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6 Best Century Punching Bags Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Best Century Punching Bag Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


Finding the best Century punching bag is a task that comes with plenty of difficulties, as the market is filled with countless similar options that you can choose from. To make this decision easier for you, we have analyzed what previous customers had to say about various models and we have concluded that the Century Aerobic Wavemaster is the one that you should consider getting. This choice is 40″ tall and it has a base diameter of 22″. Plus, it features a bag that is 10.5″ in diameter and it has an approximate weight of 170 lbs. This model is available in black and blue and it was specially designed to be used by those who are doing cardio as part of their fitness routine. If this item happens to be out of stock when you check it out, take a good look at the Century Martial Arts Wavemaster as it might also stir your interest.



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6 Best Century Punching Bags (Reviews) in 2022



Buying a good Century punching bag is not easy, especially if you are a novice. Because we are well aware of the situation, in an attempt to help you, we have prepared a list of options that have received positive reviews from customers and experts alike.



1. Century Aerobic Wavemaster


This training bag is ideal for all those who love doing cardio. You can use it for low impact exercises and for practicing precise kicks and strikes that are focused on speed and accuracy. Also, it has a small footprint.

The model is 40″ in height and it was made using high-density foam and a poly-shell. As the manufacturer claims, the height of the model can be adjusted to 65.5″. The low base of the choice can be filled with water or sand and it has a rounded shape so that you can easily move it around, in accordance with your preferences.

Because it features a small hole, filling it can be a tad problematic. Still, most users are happy with its design and consider it rather durable and practical. It is recommendable that you wear gloves and protective socks while training as the force of impact can result in you hurting your hands or feet.



This bag is 10.5″ in diameter and 40″ in length. It also features a base that has a total diameter of 22″ for increased stability.

When filled, this model is approximately 170 lbs. and it can be easily transported around thanks to its rounded base.

The choice is available in numerous colors. This way, you can order it in a color that fits with your décor.

If you love cardio and you are searching for a bag that you can use to train for precise and quick kicks, this might be it.



There were some buyers that claimed that this option was smaller in size than they expected it to be. Not all of them considered this a drawback.

It has been said that the opening that one has to use to fill this unit with sand or water is rather small in size, and, consequently, it can be rather tricky to do so.

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2. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag


Advertised as one of the largest bags available at this moment, the Martial Arts Wavemaster is another model that you should add to your list. The choice measures 18 inches in diameter and it can provide you with a sizable surface where you can practice your favorite techniques.

To make sure that the Century Wavemaster punching bag will pass the test of time, the manufacturer has constructed it to include a striking surface that was made of high-quality materials such as a durable vinyl cover and top high-density foam.

Because the model includes a low-profile base and given that it features an ultra-stable weight distribution, this bag can provide you with the stability and durability needed for your training routine.

The extra-large fill hole that the item includes ensures that it can accommodate both water and sand as filling. This choice is also easy to assemble as you don’t have to use special tools to do so.



This alternative was made and distributed by Century, a manufacturer that has made a name for itself in the business.

One of its biggest advantages is that it has a large kicking and punching surface, which is a reason why numerous of its users speak highly of it.

This option has a diameter of 18 inches and it was made of high-quality, durable materials that can supply you with all the durability that you need.

Moreover, this bag includes a large fill hole so that you won’t find it challenging to fill it up with sand or water.



There was a buyer who claimed that the model that she was shipped started showing signs of wear after the first two weeks of use.

Another customer remarked that the choice moved around when hit. He said that the reason why this happened might have something to do with the fact that the unit was filled with water and not with sand.

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3. Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag


This Century standing punching bag has an innovative design that mimics the shape of a real person. Therefore, when using it, you can visualize where your strikes will actually land on your competitor.

Plus, the model can be utilized with or without gloves and it is the go-to option if you need a bag that you can use for striking and punching. The unit was designed to be used for at home training, but it can also be utilized by heavy hitters.

Another advantage of the unit is its adjustable height. As the seller argues, one can modify its overall height from 60 to 78 inches. Adjusting the height of the bag is effortless and it does not take a lot of effort or time.

In total, the mannequin measures 30″ x 22″ x 12″, while its base is 24″ in height and it has a 19.5″ diameter.



If you are in need of a bag that is height-adjustable and that you can use to practice MMA, boxing or fitness techniques, be sure to take a good look at this one.

This Century MMA punching bag includes a base that can be filled with sand or water. When filled, the choice weighs 270 lbs.

Because of its lightweight and round-shaped base, this option can be effortlessly moved around to different parts of your gym room.

Given its realistic design, you can utilize this choice to visualize where your strikes will land on a real competitor, which is a big advantage according to most martial arts practitioners.



Some users pointed out that they were delivered defective bags. The number of people who had to deal with this problem is, however, limited.

There were buyers who noted that the screws that the model featured came off rather easily, which was a big disadvantage.

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4. Century Cardio Wavemaster Black


This model can be adjusted from 53.5 to 65.5″ in height and it was designed to feature a longer bag as well as a low-profile base so that it can allow its users to deliver more strikes and kicks than other available units on the market.

What is more, this choice is made of high-density foam and it includes a sturdy poly shell for increased durability. Because of its rounded base design, the item is easy to roll for relocation purposes.

This product is ideal for kickboxing and cardio workouts and it features a 40-inch tall bag. The base of the option can be filled with both water and sand. According to previous buyers, this model comes pre-assembled so that you don’t have to struggle to put it together.

You can utilize this bag for at home cardio sessions. Most of its buyers were happy with its construction and they considered it a reliable purchase.



Numerous users pointed out that this bag is perfect for at home training sessions as it is easy to install and use.

Given that this model has a considerably lower base, numerous buyers noted that it is perfect for sidekicks and punching.

