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8 Best Heavy Punching Bags – 2022 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 04.07.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Heavy Punching Bags + Reviews


Here you’ll find some examples of the best heavy punching bag brands on the market, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to look into these things by yourself. Even if you are not a professional boxer, you may sometimes need a good heavy punching bag. After carefully examining the quality and value aspects of some of the critically acclaimed products in this line, our team has decided that the Ringside Soft Filled Powerhide is a very good choice. The product’s soft foam liner provides a comfortable hitting surface, thus lowering any risk of injury. It comes with a heavy bag chain and a swivel while weighing approximately 100lbs. This ensures it’s light enough to be manageable while still constituting a true heavy punching bag. In the unfortunate event that the Ringside Soft Filled Powerhide is not available, you may also want to consider the RDX Zero Impact Punching Bag.



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8 Best Heavy Punching Bags (Reviews) in 2022



Buying the right bag is always a tough choice since there are so many options available. In the end, it will come down to your level of proficiency, your size, your weight, as well as the amount of time you plan to spend hitting it. While we couldn’t try all of them, we did enough boxing to come up with a pretty good list of your best options.



1. Ringside 100 pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag


The Ringside Soft Filled Powerhide bag is a classic in gyms everywhere and it has earned that place with countless hours of being on the receiving end of heavy hits while offering good performance. It received compliments from amateurs as well as professional fighters so if you can afford it there’s really no way you can go wrong with it.

It’s very well built so it helps you avoid things like sore knuckles or wrist injuries even if your technique is not the best. It comes with rings and chains that offer a big improvement from the average straps that wear out in time and it’s an even better heavy punching bag with stand due to being a little shorter than other similar bags.

The additional perks such as the D ring on the bottom and the heavy bag chain and swivel are all part of the price so they are a very nice bonus. However, if you are heavier and more experienced, you might be happier with a different type of bag since this one aims to also please the beginners.

This bag can literally take a beating since it’s all laced up and with a quality interior. The surface is smooth and even after a long period of usage it should still look very much like it did on the first day that you bought it.

If a leather bag is not in the books then this is certainly a top option that you can consider for your workouts. It is a true heavy punching bag made from durable materials so you won’t have to buy a new one after a few months of pounding. It’s not sinking or sagging at awkward angles after powerful hits and the attractive look and feel is always a bonus.

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2. Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag


If you need a free standing heavy punching bag, the Century Original Wavemaster won’t make the choice easy for you as it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. However, with that price comes great quality and resistance since it can take quite a beating.

Because it is built to withstand high-impact kick and punches, this bag can be your perfect training partner for an intense workout session. It will help train your body while also developing skills that are very important for a fighter such as endurance and coordination.

The bag offers flexible options since it can be filled with sand or water and its round base means the unit can be rolled away fairly easily. When completely filled, it offers a solid weight of about 250 pounds and seven height adjustments between 47” and 68”. It is a good standing heavy punching bag that you can use to practice your techniques.

Furthermore, it is a convenient way of working out especially if you don’t have a place to hang a classic heavy punching bag. If you’ve filled it properly, especially with sand, it will withstand a lot of punishment and it will last quite a while. It’s also rock-solid so it will not move around much when hitting it, offering you the possibility of setting your own pace and rhythm.

Reports coming in from very large or very strong people suggest that when receiving extremely powerful or accurate kicks and blows, the bag might not always be stable, especially if you filled it with water, not sand. If you buy it and you are proud of your own strength, make sure to use sand so you can have a proper workout.

Overall, this bag can definitely be used to improve your cardio and stamina since it offers many things for the price you have to pay when buying it.

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3. Ringside 100 pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag


Ringside has once again outdone itself when it comes to boxing bags, this time offering one that is suitable for any kind of martial art. The 100 pound Muay Thai Heavy Bag is a solid example of good craftsmanship and proper usage of high-quality materials. It is a solid full-length bag and thanks to its long body you can use it for both punches and kicks.

It absorbs impact quite well and the material allows you to hit it even without proper hand protection. It is actually such a quality piece that people recommend it for both home and commercial usage, so this itself is a positive review.

The bag will weigh 100 lbs when it is filled so it is heavy enough not to swing too much, even from powerful punches and kicks. Many taller and stronger users often dislike this type of top medium quality bags but this one’s 72” length combined with the weight makes for a good training bag.

Another bonus is that it’s already filled, so you just have to hang it and hack away. It’s also shown to hold shape quite well even after heavy use, the type of which you can expect in a gym.

The outer shell is made from a synthetic material that will offer an almost genuine leather experience. Another bonus is that there are no leather or latex name patches on its surface that usually serve to scrape the knuckles when hitting the bag.

