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8 Best Wrestling Boots Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Best Wrestling Boot Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


Wrestling may not seem like a regular choice for exercising and keeping in shape but, in case you practice it, you probably know that it’s the best form to build muscles and work on defense moves. However, in order to stay away from injuries, you’re going to need professional gear, including the best wrestling boots on the market. And, if you don’t have the necessary time to look for them yourself, you can count on us. After conducting our own thorough market research, we have concluded that a reliable pair of shoes is the Ringside Diablo. The boots are available in five different colors and feature a contemporary style that will look good on your feet. They come in a patent leather vinyl finish and a high-ankle design for improved support and to reduce the risk of injuries. If this pair is not available right away, perhaps you should consider the ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe as an alternative.



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8 Best Wrestling Boots (Reviews) in 2022



Finding some good wrestling boots is not an easy task, especially with so many great options available on the market. And, while we cannot decide for you, we did make a list with some critically acclaimed choices. Showcased below you’ll find eight great pairs of wrestling boots, as well as everything you need to know about them.



1. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes


This product comes in five different colors, including a shade of vibrant pink, red, and blue. The boots are designed for both men and women even though the sizes are expressed in Men’s US sizes. A quick conversion will show you exactly what pair to buy if you’re a girl who’s looking for some affordable and comfortable boxing or wrestling shoes.

The item features a contemporary style without sacrificing comfort or support. The shoes are made of breathable nylon mesh and a patent leather vinyl finish for extra style and protection. The ankle-high design will protect your ankles from injuries without interfering with your freedom of movement.

The shoes are lightweight and are finished with non-slip rubber soles for increased comfort and safety when wrestling, fighting or boxing. Thus, you will lower the risk of falling, getting injured or spraining your ankle. According to most of the customers, these professional wrestling boots run true to size.



Available in a wide selection of colors and sizes, you’ll have no problems finding the best matching pair for you and the rest of your workout gear.

The shoes mold on your ankle perfectly, providing extra support while protecting you from injuries and bruises.

They are made of a unique combination of patent leather and mesh for increased comfort and breathability, meaning they will absorb extra moisture and keep your feet dry and warm throughout the day.

Most customers said the boots run to size, so you won’t have to worry about guessing the right fit for you.



Although most people appreciated the design and overall construction of these boots, some claimed they are too flexible, so that they cannot offer too much support for your feet.

Even though it’s not a shoe fault, the returning policy on this pair of boots seems rather complicated for certain users.

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2. ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe 


Made from textile and synthetic materials, the uppers of these wrestling shoes are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy optimal comfort. The Matflex 5 has all the traits of a proper wrestling shoe. It comes with a rubber outsole, which will supply the much-needed traction when you practice or fight.

Because of the use of breathable materials, you won’t experience accumulation of sweat, and your feet will remain dry and comfortable all the time. The manufacturer thought of making a shoe that strikes the perfect balance between price and performance, and it looks like it succeeded.

Some extras make this model stand out from the crowd. The Lace Garage technology was created to ensure that the shoelaces can be kept away from view. This is also a requirement for competitions, so you will be glad to hear that your shoes would be accepted by organizers of such events.



The highly breathable design ensures proper comfort for wearers who like to practice for a long time without worrying about sweating too much.

Overall, the design of these wrestling shoes caters to comfort above all else, and you will notice that from the first moment you put your feet in them.

A rubber outsole ensures that you will get the necessary traction for training to improve.

Another thing that must be mentioned about these shoes is that they offer excellent support, so you will feel that your feet are well-protected.



Like other footwear made by Asics, these shoes run small, so you will have to order at least half a size bigger to get a good fit, if not more.

It’s clearly not a model for people with wide feet, and even ordering larger sizes might not work to accommodate your feet well.

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3. Ringside Ring Master Boxing Shoes


If you’re looking for wrestling boots that provide maximum support and protection for all the lower areas of your leg, perhaps these ones from Ringside are suitable for you. They are available in three different colors, including blue and red, and will fit men’s US sizes 6-13.

