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8 Best Football Facemasks Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Best Football Facemask Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Finding the best football facemasks is no easy task since this is a vital helmet accessory that requires proper consideration. If you are short on time then this short paragraph is for you. After examining the value and quality offered by the critically acclaimed products in this line, we have concluded that the Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask is the one you should get. This model is made with carbon steel which is one of the most durable yet affordable faceguard materials out there. The front of the unit is reinforced to provide the wearer with maximum oral protection. This is also a versatile option that is made for running back, defensive end, wide receiver, and tight end field positions. In the event that our first option is not available and you are still determined to get a good football facemask then we recommend you also consider the Schutt DNA ROPO YF Youth Faceguard.



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8 Best Football Facemasks (Updated Reviews) in 2022



We have selected some of the critically acclaimed football helmet facemasks currently available on the market to make it easier for you to select the one that meets your requirements. The products you’ll find below are available in different styles but they all offer excellent performance and protection.



1. Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask 


If you’re looking for affordable football facemasks, then this is a great choice that offers excellent performance, protection, and versatility. It is compatible with a variety of Youth Vengeance football helmets and it can be used for running back, defensive end, wide receiver and tight end field positions.

The product is made of carbon steel which is a very popular material in this line of products since it is known for its superior durability and affordable price. This material is more than capable of meeting the standards of performance, strength, and protection. The front of the mask also features a reinforced area that provides superior oral protection.

You also get a wide range of colors to choose from, 13 to be more exact, and with so many colors available, it is easier than ever to get the one that will make you look good on the field. This model is available in multiple styles if you need a facemask that offers more visibility or more protection to key areas of the face.

Lastly, as far as the customer feedback is concerned, this model is guaranteed to satisfy the needs of youth players who want to get an affordable product that doesn’t sacrifice quality, reliability, and performance.



It has a strong and sturdy construction that will protect your face on the field thanks to the use of carbon steel as the primary material.

There is a large variety of colors available so that you can customize the facemask to fit your helmet and the rest of your equipment.

It is a versatile option that works very well with different playing positions and it is compatible with most Youth Vengeance football helmets.

It is available in different styles that are designed to work well for various players that need different levels of protection.

You get an excellent balance between protection and visibility.



The unit doesn’t come with all the helmet attachments needed to fasten the mask to the helmet so you will need to purchase additional clips.

It can feel a bit big for a youth facemask so keep this in mind if you want to get a very light product.

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2. Schutt DNA ROPO YF Youth Faceguard 


This option is designed to fit the large-offset DNA helmets and it is a good choice for anyone who’s looking for a reliable youth football facemask that puts the focus on protection. It is made out of carbon steel which means that it meets the industry standards of durability and performance so that you can feel more at ease while you’re out on the field giving your best.

What’s more, the design of this choice is also great at absorbing impacts that are caused by frontal hits and it does this without limiting the visibility of the athlete. Another area in which this model excels is versatility since it is designed to work for various playing positions on the field.

It is a great choice for beginners since the unit is specifically designed to attach to youth helmets easier and this will help shorten the amount of time that you spend putting the helmet on and taking it off. The package also includes all the attachment hardware needed to fasten the unit to your helmet.

As is the case with most Schutt facemasks, this model is available in more than a dozen colors so that everyone can get the model that looks best to them.



The toughness and durability that this unit offers allow it to continue to work reliably for a longer period than most users would expect.

All the attachment hardware needed to fasten the guard to your helmet comes included in the package and this will save you from the trouble of having to make additional purchases.

There are 14 different colors available for you to choose from and you can customize the look of the product to your own liking.

The design of this model makes it easier to attach it to youth helmets and this creates more flexibility and saves more time when you need to take it off or put it back on.



The added protection comes at a cost since the carbon steel is heavier than other popular materials such as stainless steel.

Before purchasing you should keep in mind that there is a compatibility issue with this product and the AiR XP Hybrid football helmets.

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3. Schutt VSP Carbon Steel Faceguards 


Despite being made of carbon steel which is a durable material known for being slightly heavier, this option uses an advanced design that makes it up to 60% lighter than most traditional facemasks. Thus, this model is perfect for players who favor comfort and freedom of movement but don’t want to compromise on features such as protection and durability.

This model performs very well for different field positions, particularly for football players who hold the defensive back, tight end, quarterback and running back positions since it comes with extra protection around the mouth and jaw. You can still get the same model in different styles if you have other needs.

Another great feature of this unit is that even with the additional protection around the key areas of your face, it still manages to maintain maximum vision so that you can perform better in the field. Add to that its lightweight construction and you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing it until the moment it matters when it will protect you from powerful impacts.

