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7 Best Wrestling Mats in 2022 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Top Mats for Wrestling – Guide & Comparison


This guide is meant to help you find the best wrestling mat, especially if you’re short on time or don’t have the patience to look through all the wrestling mat reviews. We carefully examined what each model had to offer, its quality, durability, and shock-absorbent capabilities and we found out that the Dollamur Flexi-Roll is the first one you should have a look at. It has a two-piece design that lets you place it in any room. Also, the materials used in making it are of great quality and will offer you great compression resistance, no matter how hard you fall on it. Professional wrestling events often use bigger versions of this mat. Just in case you’re unable to find our first recommendation, you should try and look for the AK Athletics 12′ x 12′ mat, which is next on our list and comes with similar capabilities.



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7 Best Wrestling Mats (Reviews) in 2022



We have selected some of the most critically acclaimed products and showcased them in our comprehensive reviews below. We decided that they are some of the models you should surely look at after we analyzed the sales figures, we saw what the experts had to say about them, and after we read the user reviews on each of them.



1. Dollamur 10’x10′ Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat


This is one of the most versatile mats as it comes in two pieces that can be used separately.  This means that you will be able to practice at home, even if you don’t have that much space.

The mat is however large enough to allow you to move freely on it and its surface is similar to those of mats used in competitions so it will be able to withstand constant pressure.

You won’t feel that you’re hitting the floor too hard when using this mat as it is made with an athletic-grade closed-cell foam that is constructed from cross-linked polyethylene. All of these mean it will hold well against your stompings. It also features a vinyl surface that is resistant, and it doesn’t crack or peel.

In wrestling, you need a mat that does great to absorb shock and this one does that well using a special cloth backing that is bonded to the closed cell foam.



Due to the 2-piece design, this mat can be used in many different rooms, so it doesn’t matter if you practice in a small living room or a large hall.

You will be safe against microbes, as the surface of the mat has been coated with antimicrobials that also help against the bad smell.

The bigger version of this mat is used in professional events, and that is proof of this product’s quality.

The materials used in making it are of the highest quality and that translates into resistance to compression for an extended period.

You can neatly pack the two mat pieces separately and store them easily.



There are two pieces that make this mat whole and that means there is the constant need to reposition them every now and then.

Also, there is the issue that some of the mats have a slight gap when the two pieces are put together.

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2. AK Athletics 12′ x 12′ Roll-Up Home Use Wrestling Mat


This wrestling mat is quite large and it comes in 3 sections, each of 4’ by 12’, together forming a mat that is 12’ by 12’. To offer better resistance to pressure, the padding is made of cross-linked polyethylene foam and it is 1 ⅜” thick. This shows that no matter how intense your exercises or wrestling moves are, you will still feel no pain on the mat.

The mat is covered in a 22-ounce vinyl that offers protection against all kinds of factors, including microbes, fungus and it also stops mildew from forming. Also, the vinyl surface is tested and it respects all the safety standards – it contains no latex, lead or BPAs.

This is why you can use the mat safely in any environment, even in professional situations. To stick the three pieces together, you also receive clear mat tape in the package.



The mat is very large and can be used by professional wrestlers in intense sports events.

You are well protected against all kinds of microorganisms when using it because it’s treated against microbes, fungus and also mildew.

Although large, the pieces of this mat are very lightweight and that is great when you want to carry them around.

You can pack each piece neatly with the Velcro strap that each of them has.

The vinyl surface is Safe Guard Certified meaning that it doesn’t contain any bad materials and it provides the utmost safety.

You also get two circles painted on the mat, the larger one measuring 10 feet across and the smaller 40 inches.



The surface is a bit stickier than you would expect and, new wrestlers will not be pleased to find out that this can cause mat burns.

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3. AK Athletics 8′ x 8′ Roll-Up Home Use Wrestling Mat Red with White Circles


The 8×8 wrestling mat has the right size and the durability required for wrestling beginners and enthusiasts. The mat is a popular choice for many purposes, and that includes it being used in schools, at home or for government training facilities.

Each of these mats is sturdy and it’s covered in heavy-duty 22-ounce vinyl and super shock-absorbent, cross-linked polyurethane foam.

As it should, the vinyl is treated with antimicrobial agents and it’s anti-fungus and mildew resistant. Also, it will not rot and it won’t lose its coloring, as it’s resistant to UV light and it doesn’t contain any lead or phthalates – types of chemical substances that are usually added to plastic to increase its flexibility.

