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10 Best Football Back Plates – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Top Back Plates for Football – Guide & Comparison


In order for you to be always ready for the next football game, you will have to invest in the best equipment from the get-go, and that includes the best football back plate. This way you won’t risk any of it breaking down during the season or – even worse – during the actual game. A football back plate like this Battle Back Bone Plate Protector is one which manages to stand out for several reasons and that’s why it is our number one pick. This piece of sports equipment has the role of keeping you protected from the rather violent tackling that goes on during a football game. An adequate back plate has to absorb the impact from the contact with other players thus making it impossible to partake in any game without it. The model mentioned above is quite good at doing just that. The Schutt Sports Varsity Football Back Plate is also an option in case the first one isn’t available anymore.



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10 Best Football Back Plates (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Checking out all the models of expensive or cheap football back plates you can find online or in shops is very time-consuming and often you don’t know what all those numbers and words in the instructions mean anyway. Let us help you with our guide which analyzes various models and presents all aspects of them.



1. Battle Back Bone Plate Protector


The back plate has to be tough and durable in order to protect you from any accidents that can take place on the football field, which is why a model like the Back Bone Plate Protector makes the list.

This elegant safety equipment was created using both the previous experience of athletes and the most recent scientific developments in order to get the needed results.

With a high level of resistance, you can be sure you’ll be kept safe during the game and you also won’t cause any harm to others either. The protector includes high impact foam on the inside letting you move freely on the field every time.

The product is available for both children and adults meaning you won’t have problems finding a good fit regardless of your body type. Just know your size and pick the right one for you so you can be ready for the next game just in time.



The unique curved shape of this model has the role of giving you the right level of comfort at all times being a buffer between you and the opposite team.

This will also mean you’ll be able to move without restriction from it which is not just a plus, it’s a must!

Using this model means you’ll keep your lower back safe, but also your spine and your kidneys which are highly vulnerable during such games. If you are going to make an investment anyway, make it for a model that takes good care of your health.

Design-wise, this model is also very attractive so you don’t have to worry about that part either.



There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding regarding the inclusion of hardware such as screws in the package (or should we say, lack thereof) which means you may have to buy them separately.

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2. Schutt Sports Varsity Football Back Plate


An important aspect when buying a football back plate is how breathable the fabric will be once you start wearing it. You won’t have to worry about it with the Schutt Sports Varsity model especially since it also has ventilated high density EVA foam on the interior. Plus, this model has small vent holes that help with air circulation.

Not only does this let your body breathe, avoiding hyperventilation, but it is also waterproof (good news giving the amount of sweating that can occur during a game) and UV-resistant. Your level of comfort will skyrocket with these attributes.

Your body has to be able to move as much as possible to score the needed points and to keep you safe when you are tackled and this product does it without problems.



The Schutt Sports Varsity Back Plate is compatible with all variants of available Varsity Schutt shoulder pads.

It is also compatible with most models that come from competitors, meaning you won’t have to worry about the complete ensemble as it is most likely compatible with the other parts.

This model is very easy to install so much so that if you buy this for your child they won’t have problems with it either, which is a big plus since they won’t have to feel bad about not being able to do it by themselves in the locker room.

This should save you time and save them the embarrassment of asking someone else to help.



You need to pay attention to the strap length and if they fit your body type (or your child’s body type) as this is not the aspect that would fall under the one size for all categories. To avoid having shorter straps just pay attention to this detail especially if you’re on the bigger side.

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3. Schutt Sports Neon Football Back Plate


You have to be careful to the blind sides when playing football as a lot of unfortunate accidents tend to happen in that area and you can protect yourself with a back plate such as this one which has exactly this role.

The model also benefits from the interior having High-Impact EVA foam and this will play a big part in absorbing the big hard hits which every football player experiences. Plus, it is worth mentioning that this product protects your back successfully.

What every back plate has to do is to help you move as swiftly as possible and to let your body breathe. Fortunately, this is exactly what the Sports Neon Football Back Plate from Schutt does without any difficulties.

This product is also lightweight, a factor that only adds to how much it will let you move on the track.



Regardless if you fell down after being tackled or if you got tackled from behind by an opponent while running, this product has the role of offering you the highest level of safety possible.

With the high quality plates and High-Impact EVA foam, enhanced safety is surely easily attained.

Your back will be protected during the sports event with the Schutt Sports Neon Football Back Plate as guaranteed by the producer.

