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14 Best Boxing Shoes Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 03.07.22


Best Boxing Shoe Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


If you’re looking for the best boxing shoes, this guide will help you find them, especially if you don’t have the time or patience to read all the boxing shoes reviews out there. Our team did the research for you, and after having a look at all the critically acclaimed boxing shoes, they found out that the Reebok Men’s Boot model is the one that you should give a go. This pair of shoes is so light and comfortable that they almost feel like sneakers. Despite that, however, they still offer the grip that you need when boxing. Thanks to their design, they will fit you snug and tight and you will forget you are wearing them. If you are unable to find them anywhere, try and get the Everlast New Elite pair of boxing shoes which is next in our top list.



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14 Best Boxing Shoes (Reviews) in 2022



After careful research, we found some models that we really liked. Choosing one of them depends on your style and preferences, as they come in different designs. When analyzing these pairs we also had a look at what people had to say about them, how well they sell, and what experts believe.



Reebok boxing shoes


1. Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoe


This pair of shoes might be the most popular boxing pair at the moment, and that might be because it’s the same type that Floyd Mayweather wears when practicing and boxing.

They also look great and will stand out in comparison to other models. The boots come in various colors, from a combination of red and white to black and white.

When you wear them, they feel like sneakers – light and comfortable. However, they are made to withstand the harshest conditions. Their lacing is so strong and so are the straps.

Putting them on takes a bit more time but that’s because they are made to fit you well. That is why they give an incredibly snug and tight feeling when you wear them.

The sole is designed so it adds a bit of extra grip and boxers surely appreciate that when moving in the ring. These shoes are made to provide you with the balance you need.



The sophisticated system of laces and straps ensures that the shoes will remain in your feet, no matter how hard you train.

You will notice them to be lightweight and comfortable, so they basically don’t feel like boxing shoes, but more like sneakers.

The excellent sole grip makes them a good pick for the ring, as they won’t let your feet slip while you train, something that can be appreciated by any boxer.

One of the things that make these shoes stand out is the fact that no other than Floyd Maywheather Jr. uses them while training.

Various color combinations are readily available.



Be aware that putting on these shoes or taking them off can take quite a bit of time due to how much lacing you have to work with.

You might have to experience a little tightness toward the front of the shoe, as some customers report.

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Everlast boxing shoes


2. Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes


You can find these boxing shoes in blue, red or black and they look great, making you stand out of the crowd while offering you the comfort needed to box like a pro.

When you look at them you see what makes them different compared to other shoes – their robust sole.

That part is made of rubber and the technology is called Michelin Technical Sole. The name itself suggests flexibility, traction, and great support.

Furthermore, the design of the shoe incorporates a tread pattern that helps when you move from side to side and it also prevents slips. You will be surprised by how light these shoes are.

Although they feature a lot of safety elements, they still remain light.

Your movements are supported by ankle straps and ankle supports. To make sure that your feet can breathe, the shoes are made using mesh weave.



One of the things that make these boxing shoes stand out from the crowd is the solid outsole that makes them sturdier than many other models available on the market.

The thread pattern on the soles helps with traction, and you will notice that executing complicated moves while training won’t be an issue.

Equipped with various safety elements so that your ankles and feet are well protected, these boxing shoes are deemed to be safer than others, even by experts.

Offering great support for your feet and ankles, they are an excellent addition to your regular boxing gear and will help you train better.



A few customers have reported some issues with the shoes being too heavy for sparring.

Also, you might find that these shoes tend to run a little small, so it might be a good idea to order a size or half a size than what you usually wear.

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Ringside boxing shoes


3. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes


The Diablo pair of shoes from Ringside has an interesting modern look to it, one that would attract younger boxers.

Coming in a lot of colors, they should be a great choice for any boxer – boy, girl, young or old. In terms of materials used, they are made of a very breathable nylon mesh and to add strength to that, a leather vinyl finish covers the most important parts.

It’s also important to note that the sole is made of rubber and it’s constructed so it offers the grip needed. This also makes the shoes more comfortable and provides extra protection.

These boots are some of the most comfortable because they have a low-top ankle, and that allows for increased fluidity and the possibility to move more freely.

Many boxers have liked them; however, they say these shoes are better for training than in the ring.



The nylon mesh allows air circulation and will prevent your feet from sweating too much during training.

For durability, some parts of the mesh are reinforced with a leather vinyl finish to ensure that the shoes won’t give in with too much wear and tear.

