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10 Best Athletic Tapes – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Top Tapes for Athletics – Guide & Comparison


Here you’ll be able to find out a lot of things about the best athletic tapes out there, especially if you are a busy persona and don’t have a lot of time on your hands to do some thorough research by yourself. After carefully combing through the quality and value provided by some of the critically acclaimed products that you will find here, our team has managed to come to the agreement that the KT Tape Pro Kinesiology Latex Free Athletic Tape is the one you should go for when something like this is required. This is a product used by professional athletes, it’s drug-free, and it allows you to have a breathable and comfortable environment while doing your favorite athletic activity. If something happens and this is not available, you can also take a look at the KT Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Tape.



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10 Best Athletic Tapes (Updated Reviews) in 2022



As a pro athlete or a simple sports aficionado, the reality is that you get a lot of minor bruises and small injuries that tend to be a nuisance over time. Therefore, it’s quite important to use athletic tape to minimize their impact and how uncomfortable they make you feel so this is why we spent all this time and included only the best and brightest on our list.



1. KT Tape Pro Kinesiology Latex Free Athletic Tape


This amazing product is not some cheap athletic tape but rather a sports accessory that is not missing from the bag of any serious pro athlete. Amazing when it comes to supporting muscles, joints, ligaments, and other similar things, this baby will be there when you are preparing for your first marathon or for your last.

Regardless of what you plan on doing, whether it’s reaching a personal fitness goal, getting ready for a big game, or simply trying to get through the day without writhing in pain the whole time, KT Tape’s product will make you not want to use anything else. It’s very light and comfortable to wear and the best thing about it is you can use it for a plethora of injuries.

By reducing the pressure on the tissue, this item is very good when it comes to alleviating the pain or discomfort that you feel.



Very good and durable sports tape that was manufactured to be drug-free, latex-free and so light that you will forget you even have it on your body.

The material is state of the art and the highest quality on the market, especially since it’s the only one that can boast 100% synthetic-engineered performance fabric.

This product should last you up to seven days until you no longer feel as comfortable as you should and opt to change it.

Studies have also shown that using such an item helps the recovery process so that you can come back faster and stronger than ever.



As good as it is, this athletic tape appears prone to coming off a little bit too easily if the area you have it on gets wet, either from water or perspiration so keep this in mind when applying it.

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2. KT Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Tape


While it’s not that hard to find some affordable athletic tape, it is quite hard to find a good and trustworthy one that will not cost you an arm and a leg in the process. Enter the KT Tape Original Cotton elastic product that is a strong and reliable source of alleviating the pains that have been bothering you for such a long time.

Reducing pain and providing support for those in need is part of the company’s mission and since athletes and people who engage in a lot of sports activities will always go through a ton of minor injuries, KT athletic tape is always going to be in demand. You should also know that this is a product and a brand first used by the likes of healthcare pros and orthopedics.

The first product of its type to be released to the wide audience, the KT Tape Original will have you trusting the process right from the get-go.



Buying this, you get a trustworthy product that has been used by athletes worldwide in order to properly support their muscles, ligaments, and joints.

What it does is accurately and skilfully reduce the pressure you feel on your tissues and brings additional support to those much-tested joints and muscles that are just crying for an endurance boost after that last game.

Since medical professionals have been relying on it for a long time, you can rest assured that it’s not a new solution that may or may not work.



A long history of ordering from this brand seems to bear the conclusion that, in terms of quality, this is not the exact same product that they used to roll out a while ago.

Furthermore, it is to our understanding that the effectiveness of the tape might actually vary from color to color.

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3. Mueller Athletic Tape 1.5” x 10yd Roll, 6 Pack


Do you remember that time when your friend encouraged you to buy that pair of affordable athletic tapes saying they’re all the same anyway and you wound up with both legs sore after the match? Well, as we’re sure you also know by now, these products are not all the same and this is a strong reason why you should be informed and make an educated decision.

What this one from Mueller does is it aims to bring great maneuverability and an overall comfortable experience, even for people who do not have a lot of experience when it comes to handling tape in order to protect their hands, their feet, or any other part of their bodies. The product is easy to tear and unwinds in just the same way until it reaches the core.

Furthermore, you’ll be happy to see that the rolls are made of hospital-grade 100% cotton backcloth so you will always know you get the best of the best out of this transaction.



This is a great example of an athletic tape that is actually able to offer firm support and compression, becoming something that you won’t want to leave home without whenever you go out for some exercise.

Its multifunctionality is also another great trait as not only can you use it for taping ankles, wrists, hands, and any other parts that you feel the need to but you can even cover baseball bats, hockey sticks, and so on.

By pre-wrapping the product with Mueller MWrap, the company actively works to reduce skin irritation which is known to happen from time to time.