If you’re a girl and you fell in love with these boots, the manufacturer suggests ordering a pair that is two sizes smaller than your regular size, as these are designed for men. In addition, the laces allow you to adjust the fit according to your requirements.

They are made of real suede and mesh to offer all the necessary comfort while remaining lightweight and breathable. Wearing these knee-high boots will support your ankles and provide increased protection to your tibia, preventing bruises, cuts, and more severe injuries.

The boots’ unique design is speed-inducing, granting you an advantage when you’re inside the wrestling ring.



These shoes come in plenty of men’s sizes, ranging from 6 to 13, and you can purchase your favorite pair even if you’re a girl, by going down two sizes than you would normally wear.

Ringside is a company with over three decades of experience in the boxing, wrestling, and MMA field, and this is also seen in the quality of the materials chosen to manufacture these boots – real suede and mesh for breathability.

The shoes are lightweight and, thanks to their knee-high length, they will provide maximum protection and support to your ankles and tibia, preventing injuries and sprains.

The rubber sole offers a great grip and prevents slipping and sliding.



There aren’t too many colors to choose from, so, if you care about the look of your sports gear, perhaps you should consider a model that is available in more than three colors.

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4. Rival Boxing- Youth Low Cut Boxing Boot


If your child just picked up boxing or wrestling and you’re in need of some quality gear right away, this pair of boots by Rival Boxing is an option worth mentioning.

The shoes are specifically designed to meet the needs of teenagers, so they weigh approximately 390 grams, more than a regular pair of wrestling boots for adults. The reason is that children require more protection as their bones and ligaments are weaker, and they are more prone to fractures or sprains.

The product is made of patent leather and mesh microfibers to provide the perfect balance between protection and ventilation. The mesh line ensures maximum airflow getting inside the shoe, cooling your feet and absorbing extra moisture.

The outsole is durable, thin, and flexible at the same time, offering a good grip and preventing you from slipping. In addition, the insoles are ergonomic and feature high-quality cushioning and arch support.



Affordable, flexible, and durable, this pair of youth boots represents a great choice for beginner wrestlers.

The product is made of high-quality materials, providing both support and maximum breathability for your feet to cool them down and absorb excess moisture.

The high-top profile is specifically designed to offer improved support for your ankles, keeping them tight and away from injuries and sprains.

These shoes also come with ergonomic insoles and superior cushion that perfectly molds on your heels to absorb shocks and keep your heels protected.



Although designed for teenagers, these boots only come in three sizes and one color – the lime green, so finding the perfect and most comfortable fit, alongside a style that will match the rest of your wrestling gear, may be hard.

According to some of the customers, the sizes of this product tend to run on the small side, so make sure to carefully check the manufacturer’s sizing guide before ordering your pair.

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5. Title Speed-Flex Encore Tall Boxing Shoes


If style is important to you, this pair of boots will certainly help properly express your personality. Choose one of the eight available designs and color combos, and make sure to opt for the right size, between men’s US 6 and 13.

Unlike other products, this one falls under the affordable category, making it a perfect training boot for newbies and youngsters. The shoes feature a synthetic leather upper with nylon fill to absorb excess moisture and prevent it from getting in contact with your skin.

They are lightweight and flexible while also providing increased comfort and enough support and protection for your ankles. The full lace design allows you to adjust the fit, according to your preferences.

The shoes measure approximately 12 inches in height, meaning they will cover the lower part of your leg, protecting your tibia and muscles from injuries, cuts, and bruises.



Unlike the more popular ankle-high boots, these ones are taller, meaning they will provide increased protection and support not only for your ankles but also for your tibia, keeping you away from nasty injuries.

The lightweight construction boosts your speed while offering increased freedom of movement in the ring.