The two pieces that make this mat a whole are very light and they measure 8’ by 4’ each. This red mat comes with two white circles already on it and a roll of mat tape in the package.



Although classified as a mat that is best suited for home practice, you can use it in any situation as it is large enough.

The surface of the mat seems to be resistant to everything and it will last a long while, even in the worst conditions.

Designed to withstand the abuse that wrestling implies, the pieces of the mat can be easily rolled up and stored individually.

Junior wrestling competitions such as those found in high-school or college often use this mat, and that shows how good it is.

The mat comes with white lines already drawn on it and that helps any beginner get a good start in wrestling.



Although it’s a good choice for kids or smaller people, professional adult wrestlers will have a hard time trying to fit and execute all the moves on this mat, as it’s a bit small for them.

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4. AK Athletics 8′ x 8′ Roll-Up Home Use Wrestling Mat Gray


Designed to be used mainly at home, the 8′ x 8′ Gray model from AK Athletics is a small wrestling mat made to fit in nearly any room and also sufficiently big to let you move freely on it.

The two sections that make this mat are extremely lightweight and they are easily taped together, forming a very sturdy yet soft surface.

Made using cross-linked polyethylene foam, the mat is resistant to shocks and when you use it you won’t feel your elbows or knees hitting the ground.

On top of the soft yet sturdy foam, there is a 22-ounce vinyl that is heavy-duty and resistant to all sorts of stuff. You won’t have any issues with microbes, mildew or fungus.

This mat also doesn’t rot and is resistant to UV light. It also comes with two already drawn circles on it, so you can start wrestling immediately.



Lightweight materials make this mat extra light and that makes it easily portable.

The two sections come together rather nicely and you won’t have the issue of hitting the floor between them from time to time.

Due to the ergonomic design, you can easily roll the two pieces and that makes for convenient storing.

You get a free mat tape in the package and you can use that to tape the two mat sections together.

The foam is soft and resistant and that means you can wrestle on it as hard as you wish, while you and the mat remain in perfect shape.

The 22-ounce vinyl provides good grip and it’s also safe as it contains no lead or phthalates and it’s also good against microbes and other issues.



It’s a good mat to be used in the house, but if you want something for a wrestling gym or a more professional environment, you should look for a bigger model.

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5. EZ Flex 10′ x 10′ Home Wrestling Mat


A great thing about this 10×10 wrestling mat is that it’s made using the same materials as the professional mats that EZ provide for competitions.

It has the same 24-ounce vinyl surface and a thickness of 1.25 inches, meaning that it’s soft, yet provides a strong surface for your wrestling moves.

It’s a mid-sized mat so it’s a good choice whether you’re looking to practice at home, outdoors, in your garage or basement or on the go. Using the company’s EZ Flex rolling system, this mat is easy to roll up and deposit anywhere. You’ll also have an easy time rolling it out for practice. There are two pieces that make this mat, each of them measuring 5’ by 10’.

On top of the mat, there is a circle of 8’ and two starting lines. What’s surprising is that each mat piece weighs 22 pounds, making the mat extremely light.



Given the very low weight of this mat, it’s a very portable model, and that’s great news, taking into account that it’s what the manufacturers wanted to achieve.

The quality of the materials used and the build itself make this mat a good choice for competitions of any stature.

Having medium dimensions, the mat can be used in multiple scenarios and environments and that makes it highly versatile.

It uses the EZ Flex rolling system and that means you will be able to unroll it in a quick fashion and also roll it back to store it safely.

You also get a roll of durable tape with the mat so you can use it to stick the two parts together time and time again.



The vinyl surface is sturdy but it’s not that well treated against microbes and similar stuff, so it will start to smell if you’re sweating on it and don’t clean it often.

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6. Get Rung Martial Art Mats 1 Inch 25mm


This is not a mat per se, but rather a large number of small parts that come together like a mat. Each individual piece is 1 inch by 1 inch and it comes in 3 different colors. You can choose between black, blue or red. The advantage is that you can get as many of these little pieces as you want to form a mat as large as you need.

The pieces are made of high-density and also high-quality foam and they should all offer durability and comfort no matter what sport you practice on them.

They are also lightweight and durable and furthermore, they are water-resistant, so they don’t absorb like a sponge. All of these features make them have a high safety rating.