You will find them available in a wide variety of colors, but it must be mentioned that some sizes won’t have all the colors available for them, so make sure to check first.

The rubber soles ensure proper traction and are also very comfortable for use in a ring.

Many appreciate the low-ankle design for extra flexibility and freedom of movement while training.



These shoes may run a little large, and a few reviews are recommending that you should go one size smaller to make sure that they are not too loose.

Another mention regarding sizing is that many customers would have liked to see these available in half sizes, for a better fit.

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Rival boxing shoes


4. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes 


These boxing shoes are obviously meant for someone who wants to make the best out of his or her practice in the ring. The rubber outsole is designed to provide excellent grip and stability. At the same time, it is the part of the shoe that contributes significantly to its durability.

The insole is created to cater to the anatomical shape of your foot in order to increase comfort and performance. The materials used are of good quality, too, and you will like that the mesh honeycomb will provide some breathability so that you don’t end up feeling uncomfortable while training.

At a closer inspection, you will also notice that the bonded insole is designed to reduce slipping so that you are always well balanced on your feet. Overall, these shoes were created to provide you with the ultimate performance and comfort. Plus, they are made by a company with a long-standing tradition of making sports equipment.



To improve your footwork, you need a proper grip, and that’s precisely what the rubber outsole of these shoes offer while not sacrificing pivot.

Moving freely in these shoes is one of the things that make them such an excellent buy, as being a boxer is all about being able to dance around the ring.

On the front of the outsole, you will see the curved design that makes these shoes ideal for propelling yourself forward when you need to launch into a strong punch.

The shoes are incredibly flexible, so nothing will stand in the way of becoming a better boxer when you are so well equipped.



Be aware that these shoes run large, so ordering one size down might be needed to ensure that you get the right one.

There is a lot of lacing to do, so putting them on and taking them out will take some time; plus, the laces are on the short side, so you will have to be judicious about tying them tightly.

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Title boxing shoes


5. Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes


In terms of looks, these shoes look exactly like what you would imagine when thinking of boxing shoes. Most of the shoe is made of quality synthetic leather that is durable and has a nice feel. The nylon weave found on the upper part is useful for providing the breathability needed by the user’s feet.

There isn’t much insole in these shoes and that makes you feel that you can plant your feet better into the ground and make your punches harder.

Although the relative lack of insole may be uncomfortable for some players, this means better footwork. However, due to the fact that there is almost no insole, the shoes fit so snug.

Once they break in, you will feel comfortable and ready to box in them. The sole is made of polyurethane, a type of material not commonly used for this purpose. It provides a great grip in the ring, although it’s not as durable as rubber.



The classic design is one of the aspects that make these shoes so popular with boxing trainees, as they follow the same style pattern as vintage footwear.

On the upper side, the shoes are made from a nylon woven mesh that allows your feet to breathe and the moisture to wick so that you’re not inconvenienced in any way when you train.

Because the insole is minimal, you will feel like your feet really make contact with the ground.

The shoes provide excellent ankle support, and they will fit snuggly.



Since they have laces, you might notice that trying to put them on and take them off can be a pain at times; yet, at the same time, this features helps them fit snuggly on your feet.

There are reports that the shoes run a little big, so you may have to consider ordering a smaller size.

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Adidas boxing shoes


6. adidas Unisex-Adult Hog 3 Boxing Shoe 


If you are looking for a pair of reliable boxing shoes, this unisex model from adidas is an optimal choice. The sole is made from rubber and created to provide excellent grip and stability. From the moment you put them in your shoes, you will be satisfied with how much grip they offer.

Many companies offer such shoes only to men, so it’s a great thing that adidas thought of making a unisex model that female boxers can also try. Because of their wide design, they work for most feet, so you will not have a problem with them feeling too snug, as long as you order the right size.

You will surely love how lightweight and breathable they are. If you like to train daily, you surely want a pair of shoes that can support you, and this model from adidas should be right up your alley.



Excellent grip makes these boxing shoes a great choice for people who practice day by day, as they will be able to improve their footwork.

Because they are unisex, they are a good recommendation for both male and female boxers and can accommodate most feet without a glitch.

A lightweight design contributes to their appeal and makes them a high-performance alternative that will have a positive impact on your workout.

The breathable material ensures that you won’t have a problem with sweating while you work hard on your drills.



Make sure that you only use these shoes for training, as they are not a good fit to wear when walking outside, and quickly enough, they will show signs of wear and tear.

