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14 Best Wrestling Singlets in 2022 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Top Singlets for Wrestling – Guide & Comparison


Are you looking for the best wrestling singlets but you don’t have enough time on your hands to thoroughly research this topic on your own? Then you don’t need to worry, as in the following lines you will find the relevant answers that you need, without any additional effort. Our team has carefully examined the benefits and quality offered by the most sought-after products and concluded that the singlet you might want to consider as a top choice is Adidas’ aS101s model. This product comes in a wide range of colors you can choose from and, apart from that, it also features the brand’s Toughtex Lycra fabric which ensures the necessary breathability for comfort during a match or a training session. Moreover, this model includes a leg gripper elastic construction that prevents it from running up. In case this singlet is, unfortunately, unavailable in your area, the next alternative you should take into consideration is Asics’ Snap Down product.



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14 Best Wrestling Singlets (Reviews) in 2022



We know that when it comes to wrestling singlets there are many different alternatives on the market, so we’ve decided to give you a hand in choosing the one that is right for your particular needs. Below you’ll find our favorite picks from the highest-rated singlets according to expert reviews and previous buyers.



Adidas wrestling singlet


1. Adidas aS101s Lycra Solid Wrestling Singlet


If you need to find one of those good wrestling singlets, Adidas’ aS101s is definitely an option you can go for since it’s specially made to ensure that great feel and fit the brand is known for. This model is also available in a wide range of colors, which means that you can choose the one that fits your style and matches your other gear.

The quad length and overall design are comfortable, as they allow your body to breathe while ensuring the necessary freedom to perform movements of all types. Moreover, the Toughtex Lycra fabric used in making this product enables moisture transfer, which means that your skin will be able to breathe for a comfortable feel.

Also in terms of construction, the legs’ hem includes an elastic gripper feature that keeps everything in place during training or competitions. Plus, thanks to the high-quality material used and to the flatlock stitching, the necessary durability is ensured.



The product is available in a wide array of colors to help you stand out on the mat and match the rest of your protective gear. Some of the colors you can opt for include blue, black, navy, purple, and red.

It is also available in numerous sizes, ranging from regular Men’s sizes to the ones specifically designed for youngsters, meaning it will provide the perfect fit regardless of your age, weight, height or body constitution. 

The flatlock stitching ensures maximum protection and comfort while the soft and flexible material provides maximum freedom of movement.



According to some customers, the product is cut for the female body and might not fit male wrestlers too well.

Other people stated that the sizes of this singlet run small, so we suggest measuring your body carefully and comparing your results with the ones provided by the size chart to avoid ordering the wrong size.

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Asics wrestling singlet


2. Asics Men’s Snap Down Wrestling Singlet


This Asics model is a particular men’s wrestling singlet since it’s made of a fabric that combines polyester and spandex for excellent results. This means that you will be comfortable during your wrestling matches while also relying on the strength of the singlet, thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship.

Since we’ve mentioned construction, it’s a good moment to talk about the flatlock stitching that ensures added durability and comfort. The fabric also includes anti-odor properties, and the material is machine-washable, which means that you won’t have any difficulty maintaining it throughout time.

The Snap Down singlet was specially designed to reduce muscular exhaustion by ensuring muscular support while the fabric allows you to be fresh, comfortable, and have enough freedom of movement in any situation, no matter if you are in a wrestling match or simply training. Therefore, you should not hesitate to try this Asics model out and pair it with good quality wrestling boots as nowadays you can find some alternatives that can fit your budget and needs.



The item is available in five different color choices and sizes ranging from 4X-Small to XX-Large, meaning it will cover the needs of most men, regardless of height, weight or body type. 

The product is made of a mix of polyester and spandex to ensure maximum flexibility and breathability, without feeling too tight or too loose. 

It features a lower under-arm cut to ensure improved mobility for your arms. 

It is specifically designed to reduce muscular exhaustion by providing increased support to your muscles. 



Some customers claimed the material used to manufacture the singlet will tear off on the sides after a few more intense workout sessions. The wear out is also accelerated by constant washing and cleaning. 

