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10 Best Venum Boxing Gloves – 2022 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 11.08.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Venum Boxing Glove + Reviews


Here you will find what the best Venum boxing gloves are, especially if you are in a hurry and you don’t have the time to read the entirety of our article. After extensive research, we have come to the conclusion that the Venum Elite is the model that you should consider. The gloves are designed for heavy hitters and professionals since they boast fine craftsmanship and quality materials. They feel very comfortable in the hand but they also provide the protection that you need so that you don’t get your knuckles or wrist injured. If you care about the way your boxing gloves look, with this option you can choose between more than a dozen unique colors. In the event that you can no longer find our first choice available for sale, we recommend that you bear the Venum Challenger 2.0 in mind.



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10 Best Venum Boxing Gloves (Reviews) in 2022



While we can’t decide which product will be the best choice for you, we can give you a selection of the critically acclaimed products and let you select the one that you like the most. The list below consists of the models that have garnered positive Venum boxing gloves reviews and that stood out thanks to their quality, reliability, and comfort.



1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves


The Venum Elite boxing gloves come with all the features that professionals and heavy hitters require. They have a very comfortable feel once you put them on thanks in part to the use of premium materials and the fact that the gloves are fully handmade in Thailand. You also get the benefit of an attached thumb design to reduce the chances of injuring it.

If you are looking for Venum boxing gloves in 16 oz or above, these are a good choice since they come on the larger size and they extend a bit down your forearm area. The longer design means that you will get good wrist support and many customers prefer this style for this exact reason.

Another area in which this option excels is the ventilation which is achieved by a mesh covering on the front. This will allow the air flow to reach the inside of your hands so that you don’t overheat.

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2. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves


If you are looking for a pair of inexpensive, beginner boxing gloves then you would definitely do good to keep this model in mind as it offers great value for the price. For most cheap alternatives durability is a big concern but with this one, you get the benefit of a durable hybrid-leather material that won’t rip after just a few uses.

The Venum Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves manage to look more expensive than they actually are and this is achieved by the expert craftsmanship that the company uses even for their affordable models. Customers have reported that the stitching is very close-knit which is a sign of quality and will make your gloves last longer.

The fit has also garnered customer appreciation and much like other Venum gloves, it uses an elastic band fitted around the wrist section so that the boxer gets fairly good wrist support so that he or she can feel more protected when using the product.

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3. Venum Contender Boxing Gloves


With this model you get the safety and protection your knuckles, fingers, and wrists require thanks to the triple density foam padding that can absorb even the most powerful shocks. The padding is carefully distributed across the glove so that the key areas of your hands such as your knuckles get the full level of protection that they need.

The curved design follows the anatomical shape of your hand and helps ensure proper striking technique, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing your performance so that you can feel more confident when punching. Your wrists will get better support thanks to the Velcro strap which will also make the on and off process quicker.

If you are wondering about the durability of this option, you should be glad to learn that the manufacturer has decided to use their premium synthetic leather which offers outstanding durability which will help keep the price as low as possible.

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4. Venum Impact Boxing Gloves


The Venum impact boxing gloves are designed to meet the needs of boxers that are hardworking and want to get a piece of equipment that can keep up with them. The manufacturer itself refers to them as weapons of mass destruction and after taking a quick look at the numerous positive reviews, we have to agree with that statement.

Users were delighted by the quality of the cushioning which does not only provide excellent impact resistance and shock absorption but also manages to mold to the shape of your hand so that you can instantly feel protected without compromising comfort. To add even more support to your wrists, the gloves come with an extra wide wrap and a Velcro closure.

You can train for hours since the integrated nylon mesh inset found in the upper palm will keep you cool during your training. Similarly, if you are looking to get a pair of Venum camo boxing gloves, this model comes available in many colors and styles including camo.

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5. Venum Contender 2.0 Boxing Gloves


The new iteration of the customer-favorite Contender model features a modern redesign that offers the ideal combination of practicality and compactness that both beginner and advanced users need. The high-density padding is carefully injected into the gloves and it offers up to three times more protection so that you don’t have to pull your punches.

The polyurethane leather surface is twice more resistant than the previous generation and makes the gloves look smoother and slicker. Since the surface is smooth, it will be much easier for users to clean their equipment after training and the glove will not be susceptible to liquid damage.

The large Velcro enclosure offers a more secure and better wrist fit and protection, meaning that they will stay in place even during your most intense workouts. We also couldn’t forget to mention the fantastic look that these gloves have, especially since you are free to choose the color your like the most.

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6. Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves


The new version of the Venum Giant will allow athletes to reach their maximum punching power while also offering them the ultimate comfort and protection so that they continue working out for as much as they want. The gloves are carefully assembled and built in Thailand using 100% Nappa leather.

