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10 Best Football Socks Compared and Reviewed

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Best Football Socks Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you’ll find out what the best football socks are, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands to research this on your own. After carefully analyzing pretty much all the great football socks on the market, our team has come to the conclusion that the one you really want to go for is the Under Armour Unisex Adult Tactical HeatGear. The dynamic arch of the product is a tremendous help when it comes to stability and boot control, the strategic cushioning greatly protects your leg, while the anti-odor technology will stop you from wanting to throw everything away once you’re done playing. In the unfortunate events that all the athletes have already cleared out the stock, you can also take a look at the Nike Academy Over-The-Calf Socks



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10 Best Football Socks (Updated Reviews) in 2022



When you are an athlete, every piece of your gear is extremely important to ensure the best possible performance on the field. Due to this, we’ve carefully selected only the best football sock models on the market to make sure that whatever you choose, you’ll be happy and satisfied with your purchase.



1. Under Armour Unisex Adult Tactical HeatGear


When you’re looking to buy something from Under Armour you know for sure you’re not going to get some cheap football sock model but a quality product thoroughly designed and tested to ensure it provides the best of results. Crafted from 77% polyester, 20% cotton, and 3% spandex, the company believes these socks are the absolute best combination in terms of performance.

Furthermore, the sock is military compliant so its productivity and readiness are really a no-brainer at this point. Under Armour’s stated mission is to improve the lives and performance of all athletes through a combination of passion, science, and an enamored pursuit of innovation all day, every day. 

Due to society’s numerous breakthroughs, the athlete of today demands a sock that not only looks and feels the way it’s supposed to but also one that can bring certain technical attributes that bridge the gap between style and functionality.



The simple fact that this is an Under Armour product brings a certain standard of quality and usefulness that its customers have long been accustomed to. 

The dynamic arch support works great in terms of reducing foot fatigue, something that is very important for athletes who constantly run, stop, and start running again throughout the course of a ball game. 

Innovative anti-odor technology prevents too many or too strong unwanted smells from gathering up in the sock and making you not want to take it off anymore. 

The sock’s material is specifically designed to wick sweat and is an extremely fast drier, even right after it’s taken out of the washing machine so you might not even need a drier. 



The general consensus about this product seems to be that the original amazing design has changed just a little in terms of flexibility and strength of the material. 

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2. Nike Academy Over-The-Calf Socks


While Nike has not necessarily focused on providing affordable football socks, the company has managed to raise the quality bar so high that customers simply flock to their products regardless of the asking price. This product is the epitome of that philosophy: You’ll definitely find other long football socks out there but those will be hard-pressed to bring the same quality to the table.

If you wanted a pair of socks that are able to keep you comfortable and safe even during the harshest of plays, then you’ve come to the right place. Also, a lot of athletes need to be able to wear shin guards in order to protect their legs so you’ll definitely enjoy something as flexible yet strong at the same time like this product boasts to be. 

Regardless of everything we’ve said above, the fabric is quite lightweight and will help keep your feet dry even during the hottest of days. 



One of the most beloved features of Nike football socks is their Dri-FIT fabric that simply drags perspiration away from your skin in order to provide the most comfortable feeling possible when you are on the court.

Made with spandex material, these Nike socks bring a level of stretch and comfort that other similar products will be hard-pressed to replicate in terms of how comfortable they can keep the user during the actual play time.

Apart from that, the product is also very durable as the reinforced heel and toe design, aided by the sheer elasticity brought by this combination of materials should definitely ensure that you wear them for a long time, regardless of how often you actually use them.



Compared to previous versions of this product, this one seems a little more prone to tearing apart if you happen to pull too hard and this is something you may want to consider especially if you struggle to roll it over your legs properly.

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3. Champro Sports Multi-Sport Socks


An affordable football sock is not hard to find but managing to acquire an inexpensive one that also brings good quality and endurance is not something that common and this is the reason why Champro really has come out with something special here. 

Made out of 100% polyester, these socks should keep you going for a long time regardless of how many games you use them in. The tube-style sock is great for pretty much any game that involves a ball and some people from football to softball, basketball, lacrosse, and anything else you might think about.

As it should, the model goes right over the calf and does an amazing job protecting your legs and yet allowing for enough space so you can insert some shin guards if you have to. Simple and effective, we’re sure you’ll grow to like this product very much as you keep using it more and more. 



This is a pair of football socks that sports a vintage and time-tested style that will never go old. The over-the-calf cut looks modern and classic at the same time so you can never go wrong with them. 

The product is available in multiple colors, allowing you to choose anything you feel you’d like and this is particularly useful if you need to match your child’s socks with the rest of the uniform. 

The company also makes this in a bunch of sizes ranging from extra small (XS) to large (L) so you should be able to find out what fits you without any issues.

