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12 Best Kids’ Wrestling Shoes – 2022 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 04.07.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Kids’ Wrestling Shoe + Reviews


Are you looking for the best kids wrestling shoes, but you have no idea where to start? We are here to help you make an informed decision, and all you need to do is read this short paragraph in case you cannot go through our extensive buying guide. According to reviews, sales figures, and specialists’ opinions, the number one model you should pick up from the many available is the ASICS Kid’s Matflex 6 GS Wrestling Shoes. The rugged outsoles made from rubber guarantee that the wearer gains proper traction and grip while wrestling on the mat. At the same time, the mesh upper is lightweight, so the shoes won’t feel cumbersome at any moment. Their excellent durability is another reason why you should consider these shoes a good choice. In case they’re out of stock, the next model we recommend is the Adidas Wrestling Combat Speed for its outstanding qualities.



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12 Best Kids’ Wrestling Shoes (Reviews) in 2022



Choosing a pair of good kids’ wrestling shoes could take ages even for the most experimented shoppers, as there are plenty of models on the market. However, even though we cannot say for sure which pair would be the best for you, we did come up with a list of suitable choices. Showcased below you can find some of the top 12 picks on sale right now, along with all their characteristics.



1. ASICS Kid’s Matflex 6 GS Wrestling Shoes 


Asics created this model with the needs of a young wrestler in mind. Since comfort is paramount for children to be able to concentrate on perfecting their techniques on the mat, that’s exactly what Asics focused on. These shoes come with specific comfort-boosting properties.

The mesh insole is porous, so it allows excellent comfort to begin with. Also, there is enough air circulation because of this design so that sweat can be quickly wicked. Even more, the EVA sock liner will do an excellent job of absorbing the extra sweat so that no issues are encountered.

Besides comfort, excellent performance should be expected from a model made by Asics. The rubber outsole is made to provide the right level of traction needed when wrestling. Other aspects, like the padded collar, contribute to the excellent comfort of these shoes. Add to that that they are highly durable, and you’ll see why so many parents prefer them.



Essential features, like the EVA sock liner, are designed to bring extra comfort, which is why these shoes are superior to many others on the market.

Good traction can truly make a difference in a wrestling match, and these shoes provide it due to the rubber outsoles.

These shoes are lightweight, and they allow the wearers to focus on their performance when they are engaged in their usual practice or a match.

Due to their superior durability, they represent a sound investment, and you won’t have to buy your kid another pair too soon.



One drawback these wrestling shoes present is the sizing that appears to run small; you may even need to order two sizes up if your kids have feet that are particularly long and not wide.

Another aspect to bear in mind is the narrow design that will pose problems for a kid with wider feet.

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2. Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4-M


Available in more than a dozen styles and colors, these branded wrestling shoes express the fun, fresh, and funk attitude of youngsters all over the world. They come in various sizes for both men and boys, so finding the right fit for you shouldn’t be too hard.

Unlike the previous product, this one is made of 100% real leather, which makes it more durable and reliable. They are designed to resist tearing and accidents, so you can rest assure this pair of shoes will last you a long time from now on.

The sides are made of high-quality mesh to absorb excess moisture, leaving your feet protected, cool, and dry throughout the day. The durable yet flexible rubber soles provide extra comfort when walking while absorbing shocks and protecting your heels.

The design of these three-stripe boots couldn’t have been complete without the ankle support provided by the Velcro closure strap.



If you’re looking for a pair of green kids’ wrestling shoes that will stand out in the crowd while also providing increased support and protection, this pair from Adidas is the right choice for you.

The product is made of real leather and mesh, the perfect combination to absorb shocks, keep your toes and heels protected from injuries, and the rest of your feet cool and dry.

The boots measure approximately 5 inches from the arch, enough to cover your ankles and prevent injuries or sprains when practicing or fighting.

The rubber outsole is thicker than the one in other shoes, providing increased support, and keeping your heels away from blisters and calluses.



Since one can never please all customers, some people complained about the sizing of this shoe, mentioning it is narrower and smaller than models from different brands that display the same size, so we suggest checking the manufacturer’s measuring guide.

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3. ASICS Kids JB Elite III GS Wrestling Shoe 


The first thing that should be said about these shoes is that they deserve the use of the term ‘elite’ in their title. Asics collaborated with Four-Time World Champion and Two-Time Olympic Champion Jordan Burroughs in designing them, so it should come as no surprise that they behave so well on the mat.