The fact that it is part of the lightweight category is a tremendous advantage because it gives you the ability to move faster. By moving faster, you’ll be able to score more points and to dodge the tackling from your opponents.



Some people have complained that the product they received didn’t include screws or, if they did include screws, they weren’t of too much great quality and they fell quite quickly. You have to be careful about this aspect and make sure all parts are included in the package you order.

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4. Schutt Sports AiR Maxx Football Plate


Every model of a back plate has certain advantages and this one is no exception. The model is designed to eliminate the possibility of feeling pain when you take a big hit thanks to the durable plastic used combined with padding that absorbs the shock. This plate is created so it can fit with the Schutt Air Maxx shoulder pads perfectly.

Letting your skin breathe is obviously a must, this is why this product has small vent holes placed on it in various places to let you feel as comfortable as possible during the game.

You can order this model in various colors in order to customize your uniform with your preferred colors and make it in the style you want it. Among the colors you can choose from we can mention various shades of blue (such as navy blue and royal blue), scarlet and maroon plus the classic black version.



The skill position is one in which you’ll receive plenty of hits either when going for the ball or carrying it, therefore the Schutt Sports Football Plate could offer the much needed protection.

If you want to feel safe this is probably the way to go.

This model can be used for additional protection and it seems like it is really easy to attach to the shoulder pads of the costume.

You only need to choose the preferable color, maybe one that fits your child’s school theme and colors, and you’re all set! You can also use the color advantage to stand out, of course!



Size can be everything and in order to make sure the sports equipment fits properly, you have to take all of the necessary measurements and pick the model that is just the right size for you in order to avoid any type of further accidents.

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5. Schutt Youth Ventilated Back Plate


The back and the kidneys are quite often affected in this type of sport, and this is why a back piece is highly recommended. Playing with this model seems to make a world of difference to the athletes, be it that they are just starting or are already playing on a professional level.

This is due to the fact that the padding is made of high-impact EVA foam which has a very important role – that of absorbing the hits, regardless of how powerful they may be. Plus, the Schutt Youth Ventilated Back Plate can also offer more protection for the exposed areas, called the blind side areas, where lots of injuries can happen.

Another big plus which this model offers is the fact that it can fit properly with all of the shoulder pads that are part of the Schutt family but also with a series of different ones that come from other producers.



In this case, we have to give credit to the high-impact EVA foam that is used on the interior of the back plate.

EVA means Ethylene-vinyl acetate and offers a rubber-like quality to the products made of it making them more flexible and softer to touch.

The EVA foam resists bravely in the face of low temperatures, it has a great resistance when it comes to stress crack, it’s waterproof and is not affected by UV radiation. This is a very common material as it’s also used in ski boots, hockey pads, gloves for boxing and for the saddle of bicycles.



The model is rather simple and doesn’t stand out very much. If you’re interested in a product that just does the job it’s supposed to do, good, but if you want something to make you stand out even more on the field there are more exciting versions out there.

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6. Shock Doctor Football Back Plate


It is very easy to pick the right size for you or your child when it comes to this product. Simply put, the child sizes are 12 -, while the adult sizes are 12 +. This already comes in handy as you have to worry less about fitting them.

By trying to help the customer as much as possible, this product is made of 100% PE and 100% EVA foam, which means comfort and safety are all but guaranteed. The Shock Doctor Football Back Plate is created for football athletes and has the role of protecting the lower back and vital organs such as the kidneys and the spine.

The blind impacts that come from the back or from the side are also a problem of the past as this back plate is meant to reduce the impact so you can barely feel it – just so you know it happened, but without hurting you.



The impact of any tackle is absorbed successfully by the interior which is contoured with foam.

This will also let you relax on your lower back without feeling the pain of other models.

Furthermore, the product is not meant to limit your movement in any way, shape or form and the same thing can be said about your mobility or speed.

The back plate has a slightly curved pad which has the highly important role of fitting on your back perfectly.

As you’ll release plenty of heat during the game and you’ll sweat a lot, this back plate has ventilation to let your body breathe properly.



There may be a chance you’ll have to use a drill to properly install the whole ensemble. While the back plates can align perfectly with the shoulder pads, when it comes to actually mount the product, some users had to drill holes in the proper places – but, at least, you’ll only have to do it once.

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7. EliteTek Sports Universal Adjustable & Removable Back Plate


This model was created for the protection of your lower back during the time you are on the field. It includes rotating pieces that have been upgraded from the previous models which let you make better adjustments to the plate. This surely represents a big plus for this model as it makes it easier to be used.