The material is durable and will be able to take a beating in terms of pulling and grabbing, as long as you’re not taking a pair of scissors to it.



While still a very good alternative, the material from which these football socks are made is not as thick and elastic as the one sported by similar products that come from better-known brands so this is something you should take into account, particularly if you have thick calves and need to wear shin guards.

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4. Under Armour Adult Team Team Over-the-calf Socks 


Under Armour football socks will not only never go out of style but will keep being at the top of the sporting goods list for years to come due to simply how good they are in terms of performance and durability. Made with performance-enhancing features, you are guaranteed to have the best experience of your life in terms of combining wearing socks and playing sports.

The protective cushion does a great job protecting your legs and feet against damage while at the same time still managing to avoid a heavy or bulky feeling. Having dry and cool legs will not only make you feel better but should definitely improve your performance during the game as nobody likes doing something with their feet drenched in sweat. 

Last but not least, the combination of polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex offers a tremendous combo in terms of durability and elasticity, something not many similar products manage to do.



This product is half-cushion footed and it is this innovation that allows it to provide comfort without sacrificing weight or dimensions, reducing its bulk as much as possible. 

Feet are always the most tested for a lot of athletes so the dynamic arch support will do a tremendous job when it comes to reducing the fatigue you feel throughout the course of a game, potentially improving the performance since it will make it harder for you to tire yourself out. 

The ventilation channels included in the fabric not only enhance breathability but combine with the anti-odor technology to ensure that you’ll be able to take them off after the game without wishing to throw them away somewhere and forget this ever happened.



The socks can feel a little too tight if you have large calves, even in the extra-large size. If this happens, you might experience some problems with them staying up on your leg.

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5. TrendWell Elite Performance Athletic Socks Over The Calf


This is definitely an affordable football sock that you should keep your eye on as there aren’t many products on the market that can balance value offered and resistance to damage as this one does. Built for performance, this sock ensures that you don’t have to suffer using socks that slip, slide, bunch, or fall down during the game, limiting your ability and impact.

As a result, these ones are designed specifically to be able to provide a snug fit and stay in place no matter what you do on the court, as any athletic sock should, to be honest with you. Considering how important comfort is to an athlete, we feel we’re not going over the line when we say these might just add that little bit of an extra edge to your competitive performance.

From the heel to the arch to the toe, they are created to support every inch of the leg and foot and we’re sure you’re going to feel this from the first time you put them on. 



The durability of this sock is something that will jump out since the manufacturer crafted them with high-intensity training in mind, regardless of what kind of grueling exercises you’re putting yourself through. 

The thick fabric is still flexible enough to be able to stretch over something as solid as a shin guard or as large as an ice skate, protecting your ankles and legs from a lot of bruises and scratches that most other socks won’t be able to. 

Last but not least, TrendWell socks do not get holes or tears so you’ll probably grow tired of wearing them long before they give out. 



There seems to be a potential problem with the delivery or the packaging system as orders tend to get delivered to the wrong customers and, as a result, the sock you might get is not the size you might actually need. 

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6. MadSportsStuff Football Logo Athletic Crew Socks


Finding a pair of nice youth football socks can be hard since you need to get one that fits their ever-growing legs but it would still be nice if you were able to buy a pair that also fits the team color. This product from MadSportsStuff really aims to fulfill that need as it’s not only flexible enough for that but it’s available in a plethora of colors that should get the job done. 

The thing that separates this company from all the rest is their belief that socks can be fun too and you don’t always have to go for vintage, classic-looking ones. Every one of their products is designed with teams in mind and, as a result, will have a unique-looking model that oozes quality and craftsmanship. 

Furthermore, the entire business is 100% American so you have another guarantee of quality as the entire production and distribution chain, from the moment the football sock is made until the moment it reaches your house, are implemented right here in the U.S.



These are the perfect socks if you want to add an extra touch of flavor to your everyday football ones but don’t know where to start.

This product is a crew length so what that means is it reaches until the middle of the calf so it’s perfect for players who do not like to roll their socks over their knees.

Available in a plethora of colors, you should have no issues finding the one that fits your local team’s apparel. 

You’ll also enjoy the moisture-wicking and ankle-compressing performance of the sock in terms of how good it feels when you’re wearing it.

Made and delivered in the United States of America, you know that if something goes wrong you’ll always be able to contact the company first-hand. 



Take a long look at their sizing chart before buying the product as it seems to be a little off compared to what you actually get in the mailbox sometimes. 

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7. KitNSox Adult Youth Mid Calf Cushion Number Socks


According to the football socks reviews, people seem to like their products made out of a combination of materials like polyester, elastane, and the likes because they award a much greater resistance and durability in terms of how long you’ll be able to use that product. 

