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10 Best Football Visors Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Best Football Visor Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


This article will help you find out about the best football visors out there, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands to look for this on your own. After carefully studying the quality and value boasted by some of the critically acclaimed products available in this line, our team has come to the mutual conclusion that the EliteTek Color Football Facemask Visor is the item you should be on the lookout for. This product has a very nice two-clip system that allows the user to easily remove it or attach it. Furthermore, it fits both kids and adult helmets so you can buy it regardless of the size of your football player while the impact-resistant coating adds an extra layer of protection. In the unfortunate event that this is not available when you go to the store, the EliteTek Clear Football Eyeshield Universal is another product that is worth your consideration.



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10 Best Football Visors (Updated Reviews) in 2022



While all athletes need protection in order to practice their sport without fear of injury, this is especially true for football due to its rough and real nature. Therefore, we have selected these products with great and diligent consideration to ensure they can offer a proper balance of performance and safety.



1. EliteTek Color Football Facemask Visor


This football and lacrosse eye-shield visor is one of the better-received products out there and you can really find numerous reasons why this is the case. First and foremost, many people like the fact that it is a universal fit and they don’t have to look in different places and buy different visors for their younger athletes.

Furthermore, with a little bit of handiness or experience, the visor is easy and quick to remove while the coating that the entire product comes with is able to successfully resist things like strong impact and scratching and it also blocks out harmful UV rays.

Another bonus of this great product is the fact that the visor is quite adept at getting rid of the annoying glare since it is designed in such a way that it is able to control the intensity of the light.



The universal fit will be a major help for people who have more young athletes in the family or simply want to buy more helmets.

The product is impact and scratch-resistant and one purchase should offer you a durable visor that will be with you for a long time. However, keep in mind that the nature of the sport does not allow for any visor to be completely scratch-proof.

Say goodbye to bothersome UV rays and blue light while on the field since this item is capable of completely blocking them out.

The overall design will allow the visor to control the light’s intensity in such a way that it will never affect you when playing.



This visor won’t be a breeze to install for inexperienced people, while cascade helmets owners may find it especially challenging, even though it will fit perfectly once you’ve managed to get the job done.

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2. EliteTek Clear Football Eyeshield Universal


Those looking for affordable football visors will definitely want to check out this product as it offers high-quality while, at the same time, it still does not break your bank. Indeed, your vision will be safeguarded against any forms of danger, especially against bothersome ones like finger pokes and airborne particles.

The universal fit makes it a perfect match for anybody, regardless of their age. Therefore, kids, young people, or even adults will receive a nice confidence boost when playing due to the fact that they will know their safety is ensured.

This is a well-made product that is able to withstand strong impacts and scratches and that fights back against the fog very well, allowing its user to have a good game even when the weather does not feel like being nice. The hundreds of positive reviews also count as good feedback, especially due to this product’s ability to completely protect the eyes.



The high-quality shield will be a sturdy companion when out on the field and you will feel better and safer when playing due to it.

The fact that this item is a universal fit makes it great for people who want to make multiple purchases and don’t want to go through the hassle of repeatedly shopping for items.

Various leagues of football have recognized the quality of this visor and have given it their vote of confidence, especially due to the shatter-proof plastic design that makes it one of the toughest ones out there.

The item is sturdy and durable against damage and does a very good job protecting itself against fog and other potentially-impairing effects like UV coating or blue light.



Like many football visors, this can be particularly tough to install, especially if it is the first time you are going through this process.

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3. Barnett Sports Football and Lacrosse Eye-shield


This is a tried and tested veteran of the football visor scene that continues to earn praise and one of the very good items out there. This item is super clear and also lacking a tint, therefore garnering instant approval when it comes to those people looking to get good youth football helmet visors.

The universal fit of this will make you fall in love with it since it’s going to mean complete compatibility with adult and youth helmets so you won’t have to do the same job twice. Furthermore, the very nice 2-clip system makes is very fast to attach and take off since we know time is sometimes of the essence.