According to some people, the product runs on the small side, so we suggest consulting the size chart carefully to order the right one according to your height and weight. 

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Sublimated wrestling singlets


3. 4-Time Sublimated Wrestling Singlet for Men and Youth


Suitable for multiple sports thanks to the versatile wrestling singlet design, this model is free of any potentially dangerous accessories, such as metal loops or zippers. This means that both you and your opponent are safe at any given point while the material used for its construction is one that you can rely on in terms of strength. You can also check out our article on headgear so you can increase your safety during fights and practices.

Using real Lycra technology, the singlet is just as flexible as you are, not hindering your movements in any way. What this also means is that you can have the upper hand against your rivals since you can move exactly as you need. Moreover, the fabric is also fast-drying and includes moisture-wicking capabilities so that you are comfortable during the match.

Available in a wide range of colors, this model includes reinforced trim on the legs which keeps everything in place, avoiding any running up the leg. Plus, the side seams are flatlocked for added strength.



If you’re tired of the same dull colors you have to choose from other brands, this product is the right one for you. It comes in a wide array of cool prints that will certainly make you stand out on the mat and even make a statement with prints that read “Pain is weakness leaving the body” or quotes from the Bible.

The singlet is available in numerous sizes also, ranging from XXXS to XXXL, meaning it is designed for adults and youngsters alike, regardless of their body type, weight, and height. 

The neck and arm holes feature extra stitching to ensure improved durability and flexibility. 

The item is made of genuine lycra that is not only flexible and breathable but also absorbs moisture to keep your body cool and dry. 



Not all singlet patterns are USPA approved, so keep that into account if you want to wear the product in official competitions. 

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Black wrestling singlet


4. Elite Sports Standard Wrestling Singlet


When it comes to effective yet cheap wrestling singlets, Elite Sports is one of the brands that came up with an answer in its Standard model. Made of a Polyester and Lycra blend, this singlet will stretch as much as you need it to. The material is also breathable, so you won’t have to deal with any heat or sweat trapped onto your skin.

Thanks to the flatlock stitching, this classic singlet ensures added comfort for the user while the fabric used includes antimicrobial and antifungal treatments. This way, you can rest assured that you won’t need to concern yourself with any bacterial-related issues.

Elite Sports’ product features gripper elastics on the leg openings that prevent the material from running up the leg, this way ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Moreover, the elastic inserts used for both the leg and head holes add to the product’s overall strength and flexibility.



The product is available in three color choices and in regular Men’s sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large to cater to the needs of all wrestlers. 

The singlet is made from a durable polyester and lycra blend to provide maximum freedom of movement and flexibility. 

The material is also designed to ensure improved air circulation, allowing your skin to breathe and to absorb extra moisture, leaving your body cool and dry throughout the training session. 

Unlike other items, this singlet is incredibly lightweight and durable at the same time and, thanks to its low-cut, will help you train harder and longer without causing any discomfort. 



According to some customer reviews, the length of the leg part is too big, which makes the singlet look like it was mainly designed for tall people. 

Other people said that the singlet could benefit from more support in the crotch area.

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White wrestling singlets


5. Cliff Keen The Relentless Wrestling Singlet


As you go through wrestling singlets for sale, you might want to stop and take a closer look at this Cliff Keen model since it comes with some features that make it an excellent choice for many wrestlers around the world. The first things you should know is that the proprietary MXS Lycra fabric was specially created to fit like a second skin.

For increased comfort, the manufacturer also included a durable flatlock stitching which also enhances the singlet’s strength. Moreover, the rib-knit trim included on the neck and arm areas is another element that contributes to the user’s comfort.

Since wrestling also involves sweating, it’s a good thing that the fabric used for this model is moisture-wicking, this way keeping the user dry and cool, which in turn leads to improved performances. Plus, the material also ensures muscle compression for enhanced force and reduced fatigue during competitions. Paired with good quality mats and good wrestling shoes can help you perform better.



