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7 Greatest Russian Boxers

Last Updated: 16.05.22



While getting a new stand for boxing bag or a stand alone punching bag will directly impact the way you train, knowing more about the greatest boxers in history proves to work as a great motivator and inspires boxers of all levels. Check out this article for more on the gear you need to up your boxing experience and read today’s post for a short list of some of the best boxers in the world.

We have dedicated a few other posts to UK’s best boxers as well as to the greatest American fighters, therefore, we’re moving on today to explore the Russian boxing stage. We have mentioned below a few of the most important figures in the field of boxing yet the list could easily be extended with other names.

Whether you’re simply interested in enriching your knowledge of boxing history or you’re looking for inspiration to do more in the ring, the following fighters are worth taking into account.


Kostya Tszyu

Beginning his boxing activity at 9, Kostya Tszyu has enjoyed popularity and admiration for his achievements and unique fighting style. He is often praised for being the first 140-pound fighter to unify three titles. Tszyu won the undisputed and lineal titles at light-welterweight and held multiple world championships.

The Russian-Australian professional boxer is often regarded as a national hero by both Australia and Russia. His fame and game have spread across the entire world, though.

His accuracy, timing, incredible balance, and punching power have turned him into a fighter many beginners and more advanced boxers resort to for technique and inspiration. Tszyu’s collection of titles is paired with several gold medals he won at the European Championships.

Dmitry Bivol

With a career that says a lot about his fighting style and what Dmitry Bivol was capable of when in the ring, the boxer enjoys one of the top positions in the Russian boxing field and the reasons why that is so are many. Holding the WBA light-heavyweight title since 2017 when he defeated Trent Broadhurst in the first round, Bivol is currently undefeated.

His professional record summary includes 15 fights, all of them wins including 11 victories by knockout. Bivol’s amateur boxing record is also worth mentioning since it was 268-15. Taking up boxing at only 6, Bivol also won two world championships at the junior level.


Nikolai Valuev

Holding remarkable wins over Evander Holyfield and John Ruiz, Nikolai Valuev is also worth adding to this short list of noteworthy Russian boxers. Valuev’s achievements in the boxing field include 2 WBA World Heavyweight Boxing Champion titles and a professional record of 53 fights, 50 wins, and 2 losses. 34 of his victories were by knockout.

In his entire boxing career (1993 to 2009), he was defeated only twice by David Haye and Ruslan Chagaev. What also made Valuev stand out is his height of 7.0 feet. His weight of 328 pounds added to his unique appearance as well. This is what makes him the heaviest and largest boxer to win the above-mentioned titles.  


Artur Beterbiev

Enjoying worldwide recognition, Artur Beterbiev won the IBF light-heavyweight title in 2017 holding it ever since. After winning several medals as an amateur boxer including the gold medal at the 2009 World Championships and the 2006 and 2010 European Championships, Beterbiev has been ranked as the seventh best active light-heavyweight boxer in the world by The Ring magazine.

BoxRec and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board have also included him in this list, ranking him as the eighth best active boxer in this category. What is remarkable about Beterbiev’s performance is his punching power that led to a professional record including only wins, 13 more precisely. All of his victories were by knockout.


Sergey Kovalev

This list would not be complete without Sergey Kovalev. Named the Fighter of the Year by The Ring in 2005, the Russian professional boxer has enjoyed great achievements including multiple world light-heavyweight champion titles. From 2013 to 2016, Kovalev won and held the unified WBA, IBF and WBO titles. He won the WBO title again in 2017.

All these titles made BoxRec and The Ring rank him as the best active light-heavyweight boxer in the world. His remarkable punching power triggered his nickname, the “Krusher”, and many victories. He also won the WBO title in February 2022 and has a boxing record that includes 37 fights with 33 wins out of which 28 victories by knockout.


Alexander Povetkin

The Russian boxing stage has gained even greater renown thanks to Alexander Povetkin. The professional boxer made himself noticed through formidable skills that gained him the WBA heavyweight title in 2011, a title he held until 2013. His boxing record includes 36 fights with 34 wins and only 2 losses. 24 of Povetkin’s victories were by knockout.

As an amateur boxer, he also enjoyed notable achievements as he won the gold medal at the European Championships in 2002 and 2004, the World Championships in 2003, and the 2004 Olympics in the super-heavyweight division. Alexander Povetkin also excelled in kickboxing at several European and World Championships.

His fighting style and boxing skills along with the help of well-known trainers and coaches including Kostya Tszyu, Teddy Atlas, and Alexander Zimin have thus triggered a leading position in the history of boxing.

David Ayrapetyan

With a boxing career that can only inspire and motivate aspiring boxers, David Ayrapetyan is an Armenian-Russian amateur boxer worth being added to this list. He won several amateur boxing championships thus being a Russian, European, and World champion.

His list of achievements also includes several awards and medals such as the Olympic bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. In 2009, Ayrapetyan has received the Honored Master of Sports of Russia title. Additionally, he is appreciated for being the second Russian boxer to win the European Championship in the light flyweight division.

The boxers mentioned above are just a small part of the many fighters worth being idols for sports enthusiasts and boxers. The physical skills, mental power, and determination they have shown are a must for any individual interested in exploring this sport and taking it to the professional level.




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