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10 Best Back Stretchers Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Best Back Stretcher Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you’ll find out what the best back stretchers are, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to roll up your sleeves, do the research and get cracking yourself (See what we did there?). After carefully going through some of the most popular products in this important line, our team has come to the logically-drawn conclusion that the Solidback Lower Back Pain Relief Stretcher is the one you should go for night in and night out. This product has the advantage of being able to stop your suffering and provide instant relief from your back pain so you might be able to avoid taking any drugs or undergoing surgery and, last but not least, it brings you chiropractic-like treatment without having to see an actual chiropractor. In the unfortunate event that you can’t find it anymore because it’s been instantly sold out, you can also take a look at the Magic Back Support Back Stretching Device.



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10 Best Back Stretchers (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Back injuries can be some of the most bothersome ones around so we’ve really put in the time and came up with a list of devices that will not only relieve you from your pain but will also make your life better and allow the smile to return on your face.



1. Solidback Lower Back Pain Relief Stretcher


Suffering does not only come from not receiving any back treatment at all but is also present when you get a cheap back stretcher that does not really get the job done the way it should. This product will allow you to stop hurting and be able to get back to a normal life as anyone who has suffered through a back injury knows just how debilitating it can be. 

While others may only bring a temporary relief that will be all the more annoying when it comes back, this Solidback lower back stretcher has been shown to bring relaxation to customers. It has been molded and manufactured from high-quality materials that will never leave you when you’re most in need of them and, as such, you’ll always have performance and durability.

The design aims to enable effective stretching of the back which will aid in terms of pain and also contribute to the healing process if you’re recovering from an injury.



A very good device that’s able to make an immediate contribution and improve your overall quality of life as soon as you take it out of the box.

Getting back pain relief without actually investing in medication or having to undertake potentially dangerous surgery is another great advantage that you will get from buying this product.

The design is so special that it will feel exactly the same as if you would be getting a chiropractic treatment without actually having to visit a chiropractor, all from the comfort of your own home.

The high-quality, dense foam is still soft to the touch while being solid enough to not fold at the first hint of pressure.



The pressure that this back stretcher is able to provide seems a little light compared to others so you should take note of this if you really need to feel that adjustment. 

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2. Magic Back Support Back Stretching Device


Sure, it’s important to get an affordable back stretcher but we also think it’s way more important to get one that actually works so this is why this product from Magic Back Support should be right up your alley. It will relieve your muscle pain and stress in an instant due to the ergonomically-designed self massager that only requires you to lie on it.

Furthermore, this is a convenient home treatment for back pain as well as for preventive care in case you just want to make sure your back doesn’t get worse. All in all, it’s a simple and passive way to gently stretch your muscles, eliminating the source of your tension and helping to restore the natural curve of the back.

The way it works is very simple: gravity. When you lay down on the Magic Back, gravity will make the front of your body automatically stretch out and upward, allowing you to relax in an instant.



This is a multi-level back stretching device that will make your life enjoyable again and allow you to live it without having to bear the constant fear of back pain.

The product is also adjustable so as you get more and more comfortable with it you’ll be able to increase the curve and start improving your posture even more.

While this back stretcher is quite light, it’s very durable as it’s made of premium-quality ABS, making it ideal to have as your long-time partner at home, at the office, in the car, or wherever you feel the need to use it.



You need to be careful when lying on it if your back is exceptionally sensitive as the plastic nubs seem to be hard enough to bother some people so you may wind up not receiving the healing experience because you can’t stand the sensation.

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3. Lcfun Lower and Upper Back Pain Support Device


We feel we can definitely say that this is one of those areas where people are not necessarily looking for affordable back stretchers as much as back stretchers that actually work and help relieve their pain. Due to this, you should definitely enjoy using this product from Lcfun as it is specifically designed to make stretching your back an easy and safe activity.

A lot of us have to deal with back problems these days as a result of long hours at the office so having a device that can wait for us when we get home and will simply make all the tension go away can prove to be a priceless help. Furthermore, you should also note that it can also be a preventive measure to stop problems from getting worse, all without going to the doctor.

To install it, you simply need to place it flat on any solid surface, kneel in front of it, secure the wide end of the base against your knees, then simply bend the arc and insert it into the slots you desire.



This device offers great support for issues like spinal traction, muscle relaxation, lumbar back pain, posture correction, and a plethora of other back things that may bother you.

It is also very compact and portable so you’ll be able to take it with you everywhere you go as it fits just fine in pretty much any regular-sized luggage. 

The product was made out of high-quality and durable materials so it should be with you for some time, even if you use it very often. 