Their main purpose is to protect the floor while providing a safe and comfortable workout area. The versatility of these mat pieces is incredible as they can be used in nearly any gym.



The main advantage that these small pieces have is that they can create a mat that is as large or as small as you want.

You can even create a mat that has an irregular shape or that is made of 3 different colors, all of them positioned exactly how you want.

It’s easy to clean and it’s hard to damage; even if it gets damaged, you can always replace the pieces that deteriorate.

The high-quality foam means that this is a comfortable mat and a sturdy one too.

You can use the pieces to create a mat for wrestling purposes but you can also use them in many different ways – some people even use them as a floor for animals in winter.



There is no vinyl surface so you will have less grip when you’re wrestling on this mat.

They come with a powerful chemical smell and you will have to wait until it passes.

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7. Dollamur 10’x10’x1.25 Flexi Connect Wrestling Mat


It’s highly likely that you’ve already seen Dollamur mats in professional competitions, as that is their specialty. The company makes mats that are highly versatile and are put to good use in sporting events. This mat, like many of the others, can be used as a wrestling mat but can also be purposed for just covering the floor.

The mat is made of the same materials as the professional models – it’s 1.25 inches thick and it’s made of two parts. Each of these parts weighs 20 pounds, meaning that the overall weight is a very low one. They’re also easy to roll out, and even a child can do that. Rolling them back for storage is also an easy task.

To protect the wrestlers fighting on it, the surface of the mat is protected with an antimicrobial substance called PrufTM. This also guards against dirt and any kind of infections.



Because it uses a technology called Flexi-Connect, you won’t need any mat tape to stick the two parts together.

The surface is a high-durability 24-oz vinyl one and it’s made to stop any kind of bacteria or microbes from settling on it.

Many competitions use this mat because it has 10’ by 10’ of space and it’s strong and flexible enough to withstand constant compression.

The mat has a cloth backing under the vinyl surface that sticks it to the closed cell foam and that helps with providing more shock absorption, extra speed for the wrestlers, and resiliency.

All the quality materials used mean that the mat is a durable one, including the vinyl surface, which will stand strong after repeated use.



Many people have complained that the mat is too hard and that can make it a bit dangerous, especially in the case of a fall at a wrong angle.

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Yearly Guide & Report


It’s great to be able to train everywhere, and sometimes better to do that at home. Fortunately, there are mats that are small enough to fit a small room, and yet sufficiently big so that you can practice safely on them. Mats of all dimensions should be able to absorb the shock of you falling and wrestling on them but they also need to be strong.

So here are some things that we believe you should take into consideration when choosing your mat.

Small sizes

Usually, wrestling mats for home come in pre-cut formats, and they consist of more pieces forming a whole. Professional mats vary in size, measuring from 18’ by 18’ to 42’ by 42’. Of course, for personal use, you won’t be needing something that big, so, for home, you should use mats that are between 8’ by 8’ to 12’ by 12’ in dimensions.

The advantage of pre-cut mats is that you can get more sections and arrange them as you want, especially if you are practicing in a garage or a room where the space area isn’t exactly square. A 10’ by 10’ mat is good for home use and it allows two wrestlers to practice with relative comfort. But, you should know that such a small mat is only good for supplemental training.

If you want a professional environment, you can’t do that at home and you’ll need to go to a professional training gym. Fortunately, a small pre-cut mat is the most cost-efficient option for home use.

There are also custom mats, which are a bit pricier but come with advantages. The main advantage of these mats is that they can be ordered to fit precisely in your room, leaving no space between the mat and the walls and thus providing more safety.



When it comes to how thick a mat is, it really depends on what you want to use it for. Thinner models are lighter and thus easier to transport. This is a really important aspect when you don’t have all the space in the world and when you need to remove the mats and store them well.

On the opposite, thicker mats are good for spaces where you can leave them out at all times. They’re heavier, more durable and thus don’t require you to protect them that much, and are harder to fold back up and store. You can choose a mat that’s between 1 and 2 inches in thickness. You can also get a supplementary mat that’s ⅝’’ thick and that should be only used to add thickness to another mat.

For international professional standards, mats should be between 1.96 and 2.75 inches thick. If you’re looking to participate in competitions in the United States, you can use a mat that’s between 1 and 4 inches. But no matter the thickness, the mat should have the ability to absorb shocks.


