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5 Best Reflex Bags in 2022 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Top Reflex Bags – Guide & Comparison


We know that finding the best reflex bag is not always such an easy thing to do, especially if you don’t have enough time on your hands to research the topic on your own. Therefore, our team has taken the task to bring you all the answers you need. After carefully going through multiple sources of information and seeing what some of the most critically-acclaimed models have to offer, we concluded that the alternative you should consider is MaxxMMA’s Advanced Kit 2.0. This reflex bag that features a Cobra-like design has an adjustable height which makes it suitable for multiple users, as well as a Core Weight Bag that ensures additional stability. Moreover, the equipment is delivered with hand wrap gel gloves for your comfort. If this reflex bag is not available in your area, the next option that offers similar benefits is Title’s Boxing Tri-Bag.



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5 Best Reflex Bags (Reviews) in 2022



Since finding the right equipment can prove to be rather overwhelming, especially if you are rather new to boxing and there are many options you can choose from, we’ve decided to give you a hand. In the next lines, you’ll find a selection of top-rated reflex bags with detailed reviews, so that you can choose the one that is right for your training needs.



1. MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0


If what you are looking for is a good Cobra reflex bag, this MaxxMMA Advanced Kit might be the solution you need, given that it offers plenty of benefits that suit both experienced fighters and those who are just getting started. Moreover, this model is adjustable in terms of height, with a range between 52” and 65”, which means that it’s suitable for more than one user.

For this reason, if you plan to have more than one person training on the Advanced Kit 2.0, then this is certainly something that should not be overlooked. It might not seem like this, but according to previous buyers, seniors can also use it to stay in shape, so don’t think it might not be a useful gift for a senior family member.

Another aspect worth keeping in mind is that this Maxx MMA reflex bag comes with two different size bags and various tension settings so that anyone using it can enjoy its full benefits and improve his or her timing, punching accuracy, and overall cardio training.



The Core Weight Bag ensures additional stability, but it can also function as a workout bag, which gives you more options.

You don’t need to worry about this unit’s durability since this is certainly ensured by the steel rod construction that also features high-grade PU bags, as well as an inner bladder design.

The package includes hand wrap gel gloves as well, so you won’t need to purchase additional ones in order to have this matter covered.

Most previous buyers say that this Maxx MMA reflex bag is very fast and sharp, which can definitely help improve your technique.



In certain cases, depending on the training intensity as well, the unit’s screws might need to be reinforced from time to time.

For some users, the Advanced Kit 2.0 seems to be rather noisy.

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2. Title Boxing Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar Tri-Bag


Another model that can definitely help you improve your technique and precision, this Title reflex bag comes with various elements that make it an effective alternative. The unit includes the spinning boxing bag, a spring mounted striking ball, as well as a paddle target so that you can enjoy versatile training.

For this reason, the Tri-Bag works very well for both beginner and experienced athletes, no matter their size or level. Moreover, you shouldn’t be concerned about its ability to withstand the test of time since the paddle target is made of steel, while the spring mounted striking ball features a dense molded foam which works for training sessions of any intensity.

Therefore, if you want to develop and perfect your blocking, speed, bob, defense, or jabs in various combinations, you should certainly keep this good reflex bag in mind. All you need to do is fill the base with water or sand, assemble the pieces, and get ready for action.



This model comes in a universal size with an adjustable height that ranges between 60” and 78”.

Since stability is one of the main elements of such a piece of equipment, the Tri-Bag features rubber suction cups on the bottom part of its base so that it won’t budge while you practice your combinations.

Thanks to its construction and to the materials used, you won’t need to invest in a new piece of equipment anytime soon.

You can fill the base with whatever type of materials or elements you choose, such as water, sand, or anything else that might work.



Although this unit can be easily installed, if you are not experienced at all, you might need to look for some information on how to get this done.

Just like any other reflex punching bag, it should not be used by inexperienced children that might get hurt.

