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10 Best Football Mouth Guards Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Best Football Mouth Guard Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


This article contains comprehensive information about the best football mouth guard models so you can make the right decision when going to the store. Even if it is a small piece of equipment and it’s quite cheap, a well-informed decision could make the difference between comfortable wear and additional injuries. Our experienced team invested a fair amount of time and checked a large number of mouth guard models so we could come up with some useful pieces of advice. After we carefully consider the pros and cons of many football mouthguards, we decided our top recommendation should be the Loudmouth Football Mouth Guard. This model provides complete protection for both the top and bottom teeth and lips. In addition to this, it doesn’t need any boiling as you can simply take it out of the package and start wearing it. If this product is not available, you should check out the Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard.



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10 Best Football Mouth Guards (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Our team checked out every product on this list and analyzed their price, design, used materials, and how comfortable they are. In addition to this, we took a close look at the reviews provided by a large number of athletes so we could decide if these football mouthguards are worth your money. Have a look!



1. Loudmouth Football Mouth Guard


When you are giving it all on the field, it’s important to keep yourself protected at any time. While doing this, don’t overlook the importance of a high quality football mouthguard. It takes only one hard tackle or fall to get a dental injury. However, the Loudmouth mouth guard will keep your teeth safe while giving you comfort and style.

It comes with a fang design, a universal size and a shape that allows you to breathe normally. No matter if you are playing in the big leagues or in kids leagues, this mouth guard will keep you safe and comfortable regardless of how tough things get on the court.

This cool football mouth guard is made of 100% medical-grade silicone so it doesn’t contain any hazardous materials. In addition to this, the color will not fade so you will impress the competition with both your skills and style.



This product has a large breathing hole so it shouldn’t be any problem for athletes getting enough oxygen during practice or games.

Unlike other types of mouth guards, this one doesn’t need any additional actions. There is no need to boil it in order to fit it so you can simply take it out of the package and start wearing it.

The unique design has extended lip protectors that provide extra protection and comfort for top and bottom teeth and lips.

The package includes a removable matching strap that can be used to attach the mouth guard to the football helmet.



If you are buying this mouth guard for your kid, you might need to trim it down a bit so it fits properly and doesn’t give an uncomfortable feeling.

The teeth are made of solid plastic so they might scratch your lips and add to the risk of getting injured.

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2. Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard


The Max Airflow might be an excellent mouth guard for youth football as it provides a comfortable feeling while wearing it and because the manufacturer used medical-grade silicone. It stays flexible and resilient no matter how much you use it.

This mouth guard for football mixes good looks with high functionality. The improved breathing channel capacity allows you to take deep breaths with up to 10% more flow capacity. In addition to this, its design allows the jaws to be relaxed as there is no need to clench the teeth to keep it from slipping.

There is no need to put this affordable football mouth guard into hot water before wearing it. It is a universal size and you can wear it as soon as you take it out of the box. The flexible proprietary Shock Doctor polymers and integral bite pads will give you a sense of comfort regarding your mouth guard even when the game gets intense.



The Max Airflow Lip Guard meets national and state regulation so you don’t need to worry about hazardous materials. Also, it is latex free.

There are a lot of designs available for you to choose from so you can impose both your level of skill and your style on the court.

The airflow channel really does its job and allows you to breathe normally. This mouth guard is a great choice for persons who might have a stuffy nose because of seasonal allergies.



After some time of using this football mouth guard, the strap starts to fall off which is very irritating as it distracts you from the game and the risk of losing the mouth guard and getting a dental injury is quite high.

It might be a bit too big to be used for kids as some of the football mouth guard reviews stated it causes a gag reflex.

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3. Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard


This mouth guard has been developed using advanced composite materials with the help of professional athletes and dental experts so Battle could come up with a comfortable way to protect the teeth and lips.

The large airflow channel was inspired by scuba breathing innovations so it allows the athlete to get enough oxygen to the brain and muscles for improved performance, quicker recovery, better thinking and shorter reaction times during a football game.

