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10 Best Everlast Punching Bags – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 05.07.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Everlast Punching Bag + Reviews


If you have little time on your hands, but you’re determined to get the best Everlast punching bag, the following short paragraph will help you make a purchase that you won’t regret. After looking at the quality and value that some of the critically acclaimed products in this line offer, we have concluded the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit is the one to consider. This option is a great beginner kit that comes with all the basics that you need to get started. The heavy bag is made of super tough and rugged polycanvas material and is stuffed with a custom filling of synthetic and natural fibers that are blended with sifted sand. What’s more, the bag comes with a height customization chain so that you can personalize your training experience. In the event that our first option is not available, we recommend you also take the time to consider the Everlast Power Core Bag.



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10 Best Everlast Punching Bags (Updated Reviews) in 2022



With so many options available on the market, settling for the right product is quite difficult, and reading just one Everlast punching bag review just isn’t enough. There’s no need to worry though since, whether you’re looking for a cheap Everlast punching bag or you have a bigger budget available, we have compiled a list of the critically acclaimed models for you.



1. Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit 


The 70-pound Everlast Heavy-Bag Kit is an affordable purchase that can mark the start of your fitness journey. The kit includes the heavy bag, gloves, and wraps to protect your hands when punching, as well as a bungee cord that can add more resistance to the bag. Thus, you get all the basic equipment needed to start training right away.

The shell of the bag is made from a durable polycanvas material that looks and feels like synthetic leather and can take a beating. Another great feature of this Everlast punching bag set is that the bag comes pre-filled so that you don’t need to spend extra time and money searching for the right filling.

The bag is about 36” in height with an overall height when hanged of 41”. There is also a height customization chain included in the package so that you can adjust the height of the bag to fit your needs.



One of the biggest advantages of this kit is that it includes all the basic gear that you will need to get started right away and for beginners, this can help save a lot of time and money.

The bag comes pre-filled with a custom filling of natural and synthetic fibers and sifted sand that provides a realistic feel and is uniform along the entire length of the bag.

This affordable Everlast punching bag uses polycanvas material for the shell, and this material is inexpensive, durable, and looks and feels like synthetic leather.

While the manufacturer doesn’t mention if this unit can be used outdoors, we found many reports from customers saying that it can handle the elements very well.



Make sure that you wear gloves at all times since the sand filling can injure your hand if you land a punch in a hard spot.

The carabiners it comes with are not very durable and can break with time.

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2. Everlast Power Core Bag 


If you’re in the market for an Everlast standing punching bag, then this is a great option to consider since the quality construction makes this model an excellent sparring partner for anyone who wants to train in the comfort of their own home. It is also a great choice for people who have limited space or don’t want to drill their walls or ceiling.

The assembly process is very simple and, even if you are a beginner, the included instructions are very easy to follow and you won’t have to pay extra for a technician to set up the bag for you.

The rounded design of the bag allows for easy movement around the target, which increases cardio, leg conditioning and helps with hand-eye coordination. The air-foam chamber provides a very realistic feel and the powercore transfer ring will absorb impacts and reduce the movement and sliding of the base.



The free-standing design will help you maximize your workout since the rounded base will let you easily move around the bag to increase cardio.

You can fill the high-density base with water to get a total weight of 250 pounds, or with sand, if you need more stability since this way you can achieve a total weight of 370 pounds.

Another advantage of this model is that you can adjust its size in a range of 54” to 65” and this means that people of all ages and heights will be able to use the bag comfortably.

Since it requires less space than a traditional hanging bag, this option is perfect for use in small rooms and, once you are done with it, you can move and store it in a corner.



Some models can arrive with small damage to the base that can make it leak water.

It is a good option for beginners but not recommended for hardcore fighters.

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3. Everlast 40LB Heavy Punching Bag 


This versatile punching bag from Everlast can be used by both adults and kids since it weighs about 40 pounds, and the entire family can exercise together. The shell of the bag is made from premium synthetic leather, and it features reinforced webbing for long-lasting durability.

It also comes pre-filled with a mix of sanitized fibers that provide resilient shock absorbency. It doesn’t use sand, which means that the bag is much more forgiving and, for beginners and kids, this is a perfect feature since it will help prevent joint injuries.

The bag is 31” in height and has a diameter of 12.75” to provide an effective and fun workout for everyone. You can use it to increase your stamina, speed, and strength. The setup process is very easy since the unit comes with an easy-to-follow manual and you have the ability to hang the bag anywhere you want.



The punching bag comes with all the chains needed for the installation process, which is a nice surprise since the product description does not mention any other extra accessories.

This sturdy bag is perfect for beginners who are looking to exercise and have fun since the small size and the high-quality filling will help prevent injuries.