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3. Aceshin Boxing Punching Bag 


The shell of the top ball is made from high-quality PU, and the rest of the setup will convince you that this model is created with durability and reliability in mind. The fixed steel used will make sure that you will get to use this reflex bag for a long time.

You will like that you can easily adjust the height, which can be modified anywhere between 53 inches to 60 inches. Therefore, even taller practitioners of martial arts can customize it to fit their needs. While the setup is lightweight, you can load the base with water or sand and ensure perfect stability.

To ensure proper bounce back abilities for this reflex bag, the manufacturer equipped it with strong springs that will maintain their qualities no matter how hard and fast you hit the top ball. Use it to improve your hand-eye coordination and to get a good cardio session.


The base is made from one piece and extremely solid, so you can rest assured that when filled properly, it will not allow the setup to move around when hit.

High-quality materials such as fixed steel and PU were used to make this model, which means that your investment is a sound one, should you decide to purchase it.

You will especially like that the punching bag has a good feeling, and you will train as if you would with a sparring partner, one that has good reflexes and helps you develop them, as well.

The power buffer layer ensures that your hands won’t suffer any injuries when you train in this manner.

On the inside, there is a foam liner that provides excellent elasticity so that you have a safe experience and you don’t end up damaging the punching bag, either.



Bear in mind that this punching bag is designed for developing accuracy and not for heavy-hitting, which might damage it quite quickly.

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4. Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag


If you are in the market for a boxing reflex bag that is specially built for fitness enthusiasts or novice boxers who want to develop timing, precision, accuracy, distance and many other similar skills, this Ringside model is not to be overlooked. Thanks to its sturdy synthetic leather construction, you can rest assured that you can rely on it for a long time.

Moreover, its height can be adjusted between 49” and 69”, and the plastic base tank is large enough to ensure the necessary stability when it’s filled with water or sand. The manufacturer recommends using 240 pounds of sand or 125 pounds of water to get this done.

In terms of performance, the reflex bag simulates the movements of an opponent thanks to its chrome spring. According to many previous buyers, this item is ideal if you want to work out and exercise your reflexes at the same time, all in the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind that you will also need at least wraps, if not gloves, to protect your hands as you train.



Since the punching bag is made of dense foam, you don’t need to worry about pumping it with air in order to start using it right away.

According to those who have given it a try, the chrome spring is quite bouncy and effective, thus challenging the boxer even after a while.

Given that you can fill up the base with either water or sand, you can rest assured that the unit is stable enough for training of various intensities.

Thanks to its adjustable height, more users can enjoy its benefits.



In certain cases, the unit was delivered with some missing screws, but you can get assistance if this happens.

In rare instances, the base may leak if filled with water.

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5. MaxxMMA Double End Striking Punching Bag Kit Core Training Weight Bag


In case you are going through reflex bag reviews looking for a model that doesn’t involve any screws, then we might have found just the answer for you in this MaxxMMA Double End Kit. According to many reviews, this is an excellent piece of equipment for developing various skills such as speed, accuracy, and timing.

Moreover, both the tension and the length of the elastic ropes are adjustable, while the entire unit is easy to mount on a door frame, given the Adjustable Door Frame Fixer technology. The great part about it is that you don’t need to worry about any damage to the said frame or about dealing with screws that might get lost as you set it up or throughout time.

The kit includes the brand’s Core Weight Training Bag which can be also used as an anchor in order to stabilize either a heavy bag or a double end bag, which gives you more versatility in terms of your training.



This kit works very well for various punching actions and combinations, developing the desired skills, no matter if you are already experienced or not in this type of activity.

Thanks to its construction that includes a heavy-duty spring that bounces back, you will be challenged even after you get used to this equipment.

The Weight Training Bag included in the set is specially designed for portability so that you can train on the go while still enjoying multi-purpose workouts.

You can rest assured that the base that can be filled with either water or sand will ensure stability.



