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10 Best Boxing Hand Wraps Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Best Boxing Hand Wrap Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you’re searching for the best boxing hand wraps on the market today, you will find all the necessary information right here. We looked through various products available right now and compared them based on the quality and protection they offer. After carefully analyzing numerous boxing hand wraps reviews, our team discovered that you should put the Everlast Professional Hand Wraps on top of your list of possible purchases. This brand has a history of offering quality and customer satisfaction, and in the case of this particular hand wrap for boxing, it has even added an anti-bacterial treatment that prevents odors and bacteria while keeping the wrap’s fresh smell for a longer period of time. They can also be used as wrist straps, which is another reason why we consider them to be so great overall. In case these are unavailable, we also suggest the Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps, which are also an excellent choice for enthusiasts and amateurs alike.



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10 Best Boxing Hand Wraps (Updated Reviews) in 2022



While looking through the listings for boxing hand wraps, we’ve searched for the ones that had an above-average rating and generally good reviews. From that list, we’ve narrowed it down to the ones that satisfied most of their user base. Without further ado, here are the most terrific choices for qualitative boxing hand wraps.



1. Everlast Professional Hand Wraps


This product ranges from 108 to 180 inches of machine washable nylon/polyester material that provides breathability and comfortable protection during your training. It features Everlast’s patented Everfresh treatment, which provides anti-microbial properties, fights odors, bacterial growth, and keeps your hand wraps smelling fresh.

The incorporated thumb strap ensures extra security and ease of use with a hook or loop closure to provide the perfect fit. The hand wraps also feature a velcro strap at the end to assure extra ease when putting them on or taking them off.

Coming in 11 different colors, you’re guaranteed to find a pair that not only suits your sporting needs but your aesthetic preference as well.

To top it all off, they can also be used as wrist wraps. By providing the right amount of softness and stretch, combined with powerful resistance to tear, these affordable boxing hand wraps are a choice worth considering both for professional boxers and those that like to spar from time to time.



Probably the most appreciated characteristic of this product is its patented Everfresh technology, which provides great protection against bacteria and odors while keeping your hand wraps smelling fresh for longer periods of time.

The thumb strap provides extra security and ease of use.

The combination of 55% nylon and 45% polyester provides breathable comfort as well as protection to anyone who wants to take their boxing to a new level.

They can also be used as wrist straps exclusively if you want to focus the entire protection on your wrists. This makes them a versatile product for people who enjoy both boxing and weightlifting alike.

Everlast is a well-respected brand that takes care of its customers in the rare cases that their products don’t meet their expectations.



The velcro part can tear apart the material surrounding it if not closed properly.

The stretchy material might not be ideal if you have sensitive wrists.

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2. Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps


These hand wraps for boxing measure 180 inches in length, which allows its wearers to cover their entire wrists, hands, and knuckles for optimal support and protection without adding too much bulk inside their boxing gloves.

They’re optimized for a secure fit due to their elastic material that features a hook-and-loop strap closure with a special “This Side Down” marking, which ensures that you will no longer fiddle trying to figure out which way you should put them on your hands.

They are made with versatility in mind, and as such are optimized for a variety of fast-paced contact sports ranging from boxing to kickboxing, Muay Thai, aerobic boxing, martial arts and more.

The elastic material that they’re made from is machine washable, which offers easy cleaning and care without the risk of wrinkling or damaging the hand wraps. The wide velcro section with improved fastening guarantees that they will fit hands of all types, be it bigger, masculine hands, feminine hands or children’s hands.



Probably the most versatile hand wraps on this list since they’ve been made to withstand the fast-paced action of many contact sports where agility and defense have to go hand-in-hand.

The wide velcro makes them capable of fitting and securing hands of any size and type, both for adult men and women and for children as well.

The special marking on them guarantees no fuss when putting them on, as you will never get confused about which side goes up and which goes down, allowing for faster prepping.

Since the material is machine-washable, you can enjoy doing other things after sparring instead of washing them yourself. The resistant material guarantees no wrinkling when using a normal washing machine and quality detergent.



Very few users have reported that the material becomes too stretchy over time, leaving little room for protection once they’ve been used for too long.