Using this twice a day, five minutes for each session will be just enough to allow you to have a comfortable and relaxed posture throughout the rest of your much more enjoyable day.



While the ABS plastic promises to be tough, it’s still plastic and it looks like it might break if a person on the heavier end of the weight scale were to lay on it. 

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4. Bodyease Lower and Upper Back Pain Lumbar Stretching Device


If you google something like “the best back stretchers review” you’ll surely find a ton of products promising to deliver swift release from pain but one thing you’ll always see is how people focus on a back stretcher that actually works so that’s why we think this one from Bodyease can easily grab your attention. 

This is a convenient home back pain treatment as well as a tool that you can use for preventive care. To put it accurately, it’s a simple and passive way to gently stretch your entire back and keep your muscles nice and loosened. As a result, it can also be great for athletes who need to remain loose in between matches in order to avoid injuries. 

We think you’ll also enjoy the fact that this product comes with written instructions as well as a chair strap when you want to use it as lumbar support. 



This product boasts a unique thumb tip node on the arch and you can actually feel as if you’re getting a light massage while your back is stretching so we can bet this is an effect you’ve never seen on similar back stretchers. 

It’s also great for people who simply want to improve their posture and help their spine after being in an office chair the whole day. You’ll walk taller and prouder in no time!

Another great thing is that it’s designed for people of all ages so you really have no limits in terms of who can use it. The multi-level arch with three adjustable designs offers something for everyone.



The board seems to be quite hard to bend to the second and third slots of arching so if you’re not the most physically-gifted person on the planet you may struggle with this. 

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5. Soft Touch Back Pain Relief Posture Corrector


According to the best back stretchers reviews, the one thing that people value most when it comes to these products is the soft touch it is able to provide upon their back and getting one from a company actually called ”Soft Touch” definitely seems like a good way to start. Using this, you will experience immediate pain relief, all in the comfort of your own home.

There are many benefits associated with regularly stretching your back and among those we only want to mention the kneading of those tense muscles, acting another aid in the recovery process or even as a tool for athletes to keep themselves warm and flexible between fights, potentially avoiding other injuries. 

The instruction manual that this product comes with will also share some of the best practices to apply and these will be very useful, especially if you’re just starting out. 



The great thing about this is that it should help you immediately feel relief even after the first 10 minutes of use, allowing you to get back to a pain-free life. 

The soft yet firm foam is completely washable so you don’t have to worry about it becoming dirty as this acupressure device stretches and kneads your muscles, providing an improvement in your posture.

If you’ve been stuck in an office chair all day, your lumbar and thoracic back muscles will be extremely grateful for the ten minutes of treatment they receive at the end of it.

This process is fairly similar to what a chiropractic adjustment would do to you so you can potentially save a lot of money on visits to the doctor.



The arch of the product is quite big and firm so if you’re a smaller person with a very sensitive back you may experience some issues with this. 

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6. Fitness Junction Adjustable Lumbar Stretcher


All of us need a back massage stretcher sometimes but for people with actual back problems, a good one can be invaluable. The reason for this is because it is able to provide immediate relief and a priceless support in the fight against pain. Receiving all of this in the comfort of your own home, without having to go out, is an added bonus.

Not only will this product relieve your pain but it will also work great for posture correction which is amazing for people stuck in an office chair the entire day. Your lower back will thank you for buying this, especially as the days pile on and you are bound to feel the effects of such a lifestyle sooner rather than later. 

One thing that you should remember is that it’s recommended to use this on a softer surface like the back of a chair, car seat, soft carpet, or something similar in order to get the best results.



This is a great ward against all things related to back pain, whether it’s upper back or lower back, sciatica, pulled muscles, bad posture, etc. 

The product is very easy to use as the ergonomic design comes with an arch with three adjustable settings that make sure every person of every age and ability can use it in some form or fashion.

The back stretcher is quite portable so you will even be able to use it at work or during traveling, considerably improving your day.

Last but not least, the positive effects of this product can definitely reduce your need to visit a chiropractor and save you some money in the long run.



You should make sure to not let the device stay in the installed position overnight as this seems to make it harder the next day if you want to make it go back a step and you might have to struggle a bit.

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7. Mwellewm Magic Back Stretcher Lumbar Support Device


Ancient people could only dream about a back stretcher machine that would cure their pain but lucky for you this one is an actual reality and a very good one at that! This product actually comes in four different levels as opposed to similar ones that mostly have three and, as such, will provide lesser perks than this one is able to.