While the tape in itself is very strong and made of quality material, it does not seem to glue itself to the skin as good as it could have the potential to so don’t necessarily take a lot of hot showers while wearing it.

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4. Mueller Underwrap – PreWrap for Athletic Tape Rainbow Assorted Colors


If you look up any athletic tapes review it will tell you that durability is by far the single most important trait that you want such a product to have. However, there are other perks as well and they are especially important for people who have been using such products for a long time and want some variety as a result.

For instance, this one from Mueller is not only great in terms of quality but also comes in a plethora of colors that you can choose from. Each roll is a large 2.75” x 30 yd of high-profile, high-usefulness, Latex-free foam that you’ll surely grow to love and rely on.

The tapes are so good in fact that you can even use them as effective, non-slip hair bands for pretty much all types of sports so long hair power for the win!



Also, this is not only a product that suits you well in sports but pre-wrap is an essential part of pretty much any medkit out there so it’s a really good product to have in the house regardless.

While the traditional use of such an item is to place it under the athletic tape in order to keep it from adhering to your sensitive skin, people have found dozens of ways to use it because it is very powerful once you twist it.

If you think about it, you can even use this type of product to secure cold packs, not even mentioning what you can do with socks and shirt sleeves.



While it does not seem to specifically state so anywhere in the product description, this athletic tape cannot be returned to the manufacturer if, for some reason, you are not pleased by it.

Furthermore, the product seems to be a tad thinner when compared to similar ones openly found on the market.

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5. Meister 15yd x 1.5” Premium Athletic Trainer’s Tape


When it comes to examining the wide range of athletic tape uses, there are few products that can compare to what this one from Meister can do for you in terms of quality, durability, endurance, and the way it can adhere to your skin and make you forget it’s there for the better part of the day or practice.

Whether you want to tap a part of your body in order to protect it, whether you’re looking to cover up a hockey stick or a tennis racket, or you simply want to make sure your shin guards are secure, you can’t possibly go wrong with this product. It unravels smoothly and consistently and serious users will know the kind of mental pleasure that this sort of thing provides.

Furthermore, the manufacturer designed it to be thinner than similar tapes in order to minimize bulk but the superior quality means you it’s not sacrificing strength at all, quite the contrary.



This product is specifically designed to cling to your body no matter what and that maximum tackiness will be what makes you love it in the first place and convinces you to make it an integral part of your training routine.

Furthermore, you can easily tear it by hand so say goodbye to fumbling for a pair of scissors at the last moment in order to tape your hands.

It’s not that sort of elastic tape that you can find in many places online but rather it’s quite the rigid wrap and this is what makes it so special.

The manufacturer also used hot melt 55 g/meter square adhesive that only improves the above-mentioned tackiness.



The product seems to have a tendency to roll on itself and even if the instruction manual tells you to cut its corners when this happens, it still means you’re going to be wasting more tape.

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6. MTape Athletic White Mueller M tape 12 rolls


Any company worth its salt knows that it’s likely to boost the athletic tapes reviews if it simply offers more of the product in one purchase. Therefore, you’ll be happy to know that this Mueller athletic tape provides 12 rolls that you can use and use as long as you need to. They are crafted out of 100%-cotton backcloth which is more than reliable enough for your sporting and medical needs.

You’ll find out fast that the tape features high tensile strength that will work to keep everything in place and remove as much pain as possible while the excellent tackiness means it will cling to your body regardless of what you do and you will even forget it’s there after you’ve been wearing the tape for a while.

Each roll is 15 yards long and 1.5” wide so this should be plenty of space to prevent and treat your injuries to knees, wrists, fingers, ankles, and so on.



This is a very good product for people who need additional athletic support and want to feel comfortable, pain-free, and secure when performing their activities.

While the athletic tape is great when it comes to its tackiness, it still unwinds quite easily so you will never have any problems when trying to wrap yourself up.

The cotton backcloth brings excellent tensile strength so that you don’t have to worry about performing a particularly stretchy move and realizing your athletic tape has simply snapped off your body.

Last but not least, you can definitely trust a product that is made in the USA when it comes to its quality, longevity, and ability to please the customer.



While it does seem to adhere to the surface you need it to, this product leaves a certain kind of residue that you may not like seeing on your skin after you take off the tape.

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7. Johnson & Johnson Breathable Coach Sports Tape


Have you ever wondered something like: what does athletic tape do? Well, there’s no time like the present to find out and there’s no product more suited than the Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape to show you exactly how many wonders you can perform with this (at first glance) simple roll of white tape.

This brand is recommended by professional athletic trainers worldwide so that, in itself, is a mark of quality and trustworthiness. What this product does is help protect your joints from sprains, twists, and any other similar injuries which any athlete or sports aficionado will know that tend to happen quite often when engaged in a physical sport.