If you’re looking for an affordable, every-day training singlet, this one from Cliff Keen is a viable option you should consider. 

The fabric is heavy and full, providing extra support between the legs to prevent friction and injuries when training. 

It is low-cut, ensuring improved flexibility and freedom of movement for both your arms and legs, while also keeping everything compressed. 

Most people who ordered the singlet claimed the fabric feels smooth and soft, absorbing extra moisture and leaving the skin cool and dry for the entire day, while also ensuring maximum breathability. 



The item doesn’t get too many points in terms of color options, style or design, meaning you’re opting for a basic workout singlet that cannot be worn in official competitions.

Since the fabric is rather thick, we don’t particularly recommend the item during the hot summer days as it may keep you warmer than needed.

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American flag wrestling singlet


6. Cliff Keen USA Snake Wrestling Singlet


If you are looking for a singlet out of which you will be able to get great use, then this Cliff Keen USA alternative is probably what you need. Most of the previous buyers praise this model for its comfortable fit and for the quality of the fabric used.

Thanks to the sublimation technology used by the manufacturer, you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of the design’s durability. The colors are fused into the fabric, which means that you will be able to use and wash this singlet for as many times as you need to without any problems.

Also in terms of construction, the MXS Compression Gear fabric used was specially designed for freestyle wrestling singlets, so it offers the necessary muscle compression for an improved performance while also ensuring plenty of moisture control. This means you will have an upper hand over your opponent.



The product was specifically designed for those who want to stand during training sessions thanks to its vivid, playful, and patriotic print. It should be worn by those with a love for the American flag and what it stands for.

It is available in many sizes ranging from XXX-Small to Large, meaning it will fit adults, teenagers, and children alike, no matter their height or weight. 

It is made of durable and breathable materials that ensure maximum air ventilation, keeping your skin cool and dry throughout the training session. 

The above-the-knee design and tank top provide flexibility to your legs and arms, allowing you to practice all the moves you want without restriction. 



Not all customers were pleased with the fit, saying it runs on the small side, so we recommend to carefully check the size chart and even order a size bigger than the one you usually wear to make sure it fits properly. 

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Red wrestling singlet


7. Asics Mens Legit Wrestling Singlet


Available in multiple colors, this Asics model features a fabric with a mix of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex. This fabric is the brand’s revolutionary motion dry solution to ensure the wrestler’s comfort during intense competitions or training sessions. With the help of the Legit singlet, you will be able to take your skills to the next level.  

The fabric also features anti-odor properties, while the compression it ensures supports muscles for added strength and reduced fatigue. Thanks to the flatlock stitching, chafing is prevented, which means that you can really focus on the task at hand and on your opponent.

With contrast binding at neck and arm hole openings, there’s little left to worry about in terms of comfort and durability. You will be able to use this singlet for quite some time, so if you are looking for a reliable product, this is one you should surely try out.



Unlike other singlets, this one is available in a wide array of sizes, ranging from 4XS to XX-Large, meaning it is designed to fit all categories – children, youngsters, and adult men alike. 

It is made of a combination of polyester and spandex that ensures increased flexibility and durability, no matter how hardcore your wrestling training becomes. 

The unique ASICS motion dry fabric features anti-odor properties, and provides maximum air ventilation, meaning your skin will remain cool and dry throughout your workout. 

The elastic leg opening and flatlock stitching provide extra cushion and protection in-between your legs while also allowing you to move properly.



As with all other products in the same category, make sure to check the manufacturer’s measurements for each size. Some customers mentioned this Asics singlet, although well constructed and with a cool design, runs at least one size smaller than expected. 

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Reversible wrestling singlet


8. Adidas Wrestling Reversible Singlet


One of the features that make this Adidas singlet a very good choice is the fact that it’s specially designed for all wrestling styles, including Greco-Roman, freestyle, and folkstyle. You might be wondering if the Reversible model is what you need, but the large number of previous buyers who are praising it for its quality should speak for itself.