This premium fabric is also soft to the touch so it will be a joy to wear while at the same time retaining its strength capabilities. Its moisture-wicking properties will keep your foot dry even during the hottest and most humid of days, which is something that tends to happen quite often when you’re doing an organized sporting activity. 

The best thing about this product is that it’s comfortable enough to be great for home use as well so you don’t need to put it in the separate sock drawer that you only use before big games. 



This sock is designed for pretty much anyone from school-aged children to adult men and women so consulting the size chart should be enough to show you what you need to buy.

The premium design is great for every sport and for avoiding any foot problems that can result from engaging in such activities. The air hole-woven fabric coupled with the very good ventilation means you can say goodbye to slippery feet and smelly problems afterward.

Wear your player number with pride not only on your jersey but also on your socks, allowing you to feel two times better and increasing the pleasure you feel from being out there on the court or inside any sporting facility.



While the socks are good quality and should hold up just fine, the sizing chart appears to be a little off as even the youth version seems to be large enough for some adults so keep that in mind before purchasing.

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8. Matari Men’s Sports Athletic Compression Socks Over The Knee


This is a good pair of high football socks if you are on the market for some that won’t let you down when the game is in its final throes and allow you to fully concentrate on what’s happening on the field. Made of featured nylon cotton, wearing this will make you feel that you’re equipped with something both suitable and durable while still enjoying the usual softness of cotton.

The mix between polyester fiber, cotton, and spandex offers a great combination in terms of thickness and durability, not only protecting you as you deserve to be protected but also keeping you warm when the weather is cold. The anti-skid technology is also great since the cotton fabric covering the tissue will simply prevent you from slipping, no matter what happens.

The fact that this product is available in a multitude of colors is also going to help when trying to get something that fits the rest of your sports apparel. 



The “one size fits most” design will work great when it comes to reducing the possibility of making an error when consulting the sizing chart and getting a product that is not right for you.

The manufacturer went for a Y-direction reinforcement which offers great air permeability and breathability, promoting a better overall feeling even in the midst of physical action.

Coupled with the good ventilation, the mesh design makes for a tough environment for bacteria to breed while the thick end of the sock provides additional protection against all kinds of impact. 

The combination of materials does not only work when it comes to keeping the wearer safe but it’s also great for people who enjoy doing physical activities even during the cold seasons of the year.



While they are advertised as “over the knee”, these socks seem to stop below the knee more often than not so you just know this before purchasing. 

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9. ZM-Sports Unisex Athletic Knee High Tube Football Sport Socks


Getting a pair of boys football socks for your growing lads is not something that should be hard to do but since you are an awesome parent and want only the best for them, a little research work is indeed required to make sure you get a very good product. Such a sock is ideal for sports as it represents a great combination of durability and softness.

As it stands, tube socks are a very popular choice for most of the team sports out there including football, softball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, and pretty much anything else that ends in or is played with a “ball”. Not only are these required for sports where you have to wear shin guards but even where you do not, knee protection is always great to have.

Last but not least, the multitude of colors in which this pair of socks can be bought will easily allow you to find a fitting choice that will go well with the rest of your sporting equipment. 



This product comes in a one size “almost” fits all and this elasticity allows it to significantly reduce the errors where people order a size that is wrong for them.

The great vintage tube form is very good for either the beginner or the advanced athlete since they have been used extensively in the last decades.

The moisture-wicking yarns on the tube not only keep your feet dry and comfortable but also aid when it comes to the ventilation process so removing the shoe after a hard day of running won’t be the same chore as it is now. 



While these socks are indeed a little bit on the thinner side when compared to similar products, some people may like this type of design, especially if they don’t have to wear shin guards in order to protect their legs. 

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10. Lux Sports Anti Slip Socks


If you’re the type of person who wants to buy something specific and does not trust a reading as general as a football socks review, we’re here to tell you that as long as “no slipping” is at the top of your list of requirements, this product from Lux Sports will definitely get the job done. 

There’s no need to settle for a bad choice of cheap mens football socks, especially if safety is something that is predominantly on your mind and you want to make sure nothing that could be prevented happens to you. Most of the similar products on the market only have grips on the outside so this significantly lowers the level of adherence they can provide. 

These ones, however, have been fine-tuned by the manufacturer to not only stick to any surface but also stick close to their customers’ hearts so they won’t need to buy anything else after getting a pair. 



Your on-the-court performance will be significantly enhanced by the fact that your socks will use both inner and outer grips, eliminating slippage inside the shoe and allowing you to be all the more confident in your moves.

Due to their natural elasticity, these socks should fit anything between a U.S. size 6 to a U.S. size 11, so whatever your age, gender, or sport you should be good to go as soon as you have a pair of these babies on.

Furthermore, the sheer quality will work wonders in terms of eliminating post-exercise sore feet and blisters, allowing you to feel much better after every workout or game.



