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7 Best Wavemaster Punching Bags in 2022 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Top Wavemaster Bags for Punching – Guide & Comparison


Full contact sports require not only the use of physical strength but also a lot of discipline and effort to be able to resist intense training sessions. And what better way to start training at the gym or in the comfort of your own house if not by looking into some good gear, including the best Wavemaster punching bag on the market? After conducting our own thorough research, we have concluded that the item you’ll need is the new Century Aerobic. It is stand-free and comes in three different colors to choose from. The bag measures approximately 10.5 inches in diameter and 40 inches in height and weighs approximately 170 pounds when filled. The low profile base can be filled with sand or water. If this product is not available for purchase right away, a good alternative to look into would be the Wavemaster Powerline.



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7 Best Wavemaster Punching Bags (Reviews) in 2022



Finding a good Wavemaster punching bag is not always easy as there are countless options that might seem fit available on the market. And, while we cannot tell you exactly which one to buy, we came up with a list of critically acclaimed items that you should check on your own. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need to know about them.



1. Century Aerobic Wavemaster


The bag measures approximately 40 inches in height and the diameter of the base is around 22 inches. When filled with water or sand, it weighs approximately 170 pounds, which makes it lighter than other items.

The product is made of high-quality materials that absorb shocks and extra sweat, lowering the risk of getting injured. It is available in three different colors – black, blue, and red – so you can pick the one that best matches the rest of the gym or your workout attire.

Unlike other similar items, this one is specifically designed for cardio exercises, being perfect for precise and quick kicks. It allows you to focus more on your accuracy and speed rather than raw force. Thus, just like the name suggests, it is mainly intended for “aerobic” workouts, and not necessarily for professional kickboxers or fighters. If you plan on training for your next boxing competition, perhaps you should consider choosing a bigger, heavier bag.



The product is lightweight and can be filled with both water and sand, allowing you to choose the way the bag feels when you punch it.

It is made of high-quality materials that will last you a long time, without wearing or scratching after more intense workout sessions. In addition, it will absorb extra moisture, ensuring cleaner, more precise kicks.

Unlike other products, this one comes with an adjustable height, allowing you to benefit from customized training, without putting extra pressure on your legs or arms.

It is perfect for exercising your techniques, as well as for cardio, and even some aerobic moves that will keep you in shape and define your muscles.



Some people mentioned you should always wear protective gear like socks, shoes or gloves when attacking the bag if you don’t want to end up with injuries, blisters, calluses or cuts on your skin.

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2. Wavemaster Powerline


This item is available in three beautiful colors, including red and blue if you want a boxing accessory that will stand out in the crowd. It is made of high-quality vinyl that covers twice as much density foam as a similar Century Original Wavemaster freestanding heavy punching bag.

It weighs around 28 pounds when empty and can expand to a maximum weight of around 250 pounds. Thus, it’s specifically designed for professional athletes or those who want to test their strength.

The new Powerline mainly addresses to those who practice tae kwon do, karate or kickboxing but this doesn’t mean you can’t make use of it if you’re just looking to get back in shape or blow off some steam after a stressful day at work.

The diameter of the base measures around 24 inches and the bag itself can be adjusted to eight different heights, ranging from 47 to 68 inches.



The item is made of durable materials that will last you a long time from now on, no matter how intense the workout session becomes.

It is specifically designed to weigh up to 250 pounds when filled, providing a tough, sturdy, and reliable practice partner, regardless of how hard your punches are.

The product features an adjustable height, so it represents the perfect workout accessory for people of all ages and heights, including teenagers, without putting extra pressure on the hands or feet.

If style is as important to you as quality, you’ll be pleased to find out that this punching bag comes in three color options, including a fiery red that will stimulate your brain and help you train harder.



Some people mentioned it is a bit slippery, so you may want to use gloves or shoes when training with this bag. This way, you’ll prevent tearing and you’ll also stay away from unnecessary injuries or accidents.

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3. Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro Black


The new Wavemaster 2XL Pro is one of the most durable and reliable punching bags manufactured by the brand, specifically designed to withstand intense and prolonged workout sessions.

It is made with high-density foam padding to ensure maximum impact absorption, preventing you from getting injured. In fact, it features the most padding of all the brand’s punching bags, so it can be used by both newbies and professionals. In addition, it features a longer striking area that allows you to practice your punches and kicks and work on your combat techniques.

Another thing we liked about this bag is that it is freestanding, meaning you won’t need someone else to hold it for you or find a hanging kit for your new Wavemaster punching bag workout partner.