The shoes are made of breathable fabrics that will absorb excess moisture and keep your feet dry and cool throughout the day, no matter how intense your workout becomes.

The soles come with a powerful grip, preventing you from slipping and falling.



Some customers claimed the sizes aren’t true to match and there aren’t any half sizes available, so you may have to order one size up for a better fit.

Although the price of an item doesn’t always dictate its quality, these boots sacrifice half the comfort and the durability of the materials used in order to become more affordable.

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6. Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes


If you prefer a classic pair of wrestling boots without the bling and the bold colors and designs, the new Undefeated model from Ringside is the right choice for you. It comes in two clean colors – white and black – so it can be easily matched with the rest of your boxing or wrestling gear.

The shoes feature a patent leather vinyl finish and mesh insertions to offer increased flexibility and breathability. They are designed to absorb excess moisture and cool down your feet, even after spending hours working out.

The non-slip rubber soles add comfort, safety, and stability while fighting to prevent slipping, falling, and injuring yourself. Also, the high-ankle design will keep your feet and ankles secured, reducing the risk of sprains or bruises.

We liked the entire construction of the shoe that is lightweight and flexible, allowing you maximum freedom of movement when you move inside the ring.



Unlike most other wrestling boots that are available in men’s sizes 6 and up, these shoes also come in sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5, so they can easily be worn by youngsters, children, and women who practice contact sports.

They are made of durable and high-quality materials to ensure increased support and protection, while also allowing your feet to breathe.

The high-top ankle design is perfect for increasing your performance in the field while also keeping your ankles protected from injuries.

The shoes can be easily put on and, thanks to the laces, you can easily create the perfect fit for your own needs.



If you plan on ordering these boots online, make sure to read the comments section before selecting the size, as many customers noted that the product tends to run a size bigger.

The flat soles combined with the lack of padding may cause sore feet, blisters, calluses, and even back pains if you use the boots on a regular basis.

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7. Asics Men’s Cael V7.0 Wrestling Shoe


With more than seventy years of experience in the sports gear field, the Japanese company Asics is known for delivering high-quality products and the latest technologies for improved protection and comfort.

The Cael V7.0 model was specifically designed for wrestlers and boxers closely following their needs. The product is available in five color options and in sizes up to 15 Men’s US, meaning they are suitable for people with large feet as well.

The boots are made of real suede for increased comfort and protection, while the mesh inserts allow your feet to breathe properly, absorbing excess sweat. The rubber sole closely follows the anatomical shape of the foot, providing support, absorbing shocks, and preventing you from slipping.

What we also liked about the Cael V7.0 is that it features a lace pocket that allows you to tuck in your laces and hide them.



Designed with performance in mind, this pair of Asics boots represents a great choice for boxers and wrestlers who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort and support.

The height of the shoes is perfect for keeping your ankles tight, preventing sprains and unnecessary injuries.

They are made of high-quality suede and mesh inserts that provide the perfect combination of protection, improved flexibility, and feet breathability.

Unlike other products, this one features a lace pocket where you can tuck in the laces after you tied them up, so you don’t risk tripping.



As many customers who ordered the boots mentioned, this pair of Asics runs at least half a size smaller and has an overall snug fit, so we suggest ordering one size up for full comfort, especially if you have wider feet.

Other people claimed that the upper suede part is rather thin, so the boots won’t last too many matches before they start wearing out.

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8. Adidas Men’s Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes


Adidas is the second biggest sportswear producer and retailer in the world, after Nike. It has over seven decades of success and continuously invests in the development of new technologies that will help athletes and people who love sports perform better and achieve greater results.

It is also the case of these new Pretereo III wrestling shoes, that come in five different colors, to perfectly match your personality and the rest of your combat gear. According to the majority of the customers, the pair runs true to size, so there is no need to worry about getting the perfect fit.

The shoes are entirely made of mesh for an ultra-lightweight design and improved flexibility. They provide maximum freedom of movement and will absorb all extra moisture or shocks, to prevent injuries. The length of the boots is perfect for protecting your ankles too, while the durable rubber soles will prevent slipping.



