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7 Benefits of Boxing Bag Workouts

Last Updated: 04.07.22



Nothing can be more rewarding than punching a bag, but don’t forget to get the boxing protection clothing you need to experience the best comfort and enjoy the benefits of this type of training to the maximum. Get a boxing bag stand along with a bag that you will use for punching, to have the entire setup complete.


Get aerobic training without doing aerobics

There is more than just punching to punching a heavy bag. While this may sound a bit strange to you, that may be because you have never trained with a punching bag in your life. But, if you have already tried it, you know that while you throw punches, you will need to move around a lot and engage your entire body.

That is why boxing in general, but punching a bag in particular, counts as a cardio workout, as well as a strength workout. In case you’re using a heavy bag, you’ll do more for your strength. This type of training counts as resistance training, too. But, nonetheless, soon enough, you’ll start sweating.

Imagine that you’re using a speed box. This one will get back at you after each punch, which means that you will need to step to the side or back to avoid getting hit. This kind of dance counts as pretty intensive aerobic training.


Punching a bag promotes good posture and balance

Do you know what really gets properly exercised while you’re punching your bag? Your core! As you shift from one foot to another, and you strive to maintain your balance, your core muscles get engaged. If you have ever admired a boxer for his or her good posture, that happens because of the serious bag training boxers need to include in their routines.

Your coordination will go through a positive impact, too. As you try to get your body in the right position to punch, you will develop good coordination, which, along with a strong core, will prevent you from falling and suffering injuries.


Your muscles grow stronger

It is true that boxers get plenty of strength training and they do lift weights, but they have those fantastic upper body muscles because of the routines they complete in front of a heavy bag. To make your punches efficient, you need to put all the strength you can muster behind each of them.

That means that your muscles will have to rise to the challenge. They will get the strength training required. When you land punches, you exercise the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and waist. But your legs don’t just sit, as they must oppose resistance so that you don’t stagger after each punch.

Your heart and lungs get healthier

The explosive nature of exercising with a heavy bag has enough critical impact on your health. As you throw a punch, your heart rate spikes, and so does the intake of air. This will cause your heart and your lungs to reach their peak condition and makes them healthier.

You will enjoy better oxygen circulation in the body, and your heart and lungs will function better. An immediate consequence will be that you will experience increased stamina and endurance.


Boxing bag workouts are great for your self-esteem, too

Not only your physical health but your mental health, as well, will benefit from training with a punching bag. For starters, you will be able to develop some essential self-defense skills and that without having to be exposed to real danger.

A lot of people are against violence, but that doesn’t mean that facing an attacker should find them helpless. Training with a bag will give you the opportunity to develop the skills needed to hit someone, even if you are never going to use them.

That, in turn, will have a positive impact on your self-esteem, as you will walk into the world with your head high, knowing that you can depend on your body and your skills.

Even more, practicing with a bag will help you relieve stress from work or everyday life. Even if you may sometimes feel defeated, standing in front of a workout bag and landing a few punches will help you to get back on track and ready to go back into the fight once more.


Lose weight and get a fit body

Boxing is known as a sport that comes with quite a hefty consumption of calories. Training with a heavy bag can help you lose a lot of weight and get the fit body you have always dreamed of. Due to the HIIT routines you’re performing, you will be able to burn more fat than through regular aerobics or other similar fitness training.

When you hit a heavy bag, what happens is that the bag will oppose you. This acts pretty much like any resistance training. From this resistance, your body will have to use more energy so that you can land punch after punch.

To talk about numbers, for every hour of punching the bag, even if you are not some athlete, you will be able to burn around 500 calories. Depending on your speed and the strength you put into each punch, you can burn even more. The more you train, the more differences you will see.


It makes you a better boxer

As an athlete, you know well the importance of good shape, posture, and form. But there is more to hitting a heavy bag than these benefits. By training with a punching bag, you can work on polishing your techniques.

You will learn how to punch, but more than that, at the same time. You will discover how to coordinate the movement of your feet with the explosiveness of your punches. You will also find the perfect balance so that your moves become fluid.

And, you will also learn how to protect your body against injuries. You will understand your body so that it serves you as it is supposed to. And nothing will ever be able to take that away from you.



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