If you’re a woman, you may notice that the heel grip is not optimal since they may be a better choice for men and female users.

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Nike boxing shoes


7. Title Boxing Hyper-Elite Mid Boxers 


These boxing shoes are made for athletes who prefer to be light on their feet and have nothing to burden them while they practice. They are made from lightweight materials, and what’s equally important, the upper is made from weave mesh that allows proper breathability so that you never become uncomfortable while training.

The soles are made from polyurethane rubber; the ribbed patterns make sure that you gain proper traction for proper footwork performance. Also, you will enjoy the increase in speed you will get when you wear them. The way the midsoles are designed plays a crucial role in helping you achieve a lower center of gravity.

This aspect means that you will have better control over your moves. Rotating, moving, and pivoting are all easy when you use these shoes in the ring. For increased comfort, the arch and heel support offered is just what you need.



Excellent ring performance makes these shoes the right option if you are a boxer who trains on a regular basis.

Foot control is essential, which is why the interesting design of the midsoles helps a lot with achieving this aspect.

If you like lightweight boxing shoes, this model is for you as users can enjoy the freedom of movement and flexibility to the point that they might not feel that they are wearing footwear at all.

Features like the full-length weave tongue and support for the arch and heel makes them more comfortable than most models.

A drawstring mesh bag is included with your purchase so that you can carry these shoes with you when you go to the gym without a problem.



Their overall durability might leave something to be desired, so make sure that you don’t use them outside, as they are not designed to withstand wear and tear of this type.

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KO boxing shoes


8. Adidas KO Legend 16.1 Boxing Trainer Shoe Boot


Based on previous models, these shoes come with better characteristics such as the sole featuring a unique grooved pivot point for better balance.

Because the company is a well known one, you can expect a quality product. Also, Adidas made sure to make this model one that can be remembered due to a great design.

The upper part of the boot is made of triaxial synthetic mesh, a type of fabric that allows for good airflow. In the points where the shoe needs to be strong, the fabric of choice is microfiber synthetic leather.

This material is durable and lightweight as well. The neoprene foam collar is comfortable and it’s resistant to moisture and there is also an ankle strap that ensures the best fit.

A secure grip, along with good traction and flexibility is ensured by the ADIWEAR outsole. It’s a one-piece type of outsole and it makes your feet stick to the ground, no matter the direction you’re moving in.



A unique trait of these boxing shoes is the groove pivot on the sole that helps you by providing you with extra traction when you move around, practicing more complex drills.

You can’t get better airflow in a pair of boxing shoes than in these ones, as the triaxial synthetic mesh that covers the upper part has a particular design, created with this purpose in mind.

Synthetic leather is used to reinforce those parts of the shoe that are exposed to higher forces, thus making this model particularly durable.

A neoprene foam collar ensures extra safety for your leg and offers more comfort so that you can focus on your training, and not your shoes.

The extra ankle strap is a safety feature that can’t be ignored.



These shoes might run a little small, which means that you might have to order a bigger size if you aim for a perfect fit.

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Asics boxing shoes


9. Asics Men’s Cael V7.0 Wrestling Shoe


Compared to previous Asics boxing shoes, these ones suffered a lot of change. Their upper part is made primarily of ecsaine synthetic leather in the parts where durability is a requirement, and mesh for improved breathability.

Most of that mesh can be found on the tongue of the shoe. To offer more comfort, the tongue comes with an innovative technology that keeps the laces secured in place and unexposed.

What makes these series so popular is the split outsole that has now been redesigned to offer more comfort. This sole also provides wrestling-specific traction and is also flexible enough.

All these aspects make these shoes look great and perform great at the same time. They have great inner padding, which makes them comfortable, but at the same time means that they can run on the small side, so be careful about that.



If durability is one of the main concerns for you when you’re shopping for boxing shoes, you will like that these are reinforced with ecsaine synthetic leather for the parts subjected to the most wear and tear.

Except for those areas, the upper part is made from microfiber mesh that allows the air to circulate freely, thus wicking the moisture away, and helping you feel comfortable.

The tongue is designed to ensure that the laces won’t cut into your feet, preventing blood circulation.

A split outsole is a design element that offers these shoes extra comfort and traction, for the most demanding sparring sessions.

Even more, they come with an inner padding that provides the wearer with comfort like not many other boxing shoes can.



A few customers recommend buying a bigger size, as they tend to run small, and the sizing available might not work for you.