Also, the materials used are flexible and allow for the attachment of various types of pads. Yes, this is an option that can be used for many models of shoulder pads with very attractive ways of adjusting and removing the pieces. This way you can be sure the whole equipment can fit you properly every time.

One other extra point this EliteTek Back Plate has is the fact that it can be washed which means that you won’t have to deal with smelly sports equipment from now on.



Nobody likes smelly football gear and this is why the producers of the back plate have made it simple to clean.

The padding is really easy to remove in order to clean it and afterward you just have to wipe it with a cloth dipped in warm water with soap. You have to let it air dry – for obvious reasons, the washing machine is not recommended.

While using it, you should know the plate is meant to protect your lower back as it has more coverage than other models plus it also protects your ribs when contact takes place.

Even blind spots are not a problem anymore with this model as the product will absorb even the shocks coming from those areas.



The sizes for adults can be a bit on the small side which means you need to pay attention and see if it would really fit when it will arrive.

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8. Riddell Sports Back Plate Chrome Finish


This back plate stands out due to several reasons, the obvious one being its Chrome Finish design. You may use this product with shoulder pads if you want an increased level of protection for your lower back. The fit it has is universal which means it can be attached easily to most models of shoulder pads with the necessary hardware being included.

Basically, this Riddell Sports Back Plate Chrome Finish is not only stylish but also has the real potential of keeping the person wearing it to be safe from accidents during practice or even during the game. After all, safety is the most important aspect when it comes to such a product.

Despite the constant stress the back plate is exposed to, it seems like it has the capacity of lasting for several years. This means this product is a smart investment as you probably don’t want to buy a new one for every football season.



The design is by far one of the most stylish you can find online for such a product and it sure gives it an edge over other models which aren’t quite as eye-catching. As a result, many people will prefer it instead of the less visually appealing ones.

Installing the product is very simple regardless of your prior experience with such equipment. Basically, you can be a beginner or a pro, the fact that it can be installed so easily is a big plus for everybody.

Receivers can be tackled quite a lot during football games which is why this type of model represents an easy solution and without spending much money on it.

The fact that it combines safety with style surely gives it an edge over other models that may be available for purchase.



In order to avoid letting it hang too low, you may have to drill new holes in it.

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9. Xenith XFlexion Back Plate


Football is played by people of many ages which is why it’s important the back plates they use are qualitative enough so that they protect the user no matter their age, the level of playing, experience, etc. The lower back must be protected at all times during such a sport and this is exactly what this product does.

The Xenith XFlexion Back Plate can be easily attached not only to the shoulder pads made by Xenith XFlexion but to shoulder pads created by other brands as well. In fact, the producers claim you’ll be able to attach this back plate to most of the other brands available on the market, which, if true, is a huge plus.

Another thing you should know about this model of back plate is that attachments are possible thanks to the highly resistant and easily adjustable straps which are coated with strong and powerful nylon.



The lower back protection offered by this back plate seems to be very good, meaning you won’t have to worry about possible accidents as much – as long as you are wearing it properly.

Not only is this product highly functional, but it is also rather stylish, as it has a cool design that reminds of certain heroes who are known for being tough.

The metallic black and grey are more serious colors so it might be to your liking if you want to leave a more threatening impression on your opponents.

Aside from these things, the fact that the model is lightweight makes it easy to run in it without feeling like you are being slowed down by it.



Like with other models, you have to pay attention to the length of this product as there is a risk it can be too short or too long for your body. Avoid this with proper measurements.

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10. Battle Caution Chrome Football Back Plate


The first thing you’ll notice about this product is that it has a high-gloss gold finish that makes it highly stylish. If you want to feel good about yourself on the field and impress others as well, such a design is the one to go with.

This Battle Caution Chrome Football Back Plate has a foam interior for high impact. Basically, you won’t feel all the attacks as strongly as before meaning you’ll also be bruise-free especially in the lower back area which can be sensitive.

For the maximum energy disbursement, the producers of this back plate have created it with a curved design in order to ensure the maximum quality level. Furthermore, this product has a universal fit which means you don’t have to worry it will be too long or too short on your back. Just put it on and get ready for the game!



Because this model has a curved design it will absorb much more of the impact put on you and it also offers a very good level of protection for your lower back.

This design also makes it much more comfortable when it comes to wearing it, aside from the fact that it disperses the impact of a tackle.

This product is made so that players of all ages can feel comfortable and safe wearing it with the maximum protection possible being guaranteed by the producers.