The 1.5-inch-by-10-yard cloth tape will also make your day better because it is wonderful for taping your fingers, regardless if you do it for basketball, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or any other activity where full use of your hands is required.



First of all, the company’s name precedes this product and it is able to work as a guarantee of the quality you are going to get, which is always good.

This product can also be used over a pre-taping underwrap just in case you want to provide another layer of protection when you feel it is required.

Furthermore, the tape is not solely for athletic purposes as it can be used for first aid with equally good results since there’s hardly a medical kit in the world that does not have some.

Another good thing is that you can keep it on to speed up the recovery process after an injury that has already happened.



The delivery system seems to be quite faulty and the package does not always arrive in something we would be able to describe as “mint condition” or even something able to be used with trust.

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8. Meister StickElite Professional Porous Athletic Tape


A good and reliable white athletic tape is always good and it’s even better if it’s one coming from Meister. Since the company’s name translates from German as “master”, it’s easy to see why this is right up there at the top of the food chain when it comes to strong adhesive athletic tapes that are also available on the open market.

This is a product specifically designed for those athletes who demand a lot out of their bodies and, as such, need tape that will not let them down when trying to protect themselves from injuries or, even worse, recover from one. While other similar items are also able to provide support, we believe that the level of breathability you experience with this one will delight you.

Last but not least, you’ll surely notice that the cotton backcloth is heads and shoulders thicker than other choices on the market, making sure you enjoy a more durable and sturdier experience.



As we said, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something as strong and as adhesive as this athletic tape, which is to be expected since it is used in professional sports training rooms around the world.

Due to this, it’s kinda obvious that athletes need waterproof athletic tape like this one since they sweat a lot and take a lot of showers so if such a product were to simply come off after the first touch of water, it would not be as useful as it could.

The innovative porous design with micro holes makes sure that your skin has enough airflow in order to reduce excessive sweating and avoid those nasty rashes that tend to happen every once in a while.



The one bad thing we can say about this product is that it comes wrapped up in a roll so the adhesive is effectively on both sides of the tape, forcing you to get it all over your hands during the first few uses until it peels off.

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9. Ace Sports Tape 1.5 Inches X 10 Yard, 4 Count


Need a piece of athletic wrap tape? Then this product from Ace can certainly offer what you want and you may particularly grow to enjoy its tough design and feel that offers a tremendous amount of protection and really increases that feeling of security once you’ve put it on.

The Ace brand is known for being a regular source of outstanding elastic bandages, braces, support, and even innovative cold and hot therapy products. As a result, this increases the value of their athletic tape since you know the company’s entire mission and vision revolve around making their customers feel good.

This is the type of product you need if you want to get some additional protection for your weak and injured joints and limbs. As everyone who’s ever played in any type of match or game knows, athletes tend to get this kind of minor injuries all the time.



The first thing that stands out about this product is the tough design and feel. No pompous and unnecessary flourishes, just simple, white tape that adheres to your skin for a reason: to protect it from anything and everything.

You will also like the strong adhesive that was used on this product as it will attach itself to your skin and stay there, allowing you to feel secure that it won’t come off at a crucial point during the game.

Furthermore, it’s the ideal protection for your ankles, wrists, fingers, and other parts of the body as it will keep them firmly locked in place.

Last but not least, you should know that it also works great with ACE Sports Underwrap if you really want to go the extra mile when it comes to protecting yourself.



The tape is so strong and rigid in fact that you may have issues tearing it off with only the use of your fingers so keep this in mind.

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10. Solimo Athletic Solimo Tape 1.5” X 10 yd Roll 4 Pack


What is athletic tape used for, you ask? Well, we’re glad you’re curious as this product from Solimo will certainly do a very good job when it comes to showing you the many advantages of having such a product around the house.

This is not about being flashy or flamboyant but about having a strong and reliable athletic tape that is there for you whenever you need to use it. It can be used in pretty much all types of sporting activities since it is able to protect a large part of your body and you’ll also be happy to know it works great with most athletic equipment on the market.

Solimo prides itself on making products that are versatile and easy to use by the general audience and this one takes the cake when it comes to that so check it out if you’re just starting out on your sporting journey.



This delivery will get to your house with four, 1.5-inch-wide x 10 yards-long rolls of athletic tape that should last you for a good amount of time.

Another great thing about the product is that it’s easy to tear by hand so you won’t have to keep a pair of scissors nearby whenever you decide to use it.

It’s ideal when it comes to protecting your wrists, ankles, hands, or any other part of your body that you want to protect from injury or help recover from one.

As we said, this athletic tape works well with most sporting equipment, including gym one, so this is definitely another advantage.



