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10 Best Women MMA Fighters In The World

Last Updated: 05.07.22



MMA is not traditionally a women’s sport, but over the last decade, female MMA fighters emerged from the shadowed place their competitions were usually pushed through, and you can read more on this in our article on the best women in the sport. Dressed in MMA shorts and equipped with the same gear as any other fighter in the cage, these women have proven their worth time and time again.

Today, they are celebrated everywhere, from paid TV to rings across the world. While the history of this sport in the female version is still in its embryonic phases, it is clear as day that these female fighters have already placed their indelible mark on the sport as a whole.


Cris Cyborg

While there are plenty of other female fighters that people would consider for the top place on such a list, the truth is that experts seem to agree most often than not that the impact this female fighter delivered to the world of the sport is unmatched.

With a longest winning streak of 20, an impressive number of finishes, and a total rating of 20 to 1, Cris Cyborg is not easy to rival. Her consistency in delivering win after win earned her, throughout her career, many of the UFC headlines.

Ronda Rousey

A colorful character, Ronda Rousey impressed in many ways attendees of MMA matches, with her explosiveness, decisiveness, but just as well with the drama surrounding her defeats. Despite all the mishaps, however, there’s hardly anyone else who has managed to capture everyone’s hearts as profoundly as Rousey.

Her record is 12 to 2, and her longest winning streak was 12, with 12 finishes. Rousey definitely knows how to walk out of the ring like a winner.


Amanda Nunes

One of Rousey’s opponents who has managed to make a career even despite not always being considered the winning prospect, Amanda Nunes has brought something new to the sport. While MMA in general, and not only in the women’s division, is all about sending the opponent to the mattress and make him or her stay there, Nunes brought a certain grace and strategy to the sport.

With two winning streaks of 6, and a record of 15 to 4, Nunes may not be unbeaten, but she is undoubtedly one of the fighters that continue to prove, time and time again, that improvement and attaining perfection is possible.


Holly Holm

Holly Holm made history for herself when she sent Rousey to the floor in what people are still talking about being a KO of seismic proportions. Some may say that winning against the champion is the single shining moment in Holm’s career, but that would be untrue. When she beat Rousey, Holm was marking her 10th victory in a long streak.

Her cautious style may not have made her dramatic or show-worthy enough for the headlines. But she had a strong career, and her stellar win against Rousey was the result of all her hard work.


Miesha Tate

In all respects, Miesha Tate was Rousey’s most interesting opponent, and together, the duo has often made the headlines for UFC matches. A female fighter that managed to remain relevant through years of competition, Tate has her flaws, nonetheless. While she won the belt in both UFC and Strikeforce, she didn’t manage to defend her crown.

For that reason, she is often quoted after Rousey. And losing the opportunity to become the face of the sport might not have been taken lightly by her fans. Still, with a record of 18 to 7, 10 finishes, and a longest winning streak of 6, she does deserve a respectable place in any top showcasing the most talented and successful female MMA fighters.


Megumi Fuji

Including big names that created the history of the sport in its female version is essential for making this top a correct one. Outside the US, the Japanese fighting scene has produced names as big as those holding the headlines at UFC, and that is why we must include Megumi Fuji on this list.

With a record of 26 to 3 and a longest winning streak of 22 – something that no other fighter can brag about – Megumi Fuji made a name for herself in multiple competitions.


Joanna Jedrzejczyk

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, and Joanna Jedrzejczyk understands well what the abbreviation stands for. Combining elements of wrestling with her MMA style, she deserves being called Joanna Champion. Add on top of everything her ability to play head games which adds color to the matches, and you have the making of a true UFC star.

Her success rate is 14 to 1, and her longest winning streak is 14, with 5 finishes. While some may say that her most recent evolution is better than her entire career, that doesn’t mean that she will not continue to impress.


Marloes Coenen

Marloes Coenen is equally known for her successes in the ring, as well as for her ability to hold her ground in the cage against Cris Cyborg. Probably the nicest female MMA fighter outside the ring, she proved that she could be just as ruthless as her opponents when face to face.

Her record is quite impressive. The success rate is 23 to 8, her longest winning streak is 8, and the number of finishes, 20.

Valentina Shevchenko

Although at 29, Valentina Shevchenko should have proven herself more, most commenters tend to believe that greatness still awaits this female MMA fighter.

With a record rate of 15 to 7, a winning streak of 7, and 11 finishes, Shevchenko might look pretty much like a mixed bag. Still, the sport enthusiasts think she can improve and make a mark.


Tara LaRosa

Tara LaRosa proved females could fight in a ring when the MMA scene for women was not considered a thing. Making her debut in 2002, she dominated that scene for a decade.

Her success rate was 22 to 5, with the longest winning streak of 15 and 15 finishes. She won, fair and square, the same hero status that Megumi Fuji enjoys to this day.



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