You can tell the game is on once you see the Battle mouth guard with its powerful colors together with the eye-catching fang design made to let the other team know that you came to win at all costs.

You can forget anything you know about boiling the mouth guard. Take the mouth guard out of its package, bite down and you are ready to enter the court. This product comes with a $5,000 dental warranty even if you are wearing braces.



It gives complete protection for your teeth and lips without any uncomfortable parts so you can enjoy every minute of the football game.

There are a lot of colors available for this product so you can get one that matches your personal style or one that goes well with the color of your team’s equipment.

Also, the included strap has the same color so there will be nothing to spoil your style.

You don’t have to boil this mouth guard before wearing it. It can be used straight out of the package so it is a great choice for a backup.



It might not be a great choice for young athletes who have the custom of chewing the mouth guard. After a while, small pieces could come off the mouth guard producing a choking hazard.

The detachable strap is not as resistant as it should be. If you attach it to the helmet, it might break when taking the helmet off.

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4. Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard


When it comes to your dental protection, you need an appointment with the Shock Doctor so you can get one of the most effective football mouth guards you can buy. The mouth guard has a layered design that has been developed to absorb all shocks so your teeth remain intact.

This product provides you a custom fit and it doesn’t take more than several minutes. Place the mouth guard in hot water for 10-20 seconds. Take it out and wait a few seconds for it to cool down a bit before biting it. Bite down the mouth guard for around 30 seconds so it takes your teeth’s shape. Place the mouth guard in cold water for a couple of minutes so to make sure it doesn’t deform anymore.

This comfortable mouth guard is compatible with braces so you can protect your orthodontic investment and for your peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a $10,000 dental warranty.



If you didn’t get it right the first time you tried to get the mouth guard to fit your teeth, you can try again. Without affecting the material, you can redo the process of placing the mouth guard in hot water and model it.

It doesn’t slide down from your teeth so there is no need to clench your teeth or readjust it during practice or games.

You can use this mouth guard for more than just football. It is a good fit for other sports such as basketball, lacrosse or combat sports like jiu-jitsu and boxing.



It might be a bit difficult to talk while wearing this mouth guard so it isn’t the best solution if your role within the team involves a lot of shouting or giving other directions.

The front bumper is a bit too bulky and will prevent you from completely closing your lips so it causes an unusual aspect of your mouth.

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5. Liberlupus Mouth Guard Odorless


The Liberlupus mouth guard is an excellent choice when it comes to your dental protection due to its multi-layer technology. It is a bit thicker than other mouth guards so it provides an extra level of protection because it has a shock-absorption design and the bottom provides amazing protection to your mouth.

The manufacturer assures the clients about the quality of this mouth guard and even if you can’t return a used mouth guard, you can get a full refund or you can have the product replacement within 30 days if you are not satisfied by its features.

This is an effective mouth guard as it allows you to talk without any difficulties which is an important part of how well a team plays together. In addition to this, it doesn’t limit the airflow so you can keep your stamina level and brain capacity at their maximum.



It is available in 2 sizes so you can order it as a football mouth guard for kids if you want to watch your kid playing football without having to worry about a trip to the dentist.

The color selections and pattern designs give you a chance to purchase one that will fit your team equipment or personal style.

Unlike other mouth guards, the Liberlupus mouth guard comes with a bit of style.

Even if this is your first mouth guard, you will not have a hard time trying to get it to fit your mouth. After you place if in hot water, bite it and it will take your teeth’s shape in no time at all.



There is no way you can attach this mouth guard to your helmet so you might lose it or it could slip during the game which will increase the risk of dental injuries.

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6. Battle Clown Oxygen Football Mouthguard


The Clown Oxygen football mouthguard should be part of every football player’s equipment bag as it was designed and developed by athletic and dental experts. The design is made to ensure a higher airflow than similar mouth guards so it provides better performance. The bigger quantity of oxygen helps build muscle memory, improves the recovery time, and ensures faster reaction time play after play.