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Puma boxing shoes


10. Puma Women’s Eskiva Hi Metallic High-Top Fashion Sneaker


Inspired by the Puma Gong shoes launched in the ‘60s, these boxing shoes are great for boxing but also look great and are fashionable. To make the boots feel sleek and comfortable, the materials used are flexible. On the upper part, the fabric of choice is leather and the chosen color is a metallic one.

The boots also look great because of how high they are. It’s clear that they have been designed for women, although men can wear them too.

The shoes feature lace closures for the best fit and to help you get them on and off, they also have a heel pull tab each. A slim outsole made of rubber proves to be flexible and it also provides a good grip.

On the inside, you will find plush leather linings and a cushioned footbed. Taking into account all of the above, you can see that these shoes are great for casual use too.



Female boxers will appreciate the classic design of these shoes, inspired by a previous style launched in the 1960s by the same company.

Made from flexible materials, these boxing shoes will provide you with great freedom of movement so that you can perform your drills without fail.

The footbed is cushioned, providing you with extra comfort so that you can focus more on your training.

Also, there are plush leather linings that contribute to the sensation of superior comfort these shoes offer to the wearer.

Even the outsole is created to be slim and flexible while providing you with plenty of grip and traction.



Some buyers comment on the fact that the shoes feel really big, so, in case you order your regular size, they won’t fit snuggly, as desired.

Others say that there is not enough support to consider them for proper training, but they are very fashionable, so all is forgiven.

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White boxing shoes


11. TITLE Speed-Flex Mid


The Title brand is well-trusted among boxers, wrestlers, and fighters and this model is one that can be of great use for any kind of person that wants to fight. You can find these shoes in both medium and tall height and both of the types provide the safety and comfort that you are looking for.

Although great for any contact sport, these shoes are made primarily for boxers and that’s why you can feel your footwork improve when using them.

They come in a nice white color that reminds you of classic boxing shoes. To take them on and off takes a bit of time and that may be a bit annoying but that is because they are made to secure the best fit.

They take a short time to break in and once they do you will forget that you’re wearing them, that’s how well they fit.



These shoes are designed for training, and they come in medium and high lengths so that you can choose the type that you want for proper support.

Ideal for footwork and great for boxers who want to improve their performance, they are a good pick for other contact sports, as well.

The lacing design is there to ensure that these will fit snuggly so that they don’t become loose when you practice your regular drills.

As the upper part is made partially with nylon weave, the shoes offer proper air circulation, thus ensuring that sweating too much won’t be an issue.

You can improve your speed when using these shoes as they are mainly made with this purpose in mind.



Expect to have a bit of trouble putting the shoes on and taking them off, due to the lacing system that is there to make them fit snuggly.

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Black boxing shoes


12. Title Boxing Innovate


These boxing shoes from Title are a mid-height model that is purposed to help you improve your footwork and to let you move in the ring with ease.

The black color along with the Title emblem make them look great and give them a stylish design. If you’re a beginner and you start wearing these shoes, you will see that your speed and agility will improve.

And that is mainly due to the excellent traction that they offer, and also because of how comfortable they prove to be.

The construction of these shoes is one that focuses on offering the most support possible. Thus, they provide an improved pivot and that is mainly due to the tread pattern on the outsole that allows for fluid motions in any direction.

Furthermore, their exterior is mainly made of mesh, so they have the breathability required when boxing for long hours, or for sports in general.



Another model for great footwork and performance improvement is this one from Title, that impresses through its excellent design and overall durability.

Especially beginners will find these shoes to be ideal for them to increase their speed and overall footwork.

An improved pivot creates the possibility for excellent support, and that’s something that many boxers can appreciate in their shoes.

The thread pattern on the outsoles is another great plus, in the sense that it offers more than just traction, and helps you develop your moves with more fluidity.

Since the upper part is made almost entirely out of mesh, it provides excellent air circulation so that you can enjoy outstanding comfort while wearing these shoes.



At least one customer says that these shoes run a little narrow, but, on the bright side, they provide a perfect fit as long as the length is concerned.

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Gold boxing shoes


13. ASICS JB Elite III


The ASICS JB Elite III shoes look great with their gold finish and modern design and what is impressive about them is that they were made in collaboration with the world and Olympic wrestling champion Jordan Burroughs and that’s why they carry his signature.

They are a great pair of shoes for those looking to be competitive in wrestling or boxing.

