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10 Best Football Girdles – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Top Girdles for Football – Guide & Comparison


If you’re in the market for the best football girdle but you don’t know where to start, we have gathered all the useful information in this short paragraph. After prospecting the market we’ve come to the conclusion that the product that you should get is the CHAMPRO TRI-Flex Football Girdle. This model provides the wearer with the ultimate protection and comfort thanks to the proprietary TRI-Flex cushion system. The girdle also sits higher up the waist which gives you increased protection and it will stabilize your hips to prevent injuries in case of impacts. The girdle is also well-ventilated which means that you won’t have to worry about discomfort during long games or training sessions. In the event that our first choice is unavailable but you’re still determined to get a good mens football girdle, we recommend the Cramer Classic 5-Pad Football Girdle.



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10 Best Football Girdles (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Finding the right girdle for football can be a time-consuming process once you consider the wealth of different options available on the market. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top-rated models and you can give it a read and choose the one that meets all your requirements.



1. CHAMPRO TRI-Flex Football Girdle


The standout feature of this football girdle is the proprietary TRI-Flex system which provides wearers with the ultimate combination of protection and flexibility. The low profile of the hip pads won’t get in the way of you scoring the winning points but it will provide you with ample protection so that in case of knocks or hits, your hip, groin, and thigh areas will be protected.

While wearing the CHAMPRO football equipment your freedom of movement won’t be affected since the fabrics are very flexible. Furthermore, the unit also offers excellent ventilation so that even after long hours of physical exercise you won’t have to worry about sweat getting in the way of you enjoying a good game.

You can choose between two stylish colors and there are 7 different sizes ranging from Small to XXXX-Large so there’s no need to worry that you won’t be able to find a pair of football girdle pants that fit you properly. 



With this pair of girdle football pants, you can protect your thigh, groin and hips area and the TRI-Flex cushioning system includes ventilation hip pads to minimize overheating.

The equipment is made from a blend of polyester and spandex with DRI-Gear moisture management fabric which will wick sweat away to keep you cool and dry.

The addition of a cup pocket gives you a little more protection to where it’s needed the most and helps make this model stand out from the rest.

It is available in two colors and there’s a wide selection of sizes to choose from so that even larger players can find a size that fits comfortably. 



The girdles tend to run a bit small which means that it is best to purchase one size larger than what you usually wear.

Despite the flexibility of the fabrics, the seams at the crotch are still prone to ripping.

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2. Cramer Classic 5-Pad Football Girdle


This model features high-quality hip, thigh, and tailbone pads that are made from EVA closed-cell foam capable of absorbing impacts and preventing injuries that come from knocks and hits. It is a great choice if your primary concern is the protection that the product is capable of delivering.

The thigh pads also have a harder plastic interior that is capable of withstanding very powerful impacts. Despite all these features aimed at increasing protection, the pants are very comfortable and are made of materials that are light, strong, and flexible enough to enhance movement. Thus, your mobility won’t be hindered in any way.

Another useful feature that this model boasts is the spandex elastomer waistband which will ensure that the girdle won’t ride down during your games. Furthermore, the waistband is also very comfortable and it does a very good job of preventing chafing even after long and strenuous training sessions. 



It is a versatile product that is made out of a material that is light, flexible and strong and that allows it to satisfy the need for comfort and protection.

You can also choose between two styles, adult or youth, and the unit is available in a wide range of sizes which makes it very easy to select the one that will fit you best.

The pads are made out of EVA closed-cell foam which can absorb impacts and prevent injuries.

The girdle provides some compression which is useful since it can prevent soreness, cramps, and stiffness and it will help improve the blood flow in the thigh muscles. 



It can be a bit difficult to find the right youth size since unlike the adult style, the youth category only has a few sizes for you to choose from.

There’s no way to get another color since this model is only available in white.

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3. Adams High Rise Varsity All-in-One Football Girdle


The Adams High Rise puts a lot of emphasis on protection and it has adequate padding in all the right areas to provide the wearer with optimal protection on the field. This includes padding on the thighs, hips, and spine. The pads are permanently sewn in which helps increase their durability.