As far as compatibility is concerned, this model can be used with the Schutt AiR XP line of adult football helmets but only in sizes that range from Small to Large.



The advanced design of this model allows it to stay light and promote a more comfortable fit without compromising protection.

It does a very good job of protecting the areas surrounding your mouth and jaw without affecting your line of vision while you are on the field.

This model is available in an impressive number of 16 different colors and this makes it easier than ever to get a facemask that will match your team’s colors.

The carbon steel construction does not only offer superior protection from frontal impacts but also extensive durability so that you can continue to enjoy the product for years to come.



The brand is a bit inconsistent with what it adds in the package since the product can arrive without the hardware required to attach the faceguard to the helmet.

It is only compatible with the Schutt AiR XP line of adult football helmets.

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4. Xenith Prime Football Facemask 


If you’re in the market for versatile football facemasks then you will appreciate what this premium option has to offer since it can be worn by players in any field position and it doesn’t limit the visibility of the athlete. Thus, any player wearing this unit will get an excellent balance between protection, performance, visibility, and versatility.

As is expected from a premium product that cares about the quality it offers, the facemask is made of carbon steel. The material is comparable in weight with most of the other materials available on the market but it is much more durable and capable of handling heavy impacts.

To increase the strength and durability of the unit, the carbon steel construction is reinforced with polyethylene powder. This should give players peace of mind while they’re on the field and wearing this product since the facemask does a very good job of absorbing frontal impacts.

This model is also compatible with most shields or visors available on the market and this will help you keep your eyes protected without limiting your visibility. As far as compatibility with other helmets is concerned this product is built specifically to fit well with any of Xenith’s Varsity or Youth football helmets in sizes M, L and XL.



This model is suitable for all players who want to get an open mask that can help them retain better visibility on the field.

The polyethylene powder coating used to cover the carbon steel further strengthens the product and improves its durability.

The unit includes all the installation hardware in the package along with easy-to-follow instructions so that even amateurs can easily figure out how to attach the facemask to their helmet.

You can acquire this product in a variety of colors so that you can easily match your purchase with your gear and team colors.

It is a well-rounded and versatile product that works for all field positions.



Unfortunately, this option won’t fit size small helmets since it is only compatible with size M, L, and XL helmets.

While this option comes with the required clips in the package, it is worth mentioning that the product is not compatible with 3rd party installation hardware.

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5. Schutt Sports Varsity Football Faceguard 


If you need superior protection then this model is just what you should get since it boasts the same style that NFL’s top defensive players wear. The signature “Big Grill” carbon steel facemask offers more protection and it has an intimidating style that will let your opponents know who they’re facing.

There is no need to worry that the extra protection means that you will have to sacrifice visibility since the extended brow design helps ensure that you’ll still see everything that happens in front of you. This model is designed for offensive line, defensive line, linebacker and fullback field positions.

The impact absorption of this facemask is superior in every way since it features an impressive 17-bar configuration that will not only help dissipate the impact better but it will also offer fewer grab points for the defense. Thus, now you can finally stop worrying that the defense will get their fingers through the facemask as they try to bring you down.

This model is designed to fit the Schutt Vengeance DCT line of football helmets. As far as the customer experience is concerned, there are only good things to report since previous buyers are very happy with the performance and protection that this model offers.



It boasts a unique design that helps this model deliver superior protection and it gives it an intimidating style that will make you look stronger and stand out on the field.

The extended brow design helps enhance the visibility that the wearer of the facemask gets all without affecting the protection you get from frontal hits.

It is very easy to install and it comes with the required installation hardware so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing any additional accessories.

The product works for several playing positions, namely offensive line, defensive line, fullback, and linebacker.

It is available in 10 colors and it boasts the same style that some of the NFL’s top defensive players use.



It is not suitable for youth football players since it is only compatible with the Schutt Vengeance DCT helmet.

The price is a bit high but that’s expected considering the features and performance that it offers.

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6. Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT EGOP-II-TRAD Facemask 


This new offering from Schutt features a new aggressive styling that uses the latest technology the brand has to offer to make it one of the safest and highest performing football facemasks available in its line. It manages to do all that while also keeping the price in check so that both amateur and professional players alike can enjoy the features that this option has to offer.

As is the case with most facemasks that put a big emphasis on safety and protection, this model is constructed of premium carbon steel to provide the strength and durability that athletes demand. The unit also has a tapered design that manages to increase the range of motion while decreasing the areas of potential impact.

The design of this model makes it ideal for use in offensive line, defensive line, line back, full back and tight end field positions. What’s great about this model is that you can enjoy excellent protection without your field of vision being affected in the slightest.

