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6 Best Adidas Boxing Shoes Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Best Adidas Boxing Shoe Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


If your passion for boxing calls for new gear and you’re on the lookout for the best Adidas boxing shoes, this paragraph might be of help. Our team has examined various Adidas boxing shoes for sale, their features, and consumer feedback and has concluded that the first product you might want to try is the Adidas Combat Speed. Designed to up your performance, the shoes feature quality materials that are committed to ensuring flexibility and comfort. Since boxing training and matches involve lots of effort and sweat, the shoes promise to make sure that your comfort won’t be affected and thus come with a breathable mesh that will prevent sweat from building up. Moreover, they are ultra-lightweight so you can move easily. The materials used and the sock-like design ensure a comfortable fit. In case this product is not available for sale, a reliable source in terms of quality is the Adidas Box Hog.



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6 Best Adidas Boxing Shoes (Reviews) in 2022



Whether you’re getting ready for a new boxing match or you simply need to renew your gear to train more comfortably, finding the right pair of Adidas box shoes might prove to be a time-consuming task, given the many products available on the market. To ease your shopping experience, we have compiled below a list of Adidas boxing shoes reviews. Check it out for a more informed decision.



1. Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5


The gear you use counts a lot when it comes to your comfort while boxing and affects even the performance you deliver. If you’re interested in getting a pair of shoes that will outfit your training sessions of boxing matches with comfort and flexibility, this model from Adidas might be right up your alley.

The materials used promise to level up your game by ensuring flexibility to move freely as well as breathability. Thanks to the mesh featured, sweat won’t build you and you will get to keep your feet dry even when training hard.

The sock-like design and the adjustable strap will enable you to find the most comfortable fit. What’s more, the ultra-lightweight materials will boost your comfort and flexibility, which translates into greater speed. The shoes are available in a variety of colors so you can easily find the one that matches the rest of your gear.

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2. Adidas Box Hog 2 Shoes Men’s


If durability, comfort, and breathability are the features you’re interested in when it comes to your boxing shoes, this pair from Adidas is worth adding to your list of options. Designed to enable you to be more agile when in the ring, the shoes feature quality materials that are committed to lasting and providing you with comfort.

Thanks to the breathable mesh, sweat won’t be a problem as this material will prevent it from building up. A cooler performance is thus ensured. Moreover, the gum rubber outsole will help you enjoy better traction and grip.

Furthermore, the synthetic suede overlays, the low-profile cushioned midsole, and the heel cushioning will make sure that comfort is your partner when training or fighting and the shoes will keep up with extended use. The product was designed to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit. The shoes are available in a variety of sizes.

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3. Adidas Box Hog x Special Men’s Shoes


Designed to take your comfort and thus your performance one level higher, these shoes should not go unchecked before you make your final decision. Featuring quality fabrics including leather and synthetic materials and a lightweight design, the shoes will help you train for success and do so comfortably.

What makes them stand out is that they are both lightweight and durable. Their low weight will help you practice for hours without feeling your feet tired or experiencing discomfort. However, long training and frequent matches won’t tear them apart too soon as they promise to deliver durability.

Comfort and durability are further enhanced by the soft leather and gum rubber outsole featured. Their design ensures a snug and secure fit. The black Adidas boxing shoes come in various sizes so you can find the right one for your feet with ease.

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4. Adidas Speedex 16.1 Boxing Shoes


Developed with stability, comfort, and durability in mind, these shoes are worth considering if you need to renew your boxing gear. They were designed to enhance your comfort and thus up your game. The materials employed promise to provide you with the support and protection you need to move around the ring quickly.

The lightweight design will enhance your speed whereas the ankle straps will help you enjoy stability, support, and a secure fit. The single-layer mesh used will ensure the needed ventilation so you can train or fight and keep your feet dry and cool. By preventing sweat from building up, you will be able to focus on your game.

Thanks to the ultra-lightweight outer sole and the multi-directional grip, you will be able to move freely without your balance being affected. The shoes were developed to keep up with countless rounds; therefore, they feature the durable Adiwear materials.

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5. adidas Unisex-Adult Hog 3 Boxing Shoe 


Both female and male boxers can pick this boxing shoe from the many available because of its unisex design. adidas is a company dedicated to the inclusion of all categories of athletes, and that shows in their decision to create such unisex shoes for boxing. The soles are made from rubber, so they provide excellent traction and grip.

Superior stability is essential for a boxer, but that’s not all. Ankle support on these shoes is unrivaled and will give you confidence while training. You never have to worry that you might slip and injure yourself when wearing them.

Another thing you will learn about them from the first time you put them on is that they are truly comfortable. They are just as good for performing cardio exercises as they are for training, so you will find them versatile and convenient. You can even wear them when going outside, as they look really nice.

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6. Adidas Pro Bout Boxing Boot


To help you focus on your game and improve your performance, the shoes you wear when boxing or training for your next fight should provide you with certain benefits including stability, flexibility, comfort, and durability. That’s what Adidas had in mind when designing the Pro Bout shoes.

In order to deliver all the above-mentioned benefits, this model features quality materials and a thoughtful design that will work together to outfit your game with a victorious outcome. Therefore, the shoes come with non-marking Adiwear outsoles for increased durability even if you wear them frequently.

The materials used and the shoe design promise to deliver the support you need when moving quickly and transferring power. This means that you will also get to enjoy enhanced speed and flexibility. A secure fit is ensured thanks to the way they were designed. The shoes are available in black.