The pads we’ve mentioned above have the ability to absorb and then dissipate the impacts from hits and knocks to keep you safe. The material the manufacturer uses also provides enough compression and muscle support which will improve your performance on the field.

In addition, the material also has an antimicrobial treatment which will help with odor reduction so that even after long hours of practice you’ll still feel comfortable in the pants. The level of comfort is increased by the perforated pads which provide increased ventilation so that sweat won’t be an issue and your skin will remain cool and dry. 



You can choose between two colors, white or charcoal grey, which is perfect for people who might not like a color that is very easy to get dirty.

It provides an excellent mix of comfort and protection since the girdle has perforated pads for ventilation and protection pads in all the areas where they are needed.

Cleaning the girdle is not an issue since the materials are machine washable and dryer safe on a low setting without any risks to the pads.

The 80/20 polyester and spandex fabric provide excellent breathability which will allow you to remain cool even after a long period of strenuous physical activity. 



Even though the padding is capable of giving adequate protection it is not very thick, so you should be aware that there are options that can provide you with more protection.

It is not a good choice for buyers who are on a budget since it is a bit expensive.

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4. McDavid MD7414 Rival INTG Football Girdles


If you’re looking for girdles that can provide you with just the right balance of protection and flexibility, the McDavid alternative is a good choice. It features a new design with hard-shell thigh guards that are designed to conform to the shape of your body and it meets all the high-school football regulations.

With that said, you can also get this model if you’re looking for an adult football girdle since the product comes in two styles, one for adults and the other for youths. For both styles, the materials used are light, durable, and breathable and are capable of enhancing your performance on the field.

The high-density foam padding provides you with maximum protection and it is washable which makes keeping the girdles clean that much easier. As an addition, this model also uses 6-thread flat-lock technology which adds comfort and strength at the seams so that you can stretch naturally without fear of the fabric ripping. 



It is available in two colors, grey and black, and in two styles, adult and youth, which makes it easier to get the right pair of football girdles for all your needs.

It includes a cup pocket which makes this model even more versatile and it allows you to get a little more protection.

The hard-shell thigh guards are contoured to meet the shape of your body and they’ll provide you with low profile comfort and increased protection on the field.

It includes the excellent 6-thread flat-lock technology to strengthen the seams and make the pants even more flexible so that they feel like a second layer of skin.



As far as size is concerned, these tend to run a bit large if you’re a female player, so make sure to order at least one size smaller.

You don’t get full protection since this model does not have hip pads.

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5. Under Armour Gameday Pro 5-Pad Football Compression Girdle


The Gameday Pro 5 is a premium product that offers excellent protection, comfort, and performance and it uses top-quality fabrics and the latest technologies to achieve it. The girdle is enhanced with HEX padding to apply stable pressure across your thighs, waist, hamstring, and groin.

The padding will protect you from hits and knocks and the pressure points will provide you with pain relief from sprains, muscle spasms, strains, and more. Thus, with this nifty model, you can prevent and treat injuries. It is very comfortable to wear all day and it can also be used for baseball, basketball, rugby and more.

Style and performance are very important for Under Armour and that is the case for this product as well, which is why it is available in two stylish colors and the top-quality materials will provide exceptional support so that you can maintain a high level of performance and your full range of motion. 



It comes integrated with the HeatGear technology which will keep you comfortable throughout the day without the risk of overheating or chaffing.

Each pair is tested extensively to ensure the best quality for athletes and the stylish design will help you look great while breaking records.

The mix of 82% polyester and 18% spandex ensures that the product is durable enough to handle heavy use yet flexible enough not to hinder the wearer’s freedom of movement.

This model is sized to fit most players and that includes adults and youth which makes it a good choice for anyone who’s looking for a high-quality boys football girdle.

It is a versatile product that can also be used for other activities such as baseball, rugby, volleyball and more. 



The main issue with this model is without a doubt its high price point but if you want high performance and top quality you’ll need to spend big bucks.

