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6 Best Nike Wrestling Shoes Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 30.10.20


Best Nike Wrestling Shoe Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


Take a look at this short paragraph if you want to know what the best Nike wrestling shoes are, especially if you are short on time and you can’t prospect the market thoroughly. After analyzing some of the top-rated products available for sale, we have concluded that the model you should get is the Nike Romaleos 3 Wrestling Shoes. This option uses synthetic leather that reinforces the mesh on the upper to increase breathability and support. For wrestling, the weight of the shoes is very important which is why this option uses a honeycomb TPU plate for lightweight stability. As a plus, the solid rubber outsole is designed to provide durable traction with no compromises when it comes to flexibility and freedom of movement. In case you can’t get your hands on our first pick, we recommend you consider the Nike Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes as this option offers similar performance.



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6 Best Nike Wrestling Shoes (Reviews) in 2020



To make it easier for you to select the right product for your needs, we handpicked some of the critically acclaimed models in our diverse list below. Whether you are looking to purchase youth, men’s or women’s Nike wrestling shoes, we have the perfect choice for everyone.



1. Nike Men’s Romaleos 3 Weightlifting Shoes


The Romaleos 3 is designed to deliver the stability and locked-in fit you need when wrestling, and to that end the interchangeable insoles will allow you to switch between soft or firm support. This way, the shoes will match the needs of your regimen as well as your personal preferences.

To add to that, the product uses synthetic leather to reinforce the mesh present on the upper and that will offer breathability and support, not to mention that the use of synthetic leather will make the shoes more aesthetically pleasing. You can also get your custom Nike wrestling shoes since this model comes in dozens of colors for you to choose.

Because it is important for you not only to feel comfortable but also to get the flexibility and stability you need while working out, the shoes use a lightweight honeycomb TPU plate. What’s more, the outsole is made of solid rubber which will provide increased durability and better traction.

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2. Nike Men’s Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes


The moment you’ll put your feet into a pair of Nike Inflict 3 you will undoubtedly notice the comfort this choice can provide to the user since it is constructed with a breathable mesh that will give you a form-fitting, lightweight, and comfortable fit. Thus, even the hardest workouts will become more manageable with this high-quality purchase.

The full-length double lasted midsole will keep your feet low to the ground so that you get good traction with the mat even during your most intense training sessions.

The outsole, on the other hand, features a split design and is constructed from gum rubber and that will provide the wearer with flexibility and the ability to grip in all directions.

Another design choice that customers appreciate is the inclusion of a Velcro-secured lace strap which guarantees that once you lace up the shoes nice and tight, you won’t have to worry that your footwear will come untied.

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3. Nike Men’s Freek Wrestling Shoes US


The Freek series is one of Nike’s most acclaimed and popular wrestling shoes and for a good reason since they offer the quality and reliability that athletes want and deserve. It boasts a unique outsole that features flexible grooves which will dramatically improve the flexibility of the footwear.

The upper uses built-in mesh ventilation that can manage the temperature and keep your feet from sweating while you train. The same feature will also enable fast drying between workouts.

What’s more, the Velcro lace management system meets the High School and Collegiate regulations and makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for Nike kids wrestling shoes.

The midsole is designed with both durability and style in mind, and it includes a protective layer wrapping around your toe. Whether you choose the black or white Nike wrestling shoes, or you get another color, customers have reported that this model is very easy to keep clean.

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4. Nike Men’s Hypersweep Wrestling Shoes


The Hypersweep is a model that has a very fitting name since in its case the hype is indeed real. You get a pair of shoes that are expertly designed for athletes who want to be the best at what they are doing and who require only the highest-quality footwear. The standout features of this model are its comfort and flexibility.

They are so comfortable that wearers will feel like they are working out barefoot since the shoes will fit like a glove. Similarly, it also features the latest Hyperfuse upper which will help keep your feet dry and cool. The materials used help cut the weight of the product considerably without sacrificing durability.

The lace system has also seen an upgrade with the addition of the Flywire technology that instead of wrapping straight up the middle, wraps more around the side of the shoe. This will provide a more secure and ergonomic feel and fit.

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5. Nike Men’s Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes


These beautiful black Nike wrestling shoes come at an affordable price point and boast a breathable mesh upper which will give users a more comfortable fit. You will no longer have to worry about your footwear getting uncomfortably sweaty after a long day of training.

Besides, the midsole is full-length and double lasted so that you get low to the ground control. As far as the outsole is concerned, it is built from a gum rubber which serves two purposes, that of increasing the durability of the footwear and providing better traction at any angle.

The forefoot strap will enhance support, lockdown, and stability so that you can be certain that your foot will not get loose after wearing the shoes for a long period. This feature combined with the wide range of sizes available makes this choice ideal for anyone who wants to get a pair of Nike youth wrestling shoes.