Surface texture

The part that covers the mat is usually made of vinyl, which is a type of plastic. This material is non-abrasive, meaning that it’s soft to touch and shouldn’t cause mat burns. It’s also a fabric that is strong, it’s hard to cut and because of how close its fibers are packed, it protects against moisture.

Another good thing about vinyl surfaces is that they’re easy to clean. Most mats are made using this fabric; however, they don’t all have the same feeling. Some of them have a smoother surface and if you want to avoid skin burns at all costs, you should look for those ones. There are vinyl surfaces that are rougher and those don’t allow the wrestler to slide.

Rougher mats are used in professional competitions and they help the wrestlers have a better grip on the surface, as professionals don’t want to be slipping around uncontrollably. Knowing what you want to achieve in your wrestling efforts should help you choose the perfect mat for you.

If you want to be successful in competitions, look for rougher mats, but if you’re just casually wrestling, a softer texture will be good.

The core

Although a mat can vary in thickness, it’s really the material used in making its core that most influences how soft and how shock-absorbent the mat is. Most mats designed for home use have a core made of cross-linked polyurethane foam. They provide enough resistance to shock and they are also quite soft.

This is also a type of foam that is light and that significantly reduces the weight of the mat, and this is something that you want, especially in roll-up mat models  that require you to put them out and pack them up every time you use them. Cheap wrestling mats use a foam that compresses more.

However, one of the most common foams used in professional competitions is PVC nitrile foam. It’s a heavier type of material and thus harder to move and store and it also feels a bit hard to touch, but it provides the shock-absorbing properties needed in sporting events.




Frequently asked questions about wrestling mats


Q: How to refinish a wrestling mat?

In case the vinyl has torn a bit, you firstly need a piece of vinyl tape to cover the damaged area. Use scissors to cut the piece of tape to the necessary dimensions and also round the corners, so the tape doesn’t get caught. Stick the vinyl tape on the damaged area and use a scraper to eliminate bubbles that might have formed.

Then use a VLP sealer and apply it along the edges of the placed tape. Make sure to pour just as much as you need, because the chemical substances will wipe out the colors of your mat surface if you try to clean them off.


Q: How hard is a wrestling mat?

If properly padded, a wrestling mat shouldn’t feel hard, but rather provide a sense of comfort when you fall on it. Of course, a mat shouldn’t be as soft as a bed, but it’s also better than the ground. It all depends on how shock-absorbent the mat is.

Professional mats feel a bit harder, leaving you with the impression that you can get injured if you fall at an awkward angle on them. Mats made for home use or destined for children are softer and protect more, but on the downside, they compress easier and thus make it hard for wrestlers to execute more complicated moves on them.



Q: How to make a wrestling mat?

If you want to make your own wrestling mat, you can start with making the floor a bit soft too. In order to achieve that, use pieces of plywood, cut into corresponding shapes. On top of the plywood add carpet padding. This will make for a comfortable floor.

For the actual surface of the mat, cut a large piece of foam that has the dimensions you need. PVC foam is recommended. Then cut large sheets of 24-oz vinyl and tape them on both sides of the foam. Be sure to stick them together well. All that remains to do is tape a circle on the mat surface you’ve just made.


Q: How big are wrestling mats?

Depending on the level of the wrestlers fighting, the wrestling mat dimensions will depend. That is because there are different requirements for sporting events in high school, college or professional environments. There are also differences between each country.

High school mats should be at least 38 feet large on each side. College mats require to have a wrestling area of at least 32 feet and that implies a mat that measures 42 feet on each side. International wrestling mats should be 39.36 feet on each side and have a wrestling area of just under 23 feet.


Q: How much are wrestling mats?

Wrestling mats are an investment that should last you for a long while and that’s why they might require a good amount of money, especially for those large professional mats found in training gyms. If you’re looking for a good wrestling mat that you want to use in your home, you can find quality roll-up models at prices of $300 or $400.

Wrestling mats for sale that have a price lower than that should be avoided as they don’t have the quality needed. Depending on the size and quality, you can also get mats for up to $800 and that is for a 12×12 wrestling mat. For big 42’ by 42’ mats that are used in sports halls, prices vary between $7,000 and $10,000.



Q: Can you paint wrestling mats?

Yes, you can use paint on wrestling mats, but not any kind of paint. Some of the times, the manufacturer includes a repair kit in the package and in that kit you get paint, usually matching the color of the mat. This paint is a form of vinyl and it’s made for repairs and not for aesthetical purposes.