They have improved traction due to the rubber sole that features “Serra dial traction pods”, a type of design that Asics uses for its shoes made for professional purposes.

The upper part is made of a single-layer mesh that is comfortable, breathable, and also highly resistant.

Another piece of modern technology used in these shoes is the Lace-Garage that conceals laces, makes wearing these shoes safer for both the user and his or her opponent and it also looks great. These shoes respect all regulations for tournament competitions.



The Jordan Burroughs signature on these boxing shoes says quite a lot about their overall design, durability, and functionality.

Excellent features, such as the Serra dial traction pods that make the rubber soles to provide fantastic traction, recommend these shoes over many others on the market.

Their upper part is made from a single piece of mesh, which makes them breathable and also more durable than what you can typically see nowadays.

You will like the Lace-Garage feature that obscures the laces from view, for a more seamless design, in case that’s something you want.

Created for competitions, these shoes abide by all the regulations, so you will know you are adequately covered if you want to purchase these for a tournament.



One of the problems signaled by reviewers regarding these shoes is that they tend to run too small, and some people said that they needed to order one size up or more for a good fit.

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Red boxing shoes


14. Ringside Wrestling Boxing


These boxing shoes feature a very contemporary style and, as they come in a red color, they surely catch the eye. The breathable mesh and the patent leather vinyl make a great combination and give the shoes a modern and glossy look.

Because they are made to offer an advantage in terms of speed, the shoes are mid-height and they give enough support for a pair like this.

They also have ankle supports so you can keep your balance even better. The outsole is made of rubber, which is a standard in the industry; it’s solid and flexible enough and it also offers great traction.

They are a great model if you want to improve your footwork, and thus are ideal for beginners and for practice sessions. The shoes are also very durable and that’s why they can be used for boxing, wrestling or any form of similar sports.



The first thing that will impress you about these shoes must be their glossy and modern design that is eye-catching and stylish.

For practice and overall improving your footwork, these shoes are ideal, and the best part is that they are great for novices.

Since they are very durable, they represent a sound investment in case you are thinking about taking up boxing or other martial arts.

It must be said that the upper mesh is breathable, thus ensuring proper air circulation and moisture wicking for your comfort.

Their mid-height design offers you freedom of movement, without sacrificing flexibility or support.



Don’t hurry to order these boxing shoes in your regular shoe size, as there are reports from buyers that they tend to run a bit too large.

Other customers comment on the fact that they might feel a little heavy compared to others; that might be due to the durable construction.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Although boxing gloves are the most sought after items when it comes to this sport, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of boxing shoes. They should be able to keep your feet protected, to let you move swiftly in the ring and also support your ankles when you move fast. Here are some things to consider when you are looking at boxing shoes for sale.

Look for vent mesh models

Because you will be wearing the boxing shoes for possibly a long time and you will be undergoing intense physical activities during that time, you will want the shoes to be as breathable as possible. In order to achieve that, they should allow air to move through them, and that’s best done with the use of a mesh fabric.

This material is great at reducing the temperature inside your shoes and thus reducing sweat. If your feet become sweaty, they will slide more in the shoes and overall you will feel uncomfortable and will even run the risk of getting blisters. Also, if your shoes tend to get wet a lot, due to various reasons, a mesh fiber will dry out way quicker.

Vent mesh is a particularly important feature when you’re training in a hot climate or when you know that your feet get sweaty no matter what.


Light shoes – light feet

Although boxing is a sport that mainly involves the use of hands, you also need your feet to be fast in order to position yourself as best as you can. And this is where a pair of lightweight shoes comes into attention. Generally, boxing shoes are designed to be light, but there are certain models that can be described as ultralight and those are made to be almost weightless using special materials.

This kind of shoes aren’t only incredibly light, but they also offer great support and stability. You should thus always look for ultralight models, but you need to take into consideration that you will most often find them in the upper end of the price spectrum.


Materials used

When talking about the upper part of the shoe, there is a wide range of materials to choose from and manufacturers generally choose a synthetic fabric for the mesh and also synthetic leather for those parts that require more structural integrity.

If you want the most comfortable feeling and the softest material, leather is the choice. However, this is not a commonly used fabric anymore, as it’s not as resistant as other, more modern alternatives.

The sole is generally made of rubber, be it more or less flexible, depending on the purposes. Some manufacturers prefer the use of polyurethane or other similar fabrics, although this is not always a great choice as only rubber can provide the best flexibility and grip.

