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10 Best Football Gloves – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Top Gloves for Football – Guide & Comparison


If you’re in the market for the best football gloves but you don’t have the time to prospect the market thoroughly, the following short paragraph will help you get the right product. After looking at the most popular options currently available, we’ve concluded that the one that you should consider is the Under Armour Men’s F6 Football Gloves. This nifty and affordable choice is built with the comfort of the wearer in mind which is why the fabrics used are breathable and can wick sweat quickly to keep your skin cool and dry. It has a seamless, one-piece palm that provides an excellent grip for maximum catchability. There’s a wide selection of sizes to choose from which makes this model suitable for players of all ages. If our first pick is not available for sale but you’re determined to get the coolest football gloves, we recommend the Under Armour Men’s F6 Novelty Gloves.



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10 Best Football Gloves (Updated Reviews) in 2022



We know that finding the right football gloves can be a daunting task, which is why we have compiled a diverse list of the top-rated and critically acclaimed choices currently available. From the best football receiver gloves to top-rated models for youth, the list below will have a product for every need.



1. Under Armour Men’s F6 Football Gloves


These gloves meet the NFHS standard of quality and are made of premium materials designed to help you perform better on the field thanks to the incredible comfort and protection that they offer. The product also has a durable construction to help it handle all the rigors of the game so that you can continue using the gloves season after season.

No matter the climate that you’re performing in, the HeatGear fabric will have your back and it will keep your hands cool and dry so that you can instead focus on the game. The material is also very light and it wicks sweat away before it even has time to settle on your skin.

There’s also a custom fit closure system that makes it very easy to get a tight yet comfortable fit so that you don’t have to re-adjust the gloves mid-game. The palm is covered with the super-sticky Armour GrabTack material to give you an excellent grip on the ball. 



This model is designed to provide maximum breathability and flexibility for better comfort and mobility.

The gloves are available in a wide selection of sizes, from small/medium to XX-Large so that players of any age can enjoy a comfortable fit.

It is very easy to clean the gloves after each match since the material dries very fast and it doesn’t stain.

It meets the quality standards of NFHS, NCAA and NOCSAE which means that you can be certain of the performance and reliability that this model provides.

These cool football gloves are available in 16 different colors. 



The gloves run a bit small so if you don’t want to get a size that fits too tight, you might want to consider getting one size larger than what you usually wear.

The material used for the palm doesn’t offer the best grip in the rain since it can get very slippery.

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2. Under Armour Men’s F6 Novelty Gloves


These stylish team football gloves will have you catch every pass with confidence since they offer maximum catchability, comfort, and protection. They are made with a tight yet comfortable fit so that the gloves stay in place throughout the game. Since they are very stretchy, you’ll enjoy the same freedom of movement as with your naked hand.

This high-quality model meets all the quality standards of all the major athletic associations including NCAA. It uses lightweight yet durable materials that will keep your hands comfortable and your mind on the game since the gloves can wick moisture away so that your hands are always cool and dry.

Another advantage of this option is the inclusion of the super-sticky Armour GrabTack technology which provides a quick and durable grip to the palm of the gloves. This technology uses silicone material to create a surface that will be able to catch every pass. 



This model has garnered a lot of customer praise thanks to its emphasis on durability and comfort.

These gloves are available in sizes ranging from small to XX-large which means that young and adult players alike can get a good fit.

The materials used are very light which helps make users forget that they’re even wearing gloves and since they are stretchable, they offer excellent mobility.

The gloves are also breathable and you won’t have to worry about sweat getting in the way of you becoming the MVP.

With the F6 Novelty Gloves, you can perform well on the field and also look good since they are very stylish and they will give you a boost of confidence to help you perform better. 



Compared to the other models on our list, you don’t get a lot of colors to choose from since there are only four different designs currently available.

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3. Seibertron Lineman 2.0 Football Receiver Gloves


Whether you’re looking for adult or youth football gloves, this versatile model has your back since it comes in two main designs, adult and youth. Once you’ve chosen the design, you’ll be able to further customize the fit by selecting between five different sizes. Thus, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulty in finding the most comfortable and secure fit.