It’s very important that you never use oil-based or latex paints on a mat, as these will cause damage to the surface. You can search for vinyl coating, which resembles rubber in texture when dried but it comes in the form of spray paint.


Q: How to clean wrestling mats?

When cleaning your mat, start off by sweeping it to get out any dirt, hair or dust that may be set on it. Pay attention to the corners and edges especially. If you want a good result, use a cleaning solution and combine it with warm water. Using a mop and bucket, apply the cleaning solution on the mat.

Furthermore, make sure the mop and the bucket are clean. The solution will act as a disinfectant, so make sure to let the mat dry after cleaning it, to eliminate all bacteria. It’s recommended that you clean the mat before and after each practice session.




What you should know about International Regulation Mats



Although there are several types of mats used for Greco-Roman or freestyle wrestling, all of them should be built to meet the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) guidelines. Furthermore, none of these mats are allowed to be used for more than one year.

Thus, in the case of square mats, they should be 12 meters on each side, meaning 39.37 by 39.37 feet. Mats that have an octagonal shape should have a diameter of 49.21 feet. The wrestling area, which is a circle of 22.96 feet across, is usually yellow and it contains an inner circle. That circle inside is 3.28 feet wide and it represents the starting point.

The inner circle is colored red or white and it can be a circle line 3.93 inches wide or it can be a full circle.



Greco-Roman circle

The circle found on mats used for Greco-Roman wrestling is a bit different from the others, for the purpose of meeting specific rules. Although the size is the same as the circle found on freestyle mats, there are three added lines to the inside of the circle. There are two 3.14’’-thick lines that are separated by 15.75’’ of space and there is another 3.14’’ line that connects the two at the center.

Greco-Roman wrestlers need these lines to know how to position. The bottom wrestler uses them as a guideline when starting in the par terre position, which requires him or her to contain the hands and knees between the lines and the circle. Sometimes, there are additional dots in the inner circle to help the wrestlers position even better.



Mats used in international competitions should be between 1.96 and 2.75 inches thick and have a core that’s high-density and which can absorb shock well. The mat surface should be made of vinyl, which is non-abrasive and easy to clean. This kind of fabric doesn’t create static electricity and it prevents slipping.

A lot of times, officials use covers for the mats, and these covers should also be made of vinyl and they should be well fixed so the wrestlers don’t slip.



In the case of all international Olympic, world or continental competitions, the mat should be positioned on a platform or a stage. This should be between 19.68 and 43.3 inches off the ground and come with padding that extends for 6.5 feet beyond the end of the platform, for more safety.




How to care for your wrestling mat at home



Generally, a wrestling mat should be used at room temperature, meaning around 70 degrees, in order to keep it in good shape and maximize performance. Lower than this temperature, and the mat will not provide you with the shock-absorbing properties that you need. It becomes harder, and at 55 degrees, although not frozen, it won’t feel well when landing on it.

It’s important that you disinfect and clean the mat as often as possible, most importantly before and after you practice on it. If there are more wrestlers that practice on it in rounds, you should clean it between each match. Cleaning it is especially important when more people use it. If the mat is intensely colored, make sure to let the cleaning agents rest for a longer time, so you avoid cleaning the paint away too.

You should be able to find a wrestling mat cleaner in the store you bought the mat from. Scrubbing the mat should only be done once it has been cured. If you have a difficult time removing grease, adhesive tape or tar, you can use gasoline, mineral spirits or naphtha to remove them. If mildew appears on the mat, you need to clean that too.




Home wrestling mats are advantageous because they are small, light, and easy to fold back up. You should always roll your mat loosely, and not too tight, especially if it’s not a roll-up model. You don’t want it to be bent, as that would make it almost useless. Avoid using ropes, chains or wires to hold the mat rolled.

Also, avoid putting any object on it – things like chairs will leave a bad permanent mark on the mat. To avoid wrinkles in your mat, always alternate how you roll it up and change the direction from which you start rolling it every time. If you have the possibility, always store your mat flat, or leave it on the ground. However, this is not always an option, especially in small homes.


Placing it on the floor

When you get a new mat, don’t just put it on the floor. If the floor is made of newly-waxed wood, the solvent in the mat coating will have a bad reaction with it and will pull off the chemicals on the floor, creating a mess. The same is true with varnished, tiled or synthetic rubberized floors. To avoid this, you first need to cure the mat and let the floor dry for a while, before placing the mat on it.




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