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6. Champro Man Up 7 Pad Football Girdle


The design of this model provides athletes with full mobility, increased versatility, and excellent protection while playing. The first thing anyone will notice about this product is the padded system which comes with 7 pads so that you can enjoy better protection for your hips, thighs, groin, back and knee areas.

With that said, the real advantage of this model comes from the padded knees since this level of protection is seen on very few other girdles. Protecting your knees is vital in this sport so there’s no wonder why so many customers appreciate the full protection that this unit provides.

It also comes with the proprietary TRI-Flex cushion system which is known for providing an excellent combination of flexibility and protection. We couldn’t end the review without mentioning the high-compression Dri-Gear fabric that does an excellent job of keeping the skin dry and compressing the body for a quick performance boost. 



This model manages to combine performance, protection, and comfort effortlessly to create a versatile product that offers plenty of value for the money.

The 7-pad design will protect your hips, thighs, back, and knees area and it can also prevent movement restriction.

The shock plates are made from hard plastic which provides exceptional protection even when dealing with hard impacts.

The padding system is breathable to prevent overheating during long and strenuous training sessions.

It has a cup pocket which can add a whole new level of protection to the girdle and it allows you to use the product for other activities. 



The seams don’t seem very sturdy so it is best to wash it by hand since the washing machine can put a strain on them.

For shorter people, it is difficult to find the right size since the knee pads won’t always cover the knee cap when bent.

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7. McDavid Hex Integrated Football Girdle Shorts


You can always count on McDavid as far as performance, quality, and comfort are concerned and this model is no exception. It will protect your hips and thighs while playing and it will prevent injuries and other dangerous lesions that could take you out of the game. It’s a versatile girdle that doesn’t forget that protection and comfort are the most important features.

This unit is made with high-quality materials and the pads are thick enough to protect you against impacts even when playing at a high level without hindering your mobility. By using a mix of nylon and spandex, the fabric is highly flexible, breathable and comfortable and it feels almost like a second layer of skin.

This model also features compression technology that can improve performance by supporting large muscles to reduce pulls and fatigue when performing strenuous physical activities for long periods without breaks. As a plus, this model is machine-washable. 



The fabric provides a high level of comfort thanks to the breathable design which will keep sweat at bay to reduce moisture and keep your skin cool and dry.

It is among the few models that offer more than 2 colors, and you can choose between 5 stylish designs and get the one that fits your style.

The hex hip pads have a unique shape that has been engineered using the latest technologies for more precise coverage.

The 9mm padding construction offers excellent protection without limiting the mobility of the wearer.

It is a versatile product that is approved for play at all levels from peewee to pro. 



The crotch area fits a bit tight than the other parts of this football padded girdle, but it can be fixed by ordering a larger size.

This model is not cut for the female body and it can be uncomfortable to wear.

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8. TUOY Men’s Padded Compression Football Girdle


This model features a new padding combination design with a bigger padded protection area and stronger pads capable of absorbing powerful impacts. The manufacturer managed to achieve this by combining 10mm professional foam padding into an improved breathable nylon fabric which allows the thicker pads not to affect the comfort of the wearer.

This doesn’t mean that elasticity has been sacrificed since these girdles are still very flexible thanks to the use of lycra fabric and the larger pads won’t hinder your mobility. It is a great protective gear for football but it can also be used for paintball, cycling, hockey and other contact sports where protection is very important.

As far as customer feedback is concerned, this model has garnered high praise for its innovative design that puts a lot of emphasis on protection without forgetting the importance of comfort and mobility. As a plus, this unit is available in 4 sizes and it has a stylish black design. 



It is a versatile option that is great not only for football but also for other sports where protection is needed such as hockey, cycling and more.

It features improved quick-dry and moisture-wicking technology to help you stay cool and dry on the field and perform better and longer without feeling uncomfortable.

You get the benefit of a professional 10mm foam padding that offers more protection without burdening your mobility.

