bag after every time you went to the gym.


Which Materials Are Recommended?

The materials used for the creation of cool gym bags are also highly important. Nylon and cotton canvas are among the preferred ones because they come with a good quality, they tend to last longer and are on the cheaper side, so, if you’re not sure how often you’ll go to the gym anyway, you can start with this one just to be sure you don’t overspend.

Washed canvas is also an option. Some people may prefer leather, which is an attractive prospect as they look rather good, but the problem with this material is that it has the tendency to absorb the wetness and smells around it. Pick stylish gym bags for women from a material that will help you.

Basically, while women’s gym duffel bags made of leather may be someone’s dream, it’s maybe better to stay away from this material unless you want some extra work to put in cleaning it. As a result, nylon and cotton rule supreme as they are easy to wash (you only have to do it occasionally and you can use the washing machine).

Aside from this, nylon and cotton are also durable materials so they won’t start bursting open as soon as you brought them and they also come available in plenty of colors so you can pick the one that fits you the best. If you’re still stuck on leather, you have the option of buying gym bags for women with a leather strap so you get the best of both worlds.

We made a big point out of the leather gym bags because you will also have to care for and wash the product. After a long training session at the gym, washing your gear and taking care of it are the last things on your mind, which means you have to keep in mind several things if you want the best results with minimum effort.

How to Clean Your Bag

Firstly, remove from your bag any piece of clothing that you sweated in, that is still wet or moist (that includes the towel) and so on, because moisture is a corrosive which will start to affect both your clothes and your gym bag. That smell is rather unpleasant and it’s also harder to get rid of it so just take this step as soon as you get home.

Secondly, you can use something like an organic scent sponge that is created from volcanic rock and just put it somewhere in the bag. This sponge has the ability to absorb the excess moisture that is created in the gym bag, while also taking care of the smell that appears because of the sweat.

In the third place (and this is also very important), you should wash even the best gym bags for women about once a month – even if you use the sponge.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are gym bags waterproof?

There is no general guide to how a gym bag should be made which means there are quite a few differences between various models that you can find in stores. Regarding this question, we can only say that “some” cheap gym bags are waterproof, while others still haven’t caught up with the technology although they really should by now.

Unless you live in a literal desert, there is always the chance that it can rain sometimes so you have to be prepared with a waterproof gym bag. You may use an umbrella or a raincoat to cover yourself from the water, but what about the gym bag? And even more importantly, what about all of the things that you have in the gym bag that shouldn’t get wet?

Adding more moisture to the already sweaty clothes will make them smell even better and if you have a bar of soap in the bag, if water gets to it, it’s most likely going to stain the inside and not really clean it. This is why you should get a waterproof gym bag as there are plenty of them available out there as we mentioned in the gym bags review above.

Q: How often should you wash your gym bag?

The gym bags for men may be home to some of your most used items, but also the home of many germs and bacteria that can have a not very pleasant effect on your health as they are responsible for many infections. These infections can appear if you don’t wash your gym bag often enough and you don’t change the kit on a regular basis.

Even the water bottle that you keep reusing harbors many germs – around 300,000 units of bacteria for just a square centimetre. So you can imagine how things are when it comes to your damp clothes and towels, for the shoes you keep there without washing and for everything else inside the gym bag that is not properly cleaned as soon as possible.

For all of this, you need to wash your gym bag at least once a month and the contents inside of it even more often, naturally, especially the clothes, towels, and shoes.


Q: What is the best fabric for gym bags?

While there are plenty of choices for your gym bag when it comes to the fabric it’s made of, there are two materials that truly shine: nylon and polyester. You may not think much of these two since they are rather cheap and you don’t wear clothing made out of them, but there are plenty of reasons gym bags are the best if they are made of nylon and polyester.

Even if you avoid synthetic materials when it comes to what you wear, even small gym bags for men have other needs such as a high level of durability and lots of strength which lets the fabric withstand the conditions of the outdoors much better. These materials can keep their shape and don’t get wrinkles – the last you want to do is to iron your gym bag.

So, if you are going to choose the best fabric for your gym bag, one of these two materials should do it just fine, regardless if you want small gym bags or large duffle bags.




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