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10 Best Ankle Supports – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Top Supports for Ankles – Guide & Comparison


Here you’ll find out about the best ankle support money can buy and this is a good thing especially if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands to do this thorough research on your own. After carefully examining and going through the quality and value offered by some of the more recognized brands and products on the market, our team has managed to reach the consensus that the TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve is the one you should definitely go for. This product has the ability to offer pain relief from arthritis, sprains, and other similar problems, can offer a really strong force of compression for people who want to keep their feet immobile, and it is guaranteed to not slip for any kind of activity. In the unfortunate event that all the stores have been cleaned out and this is no longer available, you can also try the Crucial Compression Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve.



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10 Best Ankle Supports (Updated Reviews) in 2022



The choices you make regarding the product you buy are always the most important when you’re purchasing something for your health. As a result, you can rest assured that our team has spent a long time perusing through this market section in order to only bring the best alternatives in front of you.



1. TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve


Knowing how to wrap an ankle for support is one of those things that a lot of athletes master early, especially if they are involved in a sport where they use their feet heavily. Since injuries are a part of life, even more so in sports, it pays to have a product like this one on hand when you need to protect your leg and let it rest for a while.

With this one, you’ll get a strong and thin compression sleeve that works by keeping everything where it’s supposed to be and not allowing an inch of painful movement. As a result, it’s a great way to get some pain relief from things like muscle fatigue, stress fractures, arthritis, and sprains, without being cooked up in bed all day long.

Furthermore, the material should never slip regardless of what activity you are undergoing at that exact moment.



A very good way to provide pain relief and help your injury recovery without having to stay in bed as much as possible.

The slim, breathable fabric ensures a lot of comfort for its user even if you choose to wear it for long hours every day.

The ankle support will stay where it is supposed to, regardless of the sport you are playing or the activity you are doing.

The compressing of your ligaments will typically work toward reducing the inflammation, therefore speeding up the healing process.

These are available for both men and ladies due to their unisex nature so you will not have to buy different items for each.



You should know that the box advertises this product as not being machine-washable or machine-dryable so you will need to do it the old fashioned way.

Make sure to check the sizing chart before buying so you don’t have to undergo the difficult return process.

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2. Crucial Compression Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve


Products that offer the best ankle support will typically manage to do so even in the case of heavy injuries like those of the Achilles tendon. Lucky for you (well, we’re still very sorry if you got injured), this one offered by Crucial Compression does exactly what the company’s name promises to do and that is keeping your foot securely wrapped and tightened.

First and foremost, you will be sure to notice the instant support and relief you feel after you put it on, especially if you’ve never used this type of thing before. The pain relief comes from the way the ankle brace tightens around your foot and leg, covering and pressuring everything that it’s supposed to.

Stabilizing the ankle and compressing the nerves will also go a long way toward improving your circulation and speeding up the recovery process as much as possible.



Get instant relief from your pain while experiencing less swelling, discomfort, and soreness, something which we’re sure you’re going to appreciate quite a lot.

This product will allow you to at least undergo some of the activities you are used to every day, without having to ignore all of them in order to focus on resting your foot and recovering from the injury.

The Premium ComfortFlex design is an innovative way to offer a comfortable fit while still being snug and ergonomic, without cutting off circulation and making the user feel uncomfortable.

Worry not, for the product should also be thin enough to allow you to wear it under shoes and socks without overheating your foot in the process.



Compared to similar products, this one seems to be quite thick and bulky so you should consider what kind of activity you are purchasing it for before doing so. If you’re only interested in lounging around the house, then, by all means, go for it.

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3. Powerlix Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve


Many people are looking to get a relatively cheap ankle support product but are worried about the quality should they do so. As it stands, we’re here to tell you that Powerlix has apparently cracked the code when it comes to balancing what this ankle brace can offer on one side and the price that is being charged for it on the other.

First of all, this product ensures phenomenal protection against anything and everything that might harm your foot (now, don’t have someone hitting it just to be on the safe side) by applying even pressure across those important pressure points like your ankle joints, therefore providing not only damage reduction but also pain relief.

Due to this, it is the perfect choice for any activity that will undoubtedly involve ankle movement like baseball, basketball, running, and so on and so forth.



Due to the way this works, the user will get both protection and pain relief at the same time, making for a great and pleasurable overall experience.

The manufacturer also uses a special fabric when crafting this ankle brace as the breathable design and texture, able to absorb sweat and keep the entire foot dry all day long is amazingly comfortable to wear.

This type of product will allow you to undergo some activities that you will otherwise have to forego in order to rest your leg and foot as much as possible.