The item is made of almost 100% mesh, which means that it’s designed to absorb extra moisture and offer great ventilation to your feet, eliminating odors.

Another good thing is that Adidas is known for its stylish and fashionable products, so if you care about the way you look, you’ll certainly stand out in the crowd with one of the five color choices available for the new Pretereo III.

The boots are super lightweight and flexible, great attributes if you’re considering contact sports like boxing or wrestling, where speed is everything.

The rubber soles on these shoes are durable, providing a good grip, and preventing slipping or sliding.



A shoe made entirely out of mesh might not offer all the necessary support to prevent calluses, bruises, and injuries, especially in high-risk areas such as toes and heels.

According to some customers, the boots may need better soles as they can get quite slippery.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Finding the right pair of shoes to wear on the wrestling mat could be a serious challenge, especially if you’re a newbie in the field. So, if you’re looking for a pair of wrestling boots for sale that will improve your performances and remain comfortable the entire day, here are some of the characteristics you should take into consideration.

Size and fit

The most important feature you have to consider when opting for your next pair of workout boots is having the perfect size and fit. Look for products that are available in half sizes too, as they cater to the needs of more people and help you get a great fit, even when you choose to wear a thicker pair of socks or you have wider feet.

Keep in mind that a pair of boots that is too small will crowd your toes and put extra pressure on them, which could lead to blisters, calluses, and the inability of moving freely. On the other hand, shoes that are too loose won’t provide enough protection and may even cause you to trip and fall.

In order to get the right size, you need to carefully measure your feet and compare the results with the size chart provided by the manufacturer. If you’re a girl and your yellow wrestling boots only come in men’s sizes, you can opt for a pair that is two sizes smaller than what you usually wear.

You may also want to consider some online wrestling boots reviews of other customers who already purchased the product you’re interested in.

As a general rule, if you have narrow feet, you should order half a size or a full size smaller. On the contrary, people with wide feet should consider opting for up to one size bigger than they usually wear.



The materials used to manufacture the boots are of great importance also. Most pro wrestling boots are made of a combination of mesh and suede or leather to provide comfort, durability, and increased freedom of movement at the same time.

Since you’re going to make a lot of effort, expect to sweat more than usual. Thus, you need to opt for a pair of shoes that will absorb all extra moisture and allow your skin to breathe properly. Mesh is the right material to give you that and, combined with leather parts, it will also grant you support and protection on high-impact areas such as your toes and your heels.


Lightweight design

In wrestling, it’s all about moving your feet, so you’ll need a pair of boots that will enhance your speed and act as a second skin. No matter if you choose cheap wrestling boots or more expensive brands, one thing is for sure – the shoes must be as lightweight as possible.

A pair of boots that are heavy will only make you move slower. Thus, we strongly recommend you to opt for a pair that is lightweight yet strong enough to support your weight and provide maximum freedom of movement.



Another aspect to take into account when looking for your next pair of boxing or wrestling shoes is their length. Both wrestling and boxing are contact sports, meaning there is a high chance for you to injure yourself.

Ankle-length boots are amongst the most popular choices for both professional sportspeople and newbies, as they are meant to keep your ankles tight and prevent injuries or sprains.

On the other hand, they won’t do a great job preventing bruises and injuries above the ankle, and we all know wrestling can become quite competitive. Therefore, numerous professionals prefer opting for a knee-high length, usually made of leather or suede.

However, the downside of this type of boots is that they won’t provide enough ventilation for your feet, which may cause overheating and itching. And, since you’ll have to wear the shoes for many hours while practicing or fighting, you may also end up with calluses, swollen feet, and even fungus.

So, if protecting and securing your feet is important for you, you should consider buying a pair of knee-high boots made of breathable fabrics that won’t make you sweat or itch in time.