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Even if many people consider boxing gloves to be the most important piece of equipment when in the ring, the shoes you wear should not be ignored. They will directly and significantly affect your performance as they will tailor the agility, flexibility, and comfort you get to enjoy.

That’s why there are some key factors to consider when on the lookout for quality boxing shoes. Whether you’ve set your eyes on a pair of Adidas Adipower boxing shoes, Adidas Box Rival II shoes, or some other brand footwear, here are the things you should keep an eye on.

Thickness and weight

Boxing involves footwork and this means that you will need shoes that will allow you to move quickly and do so without losing stability. Here is where the weight and thickness of the shoes you wear come into sight.

While some boxers prefer lighter and thinner shoes for increased flexibility and freedom of movement, other boxers go for heavier and thicker shoes. There is no right and wrong. After all, it depends on your boxing style.

However, keep in mind that thicker and heavier shoes will reduce your mobility. It is true that they will provide you with enhanced support instead. Lighter shoes will enable you to move quickly yet, depending on their design, they may leave your ankles unprotected.


Sole type

The soles will have a great impact on your performance since they decide how much grip, agility, and balance you enjoy. There are various types of soles and you can tell which one is right for you by trying on the shoes.

The soles should provide you with enough grip to move around freely without sliding when transferring power. Still, too much grip will prevent you from pivoting on the ball of your foot. No matter the type of sole you choose, you should move around the ring comfortably whether you do so forward or backward, you pivot, or you just stay on your toes.

The shoes should keep you balanced at all times and they should not force your feet inward or outward.

One thing to commit to memory regards the thickness of the sole. While a thicker sole will keep up with many rounds and deliver durability, it will diminish your flexibility. A thinner sole will allow you to move freely but may not last that long.



Now, once you’ve considered the above-mentioned features, you need to try on the shoes you want to buy. The way they feel will help you make a decision. Boxing shoes should provide your feet with support while keeping them comfortable so you can focus on the game.

You could easily apply the general shoe rule here as well. They should be snug enough to prevent sliding around yet they should not squeeze your feet. Therefore, not too loose, not too tight.

Keep in mind that boxing shoes are a bit narrower than regular street shoes as you need more foot control and lateral support when engaging in boxing matches or training sessions. That’s why it is best to try on the shoes and practice various boxing movements to see how they feel.

Pay great attention to the size you get. Boxing shoes are usually sized like regular shoes yet some brands might have slightly different sizing guidelines. Sizing calls for greater attention if you’re a woman as they may run bigger, so getting a size down is recommended.


High-top or mid-top shoes?

Another feature that will help you filter out the many products available for sale is the cut length of the shoes you need for your game. If mobility and speed are more important than support, then a pair of mid-top shoes will suit your needs better. Some of them will sit below the ankle like some Adidas low top boxing shoes while others will sit a bit above it.

In case you want to pair your fighting movements with greater ankle and lateral support and enhanced security, you might want to go for high-tops. Such shoes will restrict your mobility, though, since they cover the ankle.



If you often engage in boxing matches and training sessions, you need to consider the durability provided by the materials used. Given the nature of boxing, there will be lots of footwork involved. Moving backward and forward quickly calls for durable shoes.

Here is where the sole comes into sight again. While the rest of the shoe is also important as far as durability is concerned, the sole holds the greatest importance. You can tell if the shoes are durable by examining the sole.

It should be well built as it will get the most tear and wear. Durability is a must no matter if you go for men’s shoes or you’ve set your eyes on a pair of Adidas boxing shoes for women.


Don’t forget that boxing involves lots of sweating. Look for shoes that feature breathable materials to allow for the air to circulate and thus prevent sweat and heat from building up. Shoes featuring mesh parts will keep your feet dry and cool and help you focus on your game.

By doing so, they will outfit your game with comfort. Sweating may lead to slipping and that’s something you don’t want when targeting victory.


Other things to consider

To make sure you add the right shoes to your shopping cart, there are some other features to consider. Getting acquainted with the anatomy of the shoe and the materials that need to be used for each of its parts is compulsory.

Besides the characteristics we have highlighted above, you might want to pay attention to the ankle straps featured, if any. Not all shoes come with such straps yet those that do will provide you with increased ankle support.

If you want a perfect fit and the possibility to adjust tension, it is best to go for laced shoes. Shoes featuring zippers and straps are easier to adjust but do not allow for minute adjustments like laced shoes do.

It is desirable to get a pair of shoes that includes a heel counter to keep the structural integrity of your heel. Look for shoes that have a flexible toe box so you can easily pivot and stay on your toes.



Unavailable products


Adidas KO Legend 16.1 Boxing Trainer Shoe Boot


The shoes you wear when boxing will directly affect your performance. Therefore, it is highly important to select a pair of shoes that will provide you with flexibility, speed, comfort, and stability. With this model from Adidas, you get to enjoy all that.

Due to the triaxial mesh used, you will get to train or fight for hours without sweating as this material will allow for the air to circulate and thus keep your feet cool and dry. Moreover, thanks to the microfibre synthetic leather overlays, you will get the support you need when moving around the ring without your comfort being affected.

The shoes boast ankle straps for a secure fit and an Adiwear outsole for enhanced flexibility, traction, and durability. Plus, the one-piece rubber outsole ensures a multidirectional grip, which means that your feet won’t slide when you transfer the power. This will further help you move quickly without losing stability.




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