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9 Reasons Why Muay Thai Is The Perfect Martial Art

Last Updated: 16.05.22



Muay Thai is celebrated as the martial art that manages to engage the entire body, and, if you’re looking for the right training equipment, you can check it out here. Simple and effective, this discipline is taking the world by storm, and just with a pair of new gloves for martial arts, you can start getting to work.

We will outline here all the reasons why Muay Thai is rightfully considered the perfect martial art right now. You will surely want to take up this type of training after reading our recommendations.


It is a full body workout

How many disciplines can brag about engaging your entire body? Known as the Art of the Eight Limbs, Muay Thai doesn’t let one muscle inside your body go untrained. You might have heard enough about how you need to include more full body workouts in your routine.

If so far you haven’t thought of a simple way to do so, take up Muay Thai. It will give your body a good workout, and you will be able to lose weight and tone all your muscles. Next time you go to the beach, you’ll make heads turn.

You’ll discover your inner warrior

Most martial arts do more than fortify the body. They also strengthen the mind. Muay Thai routines are often challenging, and they get you used to obstacles and how to overcome them.

Nothing is more rewarding than the realization that you managed to go through yet another tough workout. That will bring forward your inner warrior, and your mental strength will receive a boost. You will benefit from confidence that comes from the inside and is supported by a healthy body, at the same time.


There’s no more efficient striking martial art in the world

Not only professional athletes, but those who train as amateurs can vouch for this statement. Consisting of well-aimed punches and kicks, Muay Thai prepares you for striking your opponent and doing so efficiently.

For centuries, Muay Thai was celebrated as an effective striking martial art. Today, its qualities are recognized all over the world. If you’re looking to develop a technique that will make you stronger and a better fighter, that’s the discipline you should focus on.


Your entire body becomes a weapon

There’s no wonder many stand up fighters include Muay Thai in their preparation routines. When you practice like this, you realize that your entire body is a weapon. You’re using your fists, your knees, your shins, and your elbows. No other discipline can say that it gets the body engaged in such a manner.

At the same time, you need a strong core and balance to deliver effective punches and kicks. As you can see, developing a strong body is what Muay Thai is all about.

You will learn the value of hard work

The sense of accomplishment we were talking about earlier comes from overcoming obstacles along the way. Muay Thai techniques and routines can be very challenging, which means that you will work hard to master them. That will give you a skill that you can use in every aspect of your life, which is discipline.

Attending Muay Thai classes allows you to be in touch with other people dedicated to the same goal as you: to become a great fighter. Their hard work will stimulate and motivate you to overcome your limitations, too. That sense of purpose and the knowledge that you have the means to achieve it will serve you in everyday life, as well.


It is simple

Although its routines can be challenging, and you’ll have to repeat them to exhaustion to master them, Muay Thai is a simple martial art. That is part of its attraction. Anyone can learn it, from the youngest to the oldest.

Men and women alike can take up Muay Thai. Due to the high number of techniques available, you always feel like you’re doing something new. That also helps you shape up a good looking body that you will love to show off.


It is a technique you can learn for self-defense

Although it is excellent as a striking martial art, Muay Thai is also a great tool for self-defense. Tested time and time again in real life situations, it is a martial art that has withstood the test of time due to its versatility.

There are not only striking routines included. You will also learn about how to use the opponent’s momentum to your advantage, and you will become familiar with throws and other techniques that can help you overcome adversity in a self-defense situation.

Muay Thai is excellent to build stamina

Although kicking and punching a bag will tone your muscles, Muay Thai will give you plenty of aerobic exercising. You will need the stamina to sustain the explosiveness of this martial art. To get in shape for Muay Thai, you will have to practice running, shadowboxing, and jumping the rope.

All this exercise will boost your stamina. Even athletes from other disciplines use Muay Thai routines to prepare for competitions. If you practice Muay Thai regularly, you will have a stronger heart and stronger lungs. Plus, you will feel like nothing can stand in your way.


It is a fantastic calorie burner

Few physical disciplines can compete with Muay Thai in terms of calorie burning capabilities. In one hour of Muay Thai, you will be able to burn around 1,000 calories. In case your aim is weight loss, there’s hardly anything else you can do to burn calories like this.

The combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises makes Muay Thai such a fantastic workout. It will also tone your body while helping you get rid of all that extra weight. Due to the stamina boost you receive, you’ll no longer feel as fatigued as when performing other workout routines, and your body and mind will grow stronger as a whole.




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