In some cases, the brand label may come off too easily.

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3. Meister Adult 180″ Hand Wraps


The high-quality cotton and spandex material that this type of boxing hand wrap is made of provides a strong thumb loop that secures your hand throughout intense workouts. The price-to-quality ratio is extremely good considering that this is a 3-pack.

With three pairs of hand wraps, you’ll be able to get back into action quickly while one of the pairs is still drying off after washing.

The other main advantage is that the material’s elasticity can make the wraps stretch without sacrificing protection and, just as important, without restricting blood flow. One user even reported that they have been using these wraps for two years straight and they still hold up just as well. That’s pretty impressive for the price.

One small downside is that the colors tend to run unless you first soak them in vinegar before their first wash. Although the instructions that come with them warn you about this, it’s a detail worth mentioning here, as a few users reported the wraps’ colors running into their clothes when washing them together.



High value for money, especially considering that this is a 3-pack, meaning you get three pairs of boxing hand wraps instead of just one, unlike most other offers.

Elastic material made from cotton and spandex which assures enough stretching in order to fight comfortably without sacrificing protection or reducing blood flow.

Generally long-lasting, as most users reported using them for months on end and one reporting that they’ve used these wraps for two years straight without any noticeable reduction in quality.

Their length is enough to cover a fully grown adult hand, and since you’re not limited by the velcro, you can wrap them however you see fit, as long as you know how to do it.



Unless soaked in vinegar beforehand, the colors tend to run and stick to other clothes, so be cautious if you’re washing things in bulk.

No velcro, so you’ll have to wrap them in place manually.

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4. Sanabul Elastic Hand Wraps


Sanabul’s Boxing Hand Wraps offer great support for your wrists and knuckles underneath the boxing glove without restricting blood flow or sacrificing comfort. They even have some impressive figures to vouch for them: Mike Lee and Michael Bisping – NABO Champion and UFC Champion respectively.

With such people testing and giving their word about the quality of a product in their field, you definitely can’t go wrong. The fact that these hand wraps are also inexpensive makes the deal even sweeter. These have a thumb loop and a resistant velcro to the mix – a factor that makes them hard to go unnoticed.

The material tends to absorb sweat a little too much and will likely start to smell after a single day of exercise; however, it is also fast drying so you won’t have any problems regarding hygiene, as you can wash them at the end of the day, and by the next time you need them again, they will have already dried.



These are vouched for by NABO Champion Mike Lee and UFC Champion Michael Bisping, who are both obviously highly professional at sparring and who most probably train more than your average Joe.

The material is fast drying, which means you can wash them once you’re done training and by the next day, they will be ready for use again.

The thumb loop and resistant velcro means that you won’t encounter the problem of them slipping away from your hand, no matter how hard you train or how much you sweat.

Offers good protection both to your wrists and knuckles, which means you won’t have to invest in separate wrist wraps.



The material tends to absorb more sweat than others, meaning you’ll have to wash them regularly after just one day of use.

Very few users reported holes in the material after only a couple of training sessions. While not many have experienced this, it’s still good to keep in mind so you will have a higher chance of noticing the defects before the return policy expires.

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5. Everlast Hand Wraps


One of this brand’s cheapest offerings, these Mexican style hand wraps can easily be found at more than reasonable prices. Made from machine-washable 100% durable cotton weave, these hand wraps feature convenient thumb loops with velcro closures for easy securing and wrapping.

The cotton weave also offers high breathability, which means your hands won’t get soaked in sweat that easily and thus the wraps themselves won’t be prone to smelling as much as other boxing hand wraps currently found on the market.

For the price, these are a very good purchase for amateurs and people who are just getting into boxing, as they provide good protection for lightweight training and boxing. They’re also good for kids, as the velcro is long enough to fit even smaller hands, so your child won’t have to struggle to learn to manually tie them up.



Extremely good value-for-money, as they can easily be found at extremely low prices.

The highly breathable material makes your hands sweat less and subsequently makes the boxing hand wraps require less washing than usual.

They can be used with any typical washing machine without requiring a special washing bag. The colors don’t run and stick to other clothes, which is always a plus.