Depending on how much grip the shoes are designed to have, the sole is thicker or thinner. A thin sole provides better traction as it lets the foot be in better contact with the floor. Some brands make their soles with varying thickness, while others implement special technologies and designs to make the soles better.

Speaking about this, some shoe models have extra cushioning in the mid part of the sole. This helps the boxer have better arch support and also offers more stability when the movements are bouncier.

Low, mid, or high-top

You can see that each pair of boxing shoes is described as being a low, mid or high-top model, but what does that mean? Well, apart from aesthetics, the length of the upper part has some effects on how the shoes help the boxer.

Low-top boxing shoes are great for those that want more freedom of movement. They are also lighter than other models, for obvious reasons. Their disadvantage is that they don’t offer the ankle support needed when planting your feet on the ground.

Because of their benefits and disadvantages, these shoes can be used as wrestling shoes, or in sports where you’re not always keeping your feet on the ground. Furthermore, low-top shoes are popular for casual boxers, but they can also be used as general boxing training shoes or for weight-lifting enthusiasts.

The most popular shoe models for boxing, however, are the mid-top ones. These are the shoes that go 2 to 3 inches above the boxer’s ankle, offering more stability and protection. They are a mid-ground between the advantages of low-top and high-top models.

Ultimately, high-top boxing shoes are the ones most intensely used for boxing in the most professional environments. They offer the most ankle support and stability and you will generally find them to be designed for professional use.

Apart from the height of the shoes, there aren’t many aesthetic features that affect the performance of boxing shoes. However, as this is a sport that involves a lot of spectators, many would argue that how a pair of shoes looks on a boxer has a big impact. Also, you will probably want a pair that looks great on you and makes you feel ready to fight when you put it on.




Frequently asked questions about boxing shoes


Q: Do I need boxing shoes?

Some people might be tempted to say that boxing shoes don’t really help, that they don’t provide any cushioning. However, that is not the purpose of boxing shoes. Boxers need them because they have a flat sole, which is ideal for the conditions of a ring.

Good boxing shoes should fit you like a sock and offer support. If you have boxing shoes on, you will notice that you have a better “boxing pivot” meaning that you are better able to plant your foot onto the ground and thus move better and overcome your adversary.



Q: How much are boxing shoes?

Boxing shoes shouldn’t cost you more than $200, and those models that are on the upper tier of the price range are usually destined for professional use. Depending on the brand and purpose, the price can vary a lot.

For example, a pair of cheap boxing shoes designed to be used in training can cost as little as $30. Mid-top models are the most popular and some good shoes in this category will cost between $70 and $100. Thus, if you want a decent pair, you can settle for a $100 one, but if you need something professional, that sum can double.


Q: How to measure your feet for boxing shoes?

It is important when buying boxing shoes to check each manufacturer’s sizing chart and choose the pair that you think is closest to your shoe size.

To measure your feet, tape a piece of paper on the floor and place one foot on it. Draw the shape of your foot on the paper and then mark the length and the width of your foot on the piece of paper. After measuring the length and width, use the measurements to find your shoe size on the sizing chart of each manufacturer. Pay attention, as there are usually different charts for men and women.




Best boxing shoes brands


Probably one of the oldest companies in the industry, Everlast has been making sports equipment for boxing, MMA, and fitness activities since 1910. Their products, particularly the gloves, have an iconic look.

The brand is present in 101 countries and it has 88 licenses worldwide. Chances are you’ll find a pair of its boxing shoes wherever you go. While its shoes are of great quality, it excels at producing gloves and that is the main purpose. In the MMA world, the brand received the award for Best Technical Equipment Brand five times, so that tells about the quality of its products.


The people behind Ringside declare themselves the champions when it comes to boxing equipment at affordable prices. They offer products for professionals and amateurs too, and even for coaches or those interested in boxing just for the fitness benefits.

They have all the equipment needed for boxing, including punching bags, too, but they focus more on the technology in their boxing gloves. Their shoes have a modern look and are made of nylon mesh that offers breathability and lets your feet stay dry and cool. The sole is usually made of rubber and it has special grooves for non-slip purposes.


The Rival Boxing Gear company is a Canadian high-quality brand that offers stylish and innovative products destined for boxing. Being a relatively new company, Rival’s core idea is to revolutionize the market. And across its 10 years of being active, it managed to do that by concentrating on the design and on the technology used in each product.