The Battle mouth guard is a great choice if you are looking to provide some increased protection to your kid while he/she is practicing or trying his/her best in a football game. The design ensures top and bottom teeth and lips without adding any discomfort.

If your kid wears braces, there is no reason for him/her to stay away from sports. The Battle mouth guard is compatible with braces so it is a great choice if you are looking to protect the orthodontic investment.



There is no time wasted in getting the mouth guard ready to wear. As soon as you take it out of the package, you can start using it.

This product is quite comfortable as there is no need to readjust it during games. Also, due to its design and dimensions, it doesn’t cause a gagging reflex.

The airflow channel is quite big so there is no need to remove the mouth guard while you are trying to catch your breath.



It might not be as resistant as you would think and you will need to replace it sooner. If your kid has the habit of chewing the mouth guard, small pieces of material will start to come off so there will be rough parts that could scratch his/her gums and hurt his/her teeth.

The painted colors will fade away pretty quick and your kid might refuse to wear his/her mouth guard because of how bad it looks.

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7. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard with Connected Strap


Battle is continuously looking for new ways to improve an athlete’s experience when using its products. By mixing cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of an athlete’s specific needs, Battle produces some of the finest mouth guards available on today’s market.

The Battle Oxygen makes boiling a mouth guard to make it fit a thing of the past. You can put the Battle Oxygen lip protector in your mouth, bite the mouth guard and you are good to enter the field. It is a universal size and you can use it to protect your teeth and lips even if you wear braces.

Battle vouches for the quality of its product by offering a $5,000 dental warranty to any of its customers regardless if they are using the mouth guard with braces. In addition to this, the mouth guard comes with an unlimited defective guarantee to make sure everyone gets what they expected.



When it comes to style, you can choose whatever color crosses your mind as the Battle mouth guard is available in a large number of colors.

Because there is no need to boil the mouth guard in order to fit it, you can use this Battle mouth guard as a spare.

Thanks to its simple use, if your current mouth guard got lost or simply you dropped it too many times to keep using it, just take the new mouth guard out of its box and wear it.

The slightly bigger lips shield will keep your lips from bleeding even if you receive a direct hit.



The edges of the mouth guard are a bit too sharp and they will hurt your gums and your mouth will start bleeding, which is the last thing you need during an intense game. You should trim the edges down before wearing the mouth guard to avoid this unpleasant aspect.

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8. OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard


Opro collaborates with athletes to get a better understanding of how important tough and durable sports safety equipment is. Opro has added cutting-edge science to on-field experience to achieve the best results.

The unique design of this mouth guard will give you complete peace of mind when you step on the field. It has a dual-layer outer shell and ultra-flow inner gel channel to make sure there is no shock absorbed by your teeth.

In addition to the layer method, OPRO also uses an inter-jaw absorption layer and patented anatomical fins which will keep the mouth guard in its place.

Getting the OPRO mouth guard will make you write the kindest football mouth guard review as you will certainly be impressed by how comfortable it feels and how well it protects your teeth. You can also get it for your kid since it is available in junior and adult sizes.



Due to its fins, the mouth guard will stay on your teeth so you can get rid of those annoying memories when you needed to readjust the mouth guard constantly. So it allows you to better concentrate on the game.

The fitting process takes less than 3 minutes and the package contains detailed instructions on how to fit the mouth guard.

With this mouthguard, you can talk and breathe normally while keeping your teeth totally protected.



Because of the fins, it might be a bit difficult to fit it comfortably. It is possible to make it more comfortable by using small scissors and trimming down the fins but make sure you don’t create any sharp edges in the process.

If you place it in really hot water during the molding process, the gel will be negatively affected and no cushion layer will remain to absorb some of the shock.