You should be careful when it comes to the sizing chart of this product as it seems to scale a little closer to the lower end, so you might want to try buying bigger than your usual size. 

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


You just stared at a pair of long Nike football socks for a long time and decided it’s time to replace your old sockos with something that’s newer and may even not smell like something very old that did not move for a very long amount of time. While the choice may be easy when it comes to game gear cause your coach will point you in the right direction, what about the rest?

What about training, what about running, what about exhibition matches? Do you get white football socks or do you get black football socks? Do you need to focus on the strength of the material, the breathability, or the way they protect your legs? Lucky for you, we’re here to answer all these questions and a bunch more so keep on reading.

Things to Look out For

With the breakthroughs in technology, even football socks have acquired certain characteristics that a good athlete will keep in mind in order to get the best performance possible out of them. First things first, you should get something that can offer good moisture and sweat control. All the great brands come with their own technology so you should be able to find one for you.

Length is also another factor that deserves some recognition. While traditional soccer socks for instance go above the knee, there are other dimensions to be taken into account. There’s the crew model, which ends somewhere in the middle between the ankle and the knee, the low-cut, the no-show.

Furthermore, high-end socks are now specifically crafted to fit the left or right foot in order to get maximum performance out of every movement. What this also does is lead to strategic cushioning for each foot so watch out as they’ll usually have an L or R where the big toe should be in order to designate which is which. 

Other important components include arch support, ribbed ankle support, Achilles cushioning to prevent those horrendous injuries, and a lot of examples of anti-odor technology and innovation such as mesh ventilation.


Coach/Team Admin

On the other hand, if you have to manage a team and don’t know where to start from, don’t point them immediately in the direction of Nike football socks, as great as those may be. You obviously want to find a style that will fit your team’s identity while moisture control and the overall construction and look of the sock are other important aspects.

You’ll want to remember that synthetics like spandex and polyester work great for moisture management and elasticity while more traditional fabrics such as cotton will always offer warmth and a good amount of cushioning. Since you can often find socks that are a blend of both, it’s just a simple matter of finding the right ratio of materials and the best fit for your team.

Training Socks

Since most athletes choose to go guard-free during their training sessions, this frees up a lot of options which are unavailable in games. Crew socks are quite popular these days for weight training and such while no-show and low-cut socks seem to be all the rage in terms of running and cross training. 


How to Wear Your Socks

For match play, it’s imperative to know that as long as your sport demands that you wear shin guards, your socks must always completely cover them so plan for that when you go shopping. Some players like to wear their socks pulled up over the knees while others feel more at home folding them down. However, the shin guard must never be visible during play time. 



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What kind of socks do football players wear?

Famous football players tend to be trendsetters these days so what they say goes in matters of sports fashion. When it comes to comfort on the pitch, other than cleats, few things matter more than a good pair of socks. These days, it seems that football players choose a wide variety of styles based on personal preference when it comes to what they wear on the court.

While some may indeed go with a crew sock, most people seem to prefer the over-the-knee model as it not only provides better protection but it’s quite versatile if you ever need to use it for other sports and especially if you face the need of equipping shin guards. Pro players will obviously almost always go for the high-quality brands due to the performance these offer.

However, don’t go spending all your money just yet as a little search may yield the same results in terms of finding something good, especially since most of us won’t play in the big leagues any time soon. 

Q: Are football socks thick?

Most football socks are indeed thick and they need to be to cater to the needs of most football players. However, that’s an answer given in the most basic form as the plethora of products available on the market serve to ensure you can find anything and everything you may desire, from thick ones that offer amazing protection to thinner ones made for comfort. 

It’s all quite dependent on what the manufacturer has in mind when developing said sock. If grip is the more relevant factor, for instance, the product will almost definitely be tighter since you need that extra material to get everything done right, especially with the grainy rough textures that top brands are offering both inside and outside the sock these days.

Thinner socks can often see use as well in places like training sessions or exhibition matches, especially if you’re not looking to get serious but just want to play a game with your friends.


Q: Why are football socks so tight?

The main reasoning behind football socks being so tight can be evenly explained from two points of view. First of all, the leg and foot need to feel secure during any game where you have to run a lot so having very tight socks holding them in place will really contribute to that. Second, it’s also about the added protection in case anyone hits you in the legs during a play.

When you also bring shin guards into the fold, then the need for tight socks becomes even more visible since you need to make sure they will stay tightly wrapped around your leg and not move during the game, visibly inhibiting your ability to perform. To make sure of this, a lot of players also use tape in order to restrict their ability to move even further.

So it all comes down to protection and the ability to move more freely. As is the case with a lot of pieces of gear, a lot of athletes will have their personal preferences and rituals set in stone.



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