A great choice for beginners, amateurs and children alike, as the price is accessible to virtually anyone.

In case of tearing or other malfunctions, you won’t feel as if you’ve lost money. And you won’t need to worry about tears or other malfunctions as long as you use them for lightweight training and close the velcro properly.



The velcro tends to get flimsy after a few washes.

The nylon embedded on top of the cotton weave can easily be snagged by the velcro and can at times even be torn apart by it.

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6. Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps


These boxing hand wraps’ slightly elastic cotton blend material offers great comfort and support with less stiffness while still keeping metacarpals safe. They have a thumb loop for safety and convenient hook and loop closure which ensures that you will be able to get them on and off in mere seconds.

The price is usually below average, and if you choose to buy the 5 or 10 pairs packs, you can get an even greater value for the money. At 2 inches wide and 180 inches long, these are guaranteed to easily fit any adult’s hands. The added “This side down” marking further reduces the hassle of putting them on, as you can now easily recognize which side goes where.

Users have also reported that the hand wraps’ color remains vibrant even after many washes, so if you’re the type of person who cares about aesthetics, this is a huge plus.



Vibrant color that sticks out even after many washes, making it a good choice for people who also value the way boxing hand wraps look, and not just the protection level.

Most users have reported that the velcro is very strong, especially when compared to other boxing hand wraps on the market today, which is a huge plus for those who don’t want to struggle with manually making a notch or closure every time they want to train.

You benefit from an even lower price if you order the 5 or 10 pair packs.

The “This Side Down” marking practically guarantees that you won’t spend nearly as much time figuring out how to wrap them.



A few users have reported that the stitching on the thumb loop came off after the first time using them, which meant that they had to go through the hassle of returning them for a new pair.

Some people might consider the fabric to be too thin for their preference, especially those who take professional training seriously.

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7. Hayabusa 4.0 Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps


The soft cotton-nylon blend found in these boxing hand wraps provides more air-flow and is more flexible than traditional 100% cotton wraps.

They’re made in such a way that they help align the hand and wrist while at the same time offer great protection to small joints and bones. They can be used “as is” if you’re planning on doing some speed bag work or with boxing gloves if you plan on hitting the heavy bag, target mitts or sparring.

Featuring an extra-wide hook and loop closing system with thumb loops, these hand wraps guarantee an excellent and customizable fit for anyone who wears them during their training and sparring sessions.

The added “This side up” label offers greater ease of putting them on, as you’ll no longer waste precious time figuring which side is which. On top of that, these hand wraps have been specially crafted to fit a variety of contact sports, including MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Krav Maga.



These Mexican-style boxing hand wraps are projected in such a way that they effortlessly align the hands with the wrists while ensuring good protection for your joints and small bones.

Extra-wide hook and loop closing system with thumb loops ensures that you will always get the exact fit you want, regardless of your hand size.

Perfect both for a speedy yet lightweight workout, as well as intense, hard-hitting punches due to the fact that they have been conceived with numerous contact sports in mind.

If it wasn’t easy enough putting them on already, these also come with a sticker that shows which side is up, so you’ll no longer get confused and waste precious prep time.



The stitching around the velcro is prone to coming off after long periods of use.

Depending on the detergent used, the dye can wash away and stick to other clothes in your washing machine, so we recommend using a washing bag.

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8. Venum Boxing Hand Wraps


Coming in two sizes (2.5 meters and 4 meters), these elasticated boxing hand wraps are made from elastic cotton that assures you a good fit and decent protection. They have thumb straps with a hook-and-loop closure system designed for comfort and easy wrapping.

The velcro and thumb straps are sewed better than many other boxing hand wraps, so you won’t have to worry about tears in those areas too soon. Many users who have purchased these wraps have reported that the material is flexible and durable enough to punch a heavy bag without the need to wear boxing gloves.

Easy to wash, these are one of the very few wraps at this price point that have no reports regarding colors running into the other clothes inside the washing machine. Even the logo print still looks good after many washes, according to the majority of users who have reported about the quality of the looks.



In the vast majority of reported cases, the velcro and thumb straps were sewed way better than on other boxing hand wraps in the same price range.

Flexible and durable enough to punch a heavy bag even without boxing gloves.

