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A Short Guide To Improving Your Boxing Performance

Last Updated: 16.05.22



Your boxing performance depends on a lot of factors from the boxing gloves and shoes you use to the techniques you employ and your endurance level. You can find out more info here regarding the way shoes and their various features can help you with that.

Reaching your boxing performance goals requires training, both physical and mental. Boxing is not just about using the right defensive technique or having elevated endurance, it is also about mental performance.

Therefore, to help up your boxing performance, we have compiled below a list of tips and steps you might want to consider. You will find many extensive manuals describing the ins and outs of boxing yet if you are time-poor, you might want to check out this guide to elevate your game and do so safely.


Increase cardio endurance

Since boxing is a lot about endurance and muscle strength, working on your cardio and increasing your rate of oxygen absorption should be your primary concern. When boxing, you move constantly, therefore your muscles will be at work and they require oxygen to break down sugar and create energy.

Simply put, the better cardio you have, the more physical movements you can do without losing your breath. This will translate into better performance. Therefore, start by raising your cardio endurance through specific exercises such as swimming, skipping rope, and running. Hitting the bag and sparring are also great ways for increasing your cardio.


Raise your physical conditioning

More often than not, boxing is associated with strength when boxing is a physical exercise that requires the use of your entire body. It is not enough to have just strong legs or strong shoulders. To perform in the boxing ring, you need strong arms, shoulders, legs, and core, which further means that your strength should be coupled with speed, endurance, and power.

To enjoy all that, though, you will have to condition your muscles well enough to keep up with the repeated stress boxing involves. This means regular training. The exercises you go for though should cover all of your muscles.

Your trainer will help you get a personalized workout depending on your current physical condition but, most probably, your training program will include skipping rope, running, push-ups, squats, and many other exercises.

Plus, repeating the movements fighting involves is a great way to exercise and build the so-called muscle memory. Also, sparring with a real person, preferably somebody you don’t know, will sharpen your reflexes, which in time will help you enjoy better punching accuracy and speed.

Don’t forget about your flexibility. Your overall physical flexibility will directly affect your speed. The better speed you have, the fewer chances to get hit by your opponent. What you have to keep in mind is that you must balance your muscles. If you focus only on the leg muscles or arm muscles, your performance and range of motion will obviously be limited because of the muscle imbalance.

Work on your technique

You may have strong, well-developed muscles but if you lack technique, your boxing performance will show it. This is where a boxing trainer is needed. Today’s market offers lots of manuals teaching aspiring and even advanced boxers how to use the proper technique.

There are many things to learn about techniques but the bottom line as far as employing the right ones is that they will help you do the same thing with reduced effort and energy.

You will have to learn and try all sorts of techniques from punching ones to help you enjoy more speed and precision when hitting to defensive techniques that will help you avoid punches without your position being compromised.

Besides listening to an experienced trainer, you can also learn more about techniques by watching the best fighters and the way they fight, the techniques they use. You need to have your body ready, a good cardio endurance, well-conditioned muscles but you also need technique. You can’t enjoy the high performance you want without it.


Get mentally ready for boxing

One of the beautiful aspects of this sport is that it will help you work out your mental ability to focus. A strong body and a good technique must thus be paired with mental clarity. More often than not, especially beginners, are consumed with lots of energy-reducing and attention-diminishing thoughts.

Instead of worrying about losing your energy or simply losing the match, you can block such thoughts through mental training. Therefore, your boxing training does not include only squats, bag hitting, and skipping rope. It also includes exercises that will help you learn how to relax and keep calm even when fighting.

Staying focused will thus help you literally and metaphorically keep your head in the game. Thinking of hypothetical scenarios such as losing your energy too soon will only make you reduce the energy you could use instead to focus on your opponent and on anticipating his/her moves.

Clearing your head of any distractions and focusing on your game will help you enjoy greater precision and speed when punching and will even impact the time you get to enjoy until tiredness unfolds.

Other tips to elevate your performance

Working with a personal trainer is crucial if high results are desired. You can learn a lot by yourself but a more experienced trainer will teach you and show you things you will try and correct under his/her supervision.

Another reason why a personal trainer is important is that it will customize your training program depending on your current physical condition, your ability to focus, and your technique-related knowledge.

Remember that boxing is not something you learn overnight. It takes time to get your body and mind ready, to learn the techniques and how to focus, and to sharpen your reflexes. You might not see the results right away but that should not dishearten you. It’s just the same when you want to lose weight. Body and mind development processes take time, and therefore, you need to be patient.




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