A con would be that such a tall and heavy bag will require a high and strong ceiling to hold it, so make sure to test out yours before buying it. Furthermore, it has no bottom loop to fix it to the floor but many users will feel that it’s not necessary for this length.

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4. Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand and 100lb Heavy Bag Kit Value Bundle


If you’ve gotten in shape and are ready to take your routine up a notch, this might just be the perfect fit for you. Exercising with this unit will help improve your endurance, stamina, and agility while offering a compact solution for home fitness, small gyms or other small spaces. This is a good heavy punching bag stand that is more than likely worth the money.

Sometimes you don’t have the space or the necessary walls to get a hanging bag so a standing heavy punching bag is really the only thing that you can get. Because of that, if you’re powerful, you might face some problems when hitting these kinds of bags because they will start to move.

The advantage with this Everlast product is that it is easily moveable and can go wherever you need to put it. Furthermore, it comes with trustworthy three-weight plate pegs that offer a creative solution to any necessary counterweight stability.

The high-quality steel tubing makes for a sturdy bag that is built for strength and long lasting usage. Moreover, the frame has a powder coating that serves to create an attractive finish while also providing scratch-resistant resilience. You can even use this bag outdoors should you feel the desire to do so.

The included gloves and wraps come as an added bonus especially for beginners in the art of boxing, even though advanced users claim there are certainly better products out there.

Overall, this is a nice product that can serve as a workout partner for those who don’t have the space or desire to get a hanging bag but still want to get a quality workout. Even if taller and more powerful people will find better options available, all around this is a great beginner and intermediate user hitting bag.

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5. Everlast P00001222 40LB Heavy Bag Heavy Punching Bags


The Everlast P00001222 Heavy Bag can be summarized as an amazing choice for a very narrow area of punching bags. If you’re just getting into boxing or you just got your child into it and you have to buy one for a beginner, this is a great option. It’s made from premium, synthetic leather that provides great feeling and lasting durability.

Even if it’s made mostly for beginners or lighter intermediates, it’s a good bag when it comes to shock absorption due to its specifically blended mix. This also serves as protection, so if you’re looking to get a bag that will protect your child’s hands, this Everlast model can be your top choice.

However, it is pretty hard to hit so make sure you wear some form of hand protection, just to be on the safe side. On the upside, this means very little swing in between punches or kicks so you can get into a rhythm fairly quickly.  If you are a professional fighter though or a trained vet, you may find this product a little bit disappointing as it won’t offer too much of a challenge.

If budget is an issue, this bag is on the affordable side of good punching bags so you may want to also take that into consideration. Keep in mind that a beginner will not tear through one of these nearly as quickly as a seasoned kickboxer for example, so a pretty stable bag made from good material that should last for a while is not a bad investment at all.

The single biggest flaw this bag has is there are simply better products available if you do a little research on the market. If you’re just looking for a workout bag for home use but you still want some quality so you don’t have to change it in a year’s time, then this is the perfect fit.

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6. Everlast P00001263 70LB Heavy Bag Heavy Punching Bags


Compared to the last one we presented, this 70-pound Everlast model has the advantage of weight and is more suitable for people who literally “pack a punch”. Other than that, it’s also made from premium synthetic leather with reinforced webbing and thus offers great quality and durability.

The filler mix inside the bag is specially blended for receiving powerful shocks from punches and kicks so it’s unlikely that this bag will bend in half when you take your anger out on it. The price and quality ratio is great because even though this bag is not among the cheapest ones you can get, it offers great value for your money.

Again, this is still a hard punching bag so wearing gloves is advisable, especially for beginners. On the other hand, more advanced boxers will find that between this and the increase in weight, the swing was really taken down a notch and they can now put more force in their punches without the bag going halfway across the room.

Another bonus would be the fact that it is easy to use since it comes pre-filled so you don’t have to worry about it. Furthermore, your package will also contain a decent amount of chains so you will be able to strap it in right away. While not an extensive amount, those chains are enough to get you started and can later be upgraded on, should you wish to.

This bag does not really have a lot of cons, other than the fact that despite the leather material, it’s a hard one to hit so it is advisable for beginners to protect their hands at all times to prevent injury. There have also been a few reported cases where customers found a broken zipper or loose stitching, even though the sheer amount of positive reviews overwhelms those ones.

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7. RDX Punching Bag Unfilled Set Kick Boxing Heavy


If you’re not only into classic boxing but also like to throw in a few kicks every once in a while, then this is a perfect bag for you. The RDX Zero Impact punching bag comes with enhanced features specially created to offer the perfect sway and resistance ratio. Due to the tethered loop at its base, you can go all-out on it without any problems.

It’s also very durable and can withstand large amounts of punishment so you probably won’t have to replace it after a few months. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a bag that can fit your home or gym needs and can even be used for initiating beginners.