The product is designed to fit exclusively with the Schutt Vengeance DCT helmet. What’s more, if you’re looking for cool football facemasks then this option has you covered since it comes in a multitude of fun colors.



This model is made primarily of carbon steel and this material promotes durability and strength so that you can enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

It is a versatile option that is appropriate for use in a wide variety of field positions such as tight end, line back, full back, defensive line, and offensive line.

With this option, you can enjoy a superior field of vision which is a great feature if you want to deliver better performance when playing football.

Despite having a more streamlined design and being lighter than most other models on the market, the Vengeance facemask still manages to provide superior jaw and oral protection.



This product offers premium features and construction for a lower price but compared to low-end models it is still a bit pricier.

Another possible drawback of this model is that it will only work with the Schutt Vengeance DCT helmet.

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7. Schutt Sports Super Pro Varsity Football Faceguard 


This option is one of the most popular football faceguards amongst amateur players since it offers superior comfort and performance without sacrificing the protection that is needed on the field. This model is also very versatile since it can meet the needs of various players and playing positions.

While most options that are made of carbon steel tend to be a bit on the heavy side, this nifty product utilizes an innovative design that makes it up to 60% lighter than other traditional football faceguards. You get superior protection for both the jaw and mouth without sacrificing your line of vision.

It also has a tapered design that feels more comfortable on the face and that increases your range of motion while making sure that all the potential impact areas are decreased and properly protected. Another notable feature that this model offers is its solid and durable build since you can immediately notice the care that Schutt has put into the build quality of this product.

This model is compatible with the AiR XP Q10 line of football helmets in sizes ranging from S to L. As mentioned earlier, it is great for amateurs especially since it is priced competitively, considering its features and quality.



This model is perfect for amateur athletes since it features a lighter construction that feels more comfortable to wear on the field without compromising protection.

It won’t limit your line of vision. In fact, it can be argued that thanks to its unique design, it will boost your vision and improve visibility.

The carbon steel construction ensures that the unit won’t have any issue handling heavy use and it can last for a very long time.

You can customize this facemask to go well with your equipment and the colors of your team since the model can be purchased in a large assortment of colors.

It is a versatile and well-rounded product since it works for a multitude of different field positions.



It is only compatible with the AiR XP Q10 helmet from Schutt.

This model is not suitable for youth football players since it is too big to fit.

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8. Schutt Sports Carbon Steel Youth Football Faceguard 


If you’re in the market for cheap football facemasks then you should certainly keep your eyes on this model since, despite its lower price tag, it manages to offer the same features that customers have grown to expect from this reputable brand. Protection is front and center with Schutt and this is true for this model as well.

It features the same durable carbon steel construction that is found in premium options and it is equipped with strengthened bars to meet the needs of athletes who play different positions including wide receiver, tight end, and quarterback. It fits a wide range of Schutt helmets including the Youth DNA Pro+, Recruit Hybrid +, DNA Recruit and Recruit Hybrid.

You can personalize your facemask so that it goes well with your helmet and the rest of your equipment since the product is available in 14 different colors.

Another feature that’s worth talking a bit about before ending this football facemasks review is the ease of use that this model offers. It utilizes an innovative technology that allows youth athletes to attach the facemask in record time so that they don’t waste more time than necessary putting it on and then taking it off.



It is an excellent purchase if you are looking for a budget-friendly football facemask since it is available at a reasonable price and it goes on sale fairly frequently.

The package includes all the attachment hardware that is needed to fasten the unit to any of your large-offset youth DNA helmets.

Since it is constructed out of carbon steel you can be certain that this faceguard is durable and it can withstand repeated frontal impacts without you getting injured or the frame warping.

It is very easy to fit on a compatible helmet and this will save a lot of time in the locker.

There are 14 different colors available so that you can customize your purchase to your liking.



The main downside with this model is that due to the carbon steel construction it can feel a bit heavy but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most players.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Whether you’re looking for adult or youth football helmet facemasks, there are plenty of features to consider and without proper research, finding the right product can seem a daunting task. It is important to make an informed decision which is why we have prepared a buying guide that will show which features you should consider first when purchasing this type of product.

Intended purpose

The first thing that you need to do before looking for a product is to take the time and think of the specific purpose that you need the football facemasks to fulfill. The primary goal of a facemask is to provide protection to their faces while they’re on the field but there are other aspects that you need to consider as well and we’ll explore them all below.

For players who favor protection above everything else, the goal is to get a product that is very tough, durable, and that is designed to handle both frontal and side impacts. Finding such a product shouldn’t be an issue since the vast majority of options on the market offer excellent protection.