These receiver gloves are very sticky and offer maximum grip in both wet and dry weather so that you never have to let the rain stop you from giving your best on the field. The gloves are true to size and the manufacturer includes an easy-to-read size chart and a measurement guide to help you select the proper glove size for your hand.

The back of the palm features soft and flexible TPR impact protection that will keep your hands protected without hindering your freedom of movement. This option is also priced moderately which means even amateur players will be able to afford these awesome football gloves. 



This option is available for both youth and adult players and there are many sizes to choose from which ensures that you can get the right level of snugness.

These versatile gloves work for kid’s leagues, high school, and college teams, as well as for recreational leagues for adults.

The materials used are very easy to clean and the gloves will maintain their stickiness even after months of heavy use.

The gloves can also be purchased with a fingerless design for players who prefer the feel of gripping the ball with the naked fingers. 



The tightening Velcro strap could use some improvements since it doesn’t look very sturdy and it is certainly the weakest part of this product.

While the white and black design with oracle bone inscriptions on the inside of the palm looks very good, it is a shame that these gloves are not available in other colors.

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4. Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves


This option offers excellent performance for pass catchers and defensive backs alike, and thanks to the sticky Magnigrip technology you will get an advantage over the competition since you will get better ball control. These globes are available in both youth and men’s sizes and that makes it very easy for every player to find the right fit for his hand.

You can also choose between a wide variety of color options so that you can match your team’s apparel and you can then further customize the fit with the help of the adjustable closure. This model is very comfortable and the fabric used is light so that it feels almost like a second skin.

Furthermore, the breathable fabric will prevent sweat from ruining your day and it will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions. As far as customer feedback is concerned, the stylish design of these boy football gloves has also garnered a lot of praise. 



The back of the hand is vented to allow heat to escape and sweat will be able to evaporate instead of accumulating and sticking to your skin.

With the new sticky Magnigrip technology you’ll get a super grippy palm so that you can avoid fumbles and be ready to make one-handed catches.

The adjustable closure and the large selection of sizes make it very easy to find a pair of gloves that will fit your hand perfectly.

You can choose between 17 different colors and fans of all black football gloves will appreciate the available designs. 



While the grip is excellent as long as the gloves are not dirty, once dirt gets on your palm the performance starts to drop a bit, but it is enough to make a difference on the field.

They are not easy to clean, especially since you can only wash them by hand.

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5. Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Football Gloves


This model is perfect for anyone looking for adults’ or kids football gloves for beginners since it is very cheap and it includes all the features needed to give you an edge over your rivals. This option is designed for receivers but it is versatile enough to be used by other players as well.

The main features of this option are its superb performance and fit. It has a lightweight design which helps improve your performance since your hands will feel more comfortable and thus you’ll be able to enjoy better mobility. Despite being very light, this model does not suffer as far as durability is concerned.

It features a durable polyester shell that offers long-term protection and performance. It is also very easy to find the right fit since this model comes in 7 different sizes that can accommodate players of all ages. There’s also a closure that lets you achieve a comfortable and customizable fit. 



The manufacturer includes a detailed size chart together with an easy measurement method so that you can get the proper size that will fit you snuggly.

The gloves are available in multiple colors so that you can get the one that will go best with your team’s apparel on the field.

With this option, you get superior performance and protection thanks to the flexible materials on the back of the hand that will keep your hands protected without limiting your mobility.

Cleaning the gloves is very easy since you can toss them in the washing machine and you’re not forced to wash them by hand. 



It is not the most durable option out there since the stitching can start to show signs of wear and tear after a few months of heavy use.

The stickiness of the palm fades away once the glove gets wet which means that it can’t be used in rainy conditions.

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6. Seibertron Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Football Gloves


If you’re looking for cheap football gloves designed for youth, Seibertron has you covered since the Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations is of excellent quality and it offers you the option to choose from a large number of sizes so that you get the ideal fit. The gloves can fit young players of all ages.

It is made of durable materials and the back of the hand is flexible to give you more mobility without sacrificing protection. The pattern on the gloves is also very stylish and you can choose between four different colors and get the one that matches your team colors or the rest of your football apparel.

Furthermore, the unit is very light and it feels very comfortable in your hand, almost like a second layer of skin. It’s also very easy to catch balls with it since the palm is covered with a sticky material that offers good performance even in wet conditions. 