Level one provides the least intensity and the least amount of stretch so it is perfect for beginners. Level two increases the intensity a little and also really gets in there in terms of suitable waist support. Level three comes with strong intensity and also brings a wide area of stretching, perfect for advanced users and warmed-up athletes. 

Level four provides the maximum effects possible but be warned that you really have to be on top of your game to be able to withstand it. 



This gentle product is great for upper back pain but does just as good of a job when it comes to your lower back so you really don’t have to be selective about it. 

If you buy this, you’ll be able to use it in the comfort of your own home and in as little as ten minutes every day, and you should see definite improvements in terms of how often and how hard your back bothers you.

This tool is specifically designed to make stretching your back easy, safe, affordable, and even enjoyable and there’s no reason to make this a chore. You’ll get tremendous lumbar support and relaxation regardless of how often you use it.



The plastic from which this product is made is quite stiff and seems prone to breaking if a larger person will decide to try and use this back stretcher.

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8. Realign Back Wheel: Back Pain Relief Foam Roller


If you require an arched back stretcher in order to get through your day, then this one will be great for you as it is actually a full-blown wheel that’s amazing for allowing you to live your life pain-free. Unlike similar devices, this one is made from high-grade materials and will not let you down when you need it the most.

The manufacturer took the time to research the most common complaints found in this line of work and developed a product perfect to alleviate pain caused by using the cell phone and computer all day, especially if that person also has to stand behind a desk. Come home and get the relaxation you deserve after putting in those long hours.

With this cylindrical roller massager you’ll be able to feel better and go about your day without constantly worrying about triggering a new crisis so its effectiveness is really invaluable.



A very versatile device, this back stretcher is made of reinforced materials that will never bend or warp so it should quite probably last you a lifetime.

It is a very precise spine stretcher and it will pinpoint muscle pain and tension with amazing accuracy, so much that you’ll be wondering just how exactly it knows where to press.

Furthermore, it’s also comfortable as the roller is molded with special grooves that work deep within the muscle and also provide a soothing sensation throughout your back.

The acupressure grooves also make it a very efficient product so don’t be surprised if you stop going to the chiropractor once you get it.



This does not seem able to provide that “cracked back“ feeling every time you use it and has a tendency to crack if used by people above a certain weight so you should keep this in mind.

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9. Ponlle Lower Back Stretcher with Magnetic Acupressure Points


Getting a lower back stretcher becomes more and more advisable as we age, especially if we spend a large part of our day cooked up in an office chair so our muscles do not have a chance to unwind and relax. Therefore, this adjustable item allows you to get a fully stretched back and reduces your nerve compression.

Having a healthy back is achieved by reducing the weight on the spine and improving the overall posture of your torso. This is why you’ll be amazed to discover just what a few uses of this product can do as the improvement is definitely noticeable, especially in the way you walk and the way your back arches when you’re in an upright posture.

Another thing worth remembering is that this is a very convenient and practical way to relieve pain as you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home.



One of the first things you’ll notice about this product is the sturdy material it’s made from as it uses environmental ABS and NBR material to provide you with a harmless and comfortable experience while still offering great support for your back.

Another great perk is that it really provides an effective acupressure massage as it has 10 magnetic dots and 88 plastic pins ready to press deep into your muscles and bring back your sense of relaxation. 

Furthermore, even the level of your stretching is adjustable as the three slots offer something for pretty much everyone. The higher the back stretcher lifts, the more powerful your muscles will relax.

Since this type of stretcher can be used regardless of whether you’re sitting down or standing up, it brings a certain level of versatility as well.



If you’re not sure about how to use it you might do well to read the instructions as you could very well hurt yourself in the process.

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10. Jimugor Lower Back Stretcher Massager with Heat Function


You may have thought about getting a back stretching device a few times but have you ever thought about buying one with a heat function and with adjustable intensity? If you’re in pain, it’s always important to figure out why and this product will help you do just that, tremendously improving your quality of life. 

Since almost 30% of Americans experience some sort of pain in their lower back during the course of their life and considering this is a top cause of disability around the world, we feel it’s quite important to have a device in your house that can actually do something about it should this outcome come to pass.

Get this product and stop being at the mercy of bad habits such as slouching at your desk, lifting heavy objects with the wrong technique, carrying an overloaded backpack, etc. 



The design is one of the best qualities of this lower and upper back stretcher as when the person is flat on it then the waist will be pushed up and down due to gravity while the air pressure will dynamically stretch the muscles.

The heating function is another thing that makes this product stand out from the crowd as the soothing temperature will aid in delivering a warm and gentle massage, leaving you devoid of all aches and fatigue.

The plate received extensive design so that it will also offer a comfortable experience even when operating the device on a soft surface. If you’re ever in trouble, the product comes with a full set of instructions.