These pads are machine washable and quite resilient which makes cleaning them a breeze.

The unit does a good job of providing compression and muscle support to the hips, thighs and all the surrounding muscles. 



While the overall flexibility of the unit is still very good, the hips have a slightly lower flexibility and feel a bit constraining due to the 10mm foam padding.

You’ll need to be careful if you are allergic to lycra since the fabrics contain enough of it to trigger an allergic reaction.

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9. Sports Unlimited Adult 7 Pad Integrated Football Girdle


If you’re looking for a full football girdle that can offer you the ultimate protection then this model is exactly what you need. It features 7 hard pads for your hips, knees, thighs, and tailbone and the foam padding is flexible enough not to affect your freedom of movement so that you can retain your natural motions.

The mesh panels feature breathable and ventilated foam which is a very important feature to have seeing as it will prevent overheating. Sweat will also get to evaporate instead of accumulating inside the girdle so that you can always feel comfortable and never lose focus on the game.

Furthermore, you can also choose between two colors, black or white, and they both retain the same stylish design with the embossed Sports Unlimited shield logo on the thigh pads. There is also a wide variety of sizes to choose from which makes it easier to find a tight yet snugly fit. 



The main advantage of this model is the padded system that comes with a 7-pad design so that you can enjoy excellent protection on the hips, knees, thighs, and tailbone.

Thanks to the hard shock plates, you won’t ever feel any impact so that you can focus on the game and keep playing as if nothing happened after a hard play.

Along with the excellent protection, the padding system will also provide the wearer with exceptional comfort thanks to the breathable and ventilated foam.

With this model, you’ll also get better mobility since the fabrics are very flexible and that will also increase the overall versatility of the girdle. 



The stitching could use a bit of improvement since after a few seasons it can begin to come out and there is not a lot you can do to fix it.

The knee pads are straight and since knees are naturally curved, the pads can sometimes feel a bit awkward.

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10. Schutt Sports ProTech Varsity All-in-One Football Girdle


This model offers great protection and comfort thanks to the five pads and the use of breathable and flexible fabric. You get two pads for the hips, two for the thighs and one for your tailbone so that you can get maximum protection for a fair price. All of the pads are of the highest quality and offer excellent resistance and durability.

The 80% polyester and 20% spandex fabric will allow your body to breathe and cool without sacrificing freedom of movement. Using a mix of polyester and spandex offers a comfortable feeling on the skin and when playing for long hours this is a huge advantage that not all products offer.

The breathable mesh fabric is designed to wick excess sweat away from the body and it is treated with an antimicrobial substance that will prevent bacterial odors. As a plus, these girdles also come along with a cup pocket. 



It has an excellent padding design that can provide wearers with more protection on the hips, thighs, and tailbone areas and it also comes with a cup pocket.

The 80/20 polyester and spandex fabric will let your body breathe and cool itself and the breathable mesh fabric can wick away excess sweat to keep the skin dry and comfortable.

The product is treated with an antimicrobial system that will keep bad smells away and prevent the development of microbes and bacteria.

It is very easy to keep clean and after each wash it will look brand new and offer the same level of comfort and protection.

It is available in a wide array of sizes for both youth and varsity and you can choose between two stylish color options. 



It is an expensive choice but you might be lucky to find it for cheaper since it tends to go on sale frequently.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding an affordable football girdle that also fits right can be a lot more difficult than you first envisioned since the countless choices that are available to you today can make it difficult to know which model to pick.

To make things easier for you and to help you get a good product, we have gone and identified the key factors and features to consider before you go and make a decision. Take a look below if you want to learn more.



Types of girdles

When purchasing this product it is important to know the difference between the two types of girdles available, the traditional and integrated girdle. The traditional one is the simplest and cheapest option you can get since instead of having the pads inserted in the fabric, it features pockets where you can insert your desired pads.

The issue with such an option is that you must make sure the pads you buy are the exact size to work with the girdle and you will need to fit them in each time you use the girdle. With that said, it also has the advantage of being more convenient to wash.