The high-performance Lycra fabric used for its construction ensures a great fit, while the classic design meets almost any competition requirement. The model is available in a wide range of sizes for users of all ages, while the fact that the singlet can be reversed also ensures a useful versatility.

You can use the same singlet for more than one competition, but still be able to enjoy two different colors. Since Adidas is a brand well known for the quality of its products, you should definitely see what this singlet has to offer.



The product is specifically designed to meet the requirements of all wrestling styles, including folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman. 

It is available in numerous sizes for both adults and teenagers, so you will easily find the perfect fit, according to your weight, height, age, and body type. 

What makes this singlet unique is the reversible design, meaning you can wear it on both sides (one side is red, the other one is blue), according to your preferences. 

It is made of high-performance lycra that provides a great fit and soft feel while also offering improved flexibility and maximum air ventilation to keep your skin cool and dry for hours. 



We strongly recommend you use the Adidas originals site for finding the right size and fit according to your body type and weight. Keep in mind that branded products come with their specific measurements, so it would be best to check the singlet’s dimensions online before ordering your size. 

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Grey wrestling singlet


9. Asics Mens Restrained Wrestling Singlet


You might be one of those athletes who are looking to match performance with comfort. If that’s the case, then this Asics singlet could be just what you need. Due to its construction, the Restrained high-tech singlet is one that delivers this result.

Among the things good to know about this singlet is that its fabric is a combination of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, which means that it’s quick-drying and moisture-wicking, thus allowing you to focus on the wrestling match and on fighting your opponent, rather on any sweat that might otherwise hinder you.

Moreover, the T-back design features mesh paneling that enhances breathability, while the flatlock seams reduce any irritation or chafing that might otherwise appear. Since we’re mentioning benefits, it’s good to know that the fabric also includes anti-odor properties.

And since the elastic leg opening ensures a comfortable fit, this also means an enhanced performance.



This item can be purchased in six different colors, including steel grey, forest green, and royal blue, as well as in various sizes to meet all body types, heights, and weights. 

It is made of a unique combination of spandex and polyester to ensure improved flexibility and durability, and resistance against wear. 

The T-back design features a mesh back panel added to absorb extra moisture and keep your skin cool and dry throughout the training session. It also has anti-odor properties, leaving your skin smelling fresh, just like after a shower. 

It can be easily washed in the washing machine at normal temperatures and won’t shrink or tear easily, even if you wash it a few times a week. 



The stitching on the back may feel a little rough and prevent you from moving your arms the way you want to, especially since the fitting runs on the smaller side. For increased comfort and maximum freedom of movement, we suggest ordering a size up.

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Green wrestling singlet


10. Asics Men’s Snap Down Wrestling Singlet


Since Asics has so many different alternatives in terms of equipment and sport gear that it offers, we couldn’t miss this nicely designed and effective singlet. Thanks to the beautiful dark green color it features, you will surely be noticed during your games and practice sessions by those who know what a beautiful singlet is.

In terms of fabric, there is not that much that we can say since Asics is known for putting the user’s comfort and performance first. The combination of 84% Polyester and 16% Spandex works very well for keeping the user dry and cool, thanks to the breathability it ensures, as well as to its moisture-wicking capability.

The anti-odor properties and flatlock stitching also come in handy since they protect your skin and keep you comfortable so that you bring your best during an intense match. This Snap Down singlet also reduces muscular exhaustion through the support it ensures.



This cool and elegant singlet is designed for those who don’t want to sacrifice style over comfort and flexibility. 

It is available in a beautiful combination of forest green and white and the sizing ranges from 3X-Small to XX-Large to meet the body requirements of both adults and teenagers. 

It is made of spandex and polyester, providing increased flexibility and durability at the same time. 

The fabric has anti-odor properties and will absorb extra moisture and sweat, leaving your skin cool and dry during your workout. 



As with many products from Asics, this singlet also runs on the small side, according to the majority of customers. However, the manufacturer provides an accurate sizing guide based on body measurements instead of garment ones to allow you to easily find the perfect size and fit for you. 