The rounded construction of the unit makes it effortless for one to move it around inside one’s home.

Customers have noted that the seller supplies great customer service, which is the reason why they recommend it.



There was a user who said that she found it difficult to fill the base with enough water for the bag to be stable. This was the only drawback of this kind that we have noted.

Another buyer remarked that the choice is not as sturdy as he had expected. Even more so, according to him, the choice kept moving from its initial place when hit or kicked. Not all other users agreed.

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5. Century Versys Fight Simulator


This flight simulator is the perfect choice for those who are trying to put together an at home gym. This Century free standing punching bag is very versatile and it can be used just out of the box as it needs no additional installation.

Plus, this option is rather durable as it features a vinyl shell as well as a pre-filled sand base that can help you deliver powerful strikes and kicks that have a low impact. It can be used by everybody, regardless of one’s level of experience.

As the seller argues, this bag is also suitable for those interested in aerobic conditioning and technique and speed training. You can also use this model for ground punching, takedowns, and plyo jumps.

Given that it can rebound easily, the model is a good purchase if you intend to use it on a day to day basis as it won’t lose its shape easily. The base of the option has a total weight of 100 lbs.



This fight stimulator was created to be used both as a freestanding bag and as a grappling dummy so that it can be utilized for plenty of workout and training routines.

Because of the movements of the bag, this choice can help you improve your timing and reflexes when striking.

This option features top and bottom handles that can be utilized for numerous workout routines such as for knee strikes, dragging and leg lifts.

When the base of the item is filled with sand, it has an approximate weight of 100 lbs.



One previous customer noted that this is not a heavy bag and that it cannot be used as one. Not all buyers agree.

Although one owner was happy with the quality and the build of the bag, he said that it is not suitable for boxing as it cannot stand a punch. Not many of its users noted this issue.

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6. Wavemaster Kid Kick


If you need a Century BOB punching bag that was specially created to be used by children, be sure to have this one in mind. The model is ideal when utilized to help children train for boxing, karate or any other martial arts.

It was made using a durable nylon cover and high-impact foam so that the user is provided with plenty of protection. Given its low-profile base, it can be easily kicked and hit.

The base of the option can be filled with sand or water and it weighs up to 170 lbs. when filled. To make it as practical as possible, the manufacturer has designed it to allow for four height adjustments. The rounded base that the model includes makes it easy to roll and relocate when necessary. The base is 22″ in diameter and it is 12″ tall.

Just like most products distributed by this manufacturer, the choice is covered by a one-year warranty policy.



This is the go-to option for those students that want to practice punches and kicks in the comfort of their home.

Plus, the option comes provided with a base that is 12″ tall and with a bag that measures 10.5″ in diameter and 26″ in height.

The total weight of the option is of 170 lbs. when filled with either sand or water, depending on one’s preferences.

Because it was specially made to be used by children, it can provide them with the comfort necessary when training to master various fighting techniques.



One parent said that the nylon fabric used to cover the bag is not as durable as expected. Still, she argued that it will probably pass the test of time.

It has been noted that some customers were shipped models that had defective bases. However, according to the reviews, such cases are quite rare. So, you should not feel discouraged from ordering it.

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Yearly Guide & Report


A high-quality Century punching bag stand is not easy to find. If you don’t know what features are considered a must when shopping for a bag of this type, keep reading the following buying guide as it is packed with info that might come in handy.

Size and convenience

Most Century punching bag reviews point out that the key rule that you should stick to when ordering a bag of this type is to get one that weighs half your own weight. For instance, if you happen to weigh 200 lbs., you should order a model that is around 100 lbs. This is important as this will ensure that the bag will not swing too much when you deliver a powerful kick or punch.

Still, not all experts agree with this rule. In fact, some of them recommend getting a lighter bag, as this will ensure that it will swing more. By doing so, the bag will actually imitate the movement of your opponent and it will help you develop your reflexes and accuracy.

If you are short on space, it is advisable that you select a product that is easy to move around. To cater to the needs of their users, most manufacturers create bags that include a rounded base. As a result, they are effortless to move from one place to another.


The material

Most of the cheap Century punching bags available are made using vinyl, a sturdy material that is similar to leather, but more affordable. However, in order to avoid hurting your hands while training, it is best that you wear high-quality gloves as well as wrist straps.

The type of material that was used to fill the bag is also important. There are bags filled with foam, hay, cotton, and fabrics, or with a combination of these materials. According to the experts, the density of the substance used to fill the bag is vital.

You should get a bag that is filled with a material that makes it hard enough to provide you with the right resistance. Still, the bag should not cause you pain whenever you hit or kick it. The biggest advantage of most of the units available is that they come provided with a zipper that enables you to add or to remove part of the filling.


Why are stand up punching bags a good choice?

There are a number of reasons why stand up punching bags are highly recommended by current users. For once, they do not have to be installed. Therefore, you can use them right out of the box just as long as you fill their base with water or sand.

Plus, when compared to the alternatives that have to be hanged, these models are portable and they can be placed in the corner of one’s training room once the training session is over. Even more so, lighter choices can also be easily transported to other locations.

One of the biggest advantages that many speak of is the fact that these bags are suitable for numerous types of martial art training strategies and cardio workouts. Consequently, by using a bag of this sort, you can develop both your offense and defense skills.

Because the height of these bags is adjustable, they can be used by the entire family. Moreover, given that they don’t normally have a particularly tough hitting surface, these choices are relatively safe and they can be utilized by adults and kids alike.

One issue that some noted about this sort of bags is that they tend to move when hit with plenty of force. If you find this to be an issue, it might help to place the base of the bag onto a rubber gym matt, as this might help. Besides, this way you can be sure that your precious floors will not be scratched or damaged in any way. This will also not cost a pretty penny as gym mats are rather affordable.




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