Another purpose that this protective gear can have is to improve your line of vision. A maximum field of vision can be a true game-changer and if you get a facemask that is compatible with visors or has one built-in, you’ll be able to spot the ball even when it’s up in the sky near the sun or the overhead lights.

Having a tinted visor can also prevent the opponents from seeing your eyes and this can be very useful since it can let you keep your plans to yourself since the opponent won’t be able to see who you plan to pass the ball to.

After looking at numerous football facemasks reviews, we found that another factor to consider is the visible patterns or colors that the facemask boasts. Having a product that lets you express yourself can help you perform better in the field.

A football facemask that looks good can give you more confidence in yourself and this can really improve your game. The good news is that most facemasks on the market are available in a wide variety of colors and styles so finding one that you can feel proud wearing shouldn’t be an issue.


Position on the field

The position that you play on the field dictates what kind of product will suit your needs the best. To tell which mask is good for a certain position you will have to check the bar configuration.

For example, a closed cage facemask features several crossbars that are positioned a bit higher across the eyes to offer the best possible protection. While this is a good thing, the main issue is that this design can affect the visibility of the player. Such a product is not recommended for positions that need a wide field of view.

Conversely, a football facemask that has an open cage configuration promotes better visibility but it doesn’t offer the same level of protection especially from the fingers and hands of other players that can get in your eyes and mouth. This is why this type of facemask is recommended for athletes who play positions such as wide receivers, quarterbacks, and safeties.

With that said, there is a huge variety of other models that you can choose from, including hybrid facemasks that combine the protection of a closed cage design with the visibility of the open cage.

Thus, at the end of the day, your goal should be to determine the amount of protection and visibility that you need and make compromises only in the areas where you can. Most manufacturers will also mention in the product description the positions on the field that their products can be used for.


As far as materials are concerned, most of the models on the market are made of one of the following three materials – carbon steel, titanium, and stainless steel. Carbon steel is the most popular one and the one that you’ll find in most models. Not only is it very durable but it is also available at a good price. The main downside is that it is heavier than the alternatives.

Titanium is a more premium material that is usually preferred by professional and elite college and high school athletes. It provides excellent durability and toughness without being too heavy and it is the perfect material for making lightweight facemasks. The downside as can probably already be expected is the higher price.

Stainless steel offers a middle ground between titanium and carbon steel since this material is average in weight and priced moderately. It also performs very well as far as durability and protection are concerned.

To determine what material to get, you should look at the cost and weight of your ideal facemask. Try to think about how much you are willing to pay or how light you want the product to be.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Who invented the football face mask?

The first football helmet was made in 1893 and it was very rudimentary. It was constructed out of moleskin which is a bit laughable to think about it now and as you can already expect, it didn’t have a facemask.

It was not until the mid-1930 that the first football facemask made its debut and it was invented by Vern McMillan who was the owner of a sporting goods store in Indiana. The mask was made from wire which was then covered with rubber to prevent other players from injuring themselves if they touched the wire.

The first single-bar face mask made its debut in 1953 when the Cleveland Browns coach, Paul Brown, conceived the idea of a single-bar facemask in the middle of the game. His quarterback had his mouth torn open and the coach needed to think of a way to keep him on the field until they could secure a victory.

Q: When did football players start to wear helmets?

In 1888 college football officials voted to allow players to tackle other players below the waist and this decision led to protective gear becoming a mandatory requirement. However, helmets were still not considered to be part of the mandatory protective gear until much later.

During the 1920s football helmets began to be used more widely and they were made of leather and a bit of padding on the inside. The lack of padding meant that injuries were still very common. It was only in 1939 when Riddell Company manufacturer the first plastic helmets that the gear was considered to be both effective and comfortable.

In the same year, helmets became mandatory pieces of equipment for college gridiron and in 1940 they became mandatory for the NFL as well. By the 1950s the helmets were made of polymers as the materials of choice and began to look more like the modern models we’re so used to today.


Q: What’re the differences between football facemasks?

There are two main types of football facemasks, namely closed or open cage, and knowing which one is which can help you spot the differences between models. Open-cage facemasks have a bigger opening around the eyes and this allows for more visibility. Players can look toward the sides without having to turn their heads.

An open cage facemask is perfect for playing positions that require a wider field of vision such as quarterbacks, wide receivers, and safeties.

Closed-cage models, on the other hand, offer more protection, especially for the areas of the faces that are most vulnerable. This type of product is perfect for players who engage in tackling, blocking, or any other form of hard contact.

While such a design choice may limit the visibility that a player gets, it does add more protection to prevent injuries to the eyes and nose which can sometimes happen during a tackle.











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