The bottom strips don’t seem to be as elastic as the rest of the singlet, so they might feel a bit tight around your thighs. 

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Blue wrestling singlet


11. Brute Maverick 


Specially designed for adults, this Brute model comes in other colors as well, but you might find the blue alternative as attention-grabbing as we have. In terms of the benefits it offers, the Maverick model is designed for superior performance and the Compression Performance DuraTex technology ensures this result.

The fabric reduces muscle vibration, and this translates into a focused feel that allows you to improve your performance. Moreover, given the flatlock seams, having the necessary comfort is not something that you should concern yourself with. Plus, the rib knit band prevents the singlet from running up the legs, but it does this in a soft manner.

Since we all know that wrestlers have sweat to deal with, especially in more intense situations, it’s good to know that Brute included an evaptech moisture management system in the construction of this singlet. Plus, a contoured pattern is used for a proper anatomical fit.



You can purchase this singlet in eight different color combos with contrast stitching so you can easily match it with your wrestling shoes (you can find some affordable alternatives out there) and helmet. 

It is available in a wide array of sizes, suitable for all wrestling categories, both for adults and teenagers. Thus, you will easily find the perfect match and fit for your body type, no matter how tall or heavy you are. 

The singlet is made of a breathable, flexible, and sturdy material that won’t wear, break or cut easily, even when used for heavy training sessions.

It absorbs extra moisture to leave your skin cool and dry while also providing enough support in-between your legs to remain comfortable and reliable. 



According to most customers who purchased the product, the fact that the tag is placed in front instead of the back can cause skin irritation and discomfort to more sensitive wrestlers. 

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Adidas 3 stripe wrestling singlet


12. Adidas 3 Stripes 


This iconic model needs little introduction, while Adidas itself is known for the quality of its products, therefore you can only imagine why this particular singlet made its way into our selection. The large number of positive reviews shows that previous buyers were happy with their purchase, which means that you might want to take a closer look at it.

Made of nylon, the 3 Stripes model ensures that great fit and feel Adidas is known for, while the wide range of colors this model comes in allows you to choose the one that suits your style.

Also in terms of comfort, the quad-length design and breathable fabric used allow you to keep moisture and sweat at bay since your skin is able to breathe. Thanks to the flatlock stitching included in its construction, this 3 Stripes singlet is sure to be comfortable and durable, even during training sessions or matches that get more intense.



“The brand with three strips” as Adidas identifies itself is known for its quality products specifically designed for workout and leisure activities, and this wrestling singlet is no exception. 

The item is available in no less than 27 different color combos and styles, making it suitable for those who want to stand out on the mat and those who are looking for a plain unitard to use during training sessions. 

It is made of high-quality lycra that is soft to touch and extremely flexible, providing increased freedom of movement to the wrestler. 

Flatlock stitching and the hemmed gripper elasticated legs ensure increased comfort and protection. 



We recommend using the manufacturer’s sizing guide for accurate measurements if you want to find the right size and fit for you. 

Some customers said the elastic around the legs was very tight and could cut off blood circulation if worn for a longer time. We suggest ordering a size up for a more comfortable fit. 

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Cardinal wrestling singlet


13. Asics Snap Down Cardinal/White 


If you are going through wrestling singlet reviews looking for a model that comes in a wide range of colors, including cardinal, then you are in the right place. Asics’ Snap Down product is highly versatile and effective since it’s made with high-quality materials, and you will surely find the right color that best suits your style.

Given that the fabric features a combination of 84% polyester and the rest spandex, it ensures the skin’s breathability. Of course, the quad-length design helps in this matter, keeping the user cool and dry, therefore allowing him/her to focus on the match. The anti-odor properties also come in handy, especially if you are participating in an intense wrestling competition.

Moreover, this model ensures the necessary comfort and flexibility for you to move around as freely as you need to. Thanks to the flatlock stitching and the rib at the leg opening, the singlet fits very well while also being durable.