The overall performance is not the only thing that came from this collaboration. Competitions are specific in their requirements regarding the footwear worn by the participants. One of them is having the laces concealed, and that’s why this model comes with a unique lace concealing system that keeps them out of the way.

Other traits make this particular wrestling shoe from Asics stand out. The rubber soles are created to provide the much-needed traction on any type of mat. Their visual appearance is appealing, as well, and many kids love using them. They are available in adult sizes, as well.



The design allows you to tuck in the laces so that they aren’t exposed; this is a requirement for competitions, and Asics made these shoes to comply with them.

Born from a collaboration with an accomplished athlete, these shoes are clearly made to be taken to their limit, while their wearers can focus on improving their performance.

Equipped with rubber soles, they offer the desired traction and grip, and it doesn’t matter what type of mat the wearer is on, they will perform as expected.

Parents will love that these shoes come in adult sizes, too, and they will be able to buy a pair for each member of the family if they so desire.

These wrestling shoes look very nice, and their visual appeal contributes to their popularity.



You won’t be happy about how you need to pass the laces underneath the Velcro closure, something that takes both time and effort.

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4. Asics Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe


Designed to cater to the needs of both men and youngsters, these Asics shoes come with a classic design. They are available in two colors – black and white – as well as in various sizes, so you’ll find the perfect fit for you in a few minutes.

The product is made of synthetic and textile fabrics, providing improved flexibility and freedom of movement, while remaining lightweight and durable. The mesh upper absorbs excessive moisture, helping keep your feet cool and dry for the entire day. It also provides good ventilation, so it will keep odors and bacteria away.

Unlike other wrestling shoes that come with a flat outsole, these ones closely follow the anatomical shape of your feet for better shock absorption and extra cushion on the heels. Thus, the boots won’t slip on the mat and won’t cause injuries, calluses or blisters.



These shoes are very lightweight and comfortable, ensuring increased flexibility when you’re practicing, without putting extra pressure on your feet.

The mesh exterior is perfect for keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day, so you won’t have to worry about bacteria forming up.

Unlike many other pairs, these shoes from Asics feature a special pocket where you can tuck in your laces, so you won’t leave them exposed.

The rubber sole follows the anatomical shape of your feet, providing increased protection on the heels, absorbing shocks, and preventing you from slipping when you’re wrestling.



One of the greatest concerns of users is that the shoes run small, so you may have a harder time finding the perfect fit, especially if you order them online.

Since the boots are mainly made of mesh, you shouldn’t expect too much protection on the outside, meaning you can get injured easier.

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5. Asics Men’s Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe


What better way to make yourself noted on the mat if not by wearing some extravagant gear? If you enjoy the extra attention, this pair of red youth wrestling shoes will make you feel like a star. The product is available in numerous other colors and designs, so you can experiment a new look each day.

If you’re purchasing them for your child, make sure to double-check the size and the measurement guide as these come in men’s sizes only. They are made of textile fabrics with mesh inserts on the side for maximum ventilation, allowing your feet to breathe properly and remain cool and dry for the entire day.

The high-ankle design is perfect for keeping your ankles protected and secured against injuries or sprains. And, thanks to the Velcro strap attached, you can rest assured you’ll benefit from a snug and comfortable fit.



If the design is what you’re looking at first in a new pair of wrestling shoes, the Aggressor 2 is the natural choice for you as they won’t give you a single dull moment from the minute you put them on.

The product is made of high-quality textile fabrics and mesh inserts that allow it to be flexible and lightweight, increasing your speed and potentially enhancing your performance.

They are made to support and protect your ankles and, thanks to the Velcro strap, they won’t fall off your feet no matter how much effort you put in your wrestling game.

The outsoles are thicker and follow the anatomical shape of your feet, perfectly absorbing shocks and eliminating extra pressure put on your heels that might cause injuries, back pains or blisters.



If you’re choosing a pair for your teenage kid, we strongly suggest checking the sizing guide available so that you won’t end up ordering a size too big or too narrow.

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6. Day Key Low Top Wrestling Shoes 


A low top design might be precisely what you are looking for, in case the other models on the market just don’t do it for it. If that’s the case, this model might be right up your alley. First of all, they are lightweight because their uppers are made from mesh fabric with suede and synthetic overlays. The choice of materials makes them comfortable.

Your kids will enjoy these shoes because they are very flexible. When wrestling, enjoying such advantages is paramount, which is why this model comes highly recommended for practicing this sport.

