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10 Best Donjoy Knee Braces Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Best Donjoy Knee Brace Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Because we are all looking for quality, but seldom have the time to go into details, we’ve created this article for you, in which we’ve compared some of the best Donjoy knee braces of the moment to see which one offers adequate support and comfort while being affordable. The DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Support Brace is one that rises to the top. This product has the role of absorbing the shock, which makes the pain stay away from your knees. It looks like it’s pretty comfortable wearing this item, an important fact that you shouldn’t ignore. As the product is stabilized on all parts, it’s going to stay on your leg with ease. The DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Brace Adjustable is a good replacement if the first product we mentioned is not available since it shares many of the features that you are probably looking for in such an item.




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10 Best Donjoy Knee Braces (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Checking out knee braces can be a bit time-consuming for the simple fact that there are so many options you can choose from. While it’s great to have many braces so you can have your pick, this also makes it difficult to find the exact model that fits your exact needs. Check out our guide so we’ll discover them together!



1. DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Support Brace


The item has a web-like design that comes with plenty of benefits which make this product one that you’ll surely be interested in. This design is meant to absorb as much as possible from any shock your knee may feel and disperse the energy, meaning your risk of being in pain while wearing it is quite low.

Another advantage that comes with the webbing is the fact that it helps stabilize all sides of the kneecap, which means that, indeed, the level of pain that one may feel with this knee brace is low or completely non-existent. This is good news since that is one of the main goals of such a product.

We must also mention the fact that the framework and the mesh backing make this knee brace very comfortable to wear, even more so as it’s made from a breathable material that is not going to cause you any discomfort.



The web-like design of the item means that shocks are going to be absorbed much easier and spread them away from the knee area; as a result, since the pain will shift away, you are not going to feel it anymore.

The webbing also has other important roles: the framework and the mesh backing, together, make the item very easy and comfortable to wear, while also having the advantage of being made out of breathable material.

This also leads to all sides of the kneecap being supported properly by the product.

This knee brace is universal, meaning you can wear it on either your right or your left leg. Make sure you measure everything correctly so that it fits – measure 6 inches below and above the knee so you’ll make the measurements down.



The velcro bands can bunch up thus making the product susceptible to sliding down the leg.

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2. DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Brace Adjustable


If you are looking for good stability of the knee, then you don’t really need to look further than this item that comes with bilateral polycentric hinges and hyperextension stops. If that sounds too fancy and you’re not sure what it means, don’t worry, it’s just one way of saying it’s made so you won’t feel the pain anytime soon when wearing it.

You will find a stretch webbing closure not only on the top, but also on the bottom, which is a great thing as it will help fix the item better on your knee.

Another feature that comes to your help is the actual design of the knee brace which was done in such a way that you should be able to wrap it around the knee without putting in any effort, while the result is the level of comfort that you wish for in such an item.



As mentioned above, the item has bilateral polycentric hinges and hyperextension stops which are meant to keep the risk of the pain appearing as far away from you as possible.

The design and the stretch webbing closure (on top and on the bottom) make putting on the knee brace much simpler, without having to put in the effort or feel uncomfortable while you do this.

This also makes the brace stay better fixed on the knee so it’s not going to slip down.

This product is universal, which means that you can easily wear it on your left leg or on the right one, as it’s created to fit both of them with ease. Do the measurements at 6 inches above and below the knee to make sure you will order the right size for you.



Not taking the correct measurements is bound to result in you having to exchange the product as it will be too slim or too tight for you.

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3. DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite Knee Support Brace


This product can be used whenever you are about to do any sort of physical activity as it will offer the thing that you need the most: support for the kneecaps for when you are exercising or, in some cases, even walking. This support is highly valuable and important, which is why a product that promises it can do that is worthy of your attention.

Another aspect of what makes this item such an important one when we talk about support and stability is the fact that it includes removable plastic hinges which are there exactly for the role we just mentioned: to give you support and stability.

It is also worth mentioning that this product is made out of a special material that has certain benefits, like the fact that it is hypoallergenic and that it lets your skin breathe without creating you any discomfort. Furthermore, the product is lightweight which is another important aspect to take into consideration.



One of the main advantages of this product is the fact that you can use it on your kneecap when you want to exercise or even take a walk, thanks to the fact that it comes with removable plastic hinges.

The hinges will give you more support than the usual braces, plus a lot more stability when you are out there.

The material of this item is created so that it will let your skin breathe, so you won’t sweat (which would make you feel uncomfortable).

It’s hypoallergenic so that’s one less worry for you. The material is also anti-microbial, so no worries about germs either.

This item can be used for mild and moderate patellar discolorations. The product was created by having a low-profile in mind so people aren’t going to easily notice it.



