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15 Best Wrestling Shoes Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 16.05.22


Best Wrestling Shoe Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


If you are looking to purchase the best wrestling shoes, you are in the right place. We are here to help you find that pair of high top wrestling shoes you have wanted for so long. After extensive research of the market, we are happy to present you the ASICS JB Elite III. This item was designed in collaboration with the Olympic and World Wrestling champion, Jordan Burroughs, in order to give you the best chance in the competition. They have a seamless construction, meaning that only seamless materials were used, in order to diminish any potential irritation and friction. Also, thanks to its interesting design that features a small pocket, you now have the option to hide your laces inside to avoid any accidents. It will also make your shoes look more stylish. If you couldn’t find these wrestling shoes for sale, you should definitely give the Adidas Men’s HVC2 AQ3325 a try.



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15 Best Wrestling Shoes (Reviews) in 2022



We can all agree that it is very difficult to find a pair of good wrestling shoes. But don’t worry, we are on your side. Take a look at our wrestling shoes reviews, as they will offer you all the information you need in order to make the best decision.



Asics wrestling shoes


1. Asics Mens JB Elite III Wrestling Shoe


These shoes were made to compete! In order to offer you excellent results in a wrestling match, this item was designed in collaboration with five-time world-level freestyle champion, Jordan Burroughs. And, if some people prefer their shoelaces to be visible to everyone, others prefer to hide them.

But when it comes to wrestling, we can all agree on the importance of being able to tuck your laces in, and this item will offer you just that. Thanks to its modern and practical design, you can now hide your laces into a small pocket. This will not only make your shoes look more stylish, but it will offer better protection, too.

Let’s not forget about the importance of a great sole! The improved split sole design of this model will give any athlete enough freedom of movement inside the shoe hence more speed and dexterity. Since wrestling is a competitive contact sport that involves mainly clinching and grappling, most of the power comes from the athlete’s feet.


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Adidas wrestling shoes


2. Adidas Men’s Boy’s HVC2 Wrestling Mat Shoe Ankle Strap


These shoes are everything you need if you want to follow your dream of becoming a championship wrestler. It has all the necessary features to help you handle a wrestling match like a pro. The fact that it is made with synthetic leather and suede overlays will offer you great breathability and durability.

Also, its lightweight fit will offer maximum adherence to the mat hence more power, stability, and control. This will increase your chances of winning the match because we know that most of the power and speed lies in your feet – no need to worry about sliding and slipping on the mat anymore.

Also, thanks to the elastic ankle strap your laces will stay tied in place for the entire match. To stop during the match so you can tie your shoes is something that you are not allowed to do. That is why Adidas came with this amazing feature in order to prevent any unwanted situations.


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Nike wrestling shoes


3. Nike Men’s Speed Sweep VII Wrestling Shoes


These light, comfortable, and durable shoes are an excellent choice for all those wrestlers who want to make the most out of their performance. They have proved to offer versatile mobility and outstanding traction so that you can outmove your opponent. Your exceptional technique will not take you very far without a proper pair of wrestling shoes.

This item promises to support your feet right and to offer both increased breathability and flexibility. Also, the upper of this particular model is made from a combination of mesh and split suede, so that you can enjoy great freedom of movement in order to out attack your opponent every time.

Also, this model features a die-cut EVA midsole which is an excellent way of adding extra cushioning foam into the bottom of the shoes. Among the many great benefits this type of midsole has, we can remember shock absorption and pressure reduction.


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Aggressor wrestling shoes


4. Asics Men’s Aggressor Wrestling Shoe


These great shoes are designed to give you the comfort and mobility you need in order to gain full control of your opponent. A wrestler must feel both confident and protected, and that is why this item was built with every wrestler’s needs in mind. It features a form-fitting Ecsaine suede upper that tightly follows the contours of your feet for maximum comfort.

It will fit your foot like a second skin offering you excellent breathability and flexibility at the same time. These shoes also feature a DuoSole outsole which not only increases traction and durability but also reduces the weight of the shoe for better performance.

The rubber sole will make it easy for you to dominate the mat. Now you can enjoy a light and flexible movement without sliding all over. This is extremely important because every wrestler needs maximum stability in order to take his/her opponent to the mat and win the game.


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Dave Schultz wrestling shoes


5. Asics Men’s Dave Schultz Classic Wrestling Shoe


These shoes not only offer you great protection, but they will also give you a unique retro look. This classic wrestling sneaker was a favorite among Dave Schultz and other top wrestlers of that time. And, we should also mention that this retro styling made ASICS famous and this is how the company gained popularity in the wrestling world.