The outsole is made from a single piece of rubber, and its design is quite interesting. There are three pivot points on the outsole that ensure proper grip at all times. Another thing that must be mentioned is the good ankle support offered. The way they are designed provides a snug fit so that the wearer’s ankles are well protected.



These shoes are created with comfort in mind, which is why they are made from lightweight materials that will never feel cumbersome while your kid practices or competes.

One aspect of the overall design that should be mentioned is the presence of three pivot points on the outsole so that rotations and other similar maneuvers can be performed with ease.

Another thing that matters is the making of each outsole from a single piece of rubber for extensive traction, grip, and durability.

Because of the proper ankle support provided, your kids will notice a snug fit, which means that they don’t have to worry about losing their shoes on the mat or experiencing ankle troubles.

These shoes come with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.



Because they are made from mesh fabric, for the most part, they don’t appear as durable as other similar shoes on the market.

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7. Adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M


Get ready to take over the wrestling world with this new pair of shoes from Adidas. The product is available in countless color combos, so find the one that best expresses your personality. They are made of quality textile materials and a mesh upper that provide the right balance of flexibility and protection for your kid just as the right headgear assures shielding for their heads.

The shoes are specifically designed to meet the needs of wrestlers, so they provide improved feet ventilation, absorbing extra moisture, and leaving your skin feel dry and cool, no matter how intense your workouts get. The stitching is durable and won’t tear when putting extra pressure on the shoes.

In addition, the high-quality rubber outsoles follow the shape of your feet, protecting high-impact areas like your heels. Thus, the shoes feel comfortable and sturdy enough to resist constant kicking and running. The ankle-high design provides the right amount of support for your ankles as well, keeping them away from unwanted injuries.



The shoes are available in a wide range of sizes, from US men’s size 4 to size 16, including half sizes, which is a plus if you want to make sure you found the perfect fit for you.

The tall design perfectly covers the ankles, offering increased support and protection against potential sprains and injuries, while also preventing the shoes from falling off.

They are made of high-quality and breathable mesh that ensures maximum feet ventilation, absorbing extra moisture, and leaving your feet dry and cool for many hours.

Most customers mentioned this pair of boots runs true to size and fits as expected, so you should order your normal size or half a size bigger if you have wider feet.



Although the majority of customers were pleased with the color, the design, and the overall fit of the shoes, some mentioned that they are a bit slippery on the mats.

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8. Asics Mens JB Elite III Wrestling Shoe


Are you looking for a pair of gold youth wrestling shoes to help you stand out in the crowd? Or maybe some bright red ones to match your fiery attitude on the mat? These new wrestling boots from Asics are available in five different colors, including the gold and the red ones, so pick the pair that best matches your personality, or why not try them all?

They are made of synthetic textiles and mesh to offer increased flexibility, a lightweight design, and maximum freedom of movement so you can perform all the tricks and moves you want.

The upper mesh is designed to ensure proper skin ventilation and absorb extra moisture while keeping your feet cool and dry for hours in a row. They are also great at keeping odors and bacteria away, so you won’t have to worry about nasty toe infections or changing your socks a few times a day.



Finding your perfect size and fit is easy as these boots come in sizes ranging from men’s US 4 to US 15, so they are even suitable for young children and women, provided you order one-two sizes smaller than your regular number.

The product is created for comfort, balance, and protection, supporting the entire area of your foot, as well as the ankles, preventing injuries or bruises.

The outsoles closely follow the shape of your foot, providing extra protection around the heel area and in the front, thanks to the double stitching and reinforced fabrics.

The inside of the shoe is cushioned too for great arch support, preventing blisters, calluses, and skin rashes.



The main concern about this item is that it doesn’t run true to size, so it would be best to first check the manufacturer’s sizing guide and measure your feet properly before ordering.

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9. Asics Unisex Snapdown 2 Wrestling Shoes


If you prefer comfort and protection over fashion trends, these new Asics shoes could prove the winning choice for you. They come in various tones of black, grey, and navy, so they can be easily matched with the rest of your wrestling gear or fighting shorts.

The upper is made of synthetic materials, while the sides are made of mesh, to ensure proper ventilation for your feet. They will absorb extra moisture, prevent foot overheating, and the forming of bacteria that could cause nasty toe infections and bad smell.

The shoes are lightweight and provide the required flexibility to perform all your wrestling or kickboxing moves. The rubber outsoles follow the anatomical shape of your foot, providing extra support around the heel area. Thus, the soles will absorb shocks and prevent injuries.

Also, the ankle-high design is perfect for securing and protecting your ankles while preventing the shoes from falling off your foot.