The velcro used for it is not very resistant so it can unstick sometimes.

It’s not always easy to get the exact size you need, even if you take measurements.

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4. DonJoy Performance Bionic Fullstop ACL Knee Brace


A good knee brace can be used for several activities, not just one, as that can be really limiting, as you can imagine! This model is one that can be used for a variety of sports, such as soccer and football, but also for basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and winter sports such as snowboarding or even skiing.

The producers mention that this device can help not only protect, but help you manage anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus injuries, among others, of which we can mention instability of the joints, easy to moderate sprains of ligaments and tendons, plus hyperextension.

One of the things that help users a lot when it comes to this device is the fact that it uses hinge technology and a four-point leverage system that keeps you from exposing your body to dangerous positions so you can be considered risk-free, at all times, when doing any of the above-mentioned sports.



The device is not going to let you get into positions that could damage your health thanks to a four-point leverage system and hinge technology.

You are not going to risk overheating either, thanks to the use of compression and thermal heat regulation in the knee brace.

The straps used for this model are adjustable, which lets you personalize and customize the product after your needs.

The versatility of this knee brace is quite something as thanks to it you can play many sports, from soccer, football, and volleyball to basketball and even practice winter sports, like skiing and snowmobiling.



While this is not the case for all orders, it seems that sometimes, the product can be delivered without the much-needed hinges, so you should check the package as soon as it arrives.

The brace material can be quite thin, which means people with sensitive skin could develop a rash from wearing it, unfortunately.

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5. DonJoy Legend SE-4 Knee Support Brace


If you are suffering from one of the following, this product may be just the one for you: anterior cruciate ligament, combined instability, posterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, or lateral collateral ligament, all in moderate or even severe form! The fact that it covers severe forms as well gives it an edge over other products!

The design is simple and subdued, so you don’t have to worry about people seeing you are wearing a knee brace in case you don’t want them to know. This is really cool for people who have a hard time coming to terms with having the need to wear one, so, until you learn there’s nothing wrong in learning that, you have the option of making it less visible.

This model is created using aluminum that’s usually used in aircraft construction, on which Kraton is applied, which will stop the device from chipping, corroding or rusting.



The material used for this product is highly-resistant as it’s aluminum used for building aircraft, to which Kraton is applied, a substance meant to avoid corroding, rusting or chipping.

You can use the knee brace for many sports activities and because it keeps a low profile, many people won’t even notice you have one on. Both men and women can use it, since it’s unisex.

It can be used by people who suffer from a variety of instabilities, from anterior cruciate ligament to lateral collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament, all in moderate or even severe form.

Furthermore, the product was created so that it will be able to prevent any knee subluxations, giving it a big plus compared to other similar products that don’t feature this.



The chart size used by the company seems to differ from what you’d call your regular size, so you have to pay attention to that detail, since you’ll probably need to buy a different size than you are used to.

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6. DonJoy Deluxe Hinged Knee Brace Drytex Wrap Around


You can use this item if you want a moderate level of stability and support for your knees. It can be used if you have injuries of the meniscus or sprains, but also in the case of osteoarthritis. The product is created with wraparound calves which let you put it on easily, and remove it just as easily as you’ve put it on.

The product contains hinges on the sides which means you will benefit from some additional support for your knees. The fabric used for this item is also quite special as it offers support and a good level of compression, but it also lets your skin breathe, thanks to an airflow system.

It’s also good if you suffer from allergies or irritations when in contact with other materials typically used for a knee brace or in case you live in a warm climate, which makes it a highly comfortable model.



The product can be used with success if you have suffered injuries of the meniscus or sprains, but also if you have problems with that pesky osteoarthritis.

You can put the knee brace on and take it off quite easily, owing to the fact that the product was created to have wraparound calves so you’ll be able to do those tasks with no effort.

The fabric of a knee brace is really important and, fortunately, this one uses dry tex fabric, which offers support for your knee and it lets the skin breathe.

It also prevents irritations and allergies that may be common with other materials or in warm climates.

As it lets you open it behind the knee, you won’t suffer from friction burns.



For the velcro to stick to the hinges, the manufacturer used glue, which in some cases led to them not doing their job properly, e.g., slipping, sliding off, etc.

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7. DonJoy Performance Webtech Short Knee Brace


The silicone web used that surrounds the knee has the role of making sure the area is stabilized at all times, meaning you will be able to enjoy proper tracking. The design was created in such a way that it’s able to deal with multiple types of pain, but letting you move without having to feel any discomfort.