It has a robust design with reinforced webbing, and the shell of the bag is made of durable synthetic leather that can stand the test of time.

The unit hangs up very easily and, since it comes pre-filled, you can use it right away.



The zipper is the one part of this unit that falls a bit short as far as durability is concerned since it breaks easily and some units can arrive with it already broken.

The chain that this unit comes with isn’t adjustable, which means that you can’t customize the height of the bag.

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4. Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag 


Unlike other models that are filled with sand, fiber, or a mix of the two, this nifty choice is filled with water, and this makes it much easier on your joints and knuckles so that even seniors can train with this bag. When you hit it, the water will disperse in an upward splashing motion, and this will prevent excessive swaying and give it a realistic feel.

This model is designed for boxing, kickboxing, and fitness training since it can improve agility, muscle tone, core stability, and punching power. Since you can easily empty it when not in use, this is one of the most portable options on our list, and filling the unit with water is effortless.

When full, the bag will weigh 100 pounds and anyone can use it, whether you are an experienced martial artist that is looking for a bag that is easy on the joints and knuckles or a beginner who is just starting out.



The Hydrostrike technology is designed to absorb strikes and to provide the athlete with a life-like feel and maximum protection on the joints and knuckles.

The water bag ships empty and requires very light assembly since the built-in plug can be opened using a screwdriver and it fits most hose types.

It can hold its teardrop shape even after long rounds of intense punches since the synthetic leather that the shell is made of is thick and highly durable.

Maintenance is also not an issue with this model since cleaning the punching bag is done by wiping it down with a wet cloth.



The bag comes with a seam in the middle that sticks out and, during repeated use, it can scratch your gloves.

This option is not that good for low kicks since the bottom part is much harder than the rest of the bag and it can injure the top of the foot.

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5. Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle 


If you’re looking for a good Everlast punching bag with stand, then this option certainly fits the bill and you get a lot more with it since the bundle contains everything you need to start training right away. The package includes a heavy bag, a stand, leather bag gloves with wraps, and a leather speed bag as a bonus.

The stand is made of hollow metal tubings that are lighter so that you can move it around with ease, yet strong enough to support and withstand the weight of the 100-pound bag. The heavy bag features a tough canvas shell that can take a beating and comes pre-filled.

The leather bag gloves included in the package have a padded palm grip, which helps with stability. There’s also the bonus speed bag, which is just as durable as the big heavy bag and, while it does come deflated, pumping air into it is as easy as you can imagine.



This is an excellent purchase for beginners since it comes with all the items and accessories you need to start training right away.

Thanks to the durable metal tube construction of the stand, you won’t have to worry that it won’t be able to withstand the weight of the heavy bag.

You can attach a metal chain to the heavy bag so that you can raise and lower its height so that everyone can punch the bag comfortably.

This model is available in two sizes, 70 or 100 pounds so that you can get the bag that fits your skill level the best.



The speed bag platform is not that reliable since it is flimsy and, if you hit the speed bag parallel to the support beam of the platform, it will vibrate and throw the rhythm of the bag off.

The gloves that come in this bundle are not of the highest quality.

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6. Everlast Adjustable Height Reflex Bag 


This Everlast free standing punching bag comes with a spring that is mounted at the bottom and won’t allow the unit to swing too much so that you can punch as hard as you want without having to worry that the frame that holds the bag will break if you strike too hard.

This nifty model will give your upper body a great workout and it can be used to improve your agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. The base of the stand is made of light but durable plastic and can be filled with either sand or water, and you can get the weight of the base up to 250 pounds to get the stability that you desire.

The adjustable nut in the middle of the frame lets you customize the height of the bag and this will let you share the unit with other people. This is a perfect feature for families or friends who like to train together.



The spring at the base of the stand will prevent the bag from swinging too hard so that you can perform your favorite workout without fear of getting injured or damaging the product.

The Reflex Bag is very easy to install and comes with a manual that features intuitive instructions, and you can get the unit up and running in less than 3 minutes.

The small base of this model makes it a perfect purchase for anyone who is looking to practice hitting in all directions to improve overall mobility.

Since the height of the bag is adjustable, multiple users can use it to practice, especially since it only takes a second to readjust the height.



Make sure to screw the top part tight before each session since, otherwise, it can fall away easily.

The way it swings is very predictable, which means that it is not that great if you want to improve your reflexes.

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7. Everlast Platinum Heavy Bag Kit 


This is another kit that comes with everything you need to start training immediately since, apart from the heavy bag, you also get a speed bag, heavy bag gloves, and premium wrist straps. The package includes a durable chain so that you can hang the bag anywhere you want and since it is adjustable, it will benefit users of any stature.