Easy to wash, with no reports of colors running and sticking to other clothes inside the washing machines, which is fantastic at this price point.

It comes in two sizes, which makes it extremely easy, almost instinctive, to choose the right size for you: either the 2.5 meter, which is perfect for women with smaller hands and children and the 4-meter variant which goes well with gritty, manly hands.



One user reported that either the Venum logo patch or the velcro were sewn on the wrong side, making it harder for them to wrap them up easily.

Another one reported that one of their straps was missing the velcro altogether.

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9. RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves


One of the more expensive pairs of boxing hand wraps on this list features special shock-absorbent padding that provides premium impact protection even for those who practice contact sports professionally. The special padding also guarantees that the entire level of force will be distributed equally each and every single hit.

Furthermore, these inner glove-style boxing hand wraps feature woven carbon fiber fabric that offers better split, tear and crack resistance than most other hand wraps on the market today. This also means that the overall construction feels sturdy and durable without feeling too stiff.

The incorporated matchless thermal regulation technology greatly decreases the chances of your hand sweating from all the heat caused by effort. That also means less smell than you would get in cheaper hand wraps.

The product also offers a great amount of wrist-to-hand-joints protection with its Hook-And-Loop closure and thumb hole for added security. The wrap is easy to put on, as you only have to slide your hand in.



The Shock-Absorbent padding makes the product one of the most comfortable and tear-proof on the market today, making these inner-glove style hand wraps very comfortable to wear and use even for the most intensive workouts.

Special woven carbon fiber fabric ensures a higher level of protection against cracks, tears, and splits.

Reduced sweat, heat, and odor offered by RDX’s thermal regulation technology. This also has the secondary effect of making them easier to wash with no paint dripping away on other clothes found within the same washing machine.

Many users who had problems with their gloves have reported that they received top-notch customer service, with replacement gloves arriving promptly and issues being resolved in a professional and friendly manner.



Some users report that the finger holes are far too tight to fight comfortably.

A few people received the wrong size of their inner hand gloves.

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10. Liberlupus Boxing Hand Wraps for Men & Women


The Liberlupus Boxing Hand Wraps features an elastic, soft and breathable cotton material with a thumb loop and a hook-and-loop closure. These boxing hand wraps are targeted at professionals and beginners alike who need quality equipment for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.

The company also hands out a 30-day refund guarantee, lifetime customer support and the option to unconditionally return the product if the length of the hand wraps exceeds the standard tolerance level. Users who have reviewed the gloves have confirmed that the company indeed respects these promises.

Many users have praised the product’s comfort levels and balance between durability and stretchiness. One user even claimed that they feel comfortable even when resting and typing out messages on your smartphone. One of the only complaints that appeared several times was the fact that there is no label that shows the direction in which you should wrap your hand.



A good choice for professionals and beginners alike who like to practice a variety of contact sports, including and not limited to Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thay, and MMA. Their versatility also means that they tend to be more resistant than average boxing hand wraps.

The company offers a 30-day refund guarantee, lifetime customer support and the outstanding option of unconditionally returning the product if the length does not satisfy your needs.

The thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure make it easy for anyone to wrap these around their hands without sacrificing defensive capabilities.

The durable semi-elastic cotton offers breathability round after round, with less sweat going into the material and, as a result, making it very easy to wash these after every intense training session.



There is no label that indicates the direction in which you should wrap your hands.

A few users claimed that they’re not exactly ideal for punching heavier bags.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When searching for the best hand wraps for boxing, you might stumble upon a few obstacles that prevent you from making a final decision. Perhaps you prefer either thinner or thicker hand wraps, or maybe you like to put breathability above protection, or maybe you simply never tried to box up until this point and simply decided to watch or read a boxing hand wraps review.

Whatever the case may be, the market offers a wide variety of products that fit your needs and budget, so it won’t be that hard searching for the best boxing hand wrap that suits your needs. With this buying guide and minimal effort put into research, you’ll be ready to start training safely.

Prep time

If you’re the type of person who can’t wait to get into the ring, you might want to check out hand wraps that have special “This Side Up/Down” marking on them, so you instantly know which direction you should wrap them. Hand wraps that also feature a well-made velcro strap further reduce the prepping time, as you will no longer need to waste time making “knots”.