This comfort, plus the fact that it’s a device that lets your skin breathe is due to the fact that the item uses a compression molded back pad. This way, any user can enjoy their sports activities without any pain. Among the activities this item is recommended for we can name: soccer, lacrosse, water sports, running, cycling, walking, and so on.

The undersleeve was created so that you won’t have problems with the product slipping away on your leg. Furthermore, the item has a certain level of reflectivity, which lets you see it even when the lighting conditions are a bit weak.



You can use this knee brace for a series of physical activities that range from walking and running to playing soccer, lacrosse, going for a bicycle ride, even being able to do water sports.

This is possible thanks to the fact that the design was created so it will deal with various types of pain.

The product is reflective, which adds a nice little bonus to it, that many knee braces don’t have. This means you will be able to take it off and put it on without having to struggle for some light so you can catch the right parts of it.

Your skin being able to breathe is very important when it comes to knee braces since you are going to wear it for a long period of time, or while sweating, so this product doesn’t come in between your skin and air.



The hook and loop system used for the bands is not exactly high-quality and it may lose its stickiness in time.

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8. DonJoy Performance WEBTECH Knee Support Brace


This knee brace not only has a cool design, but the web technology used here will absorb the shocks as you exercise, plus it will move the stress that would have been felt by the knees away from them. All this is done with the help of silicone, which comes with other benefits as it lasts longer and it’s not affected by hot weather.

The web-designed braces come with Dual-Axis hinges that, together, help the fitting process, plus the articulation, thus you will feel much more comfortable when wearing these braces. Comfort also comes from the fact that the item has a compressed molded back pad with a mesh – this is also great for letting your skin breathe better.

You will be able to handle it at every moment of the day or night, as the product is reflective, meaning even in low light you can see it and change it, take it off, put it on, etc., without much effort.



Many knee braces can have a pretty average or robotic design (not in a very good way), but this model is created so it will look better in case it’s exposed and people will see it. The cool factor can go a long way.

Comfort is highly important for such a device, and this one doesn’t disappoint, thanks to the compressed molded back pad and the fact that it uses silicone, and not plastic.

The compressed molded back pad is also the one responsible for the fact that your skin will be able to breathe properly and you won’t sweat as much while wearing it.

The fact that the product is reflective is a big plus, as, even in dim light, you’ll be able to handle it properly.



The velcro used for this model can sometimes fail to hold properly while exercising or doing various sports, including baseball and soccer.

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9. DonJoy Performer Patella Knee Support Brace


While some people may need such a device only for one leg, others would need it more for both legs, so they can switch it up when needed – this is why this item is one that will surely be of interest for you if you are in the second category, as it lets you change it from the left to the right foot with no problems regarding the size or anything of the sort.

The design is streamlined so that your knee is going to feel the support and compression needed for you not to feel any kind of pain. Not only that, but the item also has a sewn-in tubular knee buttress for extra comfort.

You can use this knee brace if you’ve suffered easy or moderate forms of strains, sprains, joint pain, patellar instabilities, or Osgood-Schlatter disease. This makes it the go-to model for many people suffering from these ailments.



It’s recommended that you use the item if you are suffering from any of the following ailments: the Osgood-Schlatter disease, patellar instability, or easy to moderate forms of sprains, strains, or joint pains.

The item is made from neoprene, which is going to keep the area warm and comfortable at all times, so you are not going to have your knee go through any other bad experiences.

You can easily use the item for either of your legs, as it’s adaptable, meaning it can be used just as good on the left one, as it is on the right one – you won’t be stuck with a model for only one leg, in case the other one needs some attention, as well.



The seams are subpar in some cases, which can lead to the product starting to fall apart after that. This will also lead to the item falling down your leg if that happens, as it won’t be placed tightly around the knee.

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10. DonJoy Performance Trizone Knee Compression Support


In this case, we don’t even have to mention how cool the design is – you can clearly see it by yourself, so let’s move on to other features, such as the fact that the product has three zones of compression that are cleverly placed in areas around the knee so that you won’t feel any pain, but only comfort.

For better support and bracing, the manufacturers have injected silicone banding straight into the sleeve. The product also includes bamboo that was naturally carbonized which helps with the thermoregulation, but also with the antibacterial aspect, which will also lead to the removal of any unpleasant odors.

Not only does this product have a reflective quality to it, so you can use it even in dim lights, but it also comes with a stash pocket in which you can place your keys or your cards, so you won’t have to worry about them if the locker room is a bit shady-looking.



A cool design can have a powerful impact and can make the difference between being pitied to people thinking you are cool. This is a product that will make you look cool!

Locker rooms are not always in the best conditions, making leaving your things there a bit risky – no more with this knee brace that has a stash pocket in which you can place things like your keys.