Not that it matters so much in the healing process but the design of this item is actually quite elegant so some people might like it just for this.



Take great care when ordering this product, especially when considering the size, as the customer service experience might be disappointing if you have to go through something like a return or refund process.

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4. Bodyprox Ankle Support Breathable Neoprene Sleeve


As you are quite possibly aware of and, if not, that’s what we’re here for, neoprene is not only for swimming anymore. Instead, say hello to a neoprene ankle support that’s quite literally one of the most fluid ones in the business due to the way it’s able to fit both feet up to 11” when it comes to their circumference.

Using this, you will be able to adequately protect your ankle and the lower part of your leg by minimizing the risk of injuries or aggravating your already-existing ones. As a result, this is a product that is perfect for managing chronic pains, severe sprains, and acute ankle injury symptoms.

The way its pressure and stability relieve pain also makes it great for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and in need of some additional comfort while trying to recover and get back to a normal life.



You’ll also come to enjoy the open heel design that allows for a wide range of motions to be securely performed without interfering in the protection of your foot.

This same design also offers a lot of support for ankle tendons and joints, making it a great choice for people and athletes who have to suffer through the horrible thing that is an Achilles tendon injury and recovery process.

This versatility makes the ankle sleeve perfect for both indoor and outdoor sports that will put a strain on your ankles and you just want to protect them, even if you’re not currently going through an injury.



There seems to be a difference between the wraps that secure the foot and the area that goes around the heel so some people might have an issue with this. Consult the sizing chart accordingly before buying.

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5. Candy Li Adjustable Ankle Brace Breathable Nylon Material


According to ankle supports reviews, nylon can also be a perfectly adequate material for their production and this is what Candy Li is trying to prove with this one-size-fits-all that aims to offer tremendous protection against anything and everything from chronic pain to sprains and strains related to sports.

Not only is this ankle brace easy to use and wear but you will grow to enjoy the criss cross strapping that makes sure the product won’t come off for as long as you need to keep it on. Furthermore, the fact that the straps can go anywhere along the entire sleeve allows the customer to pinpoint the exact location where they feel most comfortable.

Since this item fits both the left and the right foot, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new one in case you need it for another injury after a while.



Everything around this product was designed to make it as comfortable and as versatile as possible when it comes to where and who can wear it.

The color and design are going to be suitable for both men and women, users can wear it on both legs regardless, and the high-quality material will adapt just as well on both sides.

Furthermore, you should also receive one wrist strap when you buy your ankle brace so this is a nice way to add some protection for your wrist should you ever feel the need to, especially if you’re playing basketball or something of the sort.



While indeed this product does seem to provide more compression and pressure around the hurt area, it seems to lack in the “support” department when compared to similar products made of other materials, so you should take everything into consideration before making your decision.

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6. ComfiLife Adjustable Compression Ankle Brace for Men & Women


Many people who think about getting an ankle support brace but don’t necessarily have to use it now will definitely go for this type of product as it can be used in pretty much any situation with more than enough success as long as you know what you should be expecting of it and adapting to the requirements of your injury and needs.

This item puts greater emphasis on that necessary ankle support and protection, stabilizing that part of your body and making it maintain a neutral position that will definitely help and speed the recovery process as long as you wear it the right way.

Since it is made with premium materials, it will always guarantee a great fit and comfortable wearing experience, especially since it is perfectly adjustable from the midfoot all the way through the arch area so your needs should be more than satisfied each time.



Wearing this ankle support will not only help you speed up your recovery process for the injury you already have but will definitely work in preventing additional ones in the process so you can rest assured when it comes to this.

With the added emphasis on ankle compression, this product will help reduce the swelling and improve your overall circulation, wrapping your foot and leg with just the right amount of pressure in order to ensure comfort.

It’s great for pain relief so people with issues like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, and other minor swells and pains should always benefit from having one on their foot.



This product can probably be described as being “too well made” since it does seem to bring a certain stiffness and hardness that some customers might complain about and go for something a little softer on their skin.

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7. Boxyprox Adjustable Ankle Support Brace 2 Pack


As much as an affordable ankle support this product might be, you should not be afraid to count the numerous benefits you can get from it without having to break the bank in the process. This is a versatile and comprehensive ankle brace strap that offers a new and improved way to help blood circulation while still helping your leg heal.

As a result, you are more than fortunate enough to be able to use this ankle support for things like chronic ankle strains, sprains, fatigue, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, Achilles tendon injuries, and so on and so forth. The thing you should know is that this product is designed primarily as a preventive measure of avoiding injuries caused by sporting activities.

Since you can use it both as a recovery tool and as a safety mechanism, this item can be a great addition to your sporting gear collection.