For anyone who’s on a tight budget, this option offers a great mix of quality and affordability since it is one of the cheapest gloves for youth you can find on the market.

The material on the palm offers a good grip so that you can hold the ball properly even in wet conditions.

It is a very stylish option that features very attractive patterns on the material and it is available in multiple colors.

The gloves are very convenient to clean since the materials are machine washable but you can also wash them by hand if you so wish. 



The gloves tend to run small and while a tight fit is advisable, these tend to get uncomfortably tight so ordering one size larger should help ensure that you get the proper fit.

It’s not the most durable pair of gloves, which is understandable considering the low price point.

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7. Grip Boost Football Gloves Mens


These youth and adult football gloves offer improved grip, all-weather protection, breathability, and adjustability to help you increase your performance and became the top player in your team. The palm has the right amount of tacky grip and unlike other products, it will not lose its grip after a few matches or in wet conditions.

The gloves are very light and they offer breathable ventilation to keep your hands moisture-free in humid or hot temperatures. Aside from the increased comfort, the light materials will give you a better feel since the thin design provides better responsiveness and that will put you in control and enhance your skills.

Since this model is designed to fit players of all ages, there is a huge selection of sizes available and the back of the hand features a unique compression material that will conform to the contour of your hand. These features make it easier for you to get the perfect fit.



The palm uses a gel that is formulated to react and stick in any weather, including rain, and it can be reapplied to make the gloves feel brand new.

The material used for the gloves is very thin and that gives the wearer better feel and precision.

The materials are also moisture-wicking and breathable which will prevent chafing and sweating to help you stay focused on the game.

It is a versatile option that offers optimal function and performance for pros, yet it can also be used by every player regardless of skill level. 



It can be difficult to get the right size since these gloves run small and if you want to get the perfect fit, it is best to order 1-2 sizes up.

The logo of the brand in the palm of the glove is made of low-quality materials and the letters can start to peel off after a few matches, which can impact the look of the product.

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8. Adidas Adizero 8.0 Football Receiver’s Gloves


This model is designed using the new and improved 8.0 PrimeKnit technology which helps it achieve the optimal support, structure, and performance that elite athletes require. There’s also the GRIPTACK palm that guarantees consistent performance and control, no matter the weather so that you can catch the ball even when it’s raining hard.

Another advantage with this product is the TECHFIT multi-dimensional fabric which can adapt to the structure and shape of your hand to create an exceptional fit that feels like a second skin. This allows the glove to stay tight yet comfortable on your hand without bunching when you curl your fingers.

Furthermore, there’s also an adjustable hook and loop closure that allows a secure fit around your wrist so that there’s no risk of the gloves falling off while you’re in the middle of the game. We also couldn’t end the football gloves review without talking about the look of this model which is absolutely stunning. You get plenty of different colors to choose from. 



It boasts the exclusive GRIPTACK technology that will make it easier than ever to grip the ball in any weather condition.

These gloves are big on comfort thanks to the premium fabric that comes with CLIMACOOL technology to wick moisture and keep your hands dry and cool.

The adjustable hook and loop closure provides a secure and custom fit so that you don’t have to re-adjust the gloves mid-game.

There are plenty of different colors to choose from and fans of all white football gloves, in particular, will be very happy with the white model.

The sizes are consistent which makes it very easy to find the best fit. 



Considering the price of this model, the gloves are not very durable and they can show signs of wear and tear after around one or two months of heavy use.

The ADIZERO 8.0 is only available in adult sizes and there is no youth variant.

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9. Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloves


These are one of the most comfortable gloves you can find on the market right now and they have a tacky design that won’t let the ball slip through your hands. The materials used are also quite good considering the price and they should be able to handle long and sustained usage.

There is an elastic wrist that allows for a secure fit which is a very useful feature since it will stop you from worrying that the gloves might get loose during an important moment in the game. The durable jersey cloth construction on the back of the glove will add protection to this already awesome pair of gloves.

This model also stands out thanks to its eye-catching design that uses vibrant green graphics on a black fabric. This model is also priced very fair which makes it accessible to a wider range of players, no matter their skill level. 



It has a one-piece tacky rubber palm that makes catching passes much easier since the ball won’t slip right out of your hands.