Your wrestling shoes need to be comfortable, so you can make use of all your power and avoid unnecessary distractions. That is why this item features a heel-to-toe Ultrasuede upper, so you can enjoy maximum comfort and fit. Also, the shaft measures approximately 6” which will offer increased protection, especially for your ankles.

Now, you can focus on the important aspects of your performance that will help you take your opponent to the mat with little effort. The one-piece classic outsole has a 360-degree stitch-down construction that guarantees outstanding durability and flexibility.


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Varner wrestling shoes


6. Adidas Men’s Adizero Varner Wrestling Shoes


Jake Varner, the 2-time NCAA wrestling champion and 2012 Olympic Gold medal winning wrestler, is the main inspiration of this amazing wrestling shoe. You can feel confident that it has all the performance features for any level wrestler.

The one-piece mesh upper will fit your feet perfectly and will make you feel like you are wearing another pair of socks, but with all the benefits of a durable and flexible pair of shoes. Also, the EVA wedge offers more cushion for your feet so that you can achieve a perfect attack stance on the mat.

The die-cut EVA midsole offers you maximum comfort and increased shock absorption which will help get you on the road to your victory. This wrestling shoe also features a high-tech outsole for ultimate mat traction and stability, so that you can outmaneuver your opponent in no time and with minimum effort.


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White wrestling shoes


7. Asics Kids Matflex 5 GS Wrestling


These cheap wrestling shoes are a perfect example of increased comfort and durability. No need to worry about the cost anymore because these shoes promise to offer amazing results at a very attractive price. If you were used to thinking that only expensive products offer outstanding quality, it is time we tell you that this isn’t always true.

This item, for example, has proved to offer exceptional performance at an accessible price. It has amazing features that will help you achieve all the results you’ve been dreaming about. The full-length gum rubber outsole will give you maximum traction so that you can take your opponent to the mat like a pro.

Also, thanks to the lace Garage technology, your laces will be, and they will remain, tucked in throughout the whole match. If you decided to give this item a try, you should bear in mind that the size runs small.


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Gold wrestling shoes


8. Asics Men’s JB Elite


This 100% synthetic wrestling shoe was designed for and molded after the American five-time world-level freestyle wrestling champion, Jordan Burroughs. No wonder it has great features which have proved to offer outstanding results, both during practices and on your tournament day. Things are getting serious, and so are you.

The split sole design offers increased flexibility and ultimate mat traction so that you can gain control of your opponent in no time and with minimum effort. For increased comfort, breathability, and flexibility this shoe features a durable neo-retro upper. The upper offers you enough ventilation being made with skin-suede and seamless TPU underlays.

This item also features a lace garage that is incorporated in the tongue of the shoe, and this will help you avoid any unwanted stoppages throughout the match. It will also offer you an enhanced speed hence more chances to take your opponent to the mat.


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Black wrestling shoes


9. Adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M


This wrestling shoe has proved to offer amazing comfort, stability, and flexibility. Are you ready to take things to the next level? If so, we recommend you take this item into account since it promises to offer outstanding results. Get used to dominating the floor and gaining control of your opponents.

Thanks to its rubber sole, you have increased adherence to the mat. We know how important this is since all of the pushing power comes from the wrestler’s feet. And if you are sliding and slipping all over the mat, your chances to take down your opponent will be almost nonexistent.

The smooth and slippery upper will increase your speed and overall performance so that you can surprise your adversary with slick and quick moves. Also, the two-piece engineered mesh allows for great breathability and enhanced ventilation. Now you can perform at your best during any match.


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Blue wrestling shoes


10. Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5


If you are looking for a shoe that offers all the comfort and protection every wrestler needs, you should give this item a try. With amazing features and interesting design, this wrestling shoe will be your best friend during any type of match. You will be able to enjoy the incredible benefits it has to offer from the very moment you put these shoes on.

The TPU 3-stripes along with the integrated side panel “Integral Support Strap” will offer extra support and flexibility. Now, you have enhanced freedom of movement with enough speed to take down your opponent without breaking a sweat. No need to worry about sliding on the mat anymore because this shoe will offer you great stability and increased traction.

The die-cut EVA midsole is another great characteristic which will add extra comfort to your shoes. Your feet will not feel tired or sore so that you can make the most out of your performance.


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Green wrestling shoes


11. ASICS Men’s CAEL V5.0


This wrestling shoe is 100% leather which is an excellent choice for those people who feel that they need extra protection. Mesh certainly has outstanding advantages, but if you want to feel your shoes more durable and sturdier, this might be the best option for you. They also feature mesh panels that have proved to reduce moisture with constant air flow.