Colors and design

Last but not least, why opt for some dull, black wrestling boots when there are so many vibrant colors available? Wrestling gear is meant to be eye-popping and fun, so why not experiment with some crazy colors for your shoes? Avoid simple white wrestling boots too and allow yourself to try on some eye-catchy shades of bright red, pink, blue, and even neon green or orange.

These will certainly make a statement and may even distract your opponent in the ring, giving you an advantage.

If you’re more on the classic side, perhaps a pair with subtle pops of color is the right choice. There are plenty of options to choose from in all brands, so all you need to make sure is that your boots match your personality and the rest of your wrestling gear.



Best wrestling boots brands


Founded over seven decades ago, the Japanese multinational company ASICS Corporation activates in the fashion field, delivering high-quality footwear and sports equipment for numerous sports, including wrestling.

The company is known for constantly investing in new technologies, and its shoes have been ranked among the top performance footwear in the world, praised by thousands of professional athletes and millions of customers.

Similar to other brands in the field, ASICS has definitely influenced the world of wrestling and boxing with its high-performance gear. The Split Second V is one of the most popular shoe designs wrestlers take into the ring, as it is lightweight, durable, and snug on the ankles to provide maximum support and protection.

The company sells a variety of models to meet the needs of wrestlers of all ages and both genders. The designs are both classy and bold, combining the latest technologies with contemporary lines to appeal to all its customers.


The iconic “brand with three stripes” has had seven decades of success and it has become a global sign of street style and streetwear. The company was founded in Germany by Adolf “Adi” Dassler and, throughout the years, has turned into a symbol of youth and has literally changed cultures.

Once seen as the epitome of capitalism in communist Europe, now it’s the largest sportswear manufacturer on the continent, occupying a second global position, after the American company Nike.

The reason why Adidas has become so popular is that it’s always connected to the latest trends in fashion and street style, managing to deliver a plethora of options, both fashionable and comfortable, at affordable prices.

The company is known for its collaborations with famous international designers and celebrities, including Stella McCartney, Jeremy Scott, Pharrell, and Rita Ora. In the wrestling field, the German brand keeps the line fresh and clear, delivering quality shoes made of both breathable materials and suede, in vibrant colors and designs.


With over 30 years of experience in the field, Ringside is an American-based company specialized in manufacturing sports equipment and accessories. From gloves to boxing bags, fitness equipment, and wrestling shoes, the brand provides high-quality products at affordable prices.

It is dedicated to becoming the most important retailer in the industry, so it comes as no surprise that it invests in developing its own ground-breaking technologies. Ringside mainly focuses on manufacturing quality gear and accessories for boxing and other contact sports, so you can count on it to find the perfect pair of wrestling boots, whether you’re a pro or a newbie.

The Injected Molded Foam Technology (IMF Tech), the Molded Protective Foam Technology or the Gel Shock are just a few of the company’s technologies that delivered products providing  improved protection and comfort, whether we’re talking about punching gloves or wrestling boots.


Founded in 1998, Title started as a company manufacturing gear and accessories for the boxing world. A decade later, in 2007, it expanded to cover other contact sports such as kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and cage fighting. Soon, it became a trustworthy brand appreciated by both professionals and beginners.

Title aims to deliver products and accessories that will improve your game and help you master some of the most refined boxing and mixed martial arts techniques. It focuses on lightweight and durable gear that feels like a second skin and promises to enhance your fighting style while keeping you protected from injuries.

The brand’s products are manufactured with the latest technologies, including Aerovent, Gel Enforced Lining, and Zero Impact to protect your body and keep your hands or feet properly ventilated after prolonged workout routines.

Moreover, the company expanded in the field of fighting, so that now is an authorized distributor of other important trademarks such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Muhammad Ali, Fairtex, and Golden Boy.



Frequently asked questions about wrestling boots


Q: What are wrestling boots made of?