The bag comes pre-filled with a custom filling of synthetic fibers and is a great alternative for people who are allergic to sand or wood dust, not to mention that it also gives a realistic feel. The punching gloves included in the bundle are low-padded and made of breathable fabric and leather to provide a great level of comfort and protection.

The bag is made of durable poly canvas material and weighs 70 pounds, which makes it perfect for any home; it can also fit in small apartments.



The bundle includes everything you need to get started and work out at home, and it is a great purchase for both amateur and seasoned athletes.

The bag comes pre-filled with synthetic fibers that give a natural feel, but if you prefer another filling, then you can easily replace it.

It comes with a solid steel chain that ensures complete safety and stability and it can also be used to adjust the height of the bag.

You can rely on the heavy bag to last for a very long time since it is made of durable materials and it has resilient seams that won’t tear over time.



The gloves that this bundle comes with are smaller in size, which means that, depending on your hand size, you may or may not be able to use them comfortably.

The speed bag that comes included in the bundle can’t handle full force punches.

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8. Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit 


If you want to get started with a beginner heavy bag kit and you are a heavier and stronger puncher, then this bundle includes a 100-pound heavy bag that is perfect for you. Aside from the punching bag, this kit also comes with the chains needed for hanging it, hand wraps, and a pair of punching gloves. Thus, this model is perfect if you are on a tight budget.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of this bag since it is made from durable materials that can handle punches very well. It also comes pre-filled with a blend of synthetic and natural fibers that offers excellent shock absorbency.

It is also great to see that Everlast has chosen to include a pair of hand wraps in this bundle since if you decide to change the filling with something heavier such as sand, then the hand wraps will protect your joints and fingers.



You get a lot of value with this option not only because the heavy bag is of excellent quality but also because it includes all the items that are needed and a few extra accessories to get you started.

The shell of the heavy bag is made of a very durable polycanvas that can handle heavy pounding so that you can enjoy using it for years to come.

At 100 pounds, this bag is big enough for heavy hitters, so while it is good for beginners, once you get better, you won’t have to move on to a heavier bag.

The bag is weather resistant so that you can also use it outside if you want to.



The gloves that come included in the bundle are only good for beginners and you’ll probably end up purchasing another pair.

Some packages don’t include all the extras that are advertised on the product page.

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9. Everlast Dual Station Stand & PowerCore Heavy Bag 


If you don’t want to drill the walls in your house, this dual station kit is very easy to assemble and it comes with a 100-pound PowerCore heavy bag and an Everhide speed bag so that you can train your entire upper body. The dual station stand is made of heavy-duty and powder-coated steel tubing to provide the ultimate durability.

The PowerCore bag is constructed of premium synthetic leather and features reinforced webbing so that you won’t have to worry that punching it too hard will cause the seams to break. It comes pre-filled with a blend of sanitized synthetic and natural fibers that offers resilient shock absorbency.

Since this is a dual station, it also comes with a speed bag and, in this case, the included product is the Everhide model, which is well known for its durable leather design and stylish carbon fiber patterned construction.



The punching bag is made of premium synthetic leather and the webbing is reinforced to add lasting durability and you won’t have to pull your punches out of fear of damaging it.

The included stand is made of steel tubing and it can handle the included 100-pound punching bag; it is also compatible with any size speed bags.

This bundle is perfect for people who don’t feel comfortable with the idea of drilling their walls since the placement system only requires a few sandbags to get the stability you need.

The heavy bag comes already pre-filled so that you can start training instantly.



The swivel for the speed bag is of poor quality and, while your mileage may vary, it will probably be the first part of this bundle that you will need to replace.

It ships in multiple packages and it can take a while for all of them to arrive.

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10. Everlast New Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag 


The new and improved Omniflex freestanding punching bag has a flexible neck design that lets it swing backward and forward and it is available at an affordable price point so that you get a lot of value out of this purchase. The bag features a nevatear outer shell that provides premium durability and functionality.

The low profile base design of the stand will let you punch and kick so that you can train both your upper and lower body. Thus, with this option, you can get a full workout and have fun at the same time. The base can be filled with either water or sand so that you can keep the heavy bag stable and train without any risk of injuring yourself.

What’s more, the bag is filled with a very soft foam that offers superior shock absorption and it can be adjusted between 59” and 67” to fit people of different stature.



The main advantage of this model is the Omniflex neck since it helps absorb the impact to reduce the movement of the base and it makes the bag swing unpredictably from punches to make it look like you’re training with a partner.

The freestanding heavy bag is very light even when the base is filled so that you can move it with ease.

The base can be filled with water and it will weigh about 130 pounds, or you can fill it with sand if you need increased stability.

Beginners will appreciate the feel of the bag since it is filled with a soft foam that provides excellent shock absorption.



This is best for beginners or youth boxers since the bag has very little resistance, and this can be a big downside for experienced punchers.

