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8 Best Adidas Wrestling Shoes Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 16.05.22


Best Adidas Wrestling Shoe Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


Wrestling is a full-contact sport that is designed to improve your combat skills and help you win a fight, no matter the circumstances. So, if you decided to give it a try, you must start with finding the right gear, including the best Adidas wrestling shoes to secure your feet and ankles. After conducting our thorough market research, we have concluded that a reliable pair of shoes would be the Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5. They are available in various colors and sizes, so you won’t have any problem finding the perfect match for your needs and personality. They have a mesh main component, ensuring improved ventilation, and feature a split-suede leather and mesh outsole for maximum flexibility and protection. The anti-slip rubber soles are designed to prevent falling and injuring on the mat. If these shoes are not available right away, a good alternative would be the Men’s Boy’s HVC2 Wrestling.



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8 Best Adidas Wrestling Shoes (Reviews) in 2022



Finding the right pair of Adidas impact wrestling shoes could prove a struggle, especially since there are countless good options available on the market. And, while we didn’t try them all, we were able to narrow down the list to several products that we think are suitable for wrestling. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need to know about them.



1. Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5


If you’re looking for a simple pair of white Adidas wrestling shoes, the Combat Speed 5 is a classic. It is available in various sizes, ranging from 4M US to 15M US, meaning you can easily find the perfect match. In addition, there are also half sizes available which allow you to get the right fit without being too narrow or too loose.

The shoes are made of high-quality mesh that ensures maximum ventilation for your feet, allowing them to remain cool and dry throughout the day, no matter how hard you train on the mat.

The split-suede outsole is designed to offer flexibility and increased freedom of movement, while also protecting your toes and heels from injuries by absorbing shocks. The high-ankle design offers comfort and protection for your ankles, preventing sprains and pains caused by injuries.

In addition, the rubber soles are anti-slip, making sure you won’t slip and fall on the mat when practicing or wrestling.

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2. Adidas Men’s Boy’s HVC2 Wrestling Mat Shoe Ankle Strap 2 Colors AQ3325


These shoes are great for beginners and professional wrestlers alike and, since they are available in multiple sizes, including kids’ sizes, finding the perfect fit shouldn’t be hard, no matter your age. The boots also come in various colors, including royal blue, gray, as well as the blue/red/white combo for those who take pride in the national colors.

The shoes are made of synthetic leather and suede and feature a mesh upper to provide increased breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day.

The laces and the Velcro strap around the ankle ensure maximum support and a customized fit, no matter how narrow or wide your feet are. In addition, the high design will secure your ankles and prevent injuries and sprains.

The one-piece outsole offers an unmatched grip and will prevent you from slipping and falling on the mat, thus reducing the risk of injuries.

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3. Adidas Men’s Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes


These Adidas men’s wrestling shoes are available in five colors and over ten different sizes, so finding the perfect fit and style shouldn’t be a hard task. Most customers said they fit as expected, but you may want to order up to 1.5 sizes smaller if you’re a woman and have to have these wrestling boots in your wardrobe.

The product is made of mesh and suede, ensuring maximum freedom and flexibility for your feet, as well as comfort. They are designed to keep your feet cool and dry, no matter the intensity of your training. The boots are taller than other pairs, which allows them to cover all the area of your ankles, providing support and protection, and preventing bruises and sprains.

The sticky rubber outsole ensures a tight grip which means it won’t slip on the mat causing unbalance and leading to injuries or sprains.

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4. Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard David Taylor Edition Wrestling Shoes


Adidas continues its series of famous collaborations with the new line from worldwide known wrestler David Taylor. The shoes are available in four different patterns sporting vibrant colors and interesting details.

They are available in numerous sizes, ranging from 5.5 US to 16 US, meaning finding the right fit for you should be easy. In addition, more than 90% of the customers who purchased the boots claim they fit true to size, so you can just order your regular number.

