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12 Best MMA Shorts Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Best MMA Shorts Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


The best MMA shorts money can get you are not easy to find, especially if you cannot spare the time to do the legwork on the topic. To help you out, we have analyzed what previous buyers had to say on the subject and, consequently, we have determined that the Hayabusa Hexagon is the product that you should invest in. These shorts were designed to supply the user with an unimpeded range of movement and with maximum comfort. Because they were made of cutting-edge textiles, they can meet the needs of all athletes, no matter their skill level. To keep them in place, the manufacturer has fitted them with an inner grip waistband that can supply users with a strong and secure fit. The product is available in grey and black. If this choice is unavailable, you might also want to check out the Diamond MMA Athletic as you might also find it appealing.



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12 Best MMA Shorts (Reviews) in 2022



Because we know just how complicated finding quality MMA fight shorts can be, we have created a list of items that have received positive reviews from the athletes who have tried them before. So, read the list and choose the model that best fits your preferences and needs.



1. Hayabusa Hexagon Board Style Workout and MMA Training Shorts


These shorts are the ideal choice for running, MMA, and boxing as they were made from high-quality textiles that can meet the needs of all athletes out there. According to the seller, they were created to provide the wearers with maximum comfort and with an unimpeded range of motion so that you can always achieve the best results.

This choice is available in two colors, black, and grey, and it comes equipped with an inner grip waistband that can supply you with a secure fit, no matter your body type. The seams of the shorts were reinforced for added durability. They can be used for rigorous training.

Also, they have a simple design that does not feature flashy graphics and what many consider excessive slogans and branding. Because of their high-quality construction, they can be used for numerous types of activities including cardio and even lifting. So, check them out!



This product comes provided with reinforced seams and with a silicone waistband that is quite comfortable so that you can train effortlessly while wearing it.

The shorts allow for ease of movement and they won’t restrict you in any way. Hence, they can be worn for various activities including running or lifting.

Because it was built from durable fabrics, this choice is likely to pass the test of time, no matter the rigorous training that you have to do while wearing it.

Most buyers noted that the item fits as expected. Consequently, you won’t have to struggle to find an appropriate size.



There was an athlete that noted that the material of the shorts was not suitable for grappling, as the stitching tends to rip off. This was the only complaint of this kind.

A handful of owners pointed out that this option is rather expensive when compared to other products of this type that are also attainable.

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2. Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts System


If you need a product that comes equipped with a cup system that can shield your groin area in case of impacts, be sure to take a look at this one distributed by Diamond MMA. This choice was made of military-grade spandex and elastic materials and it also includes a 4-strap jock system so that the cup is kept in the right spot no matter the moves that you make.

The option also has a patent pending system that prevents lateral and vertical movements of the cup. Plus, the drawstring that these shorts feature can supply you with the perfect fit. The cup in itself has a co-molded elastomer design that is coupled with a polycarbonate core so that you are delivered the necessary level of comfort and protection.

On top of that, the core of the cup was manufactured from the same type of material that is utilized when making bulletproof glass. This pair of shorts is available in numerous sizes that you can select.



The model is available in numerous measurements. Those that are thick in the thighs should go a size up for extra convenience.

Because it was made of high-quality materials, this item is likely to last for years to come.

The strap and cup system incorporated into the design of the product can hold the cup in place at all times while still delivering increased comfort.

Given that it was created by Stanford University engineers, it is safe to say that these shorts can provide you with the necessary protection.



There was a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete that remarked that the elastic on the waist is not very strong, which is why the shorts tend to slip down.

Another buyer said that although the product is well made, the edge of the cup hurt his groin region. Still, keep in mind that this was the only objection of this type.

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3. Hayabusa Kickboxing MMA Shorts


This alternative is one of the most popular pairs of shorts on the market. The item comes in numerous colors that you can select and it is light in weight. Given that it does not feature any Velcro or hardware pieces, the model is more comfortable than most of its counterparts.

The waistband that it includes is made of a hybrid elastic and the incorporated drawstring ensures a secure and custom fit. According to users, because the waistband string is lined with extra rubber, it won’t untie or slip while wearing them. These shorts are mid-thigh cut and they have a side split design so that your movements are not limited in any way while wearing them.

