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12 Best Muay Thai Jump Ropes in 2022 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Top Jump Ropes for Muay Thai – Guide & Comparison


Elevating your Muay Thai performance calls for the best gear available and if you’re currently on the lookout for the best Muay Thai jump rope, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of researchers has examined various popular Muay Thai jump ropes and their features and concluded that the first model to pay attention to is the WOD Nation Speed. The item was designed with speed in mind and promises to provide you with a highly stable rope swing. Thanks to the materials used, the rope can be employed for countless training sessions. What’s more, the patented 4 bearing system featured will make sure that the cable won’t lose shape or speed even if you are a beginner and have no perfect hand position or swing. The package includes a spare cable as well as a carrying bag. In case this item is unavailable, another product you might want to consider is the Twins Special SR-2.



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12 Best Muay Thai Jump Ropes (Reviews) in 2022



Finding a good Muay Thai jump rope might take lots of time and browsing since the market overflows with such products. To ease your experience and help you make a more informed decision, we have compiled below a list of Muay Thai jump rope reviews.



1. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope Blazing Fast Jumping Ropes


Jumping rope is part of many workouts ranging from cardio exercises to more advanced fitness programs. Whether you want a quality jump rope for your Muay Thai training or for one of the above-mentioned activities, this model from WOD Nation is worth paying attention to.

Created with speed and durability in mind, this product provides a stable swing so you can easily and rapidly recover from less than perfect swings. Jumping calls for a durable rope and this model is committed to making sure that using it for a long time won’t damage it. It thus features a coated steel cable.

The rope also comes with a patented 4 bearing system to enable even beginners to enjoy successful swings. The swivel bearings will prevent the cable from losing speed or shape even when the unit is used by a beginner. The rope is coupled with a spare cable and a carrying bag for ease of transportation.



Ideal for a variety of sports and workout programs, this rope will help you stay fit and increase endurance.

The product is committed to ensuring speed and promises to deliver a stable swing so you can recover from inaccurate swings in no time.

The coated steel cable and the materials used for the handles will make sure that durability is not an issue.

Thanks to the patented 4 bearing system employed, the cable won’t lose shape or speed even when the user’s hand position or swing is not perfect.

You will receive a spare cable and a bag for easy transportation and storage.

The cable is 11-foot long yet with the help of a cable cutter, you can shorten it according to your needs.



The unit proved to be too light in some cases.

Other users say the item broke after a few uses.

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2. Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Skipping Ropes SR-2


The quality of the jumping rope you use and the way it was designed will directly affect your performance. From the materials featured to its length and weight, everything counts. To make sure you get just what you need to enjoy perfect and safe jumps, Twins Special created the SR-2 rope.

Featuring quality plastic bearing handles and a plastic rope, the unit promises to be fast and thus keep up with an advanced user’s rhythm. Due to its materials, you will also benefit from durability even if you use it for more serious workouts.

It is ideal if you want to train and keep fit for Muay Thai, boxing, or MMA. The cable measures around 8 feet whereas the handles are 5-inch long. The SR-2 is available in a variety of colors including green, blue, and red. This way you can choose the one you like best or that matches the rest of your equipment.



This rope is ideal if you want to get ready for your next Muay Thai, boxing, or MMA fight or simply stay fit and diversify your workouts.

Thanks to the quality plastic used for the cable and the handles, you can employ it even when engaging in more serious workouts.

Featuring 5-inch handles and a long cable, this rope will accommodate users of different heights and weights.

Even if the material used is plastic, the item is heavy enough to ensure proper swings and thus improve your performance.

The unit promises to last and provide you with speed even if you use it on a regular basis.

It comes in three colors including red, green, and blue.

The handles were designed to ensure a comfortable grip.



The unit is available in one size only and adjusting it might affect its performance.

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3. Twins Muay Thai Jump Rope


Whether this is the first rope you buy or you already have some experience and you want to improve your performance, this rope from Twins Special is worth adding to your list of options. Boasting high-quality plastic handles and cable, this unit is not only made to last but to get you the speed you need as well.

Considering the durability provided by the materials featured, the rope can be used even for more serious workouts. The item is also heavy enough to help you enjoy the performance you’re interested in.