They are made of high-quality mesh, ensuring maximum ventilation for your feet and keeping them cool and dry throughout the day. The shoes are lightweight and extremely flexible, providing unmatched freedom of movement so you can exercise all your moves and wrestling techniques.

Also, the superior rubber outsoles create great grip and flexibility, preventing injuries on the mat. The heels are cushioned, absorbing shocks and ensuring comfortable wearing, without worrying about blisters or calluses.

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5. Adidas Tech Fall 16 Rio Wrestling Shoes White-Red


If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd with a pair of amazing Adidas shoes for wrestling, the Tech Fall 16 Rio is the right choice. Keep in mind that these shoes are mainly designed for professionals, hence the price tag, but they are made with the newest technologies, ensuring great comfort and protection for your feet.

The product is made of high-quality mesh and features leather inserts on the heels and toes, providing increased flexibility while also absorbing shocks and protecting these sensitive areas from injuries. The boots offer maximum ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day and absorbing extra moisture.

The rubber and foam outsoles not only provide a good grip and prevent slipping on the mat but also increase the level of comfort for your heels, absorbing shocks and preventing blisters, calluses, and injuries. They run true to size according to most customers.

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6. Adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M


This futuristic pair of wrestling shoes is everything you need to stay comfortable and cool during your training sessions. It is made of high-quality mesh and synthetic leather to ensure increased flexibility and moisture absorption, leaving your feet dry and cool for the entire day.

They are available in numerous men’s sizes and if you want to turn them into the perfect pair of women’s Adidas wrestling shoes, make sure to order 1.5-2 sizes smaller than you usually wear.

The high-tech outsole is specifically designed to absorb shocks and provide increased comfort and protection around the toe and heel area. Thus, they will prevent calluses, bruises, and blisters.

The high-ankle design and the lace ensure a close and snug fit, according to your needs, while also keeping your ankles secure and preventing them from sprains or injuries. The shoes are lightweight, flexible, and durable at the same time.

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7. Adidas Wrestling Men’s Response 3.1 Wrestling Shoe


Created to impress, these boots will certainly make you stand out on the mat thanks to their bright colors and youthful design. They are available in five color combos and various sizes, ranging from Men’s US 8.5 to 11.

The shoes are made of synthetic fibers and feature a mesh upper, providing increased flexibility and breathability, allowing your feet to remain cool and dry, even after hours of training in a row. The heels and toe areas are reinforced with faux leather, offering increased comfort and protection against injuries, without interfering with your feet’s freedom of movement.

The rubber outsoles measure 0.77 inches, enough to absorb shocks, prevent blisters and calluses, and also ensure a tight grip on the mat. Thus, your feet won’t slip and you’ll be able to perform all your wrestling moves freely.

The Velcro ankle strap secures your ankles and prevents sprains and bruises.

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8. Adidas Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoes Mens


Are you looking for a cool pair of red Adidas wrestling shoes, or maybe some bright yellow ones? If style is as important to you as comfort, the new Mat Zero shoes are the perfect choice.

Designed to stand out in the crowd and protect your feet at the same time, the shoes are made of high-quality mesh that absorbs extra moisture and sweat, leaving your feet cool and dry throughout the day. The flexible TPU on the shoe’s side panels ensure a snug, sock-like fit that closely follows the movement of your feet, providing ultimate flexibility and protection.

The outsoles are made of high-quality rubber that delivers aggressive traction, preventing your feet from slipping on the mat. Moreover, the anatomical shaped tongue and the heel tapes are designed to absorb shocks, increasing the level of comfort while also offering protection against injuries.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Are you looking for a decent pair of Adidas youth wrestling shoes (or one for adults) to start your training right away? Here are the main features you have to focus on to make sure you pick the perfect footwear according to your needs.

Size and fit

The most important feature to consider is finding a suitable size and fit for your feet. Keep in mind that a pair of loose boots won’t stick to your feet tight, which means it can cause injuries. Loose shoes may also prevent you from performing all the required wrestling moves, too.