Furthermore, the attachment straps are highly resistant and strong, having the role of keeping the back plate much closer to your back than a flat model. A back plate that keeps flopping around won’t offer you much protection (it can actually harm you more) so a curved design is a very good option.



This may be a bit pricey for some people who may prefer a cheaper model.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Football (or American Football as it is known outside the United States and Canada) is one of the best-known things to come out of America with the outfit a player wears on the field being iconic and easily recognizable internationally as it was used in many pop culture moments to establish that a character likes the sport or any sport for that matter.

The importance of protective gear

Despite the fact that it is so well known and much beloved in America (the Super Bowl is just an example of that) this sport can actually be quite dangerous. This is not probably anything new to anybody remotely familiar with football since injured players can be seen quite often in games.

Even if you can’t really escape from getting an injury while playing this game in high school or college, wearing the appropriate protective gear can be of great help in reducing the chances or a serious one – and what better example of protective gear than the back plates.

The youth football back plate and the helmet are probably the most important part of any sports gear when it comes to football as they have the role of keeping you safe. The back plates, for example, can keep your lower back, spine, and kidneys away from any trauma that in other cases could have been fatal even.

As a result, when picking an affordable football back plate you should take this very seriously and consider all aspects before making any purchase.


Materials and size

Such a product has to be made of a resistant material and it is recommended it should have good quality foam inside to help absorb the shocks whenever you get knocked over. Furthermore, you have to be careful and make sure the size for the back plate is the perfect one for you as it shouldn’t hang too low or be too high.



Another important aspect is the ability of this product to let your skin breathe properly. During the game, you will sweat a lot, as it is natural, so you have to check out an option that will let you sweat properly in order to let your body regulate its temperature so you won’t suffer from overheating. See our football back plate reviews above for more info.

Producers have come up with several ideas regarding how to allow you to wear this gear as comfortable as possible such as creating little holes to let the air pass through more easily, giving the plates a more round-like design and so on. As a result, many of the back plates you will find in shops these days are much more comfortable than the ones available before.


Obviously, one factor you shouldn’t ignore is how much the back plate you want weights. A heavier one will make your game much more difficult as you’ll move slower and have problems turning to your sides when necessary. You’ll find this info in pretty much any football back plate review.

The solution is clearly a lightweight back plate which will let you do all the movements you need in order to score big in the game, running as fast as you can and turning to your sides without any problem.

Our buying guide has touched on all of these aspects and more so if you wish to buy a pair of football back plates, here you will find which ones are the best and more affordable, but also what models you should stay away from if you wish to make a good investment.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are football back plates used for?

In football, back plates have the very important task of offering protection to the players while on the field. We all know what a dangerous sport football can be and this is why a certain gear is required in order to play it, such as a helmet, back and shoulder plates, pads for knees, hips, and thighs and, of course, the jockstrap with a protective cup.

All of those accessories have their very important roles and the back plate for football is no exception. This product can reduce the impact that a player feels when they are tackled from behind or even from the sides. The best football back plates take a big part of the force the impact had and spreads it on a wide area thus keeping the player safe.

As a result, if you play football and you are tackled the amount of force you feel from the impact is lessened by a lot.

Q: How do you put on a football back plate?

In a collision sport like football, you can’t have enough protection. Because the lower back is exposed in a traditional football gear many athletes have called for safer measures to be taken and this is how the back plates have come to exist.

In order to put on a football back plate, you need to first find the two metal holes that are placed on the bottom of the back of the shoulder pads. The next step is to line up the holes of the shoulder pads with the ones from the back plates. The movement can be done upward or downward with the goal being to cover your lower back with the back plates.

Insert the screws through the holes and make sure they are locked tight. Be careful to do this properly as otherwise, it can be more of a danger than a help to have the back plates running loose.


Q: Which football positions traditionally wear back plates?

The back plates are used by attaching them to the shoulder pads in order to keep the lower back protected when the player would go up for the ball thus leaving the back exposed to being hit from the sides or behind.

Basically, everybody in a football team has to wear back plates, but what kind of plates depends a lot based on the position on the field.

For example, while those playing in defense, such as the lineman or the fullbacks will probably choose a more protective and heavy gear, the running backs, quarterbacks and the others from the skill positions will most likely choose a lightweight one in order to have a superior level of mobility and visibility.

Therefore, if you are preparing for your first game and are checking this out in order to find out which back plate is the best for you, just follow the position you have on the team and then take your pick.




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