Besides, this product is light in weight and the material it was made of is not very thick. As a result, you will be supplied with increased flexibility while training.



These fight shorts allow for an unrestricted range of motion no matter if you are training or actually fighting in a competition.

Because they were designed to fit their users adequately, you won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing them for many hours.

The incorporated elastic waistband is comfy and it won’t leave redness or provoke rashes on your skin like some other choices might do.

Also, the string that the waistband has is rubberized for extra grip and, consequently, it will prevent them from slipping, and the risk of them coming undone is limited.



A handful of buyers pointed out that these shorts are a too short cut for their liking. Yet, most athletes had no issue with this aspect.

One purchaser noted that, given the quality of the material that it was made of, the product is overpriced. Most users say that the item is worth the extra bucks because it is very convenient.

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4. RDX MMA Blaze Shorts Stretch Clothing Training Cage Fighting


This item developed by RDX was made out of antibacterial-treated polyester and it incorporates heavy-duty microfibers that make it hygienic and highly breathable. For increased durability, this option features T-3 stitching so that you can use it for years to come.

Moreover, these shorts have a Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop closure that incorporates drawstrings application so that you won’t have to deal with issues such as them slipping off in the middle of the practice.  

The innovating printing that these shorts include feels like a second skin as it sticks to your skin during your intense training sessions. The choice was made of micro-stretch fabric, and thus, it can mimic the movements of your body easily.

The shorts are mid-cut so that they can suit the needs of all athletes out there. However, because they were cut like Muay Thai shorts, they might be a tad longer than those specifically created for MMA.



Most athletes that have invested in this item were happy with their purchase because of the overall comfort that it delivers.

This product was built to last and, thus, it can easily handle hard training sessions better than other counterparts.

Because they were made of a moisture-wicking material, you will feel comfortable while wearing them during long training sessions.

The shorts have good stitching and they tend to be slightly longer in the inseam, which is a plus according to some of the owners.



There has been a buyer who was unhappy with his purchase because he was shipped the product in the wrong color. However, this was the only complaint that pointed to this problem.

It has been noted that, if compared to other options, this product is rather expensive, which is why not all athletes who are interested in it can afford it.

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5. RDX MMA Shorts Clothing Cage Training Fighting Grappling Martial Arts Muay Thai Kickboxing


This choice comes fitted with a strong grip waistband for an accurate fit and it was specifically designed to allow complete mobility to its users. Plus, on each side, these shorts also feature a special cut that provides unparalleled mobility during training. The incorporated interlocking drawstring is also very practical.

Because it was made using high-quality T3 stitching, it can supply you with increased strength and with improved resilience. Therefore, it won’t tear easily. Another aspect that makes this pair of shorts worthy of your attention is that the material is highly breathable, and, as a result, this option is quite comfortable even when worn for hours on end.

The fabric utilized in making it was specially processed and, as a result, it is anti-microbial and it can prevent the emergence of odors. The embedded logo and the color choices made available by the manufacturer make this article appealing.



This model can fit you just perfectly as it comes fitted with a strong grip waistband that is highly durable.

Because these shorts are considerably breathable, they are rather comfortable to wear when training, no matter how hot it gets in the gym.

The fabric that was used to create them is anti-microbial and it can prevent the onset of foul odors that are caused by perspiration.

Moreover, this item features high-quality, T3 stitching and, thus, it can pass the test of time.



One buyer said that the shorts were a bit longer than expected. Still, the fit might depend on the height of the user. Most athletes that use them speak highly of them and had no issue with the sizing.

A handful of people insisted that this product is rather pricey, especially when compared to other alternatives. Not all of its buyers and users agree.

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6. Meister MMA Dragon Hybrid Flex Board Shorts


If you want an alternative that is both durable and flexible, add this model sold by Meister MMA to your must-have list. These shorts are constructed from a blend of polyester and nylon and they can keep their shape even when you are grappling.