On the other hand, a pair of shoes that is too tight can cause blisters, calluses, and increased discomfort in the long term, especially since feet tend to get swollen after a while. Tight shoes can also cut off blood circulation, causing you to breathe harder and get tired easier.

Bear in mind that most Adidas shoes are on the smaller size, so we recommend ordering half a size up or even one full size up if you have wide feet. However, if you’re a kid and cannot seem to find the perfect Adidas kids’ wrestling shoes, you can choose a regular men’s boot with a size that is 1.5-2 numbers smaller than you would usually wear.

Also, if your feet fall in-between sizes, it is always best to order half a size up as you’ll also be wearing socks and your feet might swell after a couple of hours.

In terms of fitting, your shoes should feel snug enough without being uncomfortable or too tight to cut off blood circulation. Luckily, most shoes come with laces that allow you to adjust the fit according to your needs.


Materials used

Another aspect to consider whenever opting for a new pair of adults’ or boys’ Adidas wrestling shoes is the main material used to manufacture them. The most popular choices on the market include wrestling boots made of synthetic fabrics, mesh, leather, suede, and a combination of them.

Each type of shoes serves a certain purpose, so make sure the pair you opt for matches your wrestling style and personal requirements. For instance, shoes made entirely out of leather are more rigid and are designed for stronger players who need more stability on the mat.

On the contrary, a pair of shoes made of mesh is more flexible, ensuring maximum freedom of movement and helping you practice a wide array of wrestling moves and techniques.

And if you’re looking for a pair that has the best of both worlds, we recommend opting for shoes made of a combination of suede and mesh. The mesh will provide excellent ventilation, absorbing extra moisture and keeping your feet cool and dry for hours.

On the other side, the suede inserts will help keeping your feet protected, absorbing shocks and preventing injuries on your maximum pressure points such as the heel area and toes.


Rubber outsoles

Considering that wrestling matches are held on mats, you’ll need a pair of boots that won’t slip, causing injuries and damage to your feet.

Rubber outsoles are the right choice under these circumstances, but it would be best to test the shoes before buying them, to make sure you get a good grip.



You must probably wonder why a regular pair of shoes wouldn’t suffice for your wrestling training. As you already discovered, almost all boots specifically designed for this contact sport feature a taller design, covering the ankles, and, sometimes, even your tibia and the inferior part of your leg. The reason is that ankles are prone to injuries and sprains if you don’t take good care of them.

A good pair of boots will cover the entire ankle area, ensuring increased protection and maximum comfort. A taller pair of boots may also prevent your feet from swelling as it reduces the pressure put on your ankles by your body weight by redistributing it.


Buckles, straps, and laces

The closing system of your wrestling shoes is also important because it ensures a good fit. Most pairs of boots come with an ankle Velcro strap that not only allows you to easily put on and take off the shoes but also provides a snug fit.

These Velcro straps are the choice of many wrestlers because they are flexible and, unlike metallic buckles, won’t cause injuries when applying extra pressure on them during your training sessions. Zippers are avoided for a similar reason as the metallic or plastic key can break, corrode or cause injuries and cuts.



Last but not least, Adidas is the worldwide champion of street style, and each pair of shoes is not only a combination of performance and comfort but also a declaration of one’s personal style. No matter if you’re opting for bold colors or some traditional black Adidas wrestling shoes, you need to make sure they define you as a person and as a wrestler.

Style is mainly important for youngsters and newbie wrestlers, and Adidas knows how to deliver fun and fresh designs that meet the requirements of a casual, laid-back wrestler. From bright and neon colors to bold patterns, camo prints, and ombre details, there is at least one pair of boots that will match your personality and the rest of your wrestling gear.


Looking after your shoes

If you want to make the most out of your gear, you have to take proper care of your shoes. Make sure to clean them according to their specifications and always refer to the label to prevent scratches or accidents.

For instance, most mesh shoes can be safely washed in a regular washing machine, while those made of suede or leather need specific leather care products like sprays and creams to make sure the material doesn’t crack or destroy in time.





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