The product is available in various sizes, making it the perfect choice for men, women, and youngsters alike.

The shoes are constructed from synthetic leather and mesh sides, offering the maximum flexibility and ventilation for your feet, keeping them cool and dry even after hours of training.

The rubber soles are not only comfortable but will also absorb shocks and provide a good grip, preventing you from falling or slipping on the mats.

These Asics shoes also offer great protection and support to your ankles, preventing injuries and sprains.



Buying a new pair of Asics shoes seems to be a lottery these days as many people mentioned that they not only run small but narrow as well, so we strongly suggest to check the manufacturer’s sizing guide or measure your feet prior to placing an online order.

The insoles don’t come with too much cushion, so you may need to order new ones to properly absorb shocks and prevent blisters or calluses, especially after intense workouts.  

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10. Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard David Taylor Edition Wrestling Shoes


How many people can brag about creating their online shoe collection in collaboration with famous brand Adidas? Wrestling champion David Taylor is one of them, and his line of shoes, Mat Wizard, is definitely worth a try. The product is available in various designs and sizes ranging from US Men’s 4.5 US to 16 US, making it suitable even for those with big feet.

The product is made of a unique blend of materials, including mesh to absorb extra sweat and keep your feet protected throughout the day. The shoes provide excellent ventilation, maintaining the feet cool and dry. The sock-like fit is comfortable and provides the perfect feel, supporting your ankles at the same time.

The outsoles are made of superior-quality rubber and flexible fabrics to create increased flexibility and a great grip, preventing you from slipping or sliding.



These new wrestling boots are not only stylish but also very comfortable and lightweight, offering great protection and support at the same time.

They are made of high-quality textiles and mesh that will keep your feet protected, dry, and cool, no matter how intense your workouts become.

The interior EVA midsoles provide great cushioning to your heels, preventing blisters, calluses, and other injuries, while also absorbing shocks and helping you maintain a straight body posture.

The length of the product is perfect for supporting your ankles too, ensuring a great fit for the shoes and preventing you from sprains or injuries on the inferior part of the leg.



Most customers who ordered the new Adidas boots claimed they are very comfortable to wear, even though a bit too slippery when on the mats.

Some other people said the soles were quite rigid, which added extra pressure on their heels.

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11. Asics Men’s Snapdown


If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of shoes that will last you more than a couple of training sessions, products made of leather are the safest solution. This new pair of Asics shoes is made of leather and mesh to provide perfect balance, great flexibility, and increased protection for your feet. The mesh sides offer proper ventilation, keeping your feet dry and cool for hours.

The shoes feature a cushioned heel part that prevents blisters and calluses, offering more comfort at the same time. However, this also makes the shoe narrower, so watch out for the size.

The outsoles follow the anatomical shape of your feet, and feature reinforced stitching to minimize wearing and tearing in time. In addition, the rubber outsoles provide a great grip for your feet, ensuring you won’t slip on the mat. They even come with extra padding on the high impact areas such as your heels and your toes to prevent injuries.



The product is made of high-quality leather that lasts longer than synthetic fabrics and also allows your feet to breathe properly and, together with the mesh inserts, it will keep your feet cool and dry.

These shoes also feature an integrated lace garage that will keep your laces tucked in and prevent them from getting loose and becoming uncomfortable.

The rubber soles ensure improved flexibility to your feet while protecting them from blisters, calluses, and extra pressure put on your heels.

These Asics boots go longer on your leg, keeping your ankles secure at the same time.



Although not advertised as pink youth wrestling shoes, this pair of trainers is perhaps better for girls as it is narrow and runs at least one size smaller than advertised, according to some customers.

Others were not very pleased with the quality of the stitching, saying it may not resist the constant pressure of heavy wrestling workouts.

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12. Asics Mens Cael V8.0


Much like their predecessors, the V7.0s, the new generation of wrestling shoes from Asics is made of superior-quality materials that ensure a reliable and comfortable fit for athletes of all ages. They are available in four designs and over 15 sizes, including half sizes, meaning you’ll easily find the perfect fit for your legs.

The high-ankle design is perfect for protecting your ankles from impact and even features extra padding support, keeping the ankles tight and preventing your shoes from coming off when practicing.

The rubber soles ensure the shoes remain flexible and reliable at the same time. Also, the outsoles provide extra support for your heels, absorbing shocks, reducing pressure, and helping your feet remain in good shape.

