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5 Tips for Buying The Right Wrestling Gear

Last Updated: 16.05.22



Buying the right gear means you need to go through a lot of information, not to mention if you need to get something more specific such as youth wrestling shoes. Since we want to help make things easier, you should check out this page that gathers the essential information to take into consideration before venturing into the pool of products and models available for sale.

Wrestling is the type of sport that requires a small amount of equipment to reduce surface area, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t very important characteristics that can definitely make a difference in your experience. This article can be particularly helpful if you are rather new to this sport.

The first thing you should prioritize as you search for wrestling gear is your safety. In the end, this is a sport that ultimately takes place between two people, and there is no team involved to provide support, so you need to make sure that you are safe at all times. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what the gear has to offer.



These are one of those pieces of gear that are not that hard to shop for. If you are part of a wrestling team, there’s a high chance that there’s a matching color for the whole team. If that’s not the case, then you should choose a regularly colored singlet, since those featuring extremely bright and funky or complex patterns are not allowed in most competitions.

Besides the way it looks, you should also think about your comfort during the match, so you need to make sure that the singlet fits you well and that it’s comfortable to wear during intense competitions. The material should allow your skin to breathe while keeping sweat at bay as much as possible.

Wrestling shoes

This is where things get more complicated, given that you have more options to choose from. A model featuring high-tops might be a good choice if you like having more ankle support. However, it’s important to be comfortable and not have your movements constricted in any way.

Wrestling shoes should also have a very snug fit. If they are too loose, there’s a chance you might trip or get hurt, while shoes that are too tight can hinder your movements and even cause pains. Since having a good grip on the mat can definitely provide advantages over an opponent, you might want to look for treads with sharp angles.

In terms of soles, there are two main options you can choose from: unisoles or split soles. The former model has one sole that extends from toes to heels, which means it’s not as flexible but it’s much more durable and thus suitable for heavyweight wrestlers.

The latter is made of two separate soles. This means more flexibility is ensured which is suitable for lightweight wrestlers.


What about materials?

Since the materials used for a shoe can surely make a difference in terms of the user’s overall experience, you have plenty of options here as well. Leather is usually thicker than synthetic materials and can ensure more protection, while it also expands and conforms to the foot’s movements.

Technological advancements have also made synthetic materials a very desirable option among many wrestlers, although here things can vary greatly in terms of quality, which means you should be careful when you make your choice. Synthetic materials are usually lighter, more versatile, and most of the time they are water-resistant as well.



The head is one of the most important parts of your body that you need to protect from any serious injuries, so choosing the right headgear is a crucial aspect, especially since its primary function is to protect your ears from damage. Here as well there is more than one type of gear you can choose from.

A hard shell headgear’s construction includes foam and a durable plastic shell, this being a lightweight alternative that tends to last longer than its soft shell counterpart. Usually, the design of hard shell headgear also allows better hearing during competitions. However, the downside is that these models are not allowed in all competitions.

Soft shell helmets are usually made of rubber, polymer, or various fabrics. Given that they tend to be more comfortable, they are quite popular among young wrestlers. It’s important to determine the level at which you want to compete and see which type of headgear works better to prepare you for the upcoming matches.


Knee pads

These are not one of the essential pieces of gear, but knee pads can certainly improve your game since wrestling is basically a game about falling. Of course, there are two alternatives you can choose from in this case as well.

Certain knee pad designs ensure impact cushioning, using a circular cushion to protect the knee. The other alternative is many times called a knee sleeve and features a lightweight design, being a lot less constricting and featuring a slippery surface that helps prevent mat burns during the match.

No matter the type, knee pads should not limit the range of motions and should fit snugly. Some athletes wear pads only for one knee, while others for both, this being a completely personal preference.

Other useful gear

Since wrestling is a complex sport, there are other gear elements that might seem less important, but can nevertheless help the athlete improve his or her performance. Lace covers are many times required for competitions since tripping accidents can be prevented if the laces are covered or taped. Generally, these are simple elastic bands used to get the job done.

Wrestling caps can also come in handy if you have long hair and you want to keep it out of your way or keep your opponent from using it as leverage. Usually made of lycra spandex, these caps come in various colors, so you can match it with the rest of your gear. Going for a model made of cotton blend can be a very good choice since it can also absorb sweat.



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