This unitard comes in numerous sizes to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit, regardless of your age, weight, height or body type. The smallest sizes are designed to fit children and teenagers who have just picked up wrestling.

The Asics singlet is made of a unique blend of spandex and polyester, providing improved comfort and flexibility even when it’s worn for many hours. 

The rib and leg openings allow maximum freedom of movement so you can easily work on your wrestling moves and improve your techniques without feeling uncomfortable or lacking support. 

The material absorbs extra moisture, leaving the skin cool and dry for a long time and even has anti-odor properties. 



Some customers mentioned the proportions of the singlet are not correct, with the leg part being too short and the torso part being too long, so we suggest to carefully check the manufacturer’s sizing guide and opt for the right size based on those measurements. 

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Low cut wrestling singlet


14. Matman Goodwill 


The Goodwill might suit you just as well as one of the custom wrestling singlets since it features a low cut design suitable for freestyle wrestling. Matman took into consideration the user’s needs when it designed this product that offers a great feel. The gripper elastic legs also help in achieving this since they keep everything in place.

The fabric used for this singlet ensures a light weight, while the Lycra technology it uses makes the singlet fit very well, following the body’s shape. Moreover, all Matman singlets feature the brand’s Moisture Release Technology that wicks away any moisture, thus keeping the user dry and cool for enhanced comfort.

This model, as well, features flatlock stitching and gripper elastic leg cuffs that both lead to improved comfort but also to a durable construction. If you decide to give this Matman model a try, you will most probably use it for a long time.



This item is available in three color choices and 10 different sizes, ranging from XXXX-Small that fits children up to 60 pounds to the XXX-Large designed for men over 260 pounds. 

It is made of high-quality lycra and has a shiny finish. The fabric is soft on touch and provides improved flexibility, comfort, and durability at the same time.

It is lightweight so you won’t feel heavy when wearing it, meaning you will be able to work on your wrestling moves and techniques freely. 

The low cut design is perfect for those who practice freestyle wrestling but also suitable for people who swim or cycle if used on top of a regular sweatshirt. 



Some customers said that if you’re close to the edges of the weight suggestions for one size and are not that tall, you should opt for the smaller size instead of the next one. In other words, sizing runs a little on the bigger side. 

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Yearly Guide & Report


Wrestling singlets are one of the most iconic elements of this sport and, although those who are not practicing this sport might smile at the thought of wearing such an outfit, it’s definitely important to choose the right one in terms of fabric, colors, construction, and size.

There are also other elements that define what a good wrestling singlet is, and we are here to take a look at what these are. No matter if you are looking for a classic design, or for a 2-piece wrestling singlet, some of the characteristics apply everywhere, which means they should not be overlooked.

Before going into further detail, it’s important to mention that choosing the right wrestling singlet has an impact on many things, from counting points during matches to ensuring that wrestlers compete fairly, which also means that unnecessary injuries can be avoided.

In the end, your end goal should be to improve your skills and technique, and a singlet that fits your body can definitely make a difference when it comes to this. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at what wrestling particularities you should keep in mind as you browse through the different models available for sale.

Materials used

The fabric used for a wrestling singlet is one of the most important aspects since it defines the flexibility it offers to the user. If you find the gear that can move perfectly along with your body, then you won’t need to focus on anything other than the task at hand during matches, which also translates into an improved performance.

Most of the times, the materials used are a combination of polyester and spandex, as these are easy to stretch, thus offering the needed mobility. Moreover, the fabric needs to feature moisture-control capabilities. If your skin is able to ventilate, then you won’t be hindered during a match, and you can also avoid any chafing, rashes, or other skin conditions that can otherwise appear.

Another thing when it comes to fabric and construction is that a good wrestling singlet will ensure extra muscle support. This, in turn, means that your muscles won’t face exhaustion and fatigue, while you will be able to compete with a more focused strength.


Flatlock seams

Whenever a piece of athletic gear gives out, it’s usually because of a malfunctioning seam, so you want to be extra careful when it comes to this. Moreover, seams can also prove to be sometimes uncomfortable, especially if you need to wear a piece of gear for a longer period, so do know that you are also looking for comfort.