If you’re not convinced to give these wrestling boots a try, find out that they benefit from improved moisture control, absorbing excess sweat or moisture, so you’ll enjoy the most comfortable fit the entire day.



The Ortholite sockliner technology is designed to keep your feet comfortable and dry no matter how much you sweat during your practices, which can also lead to lower chances of developing toenail infections often associated with moisture and closed environments.

The shoes come in plenty of sizes, which will help you pick the perfect fit, no matter if you’re a woman, a man or a teenager.

Your ankles will remain protected from sprains and injuries due to the high design of the boot, as well as the extra ankle padding support.

The rubber soles provide a great grip, preventing you from falling and injuring yourself and together with a good mat can ensure a good protection for children and not only.



According to various reviews from online customers, it is advisable to order at least half a size bigger than you usually wear to ensure the shoes fit properly, especially if you have wider feet.

Other people mentioned that the boots tend to get dirty easily, so you may have to carry wet wipes with you all the time or wash them in the washing machine almost after every training session.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Choosing a new pair of purple youth wrestling shoes (or any other color, for that matter) to match with the rest of your gear might a tricky task, especially if you don’t know exactly what to look for. And, even though the market is full of products that might look good, you’ll need a little more than looks to win your next match. So, here are some aspects that we consider relevant when it comes to finding the right shoes for you.

Size and fit

The number one thing you should consider is the proper size and fit for your feet. Keep in mind that shoes that are too loose won’t provide good support and may even be dangerous as you can trip and fall while using them. On the other hand, if you pick a size too small or too narrow, your feet will be crammed which could cause blisters and pains later on.

When looking for kids’ shoes, things could get even more complicated as teenagers grow up fast, and they even skip sizes.

So how can you make sure you purchase the right fit? The best way to do so is to first check with the manufacturer. Bear in mind that each brand has its own standard measures that not always correspond. For instance, brands like Adidas, Asics, and even some models from Nike are known to run on the smaller side, so you should order at least half a size up.

Another way to make sure you pick the right size is to measure your feet, both in length and in width, and then compare your results with the ones provided by the manufacturer. And, if you want to use the same pair for more than a season when you’re a teenager, it is always best to order up to one size bigger than you usually wear.



You can’t sacrifice quality for the price so you should always choose items made of high-quality materials that won’t wear or tear after the first uses. Wrestling shoes are available in various materials, depending on your preferences, but the most popular ones include mesh, leather, and suede.

Full-mesh boots are extremely lightweight, flexible, and breathable, but won’t provide enough protection for your feet against injuries. On the other hand, those made entirely out of leather or suede won’t look good once they wear off and can always be a bit stiffer, not providing maximum freedom of movement for your feet.

Therefore, we suggest choosing a pair of shoes made of a combination of leather and mesh. The leather adds durability and increased protection on high-risk areas of your feet such as the heels and the toes, while the mesh sides allow air circulation to keep your feet fresh, cool, and dry throughout the day.

If the budget concerns you, you can also consider opting for some cheap kids’ wrestling shoes made of synthetic materials and fibers. These seem suitable choices for kids who just picked up wrestling or boxing and still adjust to the rules, the gear, and harsh training.



Did you just find some brand new orange youth wrestling shoes but you’re not sure if they are worth the price tag? Although design and style may seem like everything at a young age, don’t be too quick on spending all your pocket money.

Another aspect you should take into account is the total length and the height of the shoe. The best wrestling shoes for kids should provide just the right amount of protection and support to your ankles without feeling too stiff or impacting your freedom of movement.

Ankle-length boots are the most popular because they fit perfectly around your ankles, keeping them tight, and lowering the risk of injuries and sprains. However, newbies may also look for more padding, cushioning, and protection, so knee-high boots are also worth mentioning.

They may be heavier and harder to put on but will keep the entire lower part of your leg far from bruises, cuts, and injuries.  


Color and style

Being young is all about expressing your bold, powerful, and loud personality, so why not take that on the mat as well? Whether if you’re looking for some new Nike youth wrestling shoes or choose other reputed brands like Asics or Adidas, your new pair has to match your fiery attitude.

Luckily, most brands understood the need of teenagers and not only to express themselves through clothes and accessories and came up with numerous different styles, designs, patterns, and colors to wow their customers.

And, if you’re all about the eye-catching colors, why not amaze everyone with a brand new pair of blue youth wrestling shoes? Just make sure to match the rest of your wrestling gear and you’re ready to win the match.

However, if you’re still pondering on the right product, perhaps going through some online youth wrestling shoes reviews will help you make up your mind easier.