While the tape is strong enough in regards to its fabric, it does not seem to be able to exert enough pressure to help with issues like plantar fasciitis.

You have really got to be careful when you want to pull it off your skin as it may hurt a little if you’ve had it on for a long time.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


We’re sure you’ve probably seen sports players on TV or in movies wearing some bright, colored tape on their arms, legs, back, or other areas of the body. Also, athletes wearing wrist wraps or tapping their fingers and baseball bats has not been a new thing for quite a while now. As a result, it’s safe to say that athletic tapes have and will always have a place in sports.

However, they’re starting to explode as of late especially with these new kinesiology tapes that seem to be all the rage. Still, regular athletic tapes are seeing a lot of use, as more and more athletes start to see the benefits of protecting themselves in this manner or getting additional help recovering from an injury.

Most of the time, there’s only a limited amount of things people think they can do with a product like this one. When they do lose sleep about it, especially if they’re athletes, their thoughts are quite single-focused: athletic tape, knee, athletic tape, shoulder, athletic tape, wrist, and so on and so forth. Despite that, these items are amazing and can work wonders in terms of recovery.

When did it blow up?

As we said, athletic tapes are a relatively new invention if we think how long competitive sports have been around, especially in the modern era. Introduced in the mid-1970s by a chiropractor named Kenzo Kase, it would be an understatement to say that this product did not have any impact at all in the beginning.

This all changed when the top athletes of the world began using it during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and caused a mass explosion of sales since people always want to look like their idols. After this, research blew up as well and this is the reason why we have so many types of it today, in so many colors and with different types of materials.

Today, they are at the forefront of pretty much every major sport out there as high-profile athletes continue to wear athletic tapes worldwide. Its healing properties and different looks have caused a mass trend and some people even chose to wear it as a fashion statement.

However, you should know that this product really serves the actual purpose of helping athletes heal properly and even avoid aggravating potentially sensitive places.

Tips for using athletic tape

While fairly intuitive, there are some tips that you just keep in mind before buying and using athletic tape if you want to get the most out of them and it really would be a shame not to.

First of all and most importantly, you should not use the product on any areas with sensitive skin issues like sunburns, open scratches, or something of the sort. Don’t even think about putting it on over a still-healing tattoo. You should not wrap any raw scar until it has formed a thin scab and a tattoo is exactly that.

Also, if you have any circulatory issues whatsoever, it is strongly advisable to go in for a consult and a quick check-in before using any kind of athletic wrapping. Do not use any lotion on the area before starting the process and you should also know that shaving it is discouraged as it will deter brain receptors from reacting to the way you feel.

Pay attention to how you are feeling and remove the tape immediately if numbness occurs. Also, when the time does come to take it off, this product should always be cut off and not peeled in order to avoid some really serious damage to your skin.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How to use athletic tape?

There are a lot of areas that you can protect by using athletic tape, ankle is always the word that first comes into mind but you can also use it for fingers, shoulders, legs, pretty much anywhere on the body. What it does is prevent your body from doing a movement which may prove to be damaging or even cause injury.

For instance, taping will prevent your ankle from rolling and even breaking, will stabilize the knee by promoting joint awareness and providing support, and will solidify the shoulders if you have any issues there.

Before you use it liberally, however, remember it is not a cure-all but you would do well to simply look at it as part of your regular routine. It’s hard to provide you with a specific length of time when it comes to how long you should keep it on as this seems to vary from product to product.

Q: What is athletic tape made of?

You’ve probably seen that stretchy athletic tape on world-class athletes around the world and have wondered what exactly it is made of. If we’re talking about the special kinesiology tape, that baby is made up with the use of cotton fibers and polymer elastic strands woven throughout in order to allow it to glide across your muscles as you’re moving.

Regular athletic tape, by comparison, is used in order to restrict blood flow and movement so it’s made of a harder cotton backcloth that has to keep everything into place. Both of them have their uses but since the kinesiology one allows for a full range of motion while still protecting you, it has steadily increased in popularity since the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Both forms of athletic tape work by offering structural or muscle support and correcting things like posture problems and muscle strains.


Q: How long can athletic tape be worn?

First of all, it’s always good to tape up before a race, game, or exercise if you have a known condition that you need to take care of. While the tape by itself should stay on for multiple days at a time, especially if you bought a quality one, the rule of thumb here would be that you don’t keep it on for more than 5 days.

Also, the length of time will also depend on where the tape is applied to as the knee and the foot are harsher areas by comparison to the back or the shoulders. An athletic tape applied to the knee should last you for about 2-to-3 days while those on the back should generally be more durable than that.

While professionals use 10” strips most of the time, it’s never a bad idea to check what the manufacturer has to say about it as companies often have different specifications for their own products.



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