That is the case with its boxing shoes too. Due to a great choice of materials, the company is able to construct shoes that provide great breathability and are also strong. Also, the shoes are very light and allow the user to move across the ring very fast.


Nike is an established brand in many sports, and that’s the case with boxing equipment too. The company has a range of products made particularly for boxing enthusiasts and it offers everything from shoes to jackets or shorts. Focusing on all kinds of sports, the company is an expert in making quality shoes.

The boxing shoes that Nike makes can be found in different price ranges and you can also find them in different styles and heights. Due to the superior technology used in making these shoes, they are super light, they offer a great grip, and they fit very well.


Starting from the elements that make boxing a beautiful sport, Title wants to support everyone who tries to achieve greatness through boxing. For a long period, the company made equipment exclusively for this sport but in 2007 it entered the MMA world too.

Its shoes have a classic design and look and it offers a big range in terms of models. The manufacturers prefer to put as little insole as possible on the inside, as to help the wearer fit the shoes better. This also gives better stability. Boxers of any age and experience can wear these shoes with great effect.




Boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes


When you first start boxing, there’s always that little question that lingers in your mind, especially if you’re fond of other sports too: can you use wrestling shoes as boxing shoes? And although there are some key differences that you should be aware of, when comparing these kinds of shoes, they are sometimes interchangeable.

Wrestling shoes may be used for boxing but only in an amateur environment or when practicing. There are certain characteristics that make the two types of shoes similar. The first of them is that both kinds are made to be as light as possible. Furthermore, they both need to offer side-to-side stability and also, they’re mainly made of mesh, as to let the air pass through them and keep the feet dry. Both types of shoes are able to offer a great grip.



But the similarities stop there. While wrestling shoes provide good grip, they do that on wrestling mats, while boxing shoes work well in a boxing ring, of course. Boxing shoes are engineered to work well on a different surface, one that is more slippery. Also, boxing shoes offer more benefits like helping you have a better pivot and letting you have more power when you punch.

Using wrestling shoes for boxing purposes isn’t that good because they have more grip than you need and that will make you less able to pivot as well. Furthermore, wrestling shoes don’t act that well in a boxing ring. They are fine on other surfaces like a foam mat or on the floor, but you might be better off without them in the ring.

Nevertheless, if you want a pair of shoes that are good for many purposes, a pair of wrestling shoes should do the job well. They can be used for multiple activities, including boxing training or weightlifting. You can even use them for general conditioning in a cross-fit gym.




Benefits of boxing shoes


The grip

Compared to boxing in a pair of sneakers or worse, in your bare feet, wearing a pair of boxing shoes offers a far better grip. And that is even more obvious on a flat and smooth surface like the one in the boxing ring. Of course, when you use boxing shoes you rarely run the problem of slipping.

Boxing rings often have wet surfaces due to all the sweat that drops from the tireless boxers. Your bare feet have no chance on that surface. Running shoes or other similar shoes do better but they can’t be compared with boxing shoes.

Although some types of shoes can offer you a good grip, they come with a lot of issues and disadvantages when you fight. The first of them is a lack of ankle support, especially when you execute some precise and fast movements. Too much grip can have an adverse effect, meaning that you won’t be able to pivot that well.



A good pivot

The issue of pivoting needs to be tackled in a more detailed manner. This is one important feature that boxing shoes provide, no matter their brand. The second you start to move in the ring using a pair of boxing shoes, you feel the difference. You need that good grip for the times you need to turn your front foot inwards for a hard hook, or your back foot for those heavy hitting overhand rights. A good pivot will help you maximize your punching power and distance.

Only a pair of boxing shoes is able to offer you that. When you use regular shoes, you will feel like you are stuck to the floor and can’t move your feet as you want. And that is because casual shoes are made to offer traction in any form possible.

But the sole of boxing shoes has a special design that allows you to rotate on the outside of the sole. It all depends on how the outsole is made and what the materials of choice are. Don’t try boxing in your bare feet either. Although you might be able to pivot, you won’t have nearly as much grip as you would need.


Stability and ankle support

To obtain better stability you need a good grip, the ability to pivot, and great ankle support. Fortunately, boxing shoes offer all of that. Usually, casual shoes aren’t designed to support the lateral, often jumpy or jerky side to side movements found in boxing. That is why you need a pair of shoes that are high enough to cover your ankles and thus offer ankle support.