As we’ve previously mentioned in our buying guide, the utility of a pair of wrestling boots is determined by the materials used to manufacture it. If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable pair, opt for boots made of leather or suede.

Mesh is another fabric extremely popular because it makes the shoes more lightweight and ensures maximum breathability and freedom of movement. If you plan on keeping your boots on for extended workout routines, you’d better choose a pair that absorbs extra moisture and keeps your feet dry and warm, without overheating them.



Q: Are wrestling boots padded?

Depending on the type of boots you opt for, some of them can come with extra padding. The padding is either in the form of gel pads or memory foam that molds on the shape of your leg to provide extra protection against injuries, blisters, calluses, and sprained ankles.

However, many models of wrestling boots aren’t padded but they do feature a reinforced material in high-impact areas such as your toes, your heels, and the ankles. Keep in mind that boxing and wrestling shoes should be as lightweight as possible to allow you to move fast and freely inside the ring, so any added weight or heavy padding may slow you down.


Q: Do wrestling boots make you taller?

Most wrestling boots come with flat soles made out of rubber to ensure increased freedom of movement. Some models feature soles measuring half an inch up to one inch in height but it’s only to offer more support and stability when running and moving on the mat.

So, to answer your question, wrestling boots won’t make you taller by more than an inch, therefore you should think of alternative ways to compensate the lack of height and make yourself look more frightening to your opponent. Perhaps putting some more weight and muscles?  


Q: How to measure for wrestling boots?

When it comes to finding the right pair of boxing or wrestling shoes, sizing and fitting are crucial. The first step to choosing the correct size is to check the manufacturer’s sizing guide and compare it with other shoes that fit you well.

Keep in mind that some brands are known for delivering shoes that are up to one size bigger or smaller than the standard measurements, so make sure to also read the reviews of other customers and see what they have to say. For instance, most Nike shoes do run at least half a size smaller.


Q: What to wrestling boots do?

If you just picked up wrestling, perhaps you don’t know the difference between a regular pair of shoes and ones specifically designed for this sport.

First of all, wrestling boots are lightweight. They shouldn’t weigh a lot and should act as a second skin, protecting your feet in all key elements such as the heels, the ankles, and the toes.

Secondly, most wrestling boots are higher than regular workout sneakers and sports shoes because they are designed to provide maximum support and protection to your ankles, to prevent sprains and injuries.

Thirdly, these boots should also be made of durable yet breathable materials to ensure proper ventilation and absorb excess moisture.



Unavailable products


Rival Boxing Boots Rsx One High Tops


If you’re looking for a more classic look, this pair of boots from Rival Boxing could prove a suitable choice. It comes in black with subtle accents of your favorite color, including orange and lime.

It is made of a combination of ventilated mesh and cowhide suede upper to provide the perfect balance between protection and breathability. This way, your feet and ankles will remain dry and protected from injuries all day long.

The ankle-high design offers increased support to your ankles, while the flexible and durable outsole comes with plenty of grip to prevent slipping and injuring yourself. These boots also feature ergonomic insoles with superior arch support and cushion to prevent calluses, blisters, and foot injuries.

When it comes to sizing, most customers agreed that they are constructed on the wider fit, so we suggest opting for half a size smaller than you usually wear.



These boots are made of the perfect combination of mesh and suede that provides durability and breathability, ensuring maximum freedom of movement and protection when practicing your favorite sport.

The length of the product is perfect for covering the entire area of your ankles, offering support and protection against sprains, bruises, and other types of injuries.

The sturdy and reliable outsoles ensure a good grip, preventing you from falling or slipping while practicing.

These shoes are available in a great variety of sizes, ranging from US Men’s 7 to US Men’s 15, which also caters to the needs of people with big feet that have a hard time finding a comfortable pair of shoes that fit right.



A user mentioned that the boots are too heavy and that he didn’t think they’re suitable for his needs. However, their 0.85-pound weight isn’t considered heavy by most standards.




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