Additionally, they allow for plenty of air movement for added comfort. The design of the product includes nylon flex panels on each side that enable you to move freely while working out. The drawstring waist closure that the option includes is made of Velcro and it can provide you with the right fit.

Those who have tried them so far are happy with them because of their comfortable construction. The dragon print that the item includes has also received positive feedback comments, as it can be washed numerous times without it wearing off or breaking. Size-wise, these shorts hit just above the knee. A small inside pocket where you can store your mouthguard is also featured.



For extra practicality, this model comes provided with full Velcro and drawstring closing system so that it won’t prove impractical while moving.

This choice was made of a sturdy mix of polyester and nylon and it is highly durable and flexible so that you can train easily.

Because it was designed to be used for grappling and striking, this piece of clothing is ideal for MMA fighters that need comfy gear.

The design that these shorts have includes a dragon-like graphic that is eye-catching and that won’t peel or crack any time soon.



One drawback that a few users pointed out is that one leg of the shorts is rather smaller than the other. Not many mentioned this problem.

There was a customer who observed that this option tends to get stained rather easily. Yet, keep in mind that this was the only objection of this sort.

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7. Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts 20+ Styles Fight Shorts


This choice was made out of a tear-resistant and fast-drying fabric that includes logos and graphics that won’t crack or peel easily. For a perfect fit, the model comes with a two-fold Velcro waistband that has a drawstring. It is suitable for those that want shorts that have a non-chaff front.

On top of that, the side slits are very practical as they allow for plenty of movement. According to the seller, it is suitable for MMA, as well as for other similar sports such as Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Pankration just to name a few.

Before placing any orders, keep in mind that, because they were created to fit closer to one’s size, ordering them in your typical pant size might not be suitable. Instead, it is advisable that you follow the measurement instructions provided by the seller. The style and the construction of the item are of high quality.



This product is made of a fast-drying fabric that is tear-resistant. Therefore, it is the perfect gift for that friend of yours who loves contact sports.

Even more so, the Velcro waistband that this item comes equipped with is sturdy and very efficient at keeping the shorts in the right place.

The side slits that this option includes are very useful as they can guarantee that you are given all the mobility that you need.

This choice does not come in regular sizes. So, it is best to measure yourself according to the instructions before deciding on what size you want to get.



One previous buyer said that the product did not meet his expectations because it is made of a sheer material that is prone to tear easily.

There have been a handful of athletes who claimed that this item is not too accommodating to the user’s private parts.

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8. Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Shorts


If you are not necessarily a fan of baggy, traditional shorts, the Sanabul Essential MMA might be just the item for you. These shorts have an athletic fit and they feature a hook and loop closure waistband that can keep them securely in place at all times.

Given that it was made of a thicker material, this option is more durable than some of the other available choices. Its 4-way stretch fabric is not only sturdy but also very comfortable as it allows for an uninhibited range of motion. This material was also treated to reduce bacterial and fungal growth.

You can use them for a wide array of MMA and wrestling exercises as well as for other grappling related activities. They are also proper for surfing. What is more, this choice comes provided with seam protection and with reinforced flatlock stitching. The model does not feature pockets or zippers.



The material that these shorts were made of was treated with a substance that can help reduce fungal and microbial growth.

Because of the seam protection and the reinforced flatlock stitching, this alternative is very durable when compared to other items that are similar.

If you are not sold on the idea of getting a pair of baggy shorts, you should check this model out as it can provide you with an athletic fit that won’t disappoint.

The fabric of the item is thick and stretchy so that you are comfortable while wearing it throughout your demanding training sessions.



Some users were not particularly happy with the fact that this choice fits like regular compression shots.

The Velcro fold-down strap that the model includes is not necessarily well liked by some of the owners because it creates an unaesthetic bump. Not all customers shared this particular belief.

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9. Anthem Athletics Infinity Muay Thai Shorts Kickboxing Thai Boxing


This alternative distributed by Anthem Athletics is light in weight, which is why many users speak highly of it. The fabric used to make it is tear resistant and machine washable so that you no longer have to waste time cleaning it manually.

What is more, the aggressive side splits featured in its construction and the wide leg openings enable all wearers to move freely in it. The elastic waistband that the choice includes has a drawstring and, consequently, it can be adjusted to suit you perfectly.