The heavy-duty top closure is a bonus since it’s waterproof and also makes the bag perfect for outdoor use should you feel the need to go outside. The bag is made from quality leather which feels great, lasts even more and the stitching is also nicely done. Overall, this is definitely a professionally-made bag which can also be used by amateurs.

There are reports of chains sometimes breaking after a while of taking heavy damage. So if you are a powerful fighter who likes to work out every day, you may need to keep this in mind. As it wears down with time, the filling sometimes seems to slightly sink to the bottom thus also increasing the swinging of the bag.

Overall though, it’s a great punching bag for people starting out in martial arts or people wanting to get back in shape. RDX is renowned for offering good quality at affordable prices so while this bag can present a few question marks later down the road, the amount of time it will take to get to that point and the satisfaction you will get will make you happy to have bought it.

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8. Ringside Elite Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag


If you want a free standing heavy punching bag, then this product from Ringside is one of your best alternatives. Built especially for people who don’t have the walls or the desire to actually hang a bag from them, this bag can offer you heavy punching bag workouts without the need to drill holes into your house.

Heavy punching bag reviews claim it can withstand anything you throw at it without the danger of falling over, even if its main purpose is allowing you to exercise wherever you feel it’s more convenient. For people with an active, on-the-go lifestyle and some spare space in their car, this bag can really prove to be a blessing.

The quality, durable vinyl shell hides a shock-absorbing foam so you know you will at least get some protection for your hands. A nice thing about this bag is that it comes with a base pad so your kicks will also be protected, even if you hit hard. The plastic base of the bag can be filled with up to 270 pounds of sand or even water.

People who like this option claim that while not as hard and solid as a hanging, old-school bag, this one has the advantage of being able to be used in tight spaces and with the way its foundation is built, it allows the bag to be mostly still when taking hits.

The punching resistance is also good, especially when it is filled with sand. The spring is reported to sway pretty easily from heavy hits but it bounces back fast enough to allow you to get into a rhythm because the foundation is so stable.

A freestanding fitness bag and a punching heavy bag can never be mirror images of each other. That being said, this Ringside bag does a great job for providing aerobic workouts, even with minor cons such as small fill holes where the sand has to go through or not enough space between the holes for the screws holding the flange.

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Yearly Guide & Report


If you are in dire need of buying a heavy bag, the plethora of available options can certainly be intimidating for somebody who is just starting out. Due to the many questions about the different weights, the type of fill, and the type of covering, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed. Here are the main characteristics you should take into account when buying a new bag.

A Lighter Bag or A Heavier Bag?

If you ask a sporting goods salesman this question you can receive a multitude of answers if they can do their job well or even a blank stare if that’s not the case. Regardless, never fall for the old trick that heavier bags are for professionals only because “they hit harder”.

Basically, the difference in weight will directly influence the amount of resistance that the bag is going to give. While it is obvious that a heavier bag will require more force to move, note that a swinging bag is not always a bad thing as it ensures you’re not just standing idly swinging from your hands.

Regardless, punching with more power is not only related to strength but it is also about the technique. With that in mind, choose your punching bag weight while considering the type of training you will do on it and your punching power and expertise.


Does It Matter What It Is Filled With?

Of course, the filling is very important as every kind of filling will feel different when hitting the bag. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of possible fills and the one is used will also determine the final weight of the bag.

First, you will have the hard fill, which is a shredded fiber fill enclosed in a cell foam liner. Second, soft fill bags are pretty much the same except they come with a 2” liner where the heavy ones only have 1”. The third option would be a water bag, which tends to provide a unique workout.

The differences can be measured in the stiffness of the bag, how it holds its shape and the impact it has on your body. While heavy ones are the most resilient and the soft bags are a close second, water bag workouts are special because your hits make it move around but it always comes back, sort of like a human body.


What About The Covering?

When it comes to the covering, there are nevatear heavy bags, canvas bags, or good old leather bags. The difference is simply in the quality and how much work you want to do on it.

While a good leather bag is bound to last for a long time without acquiring major flaws in the process, canvas bags are also winning ground when it comes to durability and the feeling you have when hitting them. The usual thought process is that these materials stretch better over the filling thus offering better protection for your hands.

Vinyl bags are an option, even though they certainly don’t have the same reviews when it comes to endurance. They do come at a lower price though so if you feel that you’d likely lose some punching time to save some money, go for it.

Other Considerations

Your roof should certainly have something to say when you want to buy a heavy punching bag. If you don’t have a strong roof when you can hang it, you may want to think about a free standing bag or a heavy bag stand.

Another factor to consider should be your weight because a thinner person does not have to buy a 150-pound bag to get a workout out of it. Consider your options and buy a bag that will give you proper resistance and help you reach your training objectives.




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