Boxing shoes come in different heights, each affecting the amount of ankle support they have. Low-top models are the ones that are similar to wrestling shoes and aren’t that great in support, while on the other end, high-top boxing shoes protect the ankle well and even cover your shin offering more support.

If you have better stability, you will be able to throw more powerful and precise punches and you will also be able to evade punches being thrown at you.



Unavailable products


Rival Boxing Lo-Top Guerrero Boots – Silver Snake


You will see that these boxing shoes catch the eye with an interesting style and a lot of colors and models to choose from. Even the colors and the designs themselves are something special.

The materials that they are made of are highly durable and light. Also, microfiber mesh covers the rest of the shoes, allowing them to be very well ventilated.

Furthermore, the sock liner is also made of breathable mesh, for the same purpose. Your feet should feel cool and comfortable in these shoes no matter how hard you train or box.

Taking into account all these quality materials, the boots are light, weighing only 390g. They’re thus great in allowing you to move freely in the ring.

The sole is made of solid rubber that extends a bit around the heel and forefoot, as to make it sturdier and to provide more stability.



Microfiber mesh is the choice of material for these boxing shoes, and it’s an excellent pick since you won’t experience too much sweating and discomfort while using them.

It’s essential to notice that the materials used for these shoes are lightweight, allowing you to spar to your heart’s content.

On the inside, the sock liner is made to wick the moisture fast, letting your feet to breathe for extra comfort.

The unique design of the rubber outsole that covers the heel and the forefoot is an added plus, as it offers excellent grip.

Many customers commend their striking appearance, and they are clearly a style statement, too.



There are some reports from users regarding the fact that the colors seem to fade after a while.

While they are often advertised as being wider than other shoes, they do not appear to cater too well for someone with broader feet.



Adidas Box Hog 3 Plus Boxing Shoes


Adidas is surely one of the most trusted companies when it comes to products made for athletic purposes. And these shoes prove that too.

This model has been perfected along the years and has now reached its third generation. What makes these boxing shoes special is the fact that they are great for both amateurs and professionals.

That is mainly due to how they enable your feet to move with ease. When it comes to boxing boots, the material is an important one, and in this case, that material is a textile one that is lightweight and highly breathable. It also looks flashy and has a nice feeling to it.

The rugged gum rubber outsole is made to provide maximum grip and to offer you the sense of balance needed. You will find out that these high-top boots offer the ankle support necessary for all the movements, but they are also comfortable enough.



It must be said that these shoes represent a third generation of footwear for this category and are the result of a long research process.

They are ideal for trainees, as well as for professional boxers, due to their excellent durability and high-performance design.

Due to the breathable textile material used for the upper part, you will find these boxing shoes to be truly lightweight and comfortable.

Balance and grip are two critical aspects that these shoes provide; the outsole, made of rubber, does its job to help you get perfect control of your moves.

As they have a high-top design, they also offer proper support for your ankles, to limit the risk of injury.



Some may find the textile design of the upper mesh to be less durable than the kind that comes with reinforced parts.

There are no color choices available, so, if you don’t like the original design, you might not feel motivated to get them.



Nike Men’s KO Mid Boxing Shoes


These shoes have a classic look and the blue coloring should attract the eye. They also look pretty sturdy and the materials they are made of are proof of that too.

The upper part is made of foam mesh that’s both resistant and allows the air to flow freely. The toe area is well protected and abrasion-resistant.

This means that you will be able to plant your feet solidly into the ground, while the shoes will suffer no premature wear. To help you achieve more speed and have better stability in the ring, the middle part of the sole provides great cushioning and it’s also very lightweight.

Also, the re-engineered gum rubber sole provides great grip and traction, letting you have more stability and better performance. On the inside, the shoes have good padding that will make your feet feel comfortable. They fit well and their main advantage is how light they are.



Sturdiness is the first word that comes to mind when you take a first look at these boxing shoes from Nike.

The quality of the materials used is outstanding and stands as proof to why Nike is considered to this day one of the most reliable companies when it comes to sportswear.

Your toe area is well protected and covered by a layer resistant to abrasion that makes the shoes resistant to shocks and also provides them with excellent grip.

Furthermore, the gum rubber soles offer ideal traction, something that you will surely appreciate when you are in the ring.

The extra padding on the inside is a great plus, as your feet will feel more comfortable even when you wear them for a long time.



You might find these boxing shoes to be a bit too stiff for your liking, and not as comfortable as the ones made with microfiber mesh for the upper part.




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