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7 Best Youth Wrestling Shoes Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Best Youth Wrestling Shoe Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


If you have a hectic life and you cannot find the time to look for the best youth wrestling shoes currently available, we can be of assistance to you. After doing the legwork on the topic, we have concluded that the ASICS Kids’ Jb Elite V2.0 is the option that you should think about getting. This model is made out of synthetic materials and it comes fitted with a durable rubber sole that has a split design. On top of that, the item features what the manufacturer describes as a lace garage that you can use to tuck in the laces of the shoes so that they don’t come undone. The upper part of the shoe is made of mesh for increased airflow and breathability. If this option is unavailable at the time you do your shopping, be sure to check out the Adidas HVC2 AQ3325 as you might also like it.



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7 Best Youth Wrestling Shoes (Reviews) in 2022



As we know too well, durable, yet cheap youth wrestling shoes are quite difficult to find, especially by those who have little experience shopping in this line of products. If you need extra help, take a look at this list of highly reviewed options.



Asics youth wrestling shoes


1. Asics Kids’ Jb Elite V2.0 Gs Wrestling Shoe


This model was designed based on the needs of Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs. It was created to provide users with an improved compound split sole made of rubber. The forefoot of the item has durable traction pods that can supply you with flexibility and with enhanced traction.

Furthermore, the upper part of the shoe is covered in a breathable layer of mesh for a perfect fit and the necessary comfort. The tongue of the shoe is less bulky than that of the older models also designed by ASICS. According to the manufacturer, it meets the official regulations for tournament competitions.

To make the shoe as convenient as possible, the seller has designed it to include a lace garage where you can pack in the laces so that you won’t risk tripping at the worst possible moment. The product is available in numerous sizes, depending on the age of one’s children. So, take a good look at it!

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Adidas youth wrestling shoes


2. Adidas Men’s Boy’s HVC2 Wrestling Mat Shoe Ankle Strap


This alternative is made of synthetic leather for most of its major components and suede for the overlays so that the wearer is delivered maximum breathability. This pair of shoes is light in weight and it can provide the perfect fit.

This is possible because of the elastic ankle strap that it includes. Once the strap is laced up, it can stay in place for a long time. This alternative also comes fitted with a full-length outsole that has a practical one-piece design.

The outsole can provide the wearer with an unmatched grip, no matter the type of mat one is training on. So, by wearing these shoes, your chances of scoring perfect takedowns are improved.  Moreover, this product has a minimalist, black and white design and it is known for being quite durable, especially when compared to similar counterparts.

Most of its users were happy to report that this choice is lightweight and quite convenient to wear while training.

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Nike youth wrestling shoes


3. Nike Kids Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoe


If you are a fan of Nike footwear, you might also want to pay attention to the Speedsweep VII model before you make up your mind. This pair of wrestling shoes is constructed to feature mesh and a split suede upper so that your feet feel comfortable and well ventilated inside of it.

Apart from providing users with plenty of mobility and freedom, this choice also incorporates a die-cut EVA sock liner that adds the necessary cushioning one is looking for in an item of this kind.

As the seller argues, the gum rubber outsoles incorporated can provide one with the necessary sticky traction that can help you while training or fighting on the mat. Previous customers have appreciated the quality and the great feel that these shoes have.

Because the sole of the choice is very flexible, you won’t feel your movements hindered in any way. These shoes are lightweight.

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Cheap youth wrestling shoes


4. 4-Time All American The Patriot Blue Wrestling Shoes Youth Sizes


If affordability is an important aspect in your book, it wouldn’t hurt to check out this next option distributed by 4-Time All American. The soles of the model are stitched to the upper of the shoe and they are also glued so that they won’t come at the worst possible moment.

The soles themselves are worthy of attention as they were created to provide wrestlers with increased traction. On top of that, the heel of the shoe was also designed to deliver added support as well as increased comfort. Extra padding was added inside the heel and in the ankle area.

The Velcro strap that was incorporated delivers a perfect, snug fit that you will definitely appreciate. These shoes have a simple design that you are prone to like. Also, they were made using quality breathable mesh for comfort. This choice fits as expected in most cases. Numerous sizes are available for you to choose from.

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Youth wrestling shoes – size 1


5. Asics Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe


This all-around wrestling shoe should also make it to your shortlist, especially if you are a novice looking for an affordable purchase. The item is comfortable and it can deliver the necessary support to its users.

Because they were designed to be a little tighter than normal shoes, your child might need your help to put them on and to take them off when using them for the first time. Some previous wearers also recommend that you order a size up for an overall better experience with them.

This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to young wrestlers. The shoes are comfortable and they can also deliver the needed traction when one is training or actually fighting. Given their versatility, they can also be worn for daily activities.

As some shoppers pointed out, they are also a good buy for adult women who have narrow heels and particularly high arches.