In some rare cases, the were minor issues with the delivered product, such as missing elements, but these were quickly solved by the seller’s customer representatives.

For some users, this unit could be a bit tougher, but this depends on preferences as well.

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Yearly Guide & Report


No matter if you are looking for something specific, such as an Everlast reflex bag, or simply for the right solution for your training and workout needs, you surely know that such a piece of equipment can prove to be extremely useful in achieving your goals in terms of fitness, while also developing various skills such as timing and speed.

It’s true that many times we have a hard time finding the right solution to work out, but you might find that having a reflex bag around the house can help you overcome many barriers since it’s so convenient, thus leading to excellent overall results in a short time. Plus, kicking something that bounces back and keeps you alert can be a fun thing to do.

While athletes use reflex bags to develop their skills, these are a great addition to anyone’s home as well. With such an item, you enjoy a boost of cardiovascular fitness, not to mention an improvement in overall health. Of course, you can also find them in many gyms, so if you are still not sure whether you want to own one, give it a try beforehand if you have the chance.

It’s true that before you go ahead and purchase a brand new reflex bag, there are some particularities and details that you might want to be aware of in order to make the right choice. Therefore, in the next minutes, we will take a look at what some of these are.


Adjustable height

This is an aspect that is less important if you are of average height, but it does come into play if you are on either the shorter or taller side. Therefore, choosing a model that has an adjustable height is the safest way to go, if you want to make sure you train and work out in the most effective way.

Of course, the adjustable height definitely needs to be an option if you plan to use the reflex bag in a gym or if more than one member of your family will use it. As it’s the case with training gear in general, you want models that can be customized as much as possible to various preferences and needs.



Since you are going to throw punches at the reflex bag and it needs to bounce back the right way in order to help you develop your skills, stability is one of the key aspects of such equipment. Moreover, once you start to use it constantly, you don’t need it toppling over or offering little resistance since this means it’s less effective.

As you can very well imagine, there is no point in training for improved reflexes if the base keeps getting knocked over. However, if you do find a model that you like but you are not sure whether it’s stable enough, you can always add more weight onto its base to enhance its resistance to punches.


As it’s the case with pretty much any other item or gear that you intend to use, choosing one made of high-quality materials will most probably last longer and offer better results. For this reason, you want to take a close look at all the information offered by the manufacturer on this topic.

It’s true that such a choice is generally more expensive, but keep in mind that you will save money in the long run by not needing to buy new reflex bags as often. If the stand or spring is made of steel and the bag is covered in leather or high-quality synthetic leather, you are on the right track.



Unavailable products


Innolife MMA Boxing Speed Trainer Punching Bag Spinning Bar


Not necessarily one of the cheap reflex bags available on the market, this Innolife model is a very good choice if you want to work on your technique and combinations in an effective way. The model features a scientifically developed design that can help you get the results you want.

The fact that its base can be filled with either water or sand makes things a lot easier in terms of stability. It’s true that some users might not choose sand because it tends to be rather messy, but once every last bit is securely stored within the base, you will be able to train without having to worry about its balance.

Water can offer the same results, so it’s really a matter of personal preference. Additionally, this freestanding reflex bag is specially designed to improve timing, footwork, reflexes, as well as hand-and-eye coordination. No matter your current skill level, you can surely give it a try and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.



The reflex punch bag includes an adjustable-height design with a range between 5’1″ and 7’8″, which means that it can be comfortably used by multiple athletes.

Even if you are an experienced athlete or simply someone who wants to enjoy some good reflex bag workouts, this model fits the bill for every purpose.

Thanks to the durable base, stability is ensured for effective training sessions.

Customer support is very efficient in solving any matter you might be dealing with if you decide to give this model a try.



Some users have stated that it would be a good thing if the reflex bag would be delivered with training technique advice as well.

Given that it’s a smooth and pretty snappy design, make sure that children or teenagers don’t get accidentally hurt if they start playing around it.


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