Another great perk you will receive from this product is the fact that you’ll have a clear and fog-free vision regardless of the various weather conditions due to the applied coating that is also very good for resisting scratches.



This visor is enhanced with the capability to block out harmful UV rays and blue lights, allowing the user to have a very good game, even when the sun is shining brightest.

The manufacturer also went to great lengths to ensure that while some of that light will inevitably come through, the intensity of it will not be enough to bother anyone.

The effortless installation will make this product a favorite of yours, especially when compared with how difficult it is to attach some of the similar ones out there.

The anti-fog and anti-scratch coating make this a durable visor that will be there for a long time, especially when you need it the most.



While this product is compatible with almost all helmets, you may be required to do some adjustments before it is going to be able to fit into some of them.

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4. Under Armour Unisex Football Visor


This is one of the more approved of football visors out there, as youths everywhere seem to use it and love it for its ability to be a universal fit for pretty much any helmet out there.

Furthermore, it requires little-to-no-effort to put on since you shouldn’t need any additional tools to get the job done. This is because the manufacturer took care to equip this product with some quick-release clips that are great for use during installation.

Also, especially when compared to other, similar items, this visor is lightweight and it will not prove to be a burden while out there on the field. Actually, it has been proven to be 10% lighter than most other visors, especially due to the fact that it’s made out of strong yet lightweight polycarbonate material.

The anti-fog coatings will do the job that they need to do while also protecting your head against scratches and finger pokes.



The American Youth Football Association approved this product so it is definitely one of the safer ones out there for your little athlete’s first successes on the field.

This item is compatible with many types of helmets so you should have no problem finding one that you like and creating the product of your dreams.

You will not need any additional equipment to install the visor due to the quick-release clips that make everything easy.

Compared to other visors that seem to drag your head down and feel particularly heavy when dealing with the added weight of the actual helmet, this is truly a lightweight product.



While firmly in the category of good youth football visors, this item has shown that it is not ideal for aggressive uses and situations where it may not translate all that well to stronger forms of football.

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5. Under Armour Helmet Visor with Hologram


It’s hard to be unsatisfied with this visor once you get it due to the myriad of perks it comes with that work toward ensuring your safety on the field as well as improving your performance by not dragging your head down.

The item is made from a high-quality, strong polycarbonate material that also serves to keep it extremely lightweight, while the anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings add to the overall quality of the visor.

You won’t need any additional tools to use this since the quick-release clips make it quite simple to attach and remove, with the added bonus that they are also a universal fit.

According to football visors reviews, this type of product from Under Armour is one of the most widely used when it comes to youth football, so this should be a great choice for your child.



Due to this, the American Youth Football Association has endorsed this visor as one of the safest out there.

Each item you order will come with logo stickers in more than one team color, allowing you to perfectly match your jersey and look super-cool come game time!

This product also enters the category of cheap football visors out there, even though it leaves nothing on the table when it comes to quality.

The visor also offers 10% less weight than traditional ones, allowing the user to feel better and move easier while playing.

The coating is bound to offer good durability and protect against everyday incidents like scratches, finger-poking, or fog.



While this does look extremely good, if you or the one you are buying this for is playing an aggressive brand of football, this visor may not be ideal for all situations.

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6. Unique Sports Youth Clear Football Eye Shield


This is one of the better youth football helmets visors as it offers very good protection and allows them to play without worrying about their safety. This is another one of the highly-rated products in this category as it has received plenty of positive feedback from a large number of users.

One of the more remarkable traits that it has is the fact that it can be used in both high school and college football since it resides in the category of completely clear football visors. It benefits from a great polycarbonate lens that offers just enough thickness to avoid being bothersome, around 3 millimeters.

Also, the lens used here is completely devoid of any distortion so one should not fear about the quality of the images they will be receiving through it. Furthermore, because it is wrapped, it ensures that the user won’t be affected by things like glare or blind spots and ensure a truly clear experience.