A too light rope won’t help you burn as many calories as a weighted rope and may not be as effective if you want to improve endurance. That’s why this rope was designed to get you the best of both worlds. It has been appreciated by the people who tried it for ensuring just the right weight for successful training.



Designed to help you get fit and train your body for various combat sports such as Muay Thai, this rope should not be ignored, given its features.

The item boasts quality handles and plastic that will last for a long time and keep up even with more serious workouts.

Since the weight of the rope counts a lot when it comes to the performance you get to enjoy, this model is on the heavy side, a feature highly appreciated by many users.

Considering its weight, the product will help you challenge your legs, shoulders, and forearms.

Thanks to the handle design, enjoying a comfortable grip is guaranteed.



The rope might be too short for tall people as one user says in an online review.

Adjusting the rope may not be possible as some buyers say the bearings are difficult to replace.

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4. Muay Thai Kick Boxing Gear Mma Plastic Jump Skipping Rope 10.3 Mm


If durability is the feature you’re interested in, this Muay Thai heavy jump rope might be right up your alley. Made to last, improve your performance, and add some extra challenge to it, the unit is ideal not only for such sports but also for other similar activities.

The product features a plastic rope and wooden handles, materials that ensure durability. Therefore, you can consider this thick and durable model even for extended training sessions or more serious workouts. The item weighs 11.6 ounces, which is appreciated by the people who tried it.

Plus, it will challenge your legs, shoulders, and forearms more than other ropes. The item measures 97 inches in length without handles. It thus makes a great option if you want to get in shape for your next Muay Thai match or just work out and stay fit.



Thick and durable, this skipping rope is made to add challenge to your workouts and help you get fit.

Ideal for footwork and concentration, the unit can be used not only to get you in shape for Muay Thai but to reach a higher level of fitness as well.

The plastic rope and the wooden handles featured will make sure that heavy use won’t damage the item anytime soon.

The unit weighs 11.6 ounces and measures 97 inches in length without handles.

What’s more, using this rope will challenge your forearms and shoulders more.

It can be added to your cardio workouts or to your Muay Thai training as it will help you improve your physical fitness and endurance.



Some buyers say the rope may be too short for tall people.

Other users say the item broke after several uses, hence durability may be an issue.

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5. Survival and Cross Jump Rope – Boxing MMA Fitness Training


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in Muay Thai, fitness, or cardio workouts, this rope is a great addition to your gear if you want to keep your fitness levels high and improve endurance. The product is ideal for a variety of exercises and can be adjusted to match your height.

Enhanced durability is ensured by the high-quality materials used. Even if it is durable, the unit is lightweight and weighs only 2.88 ounces, so you can easily add it to your gear when traveling. The rope can be quickly adjusted thanks to the sliding screws and collars featured.

You will thus be able to cut the excess and choose the length that suits your needs. It can be used for double-unders, high knees, criss-crosses, and other rope steps. Once you purchase the product, you will have the possibility to download an exercise manual to improve your experience.



Designed with a variety of exercises in mind, this skipping rope is worth adding to your list of options whether you’re into Muay Thai, boxing, MMA, or just cardio exercises.

Its durability is ensured by the high-quality materials featured.

The rope is ideal to keep you fit and improve your endurance.

Ease of transportation and storage is ensured by its lightweight design as the unit weighs only 2.88 ounces.

Due to the sliding screws and collars used, you can adjust the length of the cable and then remove the excess cable by cutting it.

The unit comes with a downloadable exercise manual to help you explore more and enhance your experience.

You can employ the rope for criss-crosses, high knees, and double-unders, just to name a few.



Several buyers say the item or various parts of it broke after a few weeks of use.

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6. Jump Rope Ideal for Taking Your Workout to the Next Level


Appreciated by professionals, this unit is a great option regardless of your experience level. You can thus use it for your Muay Thai jump rope workout, cardio exercises, or your day-to-day fitness activities. The rope features a 10-foot cable you can easily adjust thanks to the extra large screws featured. It thus makes a good option for adults and kids alike.

The long 6-inch handles will help you improve your workouts. Due to the foam used, they are comfortable and easy to hold even when your hands sweat. Durability is ensured by the sturdy aluminum build. The PVC coated steel wire used for the cable makes it highly unlikely for the cable to tangle.