The versatility that is embodied by this ankle support makes it a great choice for athletes and regular people alike.

The manufacturer opted to craft this out of a premium, breathable material such as neoprene that will not only provide the necessary compression but will also manage to keep your feet dry in the process.

Another great and innovative addition to this is the open heel design that manages to offer an added grip and perfectly hold the ankle in place, minimizing the risk of injuries getting worse or happening anew.

You can also use this ankle brace if you want to keep your foot immobile and be able to get a good night’s sleep in the process.



If the heel strap wears off in any way, the hard fibers of the material seem prone to start poking into your ankle which may result in an uncomfortable feeling when walking or running.

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8. Blue Pine Adjustable Lightweight Ankle Brace Single Unit


There is a reason why an ankle support sleeve can be a great way to protect your leg and help it restore: the comfort and safety of wearing one can be matched by few other products in the branch. This one from Blue Pine, for instance, also has the added advantage of providing the possibility to adjust the Velcro straps and make them as comfortable as possible.

As a result, your ankle joints and tendons will thank you for the strong support you’re providing and the safety they’ll feel, especially considering that this product should not, under any circumstances, slip during the movements you will make as you go about your day, whatever those movements might be.

You should also know that this product is sold as a single unit, for the right leg, even though we’re sure you’re gonna like it so much that you’ll ask for the left one as well, just to be on the safe side.



The Velcro straps design provides the means to make this an adjustable product, something that is highly prized when it comes to items circumferencing an injured part of the body.

Design is also important and the ultra-slim look and feel of this ankle sleeve will surely convince you of the quality of your purchase. The material is breathable and it also retains heat and is able to prevent skin irritation.

The manufacturer provides these in a wide range of measures ranging from teens to adults, therefore offering the best protection for your entire family.

The balanced design and perks of the product make it great for all kinds of activities that require ankle movements including basketball, tennis, hiking, cycling, etc.



While certainly useful and worthy of being deemed as a great product, the velcro straps seem to sometimes lose their grip power after a while and, as a result, be able to provide less support and stability than what some people may need.

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9. Marakym Premium Ankle Compression Socks Men & Women


Just off the bat, just by looking at them, you realize that these are no cheap ankle supports and that their quality is obvious. This product is incredibly useful for helping you have a better and faster recovery from a wide variety of afflictions such as swelling, arthritis, sprains, plantar fasciitis, the dreaded Achilles tendon, and more.

By applying just the right amount of pressure across your ankle while the adjustable wraps provide stability, these socks are great not only for a faster injury recovery but also when it comes to preventing additional ones from happening.

Also, this product can be a great choice if you’re in need of some Muay Thai ankle support since this is a sport that greatly emphasizes kicks and, as a result, your legs and feet are in more danger than if you were to play something like basketball or even football.



The fact that you can use these socks for both recovery as well as protection grants them a versatility that the careful athlete will never overlook due to how useful they can be.

Light and comfortable, they offer maximum comfort while weighing next to nothing and allowing you to perform all of your daily activities without feeling like you have a weight strapped to your leg.

Therefore, it’s perfect for Crossfit, running, golf, and pretty much any activity where you would need the use of your legs and feet.

The medically-cleared design is specifically crafted to be able to fit any type of ankle so don’t worry even if you’re the owner of skinny or meaty ones.



The size of this product seems to run a little small in some cases, possibly depending on the size of the customer’s foot. If yours is a little larger than average, you may want to check the sizing chart again just to be on the safe side.

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10. Powerlix Plantar Fasciitis Ankle Compression Nano Brace


This product offered by Powerlix is a great choice for people who have sustained injuries and need an ankle brace support stabilizer just to ensure their foot remains the way it is supposed to in order to ensure the shortest and most efficient recovery time available. These fabulous orthopedic nano socks are great for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and other similar hurts.

Buy this and watch your health improve along with your mobility without requiring you to give up certain things in the process, something which would be easily understandable were you to remain cooked up in bed all day in an attempt to spare your foot from having to withstand too much pressure.

These quality sleeve supports are also created from a combination of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, rounding up in a great product that manages to be lightweight, durable, and breathable at the same time.



This product will be of great help to you in your fight against lactic acid buildup, reducing inflammation and stress levels, and allowing you to better promote your overall recovery.

The sleeves are easy to put on, extend past the ball of your foot, and are also able to fit on compression clothing, providing you with great protective armor.

As a result, they manage to provide very good support and you’ll be able to perform every activity that you usually enjoy such as walking, running, hiking, or sports.

The company has so much trust in its product that it offers a 1-year replacement guarantee so you can buy it and rest assured that if, for some reason, you don’t like it, you can still get your money back.