It supports a maximum weight of around 270 pounds when filled but we do suggest choosing sand instead of water.



If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable freestanding punching bag that resists tearing and intense workout routines without cracking or breaking, the Wavemaster 2XL Pro is a good choice for you.

Unlike other similar items specifically designed for aerobic or cardio practices, this one can be filled up to a maximum weight of 270 pounds, so it’s a reliable partner for when you want to improve the strength of your kicks and punches.

It is made with high-density foam to provide maximum padding and impact absorption, preventing injuries or sprained ankles and wrists.

The item is also easy to assemble so that you’ll be able to start your practice within a few minutes after the bag is shipped to your gym.



As some customers mentioned, the main disadvantage of this product is that the bag unscrews itself quite easily from the base, which will interrupt your workout sessions more often.

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4. Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster Training Bag


If your kid is interested in kickboxing from an early age, the new Lil’ Dragon represents the perfect training accessory and partner. It features a shell made of high-quality nylon that feels soft on the skin, preventing scratches and itches when kicked repeatedly. The high-impact foam inside will also absorb shocks better, protecting your child from unwanted bruises, cuts, and other minor injuries.

Each bag comes with four height adjustments, meaning your kid will be able to use the same product even when he or she grows up. In addition, the rounded base ensures easy roll relocation to your favorite place, be it the basement, the garage or another corner of the gym.

The three colored shapes and numbers on one side of the bag help your child better understand the principles of boxing and kickboxing, allowing him or her to improve certain skills like speed or strength.



Affordable and with a fun design, this item represents the perfect choice for children who have just picked up boxing or kickboxing training.

It features a soft nylon shell that covers the high impact form, determining the product to be softer on your child’s skin. Thus, it won’t cause rashes, itches, and will absorb shocks better, preventing unwanted bruises and cuts.

The height of this bag is adjustable, ensuring the perfect target for your child to kick or punch, no matter his or her age. In other words, you won’t have to purchase a new punching bag as your kid grows older and taller.

We also liked the rounded base that allows you to easily relocate the bag wherever you want.



Although the item can be filled with either sand or water, most customers suggest using water as it is softer and more suitable for beginner training sessions for your children.

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5. Wavemaster Kid Kick


Available in a cool shade of red and with a cool design, this product will certainly attract your child. It represents a great choice for older children and beginners who want to learn the basics of martial arts or boxing.

The punching bag is made of durable nylon and high impact foam on the outside that will absorb shocks better while remaining gentle to your child’s skin. Thus, it won’t cause rashes, itching or scratching, even when combined with natural elements like sweat and dirt.

Similar to other products specifically designed for children, this too comes with four height adjustments to suit the needs of adolescents as they grow up. Also, the base of the bag can be filled with either water or sand, leading to a total weight of approximately 170 pounds. Most customers agreed that it is a sturdy accessory for children.



Designed to meet the needs of children and teenagers, this punching bag is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.

The foam interior absorbs extra shocks and prevents your children from getting injured but we do recommend adult supervision whenever they use the bag for training.

It is a freestanding bag, meaning you won’t require a partner to hold the bag for you while you’re punching it or use complicated hanging mechanisms that might break in time.

The item can be filled with both water and sand up to a total weight of 170 pounds, suitable for the needs of your children.



According to customers who purchased the item, it would be better to fill it with sand if your child already has a certain strength in his or her arms and legs.

We don’t suggest exposing the bag to the outside weather as the sun rays and rain may damage the structure and cause mold.

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6. Century XXL Wavemaster Combo Pack #2


Why risk hurting your palms and knuckles when training when you can protect them with the perfect pair of training gloves? Add the new Century XXL punching bag and you get yourself a combo impossible to refuse.

The bag is made of high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to wear, meaning it won’t break, cut or scratch after a couple of more intense training sessions. In addition, the integrated foam absorbs shocks better, preventing minor injuries. It also offers the largest punching and kicking surface on the market, ensuring high-quality training for both professionals and amateurs.

The gloves are made of leather and the open palm design ensures improved skin breathability, absorbing extra moisture and keeping your palms cool and dry for hours. Also, the Velcro straps on the wrists ensure an adjustable fit, according to the size of your hands.



This combo of a punching bag and a high-quality pair of gloves represents the ultimate starter pack for every kickboxer or athlete who wants to improve his/her physical condition and build up muscles.

The bag provides the largest kicking and punching surface you’ll find in a product, helping you improve the strength and the speed of your kicks.