The jersey cloth construction on the back of the gloves adds extra durability and the eye-catching backhand design will make you stand out on the field.

It is an affordable and versatile choice that is designed specifically for receivers but it can also be used for other positions.

The elastic wrist ensures a custom fit for extreme flexibility, comfort, and mobility.



There are only two sizes available and while the elastic wrist can help with the fit, it can be a bit difficult to get the proper size for your hands especially since these gloves tend to run small.

You can’t get other colors and while the vibrant design looks good, if you want to get gloves that can match your team’s apparel, this model will disappoint.

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10. Under Armour Men’s F6 LE Football Gloves


You can’t go wrong by going with an Under Armour product and this model is comparable with many of the elite gloves that professional players use for a fraction of the price. It is constructed from a mix of silicone and polyester which makes the unit comfortable to wear thanks to the incredible breathability of the materials.

This model also includes the patented HeatGear technology that can wick away most of the moisture from your sweat so that your hands will always feel dry and cool, even when playing in hot or humid weather.

The silicone on the palm incorporates the GrabTack technology which helps ensure that the ball will never spew out of your hands as long as you use the right technique. The back of the gloves has a closure system that promotes a secure and custom fit so that the unit stays in the right position during the entire duration of the game. 



The HeatGear technology is a big advantage for this option since it provides the gloves with proper ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable.

There are 6 different stylish and bright colors to choose from which should make it easy to find the one that fits right for your team’s apparel or that matches the rest of your gear.

The customizable fit closure system uses a hook-and-loop fastener that is very easy to use even while in the game since it only takes a few seconds to change the fit.

You can choose between four different sizes, ranging from Small/Medium to X-Large. 



While Under Armor offers unbeatable value for money, the products it offers are certainly not for players who are on a tight budget.

The material is very durable but the seams are a bit weak and they can pop if subjected to prolonged and intense usage.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding good football gloves nowadays is a difficult task once you begin to consider the number of options available. Navigating through this sea of options can be tiring and time-consuming and this is why knowing what to look for in a product can make your task that much easier.

Because we are well aware that not everyone has the time to do their own research, we have taken this task into our hands. We have analyzed football gloves reviews and surveys, as well as numerous other resources such as forums to help you find the ideal product.



Types of football gloves

There are two main types of gloves available, namely linebacker and receiver. Linebacker gloves are designed to be used on both defense and offense plays and they put a bigger focus on breathability to help the player keep a good grip during travel and passes. They are also very flexible to let players catch hard passes.

Receiver gloves are designed for catching those winning passes and are built with dynamic grips. They offer more protection and excellent grip since without these, you’d be more likely to fumble once the ball hits your hands at high velocity.



The materials the glove is made of are very important and one of the key factors to consider when purchasing this type of product. Some materials will wear out faster than others, and if you want to focus on durability you should get a product constructed from polyester with silicone coating for extra sturdiness.

Furthermore, specific positions can force you to purchase gloves made from a specific material. For example, if you are always in the trenches, you will need a bigger pair of gloves that can protect your hand and fingers. For such situations, synthetic leather is the perfect choice.


Grip and padding

The grip of the glove is separate from the main material, and while it may come in many forms, silicone is the most popular one. Some models require you to use tacky substances on the gloves to get a sticky grip.

The main disadvantage of using gel solutions is that they cannot withstand intense weather conditions, particularly rain. Silicone, on the other hand, becomes even tackier once it gets wet and this is why it is the preferred choice for most players.

The padding can either inhibit or increase your mobility, and choosing the right padding depends on your specific needs. If the gloves have more padding, you won’t feel the impact of the ball as much and you will be better insulated in cold weather. The downside is that extra padding will also slow down your reaction time, and require a stronger squeeze to retract your hands.



Size and fit

Size can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it is best to consult the size chart for each product to ensure that you get the proper fit. It also helps if the product you have in mind comes with flex fit or adjustable straps around the wrists since these can help provide a tight yet comfortable fit.

The ideal fit should allow for a bit of wiggle room but not too much that the gloves feel too saggy. If it’s too tight, you’re going to lose circulation which will reduce your reaction and handling speed. Too big and it’s going to be very difficult for you to grip the ball properly.




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