The flatlock seams are one of the most popular solutions adopted by companies and manufacturers since they are more durable than other alternatives. Moreover, they also reinforce the fabric around them, leading to a win-win situation. Given the way they are made, flatlock seams are also among those comfortable options for the user.


Other types of seams

Flat-lying seams are also worth mentioning since they are the least likely to cause any chafing, given that friction with the user’s skin is reduced. However, they are not as durable as flatlock ones, so you will most probably not see this type used as often.

Another type that you should be aware of is the textured seam. How this works is by applying a textured gripping substance around the cuff of the garment’s legs. What happens is that when the singlet is worn, the seams grip the wearer’s skin, this way ensuring that everything stays in place and that the leg parts don’t run up during competitions.  



In terms of colors and style, there is much to talk about. Companies that offer models in solid colors are the top choice of those who need to find something similar to a uniform, and of those who need to adhere to certain competition guidelines. On the other hand, solid colors are also an elegant and classic choice, so you should not overlook this alternative.

If you would rather go for a striped design, it’s good to know that usually, these go down the sides and legs. The lines can go all the way to the shoulder straps or even around the legs, but they rarely impact the singlet’s chest or back.


Other styles

The printed versions have a high chance of not meeting competition requirements, but they can definitely make a fun outfit to wear during practice. The designs go as wild as you can imagine, so if this is what you are looking for, then go for something that represents your personality.

Reversible singlets are also a very nice choice since you basically have two different solid colors you can choose from in one single item. The fabric is not usually two-ply since this might hinder the wrestler, but the reversible model is certainly an option to keep in mind.



Frequently asked questions about wrestling singlets


Q: What is a singlet in wrestling?

A wrestling singlet is a one-piece piece of garment, tight-fitting, and usually made of spandex, nylon, or a combination of materials that ensures it fits the body just right. This design was chosen because it allows the referee to clearly see each wrestler’s movements in order to award points.

Moreover, since opponents should not be grasping each other’s clothes, the tight fit prevents any situations where this might happen accidentally. A singlet’s color or particular design can also identify a certain team, while the type of gear itself is one of the most iconic elements of wrestling as a sport.



Q: How to shrink a wrestling singlet?

Shrinking a wrestling singlet at home is not necessarily a good idea since there’s a very high chance that you won’t have control over the process, and you might end up shrinking it too much. If this happens, the solution is buying a new one, so you might not want to try this on your own.

If you do need to shrink it, then you could take it to a tailor who could help you with adjusting it so that it fits you again. You can find a lot of information online with different at-home solutions such as putting in the dryer, but this should be avoided since you might ruin it for good.


Q: What do you wear under a wrestling singlet?

There are various alternatives when it comes to the underwear you can use under a singlet. Most of the users go for compression shorts or regular briefs. A jockstrap used to be required for young levels, such as high school and college.

This question might have a different answer if you are part of a team since some require a certain type of underwear in order to keep all the players within the same uniform. Many times a groin cup is a common addition for men if they want to have extra protection, but the compression shorts are the most popular solution.


Q: What are wrestling singlets made of?

Wrestling singlets are usually made of spandex/lycra or nylon, as these fabrics offer the necessary flexibility for any type of body movements while also fitting the body tightly. Some models can also be made of a blend of materials such as spandex and polyester.

The most important aspect of a singlet’s fabric is to be both stretchable and breathable since ensuring moisture control keeps the wrestler comfortable during the match, and can also avoid some potential injuries. The flexibility factor allows the user to freely perform the movements he or she needs to, therefore remaining focused on the opponent rather than on the gear.


Q: How to wash a wrestling singlet?

If you want to ensure the best protection for your singlet, you should, first of all, wash it cold. You need to be aware that heat is generally the enemy of any performance lycra fabric. You might also want to use a mild detergent, as harsh chemicals can wear off colors.