The bag can be filled with either water or sand and is extremely reliable, meaning it won’t bounce or move even when you hit it with all your strength.

The gloves included in the set are also made of high-quality materials and their open-palm design provides maximum skin breathability, absorbing shocks and extra moisture at the same time.



The height of the bag isn’t adjustable, so it may not fit the needs of all customers. We suggest you closely read the product’s description and figure out whether or not it is the right size for you.

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7. Century TKD Wavemaster


Designed both for adults and children, this cone-shaped punching bag represents a good investment. It is safe and easy to use and made of high-quality materials that absorb extra moisture. The foam interior also absorbs shocks, reducing the risk of injuries.

The cone-shaped top ensures the perfect angle for kicks, meaning this product is mainly designed to be used for kickboxers and those who want to train their legs. However, you can still practice light punching as the structure of this item is durable and won’t break or tear easily.

It comes with two target zones, one on each side, colored with blue and red. The item is manufactured in the United States and can be filled with either water or sand, depending on your preferences. The recommended weight for those who want to build up muscles is 200 pounds.

We liked that there are 6-8 different heights you can choose from, so you’ll be able to adjust the bag according to your own height and requirements.



The cone-shaped top of the bag creates the perfect angle for kicking but this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to train your fists a little too.

The stand-alone base is sturdy, reliable, and won’t bounce back and forth when punching the bag, ensuring perfect practice sessions.

The product can be used by both teenagers and adults as it comes with an adjustable height, according to your preferences. This also means that you won’t have to switch to a taller item once your child grows up.

You can fill up the punching bag with either water or sand but we recommend using sand if you plan on building up muscles and strengthening your legs.



As with many other items within the same price range, this one is mainly destined to be used indoors unless you want it damaged by the sun rays or high humidity.

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Yearly Guide & Report


No matter if you’re looking for the best products in the field or some cheap Wavemaster punching bags, our thorough buying guide will help you identify the most important features you need to look after.


One of the most important features you should consider in a Century Wavemaster punching bag is the height of the item. Most stand-alone punching bags will measure around 67-70 inches in height, but this doesn’t mean they will cater to your needs precisely.

If you’re a short boxer or, on the contrary, a tall one, we always suggest you pick a product that comes with an adjustable height. This way, you’ll be able to center the bag exactly the way you want it so you can practice all your kicks and punches without adding extra pressure on your wrists or ankles and risking an injury.



Picking the right weight for your punching bag is also an important thing you need to take into account. It wouldn’t hurt to go through some online Wavemaster punching bag reviews at first and get some more information about the product you’re looking to purchase.

Keep in mind that a Wavemaster standing punching bag is always shipped empty on the inside so you can fill it up according to your needs, with water, sand or foam. However, you have to remember that each bag holds a maximum weight so you shouldn’t exceed that number unless you want the punching bag to start tearing apart or scratch easier.

The weight of the bag should also be determined by the type of practice you’re aiming for. If you’re not into professional kickboxing and you’re only looking for a gym accessory that will help you with your cardio exercises or increase your kicking speed, some 80-90 pounds should suffice. Otherwise, the bag might get too heavy for you and you risk getting injured if you cannot kick it hard enough.

On the contrary, if you plan on increasing your strength and preparing for local boxing or kickboxing competitions, you would require the help of a Wavemaster XXL punching bag that can reach a total weight of 270 pounds when filled. This may be harder to move across the room but will certainly offer you the stability you’re looking for in a boxing bag.



As we’ve previously mentioned, all bags are delivered empty not only to weigh less and be easier to transport and handle but also to allow you to customize them according to your needs and preferences.

If you’re opting for a stand-alone punching bag, you can fill most of them with either sand or water. We recommend using water if you’re looking for lightweight training that will build up your speed rather than your kicking strength and force.

On the contrary, if you want to increase the intensity of your training session, you should opt for a sand filling. However, you should also consider the amount of sand you’re adding. Keep in mind that it will turn harder in time, so, unless you want to hurt yourself, you might want to start with just a couple of bags.



Last but not least, consider the accessories you’ll require in order to hang your punching bag or make use of it. If you don’t want to waste too much time with poles, loops, and other hanging accessories, perhaps a stand-alone bag is a good solution. They will also bounce bag less than the ones you hang. The only bad part about them is that once filled, you won’t be able to move them from one place to another easily without getting rid of the sand or water inside. Thus, we suggest you pick the perfect spot in your gym before adding your punching bag.




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