The embroidered logos that this product has are very durable and they won’t crack or peel any time soon. If you want to get the correct size, the seller recommends that you follow the instructions made available in the sizing chart. The stitching that was used is sturdy. Owners were happy to note that the fabric of the shorts is soft and shiny.



This model comes provided with a practical sizing chart that you might want to check out before placing any orders.

Furthermore, these shorts were constructed from a lightweight, tear-resistant material and, thus, they can be placed in the washing machine for increased convenience.

The aggressive splits that this item includes and the wide leg openings make it able to provide you with increased mobility.

Because it comes with an embroidered logo, you should know that the seller argues that it won’t peel or crack easily.



One issue that some buyers found with this product is that the waistband is rather fragile and likely to snap off rather easily when too much pressure is used to tighten it.

There was a customer who said that, according to his experience with this option, it tends to run a bit small. This was the only problem of this kind that owners have noted.

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10. Anthem Athletics Defiance Kickboxing Short MMA Shorts


If you want to invest in a model that can help you stand out, take a look at the Defiance model from Anthem Athletics. The choice is perfect for those practicing sports such as MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Kickboxing and many others.

The shorts were created from a tear-resistant material that is also fast drying and comfortable. The sublimation printing and the other graphics that they include are durable and will not crack or peel unexpectedly.

Fit-wise, this product hits mid-thigh. For optimal movement, this option has a 4-way stretch crotch. The two-folded Velcro waistband that the item features can supply you with a non-chaff front.

Given the special design of this model, it is advisable that you measure the circumference of your waist and that you check out the sizing chart before you make any purchases. If you happen to be in between sizes, the seller advises that you go a size up for extra convenience.



These shorts are perfect for MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. So, they can be considered a great gift for your friend who enjoys such sports.

Given that it comes fitted with a two-fold Velcro waistband that has a drawstring, this option is likely to suit you perfectly, no matter your size.

This pair of shorts fit mid-thigh and they are very comfortable and durable according to previous buyers.

Because the sizing of these shorts might be a bit different than what you are used to when ordering items of this type, be sure to consult the sizing chart.



There has been one user that noted that these shorts have way too much Velcro in the waistband, which is why they might not be that convenient to wear.

It has also been remarked that this option is quite baggy, which is why some might not enjoy using it as much

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11. Hayabusa Metaru 


If you are set on getting an option that was created to suit all no-gi practitioners of MMA and BJJ, this is the product for you. These Hayabusa MMA shorts feature stretch panels that allow complete freedom of movement and they stand out because they are quite comfortable. They can be used for grappling, no matter the level.

To deliver a perfect fit for all wearers, this item comes with a hardware-free waistband that won’t get in your way when training or fighting in a competition. Because of the fabric that was used to manufacture them, these shorts are very durable and they can supply you with unmatched strength.

On most wearers, they sit just above, or right at the knee. A stretchy panel has been added in the crotch area for improved comfort. This product has a minimalistic design. They were not made using bulky Velcro panels that might restrict your movements in any way.



This item incorporates stretch panels that enable the wearers to move freely and to train without having their moves hindered in any way.

Given that they were created to handle grappling at any level, these shorts are ideal for BJJ and MMA fighting and training.

The item is regarded as very durable and it is recommended by most athletes because of its increased comfort level.

The seller pointed out that this choice is compliant with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. So, they are perfect if you intend to wear them at an official competition.



One buyer remarked that these shorts do not have an opening fly or an elastic waistband that would make them easy to put on.

There have been owners who claimed that the customer services provided by the seller are not of high quality. Yet, there were not many buyers that had issues with this aspect.

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12. Anthem Athletics 50/50 


These ultra-high-grade shorts are lightweight and they were manufactured from a type of fabric that is tear-resistant and high-performance. Their design also includes embroidered distinctive graphics that won’t peel or crack. However, their design is not flashy as that of some of the other available choices.

The slide slits that are featured in their construction allow for a maximum range of movements.  Moreover, they have a stretch elastic waistband with drawstring so that they can fit you perfectly.