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9. Battle Nightmare Oxygen Football Mouthguard


Show the other team you are ready to turn the football field into a battlefield with this youth football mouth guard. Having an improved design, this mouth guard provides top comfort, complete protection and better performance on the sports field.

This eye-catching mouth guard is made of composite materials so the absorber shield is manufactured to protect the player’s lips, mouth and teeth while it gives him/her the confidence to go all-in on the football field.

The hassle-free Battle mouth piece makes boiling a mouth guard a thing of the past. Just put the Battle football mouth guard in your mouth, bite down and you are ready to enter the field. This good-looking mouth guard can easily fit over braces, and it comes with a universal size.

The Battle mouth shield is backed by a $5,000 dental warranty no matter if you are wearing braces.



The airflow channel is big enough to get as much oxygen as you need so you don’t need to take off the mouth guard to catch your breath. In addition to this, it allows you to communicate with your teammates without making a lot of effort.

Because you don’t have to boil it in order to fit it, the Battle football mouth guard makes for a great spare.



The strap falls off easily and it doesn’t take long until you lose the mouth guard in an intense play during the football game.

The biting pads are a bit too big so they might cause a gagging reflex as they go all the way over the first and second molars. You might try and trim the pads down using a knife but this will result in rough edges which will make the mouth guard even more uncomfortable.

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10. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard


When it comes to good performance, this patriotic mouth protector is the way to go. This cheap football mouth guard sets a new quality standard for comfort and safety. In addition to this, the design used by the manufacturer allows for enhanced performance for every athlete.

Made of an advanced composite, the mouth guard was designed and developed by a team of former athletes and dental experts so it provides an impact shield protector for football players’ lips, mouth, and teeth.

Play after play, the game gets more intense and the airflow becomes more and more important so the Battle Oxygen mouth guard has an airflow channel inspired by the technology used by scuba divers. This innovation delivers more oxygen so it ensures a better performance.

Increased airflow provides faster recovery, better reaction times, and clearer thinking. If you are serious about your passion, you should be serious about the equipment you use as well.



The Battle Oxygen mouth guard is very comfortable and you can wear it for long sessions of practice without having to readjust it from time to time.

Because of the large lip shield, you can wear this mouth guard with braces without worrying that a hit will hurt your inside cheek or damage the braces.

It comes with a strap that can be easily attached so there is no way you will lose the mouth guard during a football game.



It might not be as durable as you might expect from a mouth guard designed for football players. After a while, it will start to break into pieces which will make it very uncomfortable to wear and it creates a choking hazard.

The flag’s colors will fade away pretty quickly so instead of having the American flag on your mouth guard, you will enter the field with a modern painting on your mouth guard.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Even if the mouthguard is a small piece of equipment, it can cause a bit of confusion and most importantly, a lot of discomfort if chosen wrong. This is why getting the best mouth guard for football the first time is important.

There are a few things you should pay attention to when looking for a new mouthguard so you don’t spend money twice and keep your teeth and jaw as safe as possible. Whether you’re after the best youth football mouth guard or the adult version, read on!



Mouthguard styles

There are 3 main categories of mouthguards that you should check before looking for certifications and features:


Instant fit mouthguards

These are ready-made mouthguards as you can simply take them out of the box and wear them. They are generally bulkier and easier to put in and take out. If you are wearing braces, this might be the right choice for you as instant-fit mouthguards are generally compatible with braces.


Boil and bite mouthguards

This is the most popular type of mouthguard. It is designed so athletes can adjust the fit at home by placing the mouthguard in hot water for a couple of minutes so the inner layer softens before biting it. As they bite the mouthguard, it adapts to their teeth so it is more comfortable than the first type of mouthguards. The boil and bite mouthguards have the advantage that they are not really expensive and you can get them from any sporting goods and equipment retailer.


Custom-made mouthguards

These are the best mouthguards that money can buy. And you will spend some money if you decide to get one of these. They are preferred by professional athletes because they are thin and comfortable. To get one of these, you must go to a dental professional so the result will be worth it.