The size of these socks seems to run a bit small so if your usual size has your regular socks feeling tight, you might want to remember that these will feel tighter still so plan your purchase accordingly.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


As we have strived to show you so far, ankle supports can be used for a wide range of activities ranging from improving the speed of your recovery to preventing the injuries from happening altogether.

Whether you just sprained it a little bit or are suffering from something bothersome like chronic ankle pain, such an item is essential in the protection that it can provide. These kinds of braces support your body and help it through a variety of ailments. However, how exactly does one go about realizing what type of product best suits him/her?

Choosing comfort

While ankle braces as a whole are known for providing excellent support, an item that fits poorly or is made using the wrong material is of no use to anyone, regardless of how comfortable it is. As a result, to make sure this does not happen to you, you should take a few things into account.

When it comes to the best fit for you, these products will typically be sized based either on regular shoe sizes or ankle circumference. Consulting the manufacturer’s sizing chart is the best way to make sure you avoid making any mistake that will result in having to return the product for a replacement.

Also, any ankle support review will usually go for one of two ways when it comes to the best possible material for such an item: neoprene or fabric. As is usual with these situations, both have advantages and disadvantages and it will be up to you to make a choice.

Neoprene is the more flexible material and it will provide a close fit to the body together with support and heat insulation. If you’re suffering from ongoing pain, you can be sure you’ll be very well protected and cared for when wearing a neoprene product. If you’re interested in a pair of ankle support socks to wear around the house, you should probably choose this material.

If we’re talking about the need for ankle support for runners, on the other hand, fabric and knit materials will almost always fare better because they allow the foot to breathe easier and provide more comfort, especially if your entire body’s temperature has risen. However, this also means that you will have to get by without the therapeutic heat that neoprene provides.

Types of ankle braces

Also, just in case you didn’t already know from reading our recommendations, we wanted to include some varieties of ankle braces as indeed there are some and you might get confused at some point.

Ankle sleeves can be made of both neoprene or knit fabric and are primarily created to bring about a primary level of protection together with moderate compression to your joints and ankles. They can be very good for providing support and relief from light injuries like pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Ankle supports with straps are what you’d call the “college-educated” cousins of the ankle sleeves. What this means is that they utilize a similar system but improve with an additional strap one over the sleeve, managing to offer advanced protection and an increased level of compression.

Variations of them will usually come in a figure 8 or figure 6 configuration, both with their own advantages. While figure 8 wraps can provide a full wraparound and simply maximize the level of compression you can bring to your joints, figure 6 braces are better for protecting against lateral movements.

Lace-up ankle braces come with a full shoelace design and provide maximum support and customization since you can tie them as hard as you want.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When should you wear an ankle support?

Your ankle is the joint that acts as the liaison between your leg and your foot. This joint is created out of many bones, all of them are connected to it through three ligaments, which keep it from moving out of place. An ankle sprain happens when one or more of these ligaments gets stretched or torn.

Wearing an ankle support can be the best way to help your foot recover from this injury once it’s happened, especially if it is not so bad as to require medical intervention and you just need to, simply put, sit it out.

However, ankle supports can also be of great help for athletes who are not necessarily injured but instead try to prevent something from happening to them, especially if their sport of choice requires a lot of ankle movement. As you can see, these products can have more than one use so purchasing one is never a bad idea.

Q: How do you fix ankle instability?

Ankle instability is a chronic condition where the outer or lateral side of the ankle keeps giving way and moving in a manner which it should not. This is a condition that will often develop once the person has experienced repeated ankle sprains, making it a very common occurrence among athletes in pretty much any sport.

While, in some cases, the foot and ankle surgeon will recommend having a surgery to fix the issue, this is usually based on a high degree of instability and there are other, non-invasive ways that you should consult before deciding on this rather drastic option.

Physical therapy brings a variety of treatments and exercises that can help strengthen your ankle. Furthermore, wearing an ankle support is another viable option that can even help reduce your recovery time. If all else fails, you can also see your doctor for some prescribed medication too.


Q: What does ankle support do?

Since the ankle works as the connection between your leg and your foot and even the sturdiest of connections sometimes need reinforcement, this is where affordable ankle supports can come in handy and allow you to go through your day to day activities without feeling so much strain and pain.

While people with chronic ankle instability are indeed more prone to needing such a device, this is not always the case as sprains and strains can happen to just about anyone considering how much we use our ankles every day.

An ankle support keeps the joint together and does not allow it to go sideways as it would in the case of an accident. Since people who are already injured suffer at the slightest move of the ankle, it is understandable why something that keeps theirs firmly in place is going to relieve so much of the pain.




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