Also, thanks to its flexible and durable material, this shoe offers more support for weak ankles and arches. Besides being resistant, this shoe is also very stylish. You can now enjoy a nice-looking shoe with amazing characteristics, that will help you take down your opponent in no time. With this shoe, the victory is on your side.

Your performance has never been better thanks to the tread pattern this shoe has, that will give you the flexibility you need in order to be quick and efficient on the mat.


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Orange wrestling shoes


12. Adidas Men’s Wizard.3-M


If you are very passionate about wrestling and you want a pair of wrestling shoes that will increase your chances of winning, we are happy to inform you that you might have found it. You want to have the upper hand on the mat and this shoe is determined to offer you just that.

You cannot afford to worry about unnecessary limitations or distractions, now you must only focus on your impeccable performance. These shoes will offer all the speed you need in order to surprise your opponent with precise and quick moves. Also, thanks to the reinforcements in the upper, you can now enjoy maximum stability in every move.

Your feet will be very firm on the mat, even when under duress from your opponent, thanks to the one-piece outsole. Also, the lightweight underlays will offer great support around the midfoot and ankle. Protection is something that needs your utmost attention.


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Hypersweep wrestling shoes


13. NIKE Men’s Hypersweep Wrestling


Your feet will feel cool and well ventilated in this amazing wrestling shoe. The hyperfuse upper has a two-ply large hole mesh that provides all the necessary air flow for quicker drying time. You no longer need to worry that your feet will become hot and sweaty because there is enough air circulation inside the shoe to reduce moisture.

Also, you can now enjoy maximum speed which will help you take down your opponent with minimum effort. The dynamic Flywire technology and the internal support strapping will keep your ankles in place so that you can have enough stability throughout even the most intense matches.

This item also features an improved rubber outsole which has less rubber than many other wrestling shoes. Thanks to this important characteristic, your shoe will be very flexible and lightweight so that you can enjoy quick movements and a great adherence to the mat at the same time.


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Wide wrestling shoes


14. ASICS Split Second 9


These high-quality wrestling shoes are 100% synthetic and made of mesh so that you can enjoy all the necessary comfort and increased breathability at the same time. There is enough ventilation going on inside your shoe to help your feet stay dry and cool at all times. We know that this important characteristic can give you the upper hand in any match.

Also, the shaft measures approximately 3.75” from the arch which will offer plenty of support and protection for your ankles. And, the rubber sole will make sure that you have enhanced mat traction so that your foot is not sliding or slipping. Furthermore, the split design gives you all the necessary flexibility in order to outmaneuver your opponent when he/she least expects it.

Asics has managed to incorporate in this new model all the great features that will help all the wrestlers make the most out of their performance.


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Camo wrestling shoes


15. Otomix Stingray Escape


Don’t let yourself be fooled by the lightweight design of these wrestling shoes. They might not seem very resistant, but they have proved to offer outstanding durability during the most challenging matches.

They are made of leather and synthetic, a perfect combination of enhanced stability and breathability at the same time. Your feet will stay cool and dry.

It offers extra ankle support thanks to the strong and durable material used in the making of this shoe. Also, the sole has a great adherence to the mat so that you can make any moves that can help you win the competition. You can be quick and precise at the same time without worrying that you will lose your foot on the mat.

And, it is very important to know that this shoe is not only ideal for wrestling but for all grappling sports like jujitsu, judo, boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts.


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Yearly Guide & Report


You had a look at our reviews, and now it’s time to have a look at our section below. Here you will find the most important aspects you should pay attention to when purchasing a pair of wrestling shoes. In other words, we prepared for you a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Non-split vs. split soles

Nowadays, wrestling shoes come in any colors you want with various models and forms. This makes it a bit complicated for you to choose the one that is more suitable for your needs. That is why there are certain factors you need to consider before making the final decision. One of the most important is the sole of your shoe.

Thanks to the wide variety of wrestling shoes on the market, you have the option to choose between those that have non-split soles or those that have split soles. Since most of the power comes from the wrestler’s foot, we can only imagine why this aspect needs your maximum attention.  

Split-sole wrestling shoes mimic the athlete’s foot so that you can feel utmost comfort. This type of sole will almost give you a barefoot feel – they are that comfortable. Also, they offer enhanced flexibility to make it easier for you to move on the mat. And, thanks to their thin rubber material, these shoes are very lightweight, so you can enjoy increased speed.