Since it is approved in two levels of youth football, high school and college, this item can serve you or the user well through entire seasons of training and games, without the need to change it.

The manufacturer went to great lengths to ensure the lens will always be crystal-clear and distortion-free, while the quality of the overall material makes it shatterproof.

Blind spots are a thing of the past as the design of the lens allows the user to get rid of them without any issues, which is a good thing since the item is compatible with almost any football helmets out there.



As good as this visor is, there’s still the risk for it to acquire some minimal scuff marks after it has been of service to you for several seasons. However, they shouldn’t be so serious as to not allow you to use the product anymore.

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7. EliteTek Football Eye-Shield Visor


Say hello to a great football visor as this baby is a universal helmet fit so it’s virtually irrelevant what type of headgear you have, this will still be good enough to fit and protect you with it, as well as make you look awesome in the process!

The two-clip system allows for an extremely fast and efficient attachment or removal process, that can come in quite handy when you have to put your entire gear on in a hurry. Furthermore, like any good product, this comes with fog and scratch-resistant coating that will aid in improving your visor’s durability.

The manufacturer also wanted to make this item get top marks when it comes to impact resistance and it really did a great job. Furthermore, the optical material does wonders for blocking harmful light from reaching the user’s eyes and allows for a controlled intensity.



You can even apply this on Youth XS and S helmets with a little bit of patience and discipline, so it really is a visor that can adapt to the entire scale of helmets.

This visor can be great for a beginner or a professional since it’s not only a universal fit but it’s also very easy to install, without the additional use of any tools.

Treated with a very good brand of anti-scratch and anti-fog coating, this item will be good to go for several seasons, through training camp as well as games so you should not feel the need to buy a new one anytime soon.

The manufacturer basically guarantees a universal fit for the visor, which is bound to make a good impression on some customers.



This product belongs in the group of tinted football visors, so make sure that before buying it, you check in with your league about any possible restrictions they may have.

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8. EliteTek Breast Cancer Awareness Visor


This visor is not only used to bring clarity to players on the field but to also shed some light on a problem that is extremely real for our society, in partnership with the Susan G. Komen foundation.

In football terms, the no-tint visor is bound to be extremely good for all young athletes out there, especially since it is approved and well regarded by high school and youth leagues around the country.

When you think about the fact that you are getting a fog and scratch-resistant product with all the necessary perks to ensure you can use it for a long time and you also make your mark in combating a very serious issue of our days, then you start to understand why this is one of the coolest football visors out there.

This item is also very adept at blocking damaging light from entering the user’s eyes, eliminating that awful glare and controlling the intensity of the light that does come through.



This is a very good standalone product, representing a guaranteed buy due to the many leagues around the country that have offered their stamp of approval to it.

Anyone who buys this will also contribute in a small way to fighting breast cancer and because every step counts, we will be that much closer to victory.

On the durability side of things, you should know that you will have this product for a long time due to the coating applied to it to ensure this does happen.

While many young athletes choose extremely lavish helmets and/or mouthguards to look cool out on the field, yours will look smart and well-informed about the real problems of the world.



Beginners may have a tough time when first installing it, even though there are some online guides that can probably help with this issue.

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9. Arsenal Clear Football Visor


Since this manufacturer is known for its range of tried and tested durable football visors, this particular one will definitely be a good addition to your arsenal of football equipment (Get it?!).

This is a nice item, weighing about 6.4 ounces, and it should probably fit with the football helmet that you or your young athlete already have. The visor does a great job protecting the face from direct sunlight exposure, while still offering great protection due to the fact that it is made of collision-resistant material that won’t break when suffering a physical impact.

Furthermore, this is a perfect choice for athletes who enjoy having some peripheral vision as it will allow them to see both sides without any issues. The product should also be quite easily-attachable and removable, without needing a lot of time to do it.

Due to the curved design, your eyes will be shaded even when playing hard games under the hot sun, as long as you wear your visor.



This is a sturdy visor that is guaranteed to last you through many training camps and seasons, so you won’t feel the need to buy another one anytime soon.