The double ball-bearing system will increase the speed you get to enjoy and thus maintain an intense tempo. The weight and thickness were carefully chosen so you can enjoy extra speed and improved control.



Created to provide extra speed, this rope is an option you might want to take into account if improved performance is what you’re interested in.

Thanks to the extra large screws featured, you can easily and rapidly adjust the length of the rope to suit your height.

The foam handles are comfortable and easy to hold even if you have sweaty hands.

The sturdy aluminum construction and the PVC coated steel wire will make sure that using it for a long time is not an issue and that the cable won’t tangle.

Keeping an intense tempo and enjoying additional speed are possible thanks to the double ball-bearing system.

Improved control is ensured by the perfect balance between weight and thickness.

The item also comes with a carrying bag and an e-book.

The unit is available in a variety of handle colors.



The handles came apart in several cases.

Some users might find the rope to be too light.

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7. P2 Sports & Fitness Jump Rope Workout System for Double Unders


In case you’re interested in renewing your gear with both a speed rope and a cross-training rope, this model from P2 should not go unchecked before you make your final decision. The package includes a thin 10-foot speed rope featuring a steel cable for advanced users as well as a thick 10-foot standard rope for beginners.

What makes this model stand out is that it allows you to change the weight of your handles. They were designed to enable you to fill them with extra weight or even with small accessories. Plus, you won’t just receive two cables for different experience levels and exercises but also adjustable ropes.

Therefore, if one of them is too long for you, you can easily adjust it for a comfortable, efficient, and safe fit. You can use the rope for all sorts of training types including programs to get ready for your MMA match and workouts to improve your fitness for Muay Thai sessions.



Allowing for both heavy and light skipping, this product will match your various needs and help you get in shape for your Muay Thai, boxing, or MMA sessions.

The model includes two cables that measure 10 feet in length and feature different thicknesses.

The thinner rope is ideal for double-unders and advanced athletes whereas the thicker rope is a great option for beginners interested in getting better at jump rope movements.

The length of the cables can be easily adjusted to match your height as no tools or screws are needed.

What’s more, you can increase the weight of the handles by filling them with extra weight.

The product comes in a variety of colors.

You will also receive a carrying bag for easy transportation and storage.



At least one buyer says the handles are not flexible and thus may turn out to be a bit uncomfortable.

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8. EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0 Premium Double Under Cable Speed Jump Rope


If you want to take your double-unders to the next level and you’re on the lookout for a quality rope that will help you improve your performance, you might want to consider this model. The unit promises to improve such exercises thanks to the materials used and its design.

To deliver such results, the rope features improved handles so you can enjoy increased efficiency and control. The handles are 5-inch long and have a diameter of 0.6 inches. The foam they feature makes them easy to hold and control even when your hands sweat.

What’s also great about this model is that it is compatible with 6 cable types including cables for competition, speed, training, or other exercises. Due to the dual-ball bearing system, you can increase your speed and reach even 6-7 jumps per second. Adjusting the length for a comfortable fit is easy thanks to the screw/collar system.



You can elevate your double-unders and improve your fitness if you go for this rope.

The handles were designed to help you enjoy increased efficiency and control, therefore they measure 5 inches in length and have a diameter of 0.6 inches.

The foam used for the handles improves your control and precision even when your hands sweat.

The handles are made of high-grade anodized aluminum to also ensure durability.

Despite the materials used, the handles weigh only 4 ounces.

Due to the dual-ball bearing system, you can increase your speed and even reach 6-7 jumps a second.

To suit various heights and match different exercise types, the rope can be easily and rapidly adjusted with the help of the screw/collar system.

You can use the handles with 6 different types of cables.



The rope included in this model turned out to be too thin in some cases.

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9. Speed Jump Rope Crossfit Workout Weighted Ultra Fast Jumpping Skipping Ropes


Durability and a balanced design are the main features we think of when it comes to this model. Great for Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, and fitness training, this rope promises to deliver increased speed and up your performance. The 100% aluminum handles are ideally weighted and durable enough to keep up with more serious training.

The handles have an anti-slip surface to help you hold and control them better. The high-quality steel wire with PU layer used for the cable will prevent it from tangling. Featuring a dual-bearing system, this rope is lightweight enough to deliver enhanced flexibility of movement.