Non-split sole or unisole wrestling shoes have amazing advantages, too. They cover the entire foot with rubber from heel to toe, and that is why they offer increased traction and stability. And, if there is one thing that you really want to avoid during a match, it’s you slipping and sliding around on the mat.


Different materials

Whether you want to purchase a pair of used wrestling shoes or a pair of American flag wrestling shoes, you need to take into consideration the material used in the making of that particular shoe. Among the most popular materials, we can remember mesh and leather. They both offer amazing benefits, and it is up to you to decide which one works best for you.

You’ve had some matches and you’ve gotten to notice how your feet behave inside your shoe. That is why you have to choose your wrestling shoe accordingly. If your feet get hot and sweaty easily maybe mesh is the right choice for you. But do bear in mind that even if some shoes are predominantly leather, they do have some mesh inserts to help you fix the moisture issue.

Mesh shoes offer enhanced breathability so that you can avoid slippery feet. The perfect ventilation will help you prevent your feet from moving inside your shoes. You will enjoy ultimate stability in order to take your opponent to the mat easily. You’ve been practicing so hard for every single competition, and these mesh shoes will help you obtain amazing results.

And if you are looking for a sturdier and more durable feel, then you should definitely give leather shoes a try. Thanks to this resistant and practical material, your ankles and arches have never felt more protected. We are aware of the accidents that may happen, and some of them can lead to serious injuries. A pair of leather shoes will offer all the protection you need.

Size can be tricky sometimes

You are surfing online looking for a great pair of wrestling shoes and you think you’ve finally found the one. Our recommendation is to take your time when completing that purchase because you don’t want to have any unwanted surprises with the size. Pay maximum attention because some brands might run a size small, while others might run a size big (very rarely).

You want to perform at your best, and a wrong-size shoe will interfere with your outstanding performance. Your shoe must fit your feet like a second skin offering you enough flexibility and mobility to make the most out of your performance. Also, enhanced traction is extremely important and if the size is off so is your stability.

Wrestling shoes need to feel snug and tight on your feet which is why in most cases they run smaller than a regular pair of shoes. To get all the support you need, your wrestling shoes must fit perfectly. That is why we recommend you get your wrestling shoes half a size smaller than your regular sneakers.

No matter what brand, type, color, or model you prefer, you must bear in mind that your wrestling shoes need to offer you the utmost comfort, stability, and traction so that you have the upper hand in any match, no matter the level of difficulty.




Frequently asked questions about wrestling shoes


Q: Where to buy wrestling shoes?

There are a large number of websites that offer a wide variety of wrestling shoes in different colors, styles, and models. This option is less time-consuming and sometimes, it can even turn out to be cheaper.

Besides the fact that you have a much larger selection of wrestling shoes online, you can also get to read honest customer reviews that will help you make the right decision. Or if you don’t trust the internet, you have the option to visit any local sporting goods store because there are high chances you will find that pair you’ve been looking for.


Q: Do you wear socks with wrestling shoes?

If you want your wrestling shoes to last longer, you have to take proper care of them. Socks, for example, are a must when wearing your wrestling shoes because you will prevent sweat from damaging the texture of your shoes. And, very important is to opt for a pair of socks that are made of cotton.

Also, when choosing the ankle socks to wear with your wrestling shoe, you have to bear in mind that they need to match the brand of your shoes. Or, if you want to make things less complicated you can just choose a pair of plain socks that don’t have any logo whatsoever.



Q: How to stretch wrestling shoes?

If you bought a new pair of wrestling shoes and you have the feeling that it is a little too tight, you should know that it will stretch out over a few weeks, or even after your first practice. That is why you should buy your wrestling shoes with at least half a size smaller. Once you start wearing them they will start stretching out and they will become very comfortable.

No wonder why wrestling shoes fit smaller since they will loosen up after you’ll break them in. They will still feel snug and tight but without causing any pain or discomfort.


Q: How should wrestling shoes fit?

If you want to enjoy maximum comfort and flexibility your wrestling shoes should be snug enough to fit your feet like a second skin. If they feel loose then you don’t get all the support and stability you need in order to make the best out of your performance. You need to be able to move on the mat with confidence and without slipping or sliding.

The way your wrestling shoes fit is extremely important because your feet are where all the power is coming from. No matter how good your technique is, if your shoes don’t fit properly you might lose the upper hand in the match.


Q: How to dye wrestling shoes?

Do you find your wrestling shoe too boring and you decided to add your personal touch to it? We can help you with that. Before you start coloring your shoes you have to know exactly what type of fabric they are made of in order to buy the right dye. And, you should also know that you will have to dye them periodically; even the white color will fade in time.