Resistance and safety

What level do you consider yourself to be when it comes to boxing and other contact sports? Because if you only do very light training from time to time, there’s no need to throw too much money into hand wraps, but if you’re the type who practices daily, at a fast pace against very heavy boxing bags, then you will need to look for hand wraps that are known to be durable.


Breathability and cleanliness

If you’re serious about boxing, you don’t want your hands sweating like crazy during training. Nylon and cotton tend to be the most breathable out of all the materials used to make hand wraps, but they’ll usually need to be paired with a material that also offers protection, such as polyester.

Depending on the percentage of nylon/cotton vs polyester (or any other stuffer material), you’ll get an idea of the balance between breathability and resistance. However, in some cases, the hand wraps can go through special treatment in order to make them more breathable without sacrificing durability and resistance. So take this into consideration when reading reviews.

Longer or shorter?

Depending on the size of your hand, the length of the hand wrap can also be a deal-breaker. While a 180-inch wrap is usually enough to fit an adult man’s entire hand, depending on how you use it, it might not be enough to also protect your wrists, in which case you will need separate wrist protection. Make sure to learn how to wrap properly to avoid these situations.


Bottom line

There are no hand wraps that will satisfy 100% of those who buy them. When reading online reviews, it’s important to note exactly why a certain wrap didn’t satisfy one of the customers. Because for other people, some aspects might be more important than others, and your preferences might even be the exact opposite of theirs.

We hope this guide was useful and that at least a few of the products listed here meet your criteria for choosing the right boxing hand wraps for your needs. Keep in mind that what you’ve seen so far are some of the highest-rated products, so whatever the case may be, we’re certain you should give any one of these a try.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are boxing hand wraps used for?

Boxing hand wraps are used to protect your hands and all the small bones found inside them when practicing boxing, Muay Thay and many other contact sports. For the best results, wrap your hands with boxing hand wraps and then place boxing gloves on top, as this will give you a lot more protection than simply using wraps alone.

No matter how tough or well-trained you consider yourself to be, you will expose yourself to a high chance of injury if you don’t wear boxing hand wraps. The wrists and knuckles are the most injury-prone parts of your hand when engaging heavy bags or even when punching softer surfaces. Yes, you might be strong, but your bones aren’t. And we can’t stress this enough.

Another way your hands could receive damage is by blocking your opponent’s punches. Always make sure to choose the right size and tie your wraps properly in order to protect all 27 small bones found in your hand. Otherwise, you might need a visit to the emergency room and your “career” might be over way sooner than you’d think.

Q: How do you wrap your hands?

There are several ways to wrap your hands and some of these ways also depend on how the boxing hand wraps are made. The most common and practical way of wrapping your hands is as follows: make a loop around your thumb and then go down the back of your hand so that the wrap tightens whenever you make a fist.

Wrap three times around the wrist in order to ensure its maximum protection, as it is the most vulnerable when throwing hard and fast strikes against heavy objects and opponents. Afterward, wrap three times around your hand, making sure to cover your entire palm. Don’t worry too much about the knuckles just yet.

Now start covering the places between your fingers by crossing the wrap in an X shape on the back of your hand. Now go once around your thumb and make sure to lock it properly.  Now simply go three times around the knuckles and then finish it all off at the wrist. Congrats, you have properly secured your hand!


Q: How often should you replace your hand wraps?

Normally, replacing your hand wraps every 4-5 months is recommended. But this can differ from one pair of hand wraps to another depending on the quality of the build and materials used. It’s best to wash them after three sessions. Let them dry out completely before you use them in the ring again.

Another good strategy involves rotating your hand wraps out with other pairs in order to prevent persistent odors and likely give more life to your collection of boxing hand wraps. Although some users on claimed that they kept a pair for two years, it will most likely not be like that unless you take good care of your products.

Higher priced hand wraps usually offer more protection and resistance to tearing and stretching than regular or low priced hand wraps. In any case, some people prefer changing their wraps as often as possible to get the best experience even if the discarded wraps are still good.




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