The versatile screws will enable you to adjust the length according to your needs. The excess cable can be easily removed and thus the item can be used by men, women, and kids alike. The package includes two steel cables, two handles, a set of screws, and a carrying bag.



Featuring an adjustable design, this rope can be used for a variety of exercise types including fitness and cardio programs as well as Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing training.

To suit different types of jumps and heights, the rope can be easily adjusted thanks to the versatile screws featured.

The 100% aluminum handles are committed to lasting for a long time whereas their anti-slip surface will give you more control over them.

The cables included boast high-quality steel wires with a PU layer to ensure durability and prevent tangling.

Given the fact that the cables can be cut and thus the length reduced, the rope can be used by the entire family.

The package comes with two handles, two cables, a set of 4 screws, and a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.



The unit weighs 6.36 ounces, which might not be ideal for all types of jump exercises.

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10. Ellenium Speed Jump Rope Premium Quality Self-locking Adjustable Design Fast & Smooth


Whether you’re at your first jump rope or you’re already an experienced athlete, this model is committed to serving your needs for a long time. Ideal for double-unders and crossovers, this product is appreciated by MMA, Muay Thai, and boxing enthusiasts.

The unit boasts stainless steel parts to ensure extended use and prevent rust as well as aluminum handles that are shock-resistant and durable. Thanks to the bearing technology used, you will benefit from enhanced flexibility of movement and rotation power. The polymer employed to coat the rope is durable and lightweight. Moreover, it reduces friction.

To provide you with more control and precision, the handles boast an ergonomic design that will make sure using the rope for extended sessions won’t get you tired hands. A firm grip is ensured by the anti-slip surface. Plus, the self-locking design will help you adjust the rope with ease.



Designed to improve your performance and help you get fit, this rope promises to ensure durability, increased control, and ease of use.

Featuring a self-locking system, the item can be easily adjusted to match your height.

You will thus enjoy easy setups.

The high-quality materials used deliver prolonged use.

The item comes with steel parts that will make sure rust won’t get hold of it.

Friction reduction is ensured by the polymer used to coat the rope.

The aluminum handles sport an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue as well as an anti-slip surface for a firm grip.

Enhanced rotation power and flexibility of movement are ensured by the bearing technology employed.

The pack includes two handles, two 10-foot cables, a carrying pouch, a manual as well as a premium jump rope box.



A few buyers say the rope creased after a few uses.

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11. Twins Special MMA/Muay Thai


When it comes to the features of a skipping rope, there is hardly any characteristic you can compromise on. From the dimensions of a rope to the materials used for its construction, everything will affect your performance. To provide you with the right balance, Twins Special designed this rope.

Featuring high-quality plastic for its handles and cable, this model is worth considering if you want to enhance your fitness and train for your Muay Thai, boxing, and MMA sessions. The material used was chosen thanks to its durability, given the aggressive nature of rope exercises. Therefore, using it for extended sessions should not be a problem.

You can thus consider this unit for cardio exercises and to develop stamina as this is required when engaging in Muay Thai and MMA sessions. The unit is available in blue and has been appreciated for being smooth yet thick enough to deliver the promised performance.



Committed to providing you with durability and the right balance between weight and thickness, this skipping rope is ideal for cardio exercises and Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing training.

To make sure that serious training won’t damage it, the item boasts high-quality plastic.

It can be employed for various exercises and to develop stamina, which is required for sports such as Muay Thai and boxing.

When used properly, the product will help you work your legs and forearms and practice various jump moves.

The plastic handles were designed to ensure a comfortable grip and thus reduce fatigue even when used for a long time.

Its thickness and, thus, its weight will make the workouts slightly tougher, which means you can consider it even for more serious training.



The product is not described as being adjustable; therefore, reducing its length may require cutting and the performance delivered may thus be affected.

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12. Elite Surge CrossFit


By providing you with an adjustable design and speed versatility, this rope should not go unchecked before you make your final decision. It was designed with various needs in mind; therefore, it can be adjusted not only to accommodate users of different heights but to meet different training needs.

The cable hole accepts a variety of cables so you can use the one that best caters to your needs. The materials employed are committed to lasting. The item thus features a nylon-coated speed cable as well as high-grade anodized aluminum handles that come with dual ball bearings.