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Youth wrestling shoes with Velcro


6. Matman Scrapper Youth Laceless Wrestling Shoes


If your little one finds it difficult to put on shoes that have laces, this alternative that uses Velcro might be better suited. The model was made using a split suede upper that features breathable mesh and it includes a split sole design that has a flex break at the metatarsals.

This choice is highly appreciated by previous users because, according to them, it fits as expected. Moreover, these shoes are particularly easy to put on and take off. Because it is quite flexible, this option will provide the wearer with the needed versatility.

The biggest advantage of the model is that it fits all users, including those that have rather wide feet and who find it challenging to purchase a pair of wrestling shoes that suits them accordingly. The product is available in two sizes that one can pick from. Besides, its design is simple, yet colorful.

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Blue youth wrestling shoes


7. Adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M


If you are in the market to find a pair of blue wrestling shoes that is also durable and comfortable, this might be the product that you need. This option is made of synthetic materials and textiles and it incorporates a rubber sole that delivers the needed traction.

They are ideal to be worn when deflecting picks and scoring perfect takedowns. Because they are not made of leather, they dry particularly quickly. They have a smooth outsole that includes suede and rubber inserts that can provide one with the necessary grip when on the mat.

However, because this model does not come fitted with a lace garage, you will have to tape the laces so that you won’t risk tripping on them. Apart from being cool wrestling shoes, some manufacturers also recommend them as the go-to boxing footwear.

If you intend to use them as all training shoes, some consider it best to order a size up for increased convenience.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Finding good youth wrestling shoes for your little league wrestler is not that simple, especially if you have not shopped for such an item before. To help you make a decision, we have created a buying guide that you might want to take a look at before you spend any money.

Fit and ankle support

In general, no matter if they are black or pink youth wrestling shoes, this kind of footwear was specifically created to allow one to do pins, holds and throws flawlessly. For this to be possible, one has to select a model that fits him/her perfectly.

A dependable wrestling shoe should mold to the feet of the user similarly to how a sock does. If the choice that you have purchased is too loose, your ability to easily move around on the mat will be compromised.

Most wrestling footwear comes in half a size smaller than one’s regular shoes. This happens because this type of shoes have to be tightly fit. Once one breaks into them, they get considerably more comfortable.

It should be pointed out that those wrestlers that are heavier in weight need shoes that are less tight. Differently from lighter athletes, heavier wrestlers do not need the same flexibility. They rely a lot on their upper body strength when fighting.

As a plus, remember that brands such as Adidas and ASICS provide customers with a tight fit. So, it is advisable that, as a beginner, you order a size up.

If you are a novice wrestler, professionals note that it is best that you select a product that is a tad looser fitted. By doing so, you won’t find it too uncomfortable at first. As you progress, you will be able to move to a tighter-fitting alternative.

Numerous youth wrestling shoes reviews also point out the importance of investing in a shoe that can deliver the necessary ankle support. To do so, these shoes extend over the ankles of the wearer. The needed lacing is provided so that you are supplied with maximum support.

To make the option as comfortable as possible, some manufacturers also provide their models with a lace garage where the laces can be tucked in so that they won’t get untied during matches.



When it comes to the material used, keep in mind that if you are purchasing a product that will be used by a beginner, you should not get one that is too expensive. There are several reasons why this is important.

To start, kids keep growing and, consequently, they will soon outgrow the shoes. Also, as they progress, they will be required to change to a more advanced type of footwear. Therefore, instead of buying leather shoes for your novice wrestler, you should go for an alternative that is lightweight and that has mesh uppers for increased comfort and breathability.

Wrestling shoes are known to last for about a year. The lifespan of the item that you pick will also be greatly influenced by the amount of training that you do while wearing the shoes. Aggressive wrestlers are likely to destroy a pair of shoes faster.


Soles and traction patterns

No matter if you get red youth wrestling shoes or yellow ones, take the time to consider the type of soles that the product features. You can choose between insoles or split soles. Insoles are made of a single piece of rubber that stretches over the entire length of the shoe. Shoes that feature insoles are perfect for heavyweight wrestlers who tend to prefer a flat stance on the mat.

The biggest advantage of insoles is that they distribute one’s weight evenly and, consequently, they allow the user to perform highly effective throws.

Split soles should also catch your attention. The shoes that feature them are suitable for those wrestlers who are lightweight and who need the extra flexibility. Split sole shoes include two types of rubber, a lower strip that supports the heel, and one that is placed over the top part of the shoe. The latter one supports the ball of the foot.

As numerous experts argue, the traction patterns are also vital to take into account. If you are heavier, you will most likely need a shoe that includes traction patterns that enable you to perform holds and power throws efficiently. Therefore, you should get a pair of shoes that have ridges that actually cut into the mat.

If you are lighter in weight, you should opt for a model that has circular traction pads as they can help you move at a quick pace, without slipping.




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