So, you should really think if it’s worth it to redye your wrestling shoes over and over again or if it is more efficient to buy a new pair in the color you prefer.


Q: How to wash wrestling shoes?

We know how much you care about those new wrestling shoes, that is why we have a few recommendations for you on how to take proper care of them. It is very important to wash your laces by hand, separately, for better cleaning. Also, you can use dishwashing liquid if you want your laces to look like new again.

To clean the shoes, you should dip a soft cloth in warm water and gently wipe them with circular motions. After you are done you should rinse them and then make sure you allow your shoes to dry from direct sunlight or heat.


Q: Are boxing and wrestling shoes the same?

Even if boxing and wrestling shoes look very much alike, they are actually different. Boxing and wrestling are two different sports, that is why the shoes need to be suited for their specific needs. In order to avoid any injuries, boxing shoes are higher than wrestling shoes.

Also, boxing shoes are mostly made from leather or suede. Wrestling shoes, on the other hand, are mostly made from mesh and leather. Wrestling shoes need to offer enhanced traction, and that is why their sole has more grooves, and some of them even have studs for better adherence to the mat.




Best wrestling shoes brands


This German multinational company was started by Adolf Dassler in his mother’s house, and later on, his brother, Rudolf, decided to get involved too. In 1924 they founded the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, which at first made shoes for track and field. In 1949 the brothers decided to go on different ways and to create their own companies.

Adolf created Adidas, and Rudolf created Puma. Today, Adidas is very popular among people of all ages for a variety of athletic shoes and clothing items. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world, after Nike.


After the second world war, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka decided to start his own athletic footwear company which he then named Onitsuka Co. Everything began in his living room in Kobe, Japan, where he would manufacture his first basketball shoes. He believed in a better future for the children who were running barefoot on the streets of Japan.

In 1977 he decided to change the name of his company to ASICS which stands for the famous Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”: “A Sound Mind in A Sound Body”. It is famous for its performance-driven athletic shoes and technical active sports apparel and accessories to help athletes to always challenge themselves.  


This American company is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, and it is also famous for its high-quality sports equipment. It was founded in 1964 by then-coach Bill Bowerman, and one of his athletes, Phil Knight, under the name Blue Ribbon Sports.

In 1971, the company changed its name to Nike Inc. after the Greek goddess of victory. Besides manufacturing sportswear and equipment, the company is also popular for its retail stores that operate under the name Niketown. Nike sponsors many athletes and sports teams and inspires them with the famous slogan “Just Do It”.




Why should you use wrestling shoes?


Wrestling shoes are every wrestler’s best friend because we know that when grappling and clinching most of the power comes from your feet. And what every great wrestler needs, is a proper wrestling shoe that will help take the opponent down in no time. They have to be flexible enough for adequate movements and strong to prevent any type of injuries.


Enhanced mat traction

Great adherence to the mat is very important if you want to make the most out of your performance. When fighting your opponent, you need to be able to push off both while standing or when you are lying on the mat. That is why the sole of your wrestling shoe needs your extra attention.

Your feet sliding and slipping all over the mat is the last thing you want during a match. And you also need to have enough stability when counter-attacking your opponent.



Freedom of movement

You need a pair of wrestling shoes that will give you enough freedom of movement. This great characteristic will help you have the upper hand in the match and gain control of your opponent. That is why you have to look for that shoe that offers you the necessary flexibility and support in order to be able to move around on the mat without any restrictions.

Your wrestling shoes need to be so lightweight, that they almost give you the feeling that you are not wearing any shoes at all. In this way, your moves will be quicker and more precise.


Proper protection

Your ankles are prone to injuries if you don’t wear the right pair of wrestling shoes. You need to choose those shoes that will reduce the chances of spraining your ankles during a practice or a match. And those shoes are the ones that are high enough to offer support for your ankles. These types of wrestling shoes usually look like thin boots.

You get to enjoy both enhanced protection and enough comfort that will increase your chances of winning the match.


Advanced hygiene

The most common type of skin infection is ringworm, which can sometimes appear between your toes and this is what most people know as athlete’s foot. We know that wrestling involves plenty of bodily contact with the mat. That is why the mat is the perfect place for the fungi to thrive because it is warm and damp from the wrestler’s sweat.

One of the many advantages of a great pair of wrestling shoes is that it offers enhanced protection for your feet against any type of skin infections.




1) What features do you need?

2) How to take care of your wrestling shoes?

3) How to Pick Your Wrestling Shoe Size

4) The laces matter as well



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