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Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes Review

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Main advantage 

The main advantage that these Asics Aggressor Shoes come with is the fact that they offer outstanding comfort. This is an essential aspect that all wrestlers should consider because someone who wrestles has to pay attention to a lot of things, and an uncomfortable pair of shoes could be a great deal breaker. 

The increased comfort levels are offered by many factors. The padding, to begin with, is present in high amounts, which reduces the pressure put on the ankles. Also, the sole is very comfortable and is designed to absorb shocks. 

The outer textile material is flexible, and the outsole is wide enough so that it does not apply any pressure to the lateral parts of the foot. Even if it takes about a week for the shoe to get adjusted to your feet, after it has done that, it will fit perfectly, and you will not even know that the shoes are on.

These wrestling shoes are very popular among wrestling practitioners, and you will be able to experience great levels of comfort if you decide to use them during your training sessions and also during your matches. The design relies on comfort as the main feature, and it provides that at really high levels.

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Main disadvantage 

Despite all the wonderful features that the Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes have, they have one disadvantage, and that is the fact that the outsole does not provide a very good grip when the floor is wet. It might not be such a big problem for most people, but it all depends on your game.

If you have to practice or play under wet conditions, they might not be the best solution for you, or you might want to consider having a second pair of shoes that behave well when the floor is wet and have a better grip under these conditions.

Main features explained 


Long lifespan

The durability of these shoes is one of the things that they are most appreciated for, and it is an important thing if you think about it because it takes a little bit of time to get comfortable with new shoes. It is a great product for very experienced wrestlers who have longer training sessions and more challenges because the shoes will still not deteriorate quickly.

So it is important for a wrestler to avoid this ‘getting used to’ because they can focus more on the important parts of the training without having to deal with the discomfort. Furthermore, as we have said before, comfort is the number one pro that the shoes come with. Combined with the durability, they will make good training companions.

The Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes will last for more than a season even if you use them daily during training and also for your matches. The outsole is attached very well to the body of the shoe, and the outer material that the shoes are made of is very sturdy and resistant to traction.

The inner sole is made of rubber, which will ensure that it will not deteriorate quickly because it will limit friction, which is among the main causes of sole deterioration. Due to the fact that the shoe itself has a flexible construction, it ensures traction, and the material used for the outer and inner layer of the shoe is easily maneuverable and can easily fold.

The laces are also backed up by a strap that surrounds the ankle, and so as long as the shoe is tight to your foot and there is a sturdy attachment between the outsole and the body of the shoe, it will not be prone to quick deterioration.


High-quality materials

This is an important detail that many beginner wrestlers miss when they buy their wrestling shoes mostly because they want to feel as comfortable as possible, and they forget that the shoes also have to be sturdy while still flexible. There is a myth that wrestling shoes made of leather are the best, and, to some extent, this is true in terms of durability. 

However, leather and suede do not let the moisture out, which might be a high inconvenience when it comes to intense training sessions and matches which consume energy and make most of the wrestlers sweat a lot. Therefore, a shoe made of a material that also ensures airflow is what you should look for and is what the Aggressor provides.

Also, the quality of the sole is really important. First of all, it should not break and wear easily, therefore it should be flexible, a feature that the Aggressor takes to another level and manages to compare them to wrestling shoes that have a split sole and offer high levels of flexibility and motion range.

Moreover, the sole of these shoes does not wear easily, which is also a big plus in terms of lifespan but also in terms of performance because, even if the shoe does not break, if the sole is worn out, it will not be able to provide a good grip, so their performance will be diminished.

The laces are also important, and the first important aspect to consider is their elasticity, which the Aggressor laces have just in enough amount so that they will not get loose on the ankle but will still offer flexibility and a wide range of motion. So without any doubt, these shoes provide the maximum level of material quality for a fair price.

Great ankle support

Wrestlers make a lot of moves in the ring, and it is important to do everything that is possible in order to protect yourself. The ankles are very important when it comes to wrestling because almost every move puts pressure on them. Therefore, wearing shoes that have great ankle support is a must.

Wrestling shoes are among the few types of shoes that offer this support, and Asics took this feature to another level when they have designed the Agressor, making it one of the top choices of wrestlers who focus on this feature while choosing the best shoes for their training sessions.

One important aspect that ensures high levels of support is the material that the shoes are made of, which allows you to tighten it as far as you can in order not to leave any gaps between your feet and the shoes.

The laces are really important here because first of all, they have to be really strong but also a little bit flexible in order to ensure free movement. The number one thing that people like when they put on the Asics Agressor is the fact that they fit perfectly if you order them in the right size.

When it comes to size, you should pay attention to the fact that the sizes are a little bit large and you should order them half a size smaller. So if you are a size 8, for example, you should order a 7 and a half. However, the sole is perfect, not too wide and not too narrow, so it should fit you perfectly if you purchase the right size. 

The strip that surrounds the ankle ensures even better ankle support, and some wrestlers prefer to tie their laces just below the strip. This way, they feel like they have better mobility while still protecting their ankles from strains.


Good grip

What is essential when you train or when you take part in a match is that the shoe offers a good grip on the mat. This is an essential factor mostly because many times, wrestlers are put in different weird positions, which might cause them to strain or even break their ankles if they slip.

In general, a good grip depends on the outsole. The Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes come with an outsole made of rubber of high quality, which the manufacturer designed in such a way that the shoes prevent the wrestler who is using them from hurting themselves because the rubber has a great adherence to the mat.

The Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes have uni-soles. Even though some wrestlers prefer slit-soles, they are not as durable as uni-soles. The fact that a wrestling shoe has a uni-sole means that it is made of only one piece of rubber. 

If you are afraid that this will reduce your flexibility and range of motion, you don’t have to worry about that because the rubber used for the sole has a flexible consistency, which also prevents it from breaking or cracking. 

The quality of the rubber is really important, and if you read reviews on this aspect made for the Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes, you will be able to find only good feedback. The fact that it is combined with the uni-sole design also offers a long lifespan, combining two essential features that every wrestling shoe needs in order to be considered to be worth your money.

Also, the fact that the rubber sole also covers a part of the lateral sides of your feet and the big toe is great because you will get a good grip even when you are forced to move in the weirdest positions, and wrestling is all about that.

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