The item was created with naturally carbonized bamboo included in its composition, which has two benefits: it helps the regulation of the temperature, and it is also antibacterial, so there won’t be any unpleasant smells coming from it after you’ve used it.

Because the surface is reflective, you can change into or out of it quickly.



The sizing can be off at times when placing an order, so you need to check the package as soon as you get it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Knees are hit the hardest by every movement or exercise we do with our full or lower bodies. We use them to walk, to exercise, but, on top of that, we also use them to support our body weight when we are doing that – or, just when we are standing up.

Yes, we don’t think about this, but knees do a lot of work, which is why it’s so hard to recover when they’re hurting, so getting the best Donjoy knee brace you can find isn’t such a bad idea after all.

First things to consider

When you decide to look for a knee support brace, the first thing you will notice is the huge variety regarding the designs, textures, or features that can be part of such a product – who knew? This is because different types of braces are going to help you with a different type of injury, meaning you can’t use all for various injuries.

Some of these knee sleeves are meant to give you warmth and keep the hurt area compressed, while others are on the rigid side so that a weak joint is held into place. You can even find an affordable Donjoy knee brace that has a targeted pressure point so a certain tendon will be kept safe and comfortable when you walk or exercise.


Pick only one knee brace

While this sounds like a lot of hard work (and it can be), it also means you can find the model that is perfectly made exactly for what you are looking for. A custom Donjoy brace is what you need, which is why you should find out what features exactly it must have that you are going to need for your injury.

So what are the types of knee braces and from which company should you buy them? As far as companies go, Donjoy is probably the one you should rely on. Check one of these on YouTube or some Donjoy reaction knee brace reviews anywhere and you can see the general attitude people have regarding this brand.

As a result of the fact that it’s such a popular brand, you can find specific Donjoy knee brace instructions on how to use them or a Donjoy knee brace size chart so you can be sure you buy the size that fits you the best. The Donjoy knee brace sizing is highly important, so don’t skip over this step.

You can find knee sleeves which are usually cheap Donjoy knee braces (but very good), wraparounds (some of the best options), hinged knee braces (try a Donjoy hinged knee brace if you want quality, as any Donjoy knee braces review is going to tell you), knee straps or closed and open patella braces.

Don’t think that a cheap Donjoy knee brace is not a good one, just because it falls into the affordable Donjoy knee braces category, as many reviews will convince you. If you can, try not to think of the price, but focus on what you need the most, what type of knee braces is going to help you the most.

Putting them on and taking them off is also really important, as you don’t want to put any strain on your knees when you are doing so. Google how to put on a Donjoy knee brace and you can get an idea there on how things should work out so that you will feel the most comfortable at all times, even when changing the knee braces.



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: Should I wear a knee brace all day?

This is a natural question you are going to ask yourself when it comes to buying such a device. Without being informed you can convince yourself that either wearing it non-stop or just a couple of hours a day are both viable options – so which one is it? Well, in short, both answers are correct, in fact.

You see, a knee brace is being worn if you have any pains from an injury and you want to avoid feeling that sting ever again (or anytime soon, at least). But, depending on how bad you are injured and how comfortable you feel wearing one, you can sport a knee brace even for several days at a time without getting out of it.

If you don’t feel much pain or don’t feel comfortable with a knee brace on, you can just wear it when you work out. It’s basically up to you!

Q: How tight should a knee brace be?

When thinking about how tight should a knee brace be, you may tend to believe that the tighter, the better. Well, that is not quite true. Your knee brace should be snug, but not at all too tightly put on your knee. You should have the possibility of inserting one or two fingers in the space that is between the leg and the brace.

If you can’t put any fingers there or just barely one, it means that the brace is put on too tightly and you should loosen it up a bit. If you fasten the lower strap beforehand, this will help steady the brace, which is going to be of great help to you when you are trying to have a better fit.

If the knee brace is too tight, it can cut off circulation, which is going to lead to other problems, and you have already enough on your plate.


Q: Is a knee brace good for arthritis?

So, if you’ve read the article so far, you’ve noticed that you can use knee braces for a variety of injuries and ailments, but can you also use them for the dreadful arthritis? Why, yes, of course! An arthritis knee brace is actually ideal for people with this disease to wear for many reasons, as you can probably imagine by now.

Such a product is good for people who suffer from arthritis because it’s an excellent way of getting rid of the pain that comes with this medical affection. If you have osteoarthritis, you can also rely on a knee brace to help you through the pain, you only need to pay attention to how tightly you put it on your leg.

You will be able to feel more mobile and ready for some activity with knee braces, as it will cut the usual stiffness you feel in the joints.




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