The all-angle view really offers enhanced visibility and this may sometimes prove to be an advantage when on the field.

Due to the way this is designed, even a hard helmet to helmet collision should not reduce the quality of your visor.

This visor is clear tinted, ready to offer some of the most complete and crips images you’ve ever had while playing football.



The sad part is that the item is only available in one single size and there are certain leagues out there that do not allow it, so make sure to research beforehand.

Furthermore, certain cases may require that you get a doctor’s note before using this product in a live game.

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10. EliteTek Hard Hitting No Quitting


Say hello to your favorite patriotic football helmet visor as this great product from EliteTek is definitely worth investing your time and money into. This is already receiving raving reviews due to the awesome look and customizable “Hard Hitting, No Quitting” phrase inscribed on it.

Since this saying perfectly embodies the American spirit, it can be had in various colors including green, yellow, black, red, therefore offering you the possibility of choosing whatever you feel best represents you.

On the technical side of things, the product is made of high-quality materials, designed to maximize its clarity so have no fear as it is definitely worth every penny. Furthermore, it does not have a tint so if you’re looking for a clear visor, this is worth checking out.

Also, this product is a universal fit so this should come as an added bonus since you will be able to attach and fit it for both youth and adults helmets.



You can expect to receive maximum clarity and durability from this item due to it being treated with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. The injection-molded nature also makes it quite resistant to impact, which is especially important for developing youths.

It is a universal fit and since it does not come with a tint, you should have no problem using it in any league you desire be it high school, youth league, or even pro leagues.

The customizable phrase in different colors really offers a nice personal touch that can set it apart from similar products and will definitely make you feel proud to be representing your country out there on the field.



There will be some instances where the facemask will require slight adjustments during installation, but once you get that done you should have no problems from there on out.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When looking to buy football helmet visors, you should make sure that you have a little time on your hands so you can find the best one that will work for you. For best results, you should aim to check both online and offline sources and then take great care to base your final buying decision on these factors.



Intended purpose

First and foremost, you really have to make it an objective to look for the most appropriate visors not in general, but regarding your specific needs and wants. Due to this, remember that there are several uses that a visor can fulfill, be it to shield the eyes from the sun, protect them from any incoming debris or foreign fingers or allowing for a better look at your opponents.

Finding out exactly why you need the product for will ensure you have an easier time when it comes to selecting which one to actually buy.


How well it fits

The way the visor fits is another key feature that you have to take into account. If it does not fit properly, you will definitely be unable to use it and that means you would have wasted money instead of buying an adequate product.

Visors for football are usually compatible with certain helmet models and you must make sure yours does too before buying it. However, you can find specific ‘universal’ products that have been designed to fit well with almost anything.

Furthermore, you have to also find out if your football league restricts the use of certain kinds of visors, as this is a very real possibility. This way, you will avoid buying an item and then be unable to actually use it in a game.



When it comes to football helmets visors, it’s a must for any buyer to first accumulate enough understanding of them to be able to differentiate between certain types. One of the more popular ones is the clear visor because this one has been designed with the purpose of protecting its user from sustaining any eye injuries.

High-quality clear visors will also come with some type of protection against fog and glaring while also being resistant to sustaining heavy damage.

Another popular type is the tinted visor since this one aims for redirecting sunlight away from your eyes in order to better protect them as well as allow the user to see better even when playing under the scorching sun.



The lens is another important part of the buying process, so there’s quite a lot to do as you can see. Any would-be user has to first assess the level of visibility generated through the lens by looking directly through it and observing the peripherals.

The goal here is that the players will be able to use their peripheral vision without rotating the head as this could cause them to waste precious seconds in a ball game. Another thing you have to understand is that you may want tinted lenses too but you have to make sure they are equipped with an anti-glare material as well.

You also have to check which one of them perfectly fits your focus limit as this is optics we’re talking about and there is no sense buying cool football visors if you will not be able to actually use when playing the game.




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