Avoid any hot dryer since the fabric can shrink to the point where you might need to buy a new singlet altogether. Instead, you can simply hang dry it. If you are dealing with harsh stains such as blood, it’s a good idea to presoak the singlet with a little laundry detergent.


Q: Why are wrestling singlets so revealing?

Wrestling singlets are specially designed to allow your body to move as freely as possible so that you can face your opponent without being hindered in any way. In terms of the tight-fitting design these garments come with, it was created in order to avoid any accidental gear grabbing by the opponent, as this is not allowed in wrestling competitions.

Singlets were designed this way to also allow the referee to see each movement and subsequently award points. However, there are certain things you can use to diminish the reveal factor, especially if you don’t want to compete professionally or you are simply training.


Q: Are wrestling singlets comfortable?

Wrestling singlets might not be the most comfortable apparel that one could wear since they need to ensure muscle support as well. However, since they are specially designed to ensure as much freedom of movement as possible, they are not as uncomfortable as other types of sporting gear.

Furthermore, given the advancement and technologies included in the latest models, you can rest assured that manufacturers did take comfort into consideration as well, from durable seams to moisture-control fabrics and features that prevent the singlet from running up as you wear it. So if you need to purchase one, comfort is not something you should really worry about.



Best wrestling singlets brands


This brand is one of the best-known ones in the world of footwear and sports equipment. Founded in Japan, ASICS is actually an acronym for the Latin phrase ‘anima sana in corpore sano’ which translates as a healthy soul in a healthy body. This has also been at the core of the brand’s values since it aims at providing high-quality equipment to anyone who is passionate about practicing sports.

Its founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, started off by manufacturing basketball shoes in his hometown. Over time, the company grew into today’s large corporation with operations throughout the world. ASICS running shoes have been ranked among the top performing ones on the market.

Given the positive reviews received by ASICS products, there is little chance that you will be disappointed if you decide to give them a try. And this applies to any type of sporting equipment, even though the brand is best known for its footwear.


There’s little chance that the renown of the quality offered by ADIDAS products has not reached pretty much any corner of the world. Founded in Germany, the giant brand is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and it holds the second place in the world, after Nike.

In the 1920s, the company was started by Adolf Dassler and it participated in what was then the development of spiked running shoes. Moreover, it’s also one of the first brands that used well-known athletes to endorse its products, such as Jesse Owens who wore ADIDAS handmade spiked shoes at the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Given the brand’s know-how and legacy, as well as its ongoing commitment of offering high-quality sportswear, choosing its products is not a bad idea at all if you want to enjoy an item that combines excellent craftsmanship with innovative design, and high-quality materials.


The Cliff Keen company was founded by the wrestling coach that gave it its name and who was a firm believer that wrestling is a sport that can shape character. Between 1925 and 1970, the name Cliff Keen was almost synonymous with wrestling, and the coach led the University of Michigan’s wrestling teams to a record number of trophies.

A true innovator, Cliff Keen has left this legacy onto the company that today designs reliable and proven wrestling and sporting equipment. Since the company was founded by a professional athlete, you can only imagine that the quality of its products reflects a deep understanding of a wrestler’s needs.

The core goal of this brand is to create a comfortable, reliable, and durable equipment at a good value. Therefore, if you want to get a product offered by Cliff Keen, then you should rest assured that you will most probably enjoy every moment of using it.


Established in 1967, the company was the first manufacturer of wrestling gear to offer mail-order products, this way ensuring both convenience and flexibility. At the core of the brand stands the idea of customizing your gear.

After going through some upgrades in the early 2000s, the company now offers sublimation printing and services such as made-to-order uniforms, which can be a great alternative to stock apparel, if you are looking for something more particular.

Given that at its core, the company designs and produces wrestling gear, you can safely choose its products if you want both quality and innovation in the same item. Today, Brute is making a shift toward apparel for other sports, such as baseball, softball, football, basketball, or lacrosse.

However, the end goal remains the same, namely bringing quality, versatility, and comfort to those who are passionate about practicing team sports, while also offering teams endless possibilities in terms of design and customization.




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