The bearings will not only reduce friction but will give the rope a balanced feeling when spinning the cable. Thanks to them and the ultra-light handle design, the item can be used to reach even 7 jumps a second. The handles were designed to deliver a comfortable grip and enhanced control.



Increase your speed when you engage in Muay Thai jump rope training or simply go for your usual cardio exercises by using the rope.

The item can be used with various cables thanks to the large cable hole featured.

Therefore, you can consider this rope as a great training tool for Muay Thai, boxing, and fitness.

It is ideal to improve strength, speed, and agility.

The product can be adjusted to meet the jumper’s height as well as different training preferences.

Durability is ensured by the high-grade anodized aluminum handles and the nylon-coated speed cable included.

The handles boast a dual-bearing system that reduces friction and keeps the rope balanced when the cable is spinning.

The handle design ensures a comfortable grip as well as better control.

Such features allow the user to reach even 7+ jumps/second.



At least one buyer says the bearings became rusty from the user’s sweat.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Choosing a jump rope a few decades ago was an easy task. You would then find beaded and leather ropes, so picking up one of the two was relatively simple. Thanks to the latest technological achievements, you can now find a variety of quality Muay Thai jump ropes for sale.

Finding the right one for your Muay Thai needs might prove to be a daunting task, though. To simplify your decision-making process, we have highlighted below key features that appreciated models come with.

Rope size

What triggered this abundance of such products is how the jump ropes are used and, more importantly, the purposes of their use. Such items are no longer dedicated only to the kids’ playground. They are now part of many professional athletes’ workout program. They are employed for Muay Thai, boxing, MMA, and fitness training programs, just to name a few.

One of the first things to take into account when looking for a jump rope is its size. This feature is of paramount importance as it will directly and significantly affect your performance to the point where an inappropriate size will even stop you from using it.

There are two factors that will decide the length of your rope: your height and the type of exercises you will use it for. A too long rope will slow down your workout as it will tangle whereas a too short rope will limit the movements you can go for. Then, the length of the rope also varies depending on the training you will engage in.


Jump rope materials

Regardless of how much you use the rope, durability is desirable. Even if you go for some jump rope exercises now and then, it is best to opt for a quality rope if your budget allows you to do so as you will get to enjoy it for a long time.

You will find jump rope models that feature different materials, some of which will last longer. The materials used included licorice, which is light and flexible and PVC plastic, a material appreciated for being flexible and medium heavy. You will also find beaded or leather ropes, although they are more rarely used these days as they are heavier.

Again, you will have to consider your experience and the type of training you’re into when choosing the material of the rope. If you want a rope for your Muay Thai training, then a PVC plastic model is recommended. Such items are thicker and thus heavier and will help you improve your shoulder endurance.


Handle length, material, and weight

Once you’ve made up your mind regarding the rope material, you need to pay utmost attention to the handles the rope comes with. Their design, material, and weight will have a direct impact on your performance and comfort.

Today’s market offers handles of various shapes. You will find long and thin handles, short and thick handles, and so on. Choosing the handle length is also influenced by the exercises you want to practice.

If you’re into crossing movements and tricks, a longer handle is recommended. If you are new to rope jumping, then a medium handle length is ideal. Speed ropes, though, have short and thin handles that will boost speed. What also counts a lot is the weight of the handle. A too heavy handle will slow your speed.

Pay attention to the material of the handle as well. A cheap Muay Thai jump rope may not be as durable as more expensive models and usually comes with plastic handles that may break and split easily.

Light aluminum or shatter-proof plastic handles are desirable as they last longer. To enjoy a comfortable grip, you might also go for padded or foam handles that feature an anti-slip surface.


Adjustable design, handle-to-rope connection, and other considerations

Finding the right rope size is easier when you go for an adjustable rope. Many of the products available for sale these days can be easily adjusted so you can enjoy the length that best suits your height and exercise type.

Consider the handle-to-rope connection as well. The most appreciated ones are the 90-degree connection as it enhances speed and reduces friction and the ball bearing connection which ensures better control and also reduces friction.

Since ropes will wear out sooner or later, a model that allows for easy cable replacement is also desirable. Plus, a design that accepts various types of cable is an inspired investment as you will be able to use the handles that match your needs with cables that ensure a greater variety of exercises.




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