According to reviewers, the option does not thin after multiple washings and it does not lose its original color as numerous other counterparts do. Because this item is highly breathable, it won’t prove uncomfortable when worn during long training sessions.

Those that want to get a product that suits them just right should follow the sizing chart that is available online, as the size that you are used to ordering in regular pants might not be a good pick.



The choice is made of high-quality materials that are lightweight and tear-resistant, and, consequently, this item is very sturdy when compared to others.

Furthermore, these shorts include “Fly-away” side slits that allow for a maximum range of movements so that the wearer has no issues moving freely in them.

The option was specifically created to meet the needs of MMA, BJJ, and WOD athletes and it is also suitable for other competitors that practice similar sports.

To help interested buyers select a fitting model, a sizing chart that is easy to follow has been made available by the seller.



There was a buyer who said that the product that he received was not sized correctly. Still, all the needed instructions can be consulted online.

Although these shorts are considered of high quality, some users remarked that they are a little expensive when compared to their similar counterparts. Not all agreed.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Finding quality MMA shorts is a task that comes with its difficulties. Because we know how it is like being in your shoes, we have decided to help by creating a list of features that are a must-have according to previous buyers and fellow athletes.

Material and size

One of the first things that you should have in mind when searching for good MMA shorts is the material that was utilized to make them. The product that you end up getting should be made out of a flexible fabric that is sturdy enough so that it won’t tear.

What is more, the material should feature flexible gussets in the groin area so that you are supplied with the necessary mobility and comfort when performing various moves. In fact, no matter if you purchase cheap MMA shorts or more expensive models, you should always check out what previous users had to say about their flexibility.

You should not invest in an article of clothing that hinders your movements as it might limit your ability to perform at a certain level. Plus, the selected option should also feature reinforced stitching. Generally, these options are considered of high quality and likely to pass the test of time.

Before you set your mind on those Venum MMA shorts that you’ve found for sale, you should also consider sizing. This aspect is vital because, when it comes to this line of products, sizing can vary from brand to brand.

To be sure that you get the best size available before you place any orders be sure to follow the sizing instructions made accessible by each seller. Most manufacturers also include easy-to-read sizing charts that can come in handy to novices and seasoned athletes alike.

On the same note, you should not neglect the chance to take a look at the length of the men’s MMA shorts that you like. From this standpoint, keep in mind that some models might actually be too short for your stature. Likewise, if you are shorter, some options might fit you below the knee.

According to the specialists, athletes with thicker thighs should invest in shorts that have a side split design for increased comfort and mobility. Design-wise, it is also advisable that you purchase a product that has a comfortable waistband that includes a drawstring.

This way, you can be sure that your shorts will stay in place at all times and that you won’t have to readjust them in the middle of the match.


Design and versatility

Differently from MMA compression shorts that are quite fit, and that act as a second layer of skin, the regular models that you can find available have a looser style. Because of their construction, some manufacturers have also decided to include a pocket for the mouthpiece for increased convenience.

Plus, in an attempt to make MMA tight shorts as protective as possible, some of the units that you can find online also feature a protective cup that was specifically created to cater to your needs and shield your groin area when in a fight.

Most of those items are created to be quite comfortable and, provided that you chose the appropriate size, you should have no issues with the fit or with the ability to move unhindered.

If versatility is an aspect that you value, it might also be practical to look for Reebok MMA shorts that have been designed to be used for a wide range of sports and activities. For instance, there are items that were created to be used for running and lifting weights as well as for MMA and BJJ fighting.



Lastly, the price of the item is also essential. Most MMA shorts reviews point out that a standard product of this kind can cost between 20 and 70 dollars. However, if you happen to be short on cash, you should only look for an option that you afford. Therefore, it might help if you set up a budget and stick to it.

Even more so, if you want to save some dollars, it could also help if you went shopping for MMA shorts for sale. This way, you will be able to get an item of high-quality with less money than expected.

Yet, this might mean that you have to postpone purchasing your fighting gear until the discount period begins. Numerous athletes recommend that novices do so, especially if they want to get durable products that are normally out of their budgetary reach.




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