Check if you can speak and breathe properly

You should be able to speak without any difficulties when wearing a mouthguard. It’s better to test the mouthguard before you are going to practice or before a big match. Wear the mouthguard for a few hours while you are spending a regular day at home.

If you can’t have a regular conversation with someone and you need to make an extra effort so the other person understands you, that mouthguard is not good enough. Also, if you feel like it keeps you from breathing normally, get rid of it. During the physical effort, you must breathe without any difficulties to bring home the trophy.


How well it fits

When wearing a mouthguard, you shouldn’t clench your teeth to keep it from sliding. Also, it should loosen easily when you are moving it with your tongue. A mouthguard that constantly needs readjusting can turn into an annoying distraction, shifting your concentration away from the practice or game and will negatively impact your overall performance.

The size is also important in terms of how it fits, as the best mouth guard for youth football is not going to be adequate for an adult player and vice-versa.



A proper mouthguard should cover your teeth all the way back to your first or second molar and a small part of your gums. If it extends too far back it will give you an uncomfortable feeling and may cause you to gag. Also, it should cover your gums all the way up as it might cause some friction and your gums will start to bleed.


Make sure it respects the safety regulations

In Europe, all protective equipment must be CE certified. In other jurisdictions like Canada or the US, there are no specific requirements for mouthguards but some of the manufacturers will add a CE symbol to show their product went through serious testing procedures.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do I need a mouthguard when playing football?

A mouth is an essential piece of protective equipment since it saves the teeth and protects the jaw as well. Dental injuries are some of the most common types of injuries in sports. Every athlete would benefit from using a mouth guard as there is a high risk of mouth and jaw injury when it comes to playing football.

The chances of a tooth or jaw injury caused by an impact while playing football are minimized by wearing a proper mouthguard. A high-quality mouthguard is thin so it doesn’t give an unpleasant feeling when you are wearing it and it’s made out of flexible material in order to keep you from additional wounds.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, around 85 percent of young athletes are not using a mouthguard because they are not required by the rules. This only increases their chances of getting seriously injured and staying away from their beloved sport for a long time.



Q: Do professional football players wear mouthguards?

It all comes down to personal preferences. Because some of the mouthguards might be uncomfortable and ill fitting and can make breathing or talking difficult, some professional football players do not wear mouthguards. In general, quarterbacks are not fans of wearing a mouthguard during official games.

Wearing a mouthguard will negatively influence their hearing, huddle instructions and snap counts. This happens for a store-bought mouthguard. More and more professional football players wear prescribed custom mouthguards. The procedure of making a custom mouthguard is quite simple. The dental technician takes a mold of the athlete’s mouth using a piece of wax.

The mold is sent to the lab where the mouthguard is made. The best type of mouthguard is composed of layered, heat-and-pressure-laminated ethyl vinyl acetate. They are resistant, comfortable, and allow you to breathe and speak without any difficulty. In addition to this, you can select every color or model that crosses your mind for your mouthguard.


Q: Do I need to attach the mouthguard to my helmet?

There are some pros and cons regarding this topic. The biggest benefit of having your mouthguard attached to your helmet is that protection is always by your side. Having it attached, the chance of losing or forgetting your mouthguard is quite low. Also, it makes it easier for coaches and officials to check if the athletes are in compliance with mandatory protective gear.

The strap attachment makes it obvious if an athlete has his/her mouthguard and it reduces the chance of him/her forgetting or losing the mouthguard. Even if the athletes have their mouthguards strapped to the helmet, they might be wearing them the wrong way. And the strap attachment might be a cause of this misuse of protective equipment.

Because the mouthguard has an anchor point through the strap, it is really easy for athletes to “fish hook” the mouthguard and chew on it during matches. This way, the mouthguard has no protective role and the chewing reduces its resistance.




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4) What are they made of?



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