The vibrations offered by this back stretcher seem to be in a lower intensity than similar products so it’s really all about what you need it to do in order to get comfortable.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


While people usually do stretches for upper back pain, this will not be enough in some cases as the muscles are too clenched or the injury too severe. Due to this, it’s worth knowing how to buy a good back stretcher and this is what we’ll try to teach you in the following lines. It’s also important to know just how they work so you can pick out the best one for you.

While some people can afford a visit to a personal physical therapist or even one that comes to their house on a daily basis in order to help them get through their back pain issues with exercises like stretching and therapeutic traction, most of us have to figure things out on our own. 

Whether back pain is the result of a serious injury or a degenerative condition such as osteoporosis, back stretchers are devices that should generally be able to make your life better and allow you to live on your own terms, without the constant fear of feeling pain. Definitely, you can also use some external aids like yoga poses in order to speed up the effect.

How Do Back Stretchers Work?

“Back Stretcher” as a definition may be a little far-fetched because these devices can actually be quite different, ranging from a simple arched lumbar stretcher made of simple wood or even plastic to an elaborate chair or machine acting as a stretcher. Both of them have the objective of passively stretching the muscles so that they’re fully relaxed.

However, in terms of lower and upper back pain relief, the machine ones should typically provide more comfort. Once the back muscles are all nice and relaxed, then the product begins its real job of elongating the spine vertically by creating much-needed space between your vertebrae. 

What this does is counteract the natural effects of gravity which, as we age, will continuously work to pull the spine down. This is the layman’s answer when it comes to how back stretchers work. This is not their only purpose however as they will also be able to provide some relief against conditions like sciatica, lower back arthritis, spinal degeneration, disc problems, etc.

How to Find One That Works for You

Due to this variation, there are many back stretchers on the market so you’ll be hard-pressed to find the one that is adequate for you and will offer the best results. If simplicity is your jam, then a bolster placed along your spine may be the easiest way to go. Simply lying back on it and allowing your entire body to relax can really help in opening up your back.

While a soft way of finding a treatment, this can be just what the doctor ordered (quite literally) for patients whose backs are not that injured or, on the contrary, for patients whose backs are so sore that they simply can’t stand something that is not padded. Overweight people may also find a good solution here as the bolster should be able to adapt to any shape.

Another thing to point out here is that, like all therapeutic treatments, it’s very important to bring this problem to your doctor beforehand as he or she may even have some suggestions and give you some good tips before you make your purchase. They may also discourage you from using a back stretcher if they feel that such an action may do more harm than good.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are back stretchers effective?

Back pain is never fun as it can be one of the most debilitating problems out there so it is only natural that one could ask oneself whether these back stretchers that seem to be all the rage are really that effective. Well, their purpose is to target the lower and/or upper back areas and relieve what you feel there through a combination of pressure and gentle massage.

From this point of view, we can say that they are definitely effective since they will relieve the pressure your spine feels all day and allow it to finally relax. Furthermore, this will also encourage the spine into elongating and promote an overall feeling of ease. 

What you do need to watch out, however, is the need to find a device that can work for you both from a durability standpoint as well as the level of comfort you receive from laying on top of it.

Q: How long should you use a back stretcher?

Back stretchers are items that can definitely have an impact on your health and overall wellbeing but the important thing to remember is that this impact does not always have to be good. If you’re not careful about how and how long you utilize the device, the effects can be quite debilitating.

That being said, beginners should always try it for a couple of minutes each session as your body needs to adapt and get used to the new set of motions you’re making it go through. Advance only as you feel comfortable and keep in mind that frequency is always more important than the duration itself. 

Over time, you should be able to work up to somewhere between three to five minutes at least or as long as it takes for your back muscles to finally relax and unwind after a long day at work. 


Q: How do you use a back stretcher?

What a back stretcher does is it focuses on passively stretching the muscles in your back so as to allow them to naturally relax after a bothersome day at the office. While you can definitely find a variety of them available on the market starting from simple arched lumbar stretchers and going all the way to back stretcher chairs and machines, they pretty much work the same.

In technical terms, the process always starts by you lying on top of it and trying to relax such as to begin the process of unwinding your back muscles. Once this is done, the use of the device elongates the spine vertically by creating a space between the vertebrae in your body. It’s important that you only use it as much as you feel comfortable, especially in the beginning.

You just need to place the back stretcher on a preferably solid and comfortable patch of ground, fixate it in place then gently lie with your back on top of it. Another thing worth mentioning is that most stretchers will come with at least three levels of endurance.




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