Integrated girdles, on the other hand, are quite straightforward and as the name suggests, they come with the pads built into the fabric of the girdle. They have the advantage of being pre-located in different areas and thanks to that they tend to offer better protection.

The main disadvantage is that they don’t offer the same ventilation as the traditional models and it can be quite difficult to wash them since they are not generally washing machine friendly.


Padding quality

Once you have grasped the differences between the two main types of girdles it is time to focus on the most important feature of this type of product, the padding. It is very important that you pick a high-quality padding that is thick and protective since your safety is at stake and you don’t want to make compromises.

One of the best-regarded padding materials is hard plastic with foam layers and this padding should be at least 7mm thick and located in key areas of your body such as your hips, thighs, tailbone, and knees. Hip and back protection are the most important.

Protecting your knees and thighs is necessary as well but they’re designed mostly to protect the body when you rush at another player or vice-versa. Do keep in mind that the more padding a product has, the less mobility you’ll have so it is important to find a balance.



Comfort and fit

You should choose a product that fits your body comfortably since while tightness can produce compression and help improve muscle performance and reduce discomfort when running, too much of it is not good either. As such, make sure that you get a fit that feels comfortable but tight enough to give you the benefits of compression on the muscles.


Flexibility and softness

After looking at numerous football girdle reviews we’ve found that the fabric the girdle is made of should offer flexibility and softness. Flexibility is vital if you want to run and move easily and softness will affect just how comfortable the girdles will feel to your skin. Both features are important and should be considered when picking your first pair of football girdles.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do you wear a football girdle?

In the case of integrated football girdles wearing the gear is as simple as putting it on but for the traditional girdle, things take a bit longer but overall the process is just as easy. First, you need to locate the pockets where each pad will be placed and insert the pads in the appropriate pocket of the girdle.

Next, you should step into the girdle and pull it up as you would do with any other pair of pants. This protective gear can be worn under or over your underwear and it is usually up to the player to decide. The most important thing is to make sure that the pads are covering the right body parts.



Q: What size football girdle should I get?

Each manufacturer will have a size chart located on the product page for basic sizing directions. Every brand of football girdles has slightly different sizes and because of that, you should review the chart every time before making a purchase.

As far as fit is concerned, the girdle should fit tight yet comfortable since models that compress your muscles a bit give you better performance and freedom of movement than those who have a loose-fitting. A tight fit will also ensure that the pads are placed in the proper position to provide you with better lower-body protection.


Q: Do professional football players wear girdles?

Professional football players do wear girdles but they are quite different from the ones that are recommended for the average players. While there are some regulations, many pro players prefer to wear the thinnest pads possible and get the lightest available versions. Too much padding can weight even professional players down.

While high school and N.C.A.A. players are required to wear girdles that come with hip, thigh and knee pads the N.F.L. rule books say that hip pads are only recommended. This means that almost no professional football player wears hip pads. Thus, the girdles that professional players wear are designed not to hinder them and be as light as possible.


Q: How do you wash a football girdle?

It is very easy to wash your football girdle as long as you have a model that is machine washable. When washing this protective gear you need to focus on preserving the elasticity of the fabric while cleaning it of odor and stains. As such, you should set your washing machine for a cold-water wash.

It is recommended to use a mild detergent that has a pH under 10. If you have a traditional girdle you should remove the pads before washing but this is not mandatory since most manufacturers nowadays recommend leaving the pads in. Lastly, turn the washer or begin washing them by hand if the product is not washing machine friendly.


Q: Should kids wear football girdles?

Absolutely. Football involves physical contact and while for kids it may not be as aggressive, it still can result in injuries if your kid doesn’t wear the right protective gear. Girdles nowadays are less inhibiting and more protective so they won’t affect the mobility of the wearer as much as previous football undergarments.

Furthermore, modern football girdles don’t just provide the wearer with padding, they are also made of compression materials which allow them to flex and move along with the body. The fabrics are also designed to improve airflow so that at the end of the day your kid will perform better on the field and feel more comfortable.




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