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6. Nike Men’s Takedown 4 Wrestling Shoes US


If you are looking for an affordable pair of wrestling shoes capable of providing you with the reliability, effectiveness, and simplicity that you are seeking, the Takedown series is what you need.

They use the same unique and flexible outsole like the other premium Nike alternatives which means that you will get the performance you deserve for a fraction of the price.

The outsole will provide you with increased flexibility, mobility and traction. Comfort is very important in any sport which is why the footwear features mesh areas in the upper to make the product more breathable so that your feet can remain dry and cool even during the most demanding workouts.

The customer feedback has also revealed that for people that have wide feet, this option is without a doubt the ideal choice. With that said, they remain versatile and will provide a comfortable fit for everyone. If you want to customize your own Nike wrestling shoes, this model comes in different colors.

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Yearly Guide & Report


If you are considering going into wrestling, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is getting the right footwear. Wrestling shoes are a must since they give you a grip advantage, better comfort, and they can protect you from injuries.

We know that very few people have the time to research the market and this is why we have done the hard work for you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for women’s or men’s Nike wrestling shoes, the buyer’s guide below will offer the universal key factors one ought to consider when purchasing this type of product.



Types of sole

There are many types of wrestling shoes available and each manufacturer tries to alter the design of each of their models just a little bit to make it appeal to a wider range of possible customers. One major way in which wrestling footwear can be differentiated is in the type of sole that a particular model uses.

Wrestling shoes are divided into two main categories: split sole and non-split sole. A split sole looks very much like a traditional rubber sole but it has a huge difference in the sense that the rubberized sole section is comprised of a back and front section and does not extend fully across the whole bottom of the shoe.

The main advantage of this approach can be seen easily if you hold the shoe in your hands since you will notice that you can bend the shoe in half with minimal effort. Thus, since the rubber parts do not extend fully across the bottom of the shoe, the wearer will get increased flexibility and will feel as if he or she is barefoot.

Most professional wrestlers prefer this type of footwear since it provides a faster response to movement and allows them to be very light and quick on their feet. Unfortunately, this design does not offer the best durability or longevity.

The non-split sole wrestling shoes have a single piece of rubberized sole that extends across the length of the underside of the footwear. They can also be referred to as unisole shoes. While they are not as generous when it comes to flexibility, they are still very lightweight and can provide the freedom of movement that a wrestler requires.

The main advantage of this type is that they are much more durable and will last longer even when subjected to frequent and intense workouts. Thus, if you are on a budget and you don’t want to replace your wrestling shoes too frequently, getting a non-split sole model is a good choice.


The right fit

It’s crucial for a wrestling shoe to fit perfectly on your foot, almost like a sock, not only because comfort is important for your wellbeing, but also because having footwear that molds to your feet will make you a better athlete.

A good fit should be tight but also snug, you don’t want it to be too loose since that will make you feel awkward and will drastically inhibit your ability to move around the mat and will also take a toll on your speed of movement. Not to mention that if your shoe is too loose, the amount of friction with the skin will cause serious injuries.

Make sure to study the size chart carefully so that you can be certain you get the right size. As always, remember not to feel discouraged if the size you’ve ordered does not fit perfectly. You shouldn’t feel tempted to keep the pair you’ve ordered just because returning and ordering a new size feels too time-consuming for you.

A shoe that fits perfectly is worth the trouble so don’t settle for anything less than perfect, especially considering the fact that Nike has a very customer-friendly return policy.  



Ankle support

If you are new to wrestling you might not yet be aware of the importance that proper ankle support has when choosing a pair of wrestling shoes, but it’s actually one of the most important aspects to consider. You’ll need to have a very strong stance on the mat and for this, the shoes you wear need to offer strong support.

The good thing is that most Nike wrestling shoes will extend over your ankle and that will give you the maximum ankle support. Similarly, the lacing should fit snugly against your foot and ankle.

Speaking of the laces, a lace garage that will allow you to tuck the shoelace behind the tongue of the shoe is also important since it will prevent the shoes from coming untied during a match.

There are also certain models that come with a Velcro-secured lace strap which serves the same purpose with the addition that it will also help enhance the ankle support that the footwear offers.



When examining the material that wrestling shoes are made of, you will need to focus on options that are durable and lightweight. Some choices of materials that are recommended include leather, suede, nylon, or mesh since they are very flexible and comfortable to wear. Similarly, good airflow is also a must since it prevents sweat from building up in your shoe.

The higher-end options are generally made of suede and leather, and they are very durable, supportive, and will remain comfortable use after use. Options made from leather are ideal for heavyweight wrestlers due to their increased durability. The downside is that they are not very effective in letting moisture escape.

For mid-range and lower-priced options, mesh and nylons are the go-to choices since they offer the most resistance to moisture and will provide the strongest wicking. Mesh shoes are also perfect for lightweight wrestlers since they will help with their speed of movement.



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