You can’t use it outdoors if the air is humid since the screws and other metal components are not weatherproof.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you want to find the perfect Everlast punching bag for you with as little hassle as possible, then we have prepared a buying guide that will certainly prove useful. We’ve looked at numerous Everlast punching bag reviews to see what customers and experts alike had to say. Below we have gathered all the top factors one ought to consider before making a purchase.


When looking at punching bags, there are three main types available: heavy bags, free-standing boxing bags, and speed bags. Knowing the advantages of each one can help you focus on the type that is best suited for your needs.

Heavy bags are the most popular types of punching bags and they are typically suspended from the ceiling and this makes them handle tough impacts. This bag is designed to help you improve your overall punching and kicking techniques and it comes in different sizes, shapes, and weights. It is great for boxing, Muay Thai, karate, MMA, and more.

Free-standing punching bags don’t require a mounting system since they are mounted on a heavy and durable base that can be filled with water or sand. Thus, this option can be placed anywhere in a room and can be re-positioned to allow multiple uses. This product is perfect for practicing low kicks that are common in Muay Thai or for other mixed martial arts.

Lastly, speed bags are much smaller than the other types presented above and they are meant to assist athletes in improving their fast-paced punches. This option is perfect if you want to improve your timing, strength, and endurance. They are usually shaped like a teardrop or globe and they’re used for traditional boxing training.


Weight and filling

Finding the right weight for your punching bag shouldn’t be too much of an issue since you only need to follow one simple rule. Experts and manufacturers recommend that you pick a bag that weighs roughly half of your body weight. If you are experienced and have powerful strikes that could cause smaller bags to wobble too much, then you can go with a heavier bag.

You should also consider the filling of the bag and, while most bags will come pre-filled, you can still change the material if you don’t like the feeling it gives. Sand is perfect for people who want maximum weight, but you need to be careful and not expose the bag to humidity since sand becomes very hard if wet.

Most bags are filled with textile materials, which is a great choice for beginners since it reduces strain on the shoulders, elbows, and wrist. It is a soft, conforming, and light material. Another great option for beginners or people who want to protect their joints is getting a water bag.

Not every punching bag can be filled with water so you will need to get a product that features a special bladder that can prevent leakage.

Outer shell

Most options on the market use either leather, canvas, or a composite material such as nevatear for the outer shell of the bag. It is important to focus on the quality of the material used since the shell is the one part of the punching bag that will get the most abuse.

Natural leather is the most durable option that will last you more than any of the other materials listed, but it is very expensive. If you are on a budget, then canvas, nevatear, and synthetic leather options are good as well. Try to avoid cheap vinyl bags since these will break easily.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What kind of punching bag should I get?

It all depends on what your goal is. If you want to train for boxing, MMA, karate, Muay Thai, and other similar sports, then a heavy bag is a good choice. Try to get a bag that weighs roughly half your size if you are a beginner and you can get a larger one if your strikes are powerful since this way the bag won’t wobble.

If you want to use the punching bag right away and you don’t like the idea of drilling a hole in your ceiling or purchasing an additional stand, then you can also consider getting a free-standing punching bag.

This alternative doesn’t require a fixed mounting system and it is instead mounted on a heavy base. It is much more portable, which makes it ideal for homes or gyms where ceiling or wall installation is not possible. Thus, in the end, it is only up to you to decide which one to get.

Q: What are Everlast punching bags filled with?

Most of the Everlast punching bags available on the market are filled with one of the following four materials: textile, sand, water, or air. The most popular option is the textile filling since it is perfect for beginners as the materials are soft, lightweight, and conforming.

The next filling that you are likely to encounter is sand or a mixture of textiles and sand. For more experienced users, the sand will provide more weight to the bag so that it wobbles less. You will need to have a quality pair of gloves since sand isn’t as conforming and a wrong strike may lead to injuries.

There are also bags that are specially designed to hold water and they have the advantage of being softer to the touch than a textile filling. Lastly, for speed bags or people who need a lighter option, punching bags can also be filled with air.


Q: How long does a punching bag last?

It’s hard to say since it all depends on the quality of the product you’ve bought, but as long as you are using punching bags from reputable brands such as Everlast, then you can expect them to last you at least for some years.

Make sure you get the right bag for your need since if you are a heavy striker but you purchase an amateur bag that’s designed for light strikes, the product will undoubtedly get damaged faster. Similarly, make sure that you get a model that has the exterior shell made of durable materials such as leather, canvas, or composite materials such as nevatear.

If your bag is filled with sand, then it is normal for it to get compacted with time and for the sand to get rock hard at the bottom. When this happens, it doesn’t mean that the bag can’t be used anymore; you simply need to take it down and hit the bottom until the sand softens.




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