Unavailable products


Adidas Men’s Boy’s HVC2 Wrestling Mat Shoe Ankle Strap


These shoes represent the perfect combination of fashion and comfort. The upper is made of synthetic leather and suede, while the sides are made of high-quality mesh that absorbs extra moisture, leaving your feet cool and dry throughout the day. The rubber sole is specifically designed to reduce friction and slipping both on the mat and on the floor.

The shoes are available in various designs and sizes for kids, so your child will have no problem finding the perfect fit, no matter their personality.

What we also liked about these new Adidas kids’ wrestling shoes is the taller design that will protect your ankles from sprains and accidents. The fit can be easily adjusted thanks to the Velcro strap on top, so you’ll enjoy more comfort, no matter your foot length and width.

The shoes are also lightweight, allowing you to increase your speed and improve your fighting techniques.



Designed specifically for the needs of youngsters, these wrestling shoes from Adidas are extremely comfortable to wear, without having to sacrifice style or looks.

The side mesh material ensures maximum skin breathability and ventilation, absorbing extra moisture, and keeping your feet dry and cool no matter the intensity of your workout.

The soles are made of durable rubber that ensures a strong grip, preventing slipping, while the interior cushion is designed to keep your heels and toes comfortable.

Thanks to the elastic ankle strap, you’ll be able to secure your ankles and prevent injuries or sprains.



Although the majority of customers loved the design and the feel of this product, they mentioned the shoes are quite narrow and run on the smaller side, so we suggest ordering at least half a size up, especially since your kid may grow up faster.



Asics Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe


Available in two colors, black and red, these shoes represent a great choice for those who have just picked up wrestling or any other contact sports. They are made of mesh, which helps them become extremely lightweight and flexible. The mesh exterior is designed to absorb excess sweat or moisture, leaving your feet cool and dry throughout the day.

The rubber outsole provides a good grip and will prevent slipping or sliding when you’re on the mat, which will further improve your balance and fighting techniques.

What we also liked is the integrated lace garage that allows you to store the laces once you tied them up to ensure a snug fit that won’t come off when you move too much.

Moreover, the length of this product is perfect for those who want to cover up and protect their ankles from injuries and sprains.



The shoes are available in various sizes for little kids, big kids, and adults, so finding the right size and fit should be an easy task.

The clean design without embellishments or eye-popping colors will easily match any style of gear and will help your child focus more on his or her combat techniques.

The full-length rubber outsole will protect your foot completely, absorbing shocks, and preventing you from slipping on the mat.

The shoes provide the perfect amount of support and protection for your ankles as well, preventing injuries or sprains during practice.



As some customers noted, these Asics boots tend to run on the smaller side, so we suggest ordering up to one size bigger if you want to enjoy a comfortable fit that isn’t too snug or prevents your skin from breathing properly.

Since they are made almost entirely out of mesh, they won’t provide too much protection, meaning it may really hurt if your opponent accidentally steps on your foot.



Asics Mens Cael V7.0 Wrestling Shoe


With more than seven decades of experience in the field of sports gear and accessories, the Japanese company Asics is known for investing in the latest technologies and delivering high-quality products without compromising style or comfort for the sake of the budget.

The Cael V7.0 model is specifically designed for boxers, MMA players, and wrestlers, catering to their needs. The item is available in six color choices and in sizes ranging from Men’s US 7 to 15. Therefore, you won’t have a problem fitting in these shoes even though you have big feet.

The boots are made of high-quality suede for increased protection and comfort, while the side mesh inserts ensure maximum ventilation to your feet. Therefore, they will absorb excess moisture, leaving your feet cool and dry for the entire time. The rubber soles closely follow the shape of your feet, providing increased protection on the heel area.



The boots come with a lace pocket that allows you to tuck in your laces, preventing them from coming undone when fighting or practicing.

Thanks to the high-ankle design, these shoes offer support and increased protection to your ankles, preventing injuries or sprains that might occur during practice.

They are made of high-quality materials to provide the perfect combination of ventilation, flexibility, and lightness.

The reinforced materials on the heel area ensure a comfortable fit for your legs, absorbing extra sweat and preventing blisters or calluses at the same time.



Although most customers appreciated the construction and the quality of these wrestling boots, some were not pleased with the fact that they don’t come with removable insoles, so you may want to purchase additional insoles for extra cushion and support.

As with most Asics shoes, it is advisable you order at least half a size bigger, especially if you’re buying them for youngsters who tend to grow up faster.




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