The anatomical shape will hug your fists and help disperse the shock while limiting any risk of getting injured. What’s more, the additional extra padding found on the top of the glove will enhance the shock absorption to a whole new level so that you can keep your wrists and fists safe even during repeated impacts.

Another great addition to this model is the smooth inner-lining that gives the gloves moisture wicking and fast drying capabilities. Thus, there is no need to worry that this unit is not capable of offering the comfort you seek seeing as you will now no longer have to dread the feeling of getting your hand into a damp glove.

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7. Venum Elite Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Kit


If you are looking to start your training but and you don’t want to waste time purchasing your equipment from different manufacturers, this bundle includes the boxing gloves, headgear, shin guards, and hand wraps so that you can get started right away. The kit is a perfect choice for both beginner and advanced athletes.

The Venum Elite boxing gloves are fully handmade and use durable synthetic leather so that you can get the highest fighting experience at the best price and the finest quality. The palm is reinforced for maximum shock absorption while the mesh panel placed under the fist will help achieve excellent thermal regulation.

As far as the other items in the kit are concerned, the headgear is ultra lightweight and comes with the same triple density contoured foam that is found in the gloves. The shinguards are also made of synthetic leather and feature additional padding across the instep and shin for better shock absorption.

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8. Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves


If you are looking to introduce your kids to this sport, then you need to get the right equipment for the job and the Venum Contender Kids seeks to offer youngsters the tools they need to become future champions. These quality gloves are the perfect way to introduce young athletes to the sport and they can continue using them once they become more proficient.

The gloves are made of premium synthetic leather which means that you get the benefit of increased durability without the hefty price tag that a genuine leather option would have. They also have an anatomic shape that will adapt perfectly for small hands and will provide wearers with a comfortable feel and a great fit.

To make the product even more comfortable for children, the manufacturer has included multi-density foam padding throughout the glove and a Velcro closure to keep it secure and to provide the wrist with additional support.

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9. Venum Challenger 2.0 Kids Boxing Gloves


The Venum Challenger 2.0 Kids is a perfect model that children can use to learn how to strike. It is designed using triple density foam padding and top hand protection which is perfect for keeping the developing bones in the hands and fists of youths safe from injuries.

The price of the unit is kept very low so that everyone can afford this model with no need to worry that they will have to sacrifice quality, reliability, or performance. The gloves are crafted using a premium PU leather construction that is just as comfortable as it is durable.

Additionally, the glove is kept securely around the wrist thanks to a wide wraparound Velcro strap that will keep young hands locked and ready to pack a powerful punch.

Because for kids the look of a product matters a lot, this model uses a very striking design and the embossed Venum logo is sure to make a bold impression.

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10. Venum “Competitor” Carbon Edition Boxing Gloves


If you are ready to spend a bit more for a premium purchase, then the “Competitor” Carbon Edition will certainly have you impressed with its overall quality, comfort, and looks. Indeed, this new critically acclaimed model looks stunning thanks to the amazing carbon effect on the surface that will give you the confidence you need to become a true champion.

On the exterior, the model uses premium Skintex leather for improved performance and durability. You won’t have to worry about safety since the triple density foam offers good protection against shocks and it does so throughout the lifetime of the product meaning that you get long-lasting hand protection.

Customers are also very satisfied with this option claiming that it fits their hands perfectly and even after intense use, there is no sign of wear or tear. The large Velcro enclosure with elastic helps achieve a custom fit and it is very easy to use.

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Yearly Guide & Report


People seldom have the time to research before purchasing boxing gloves, and this is the reason why we have compiled the following buyer’s guide. In it, we have gathered all the information we found during our research process and compressed it in an easy-to-read guide that will show you the key factors and features you ought to consider.

Size and comfort

The first step when purchasing this type of product is to find the size that will fit you best. This depends on your skill level and on what you will be training for. The common sizes for boxing gloves are 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. If you want to train hard, a heavier glove will let your hands move faster.

What’s more, heavy gloves that weigh 14 and 16 oz have more padding and that allows them to give users better hand protection. If you are looking for sparring with a partner, lighter gloves such as 10 or 12 oz are preferred.

No matter the training you want to do, you should always make sure that the gloves you wear fit snugly and comfortably. One way to judge when a pair of gloves fits just right is to see if you are able to reach the top of the gloves and if you can make a fist comfortably.

Make sure you head over to the manufacturer’s website to see their size chart since there you will be able to get an idea of which size will be best for your weight. The size chart can differ a bit depending on the manufacturer.


Types of gloves

There are many types of gloves out there depending on the sport that you intend to pursue, but for the sake of keeping things short and simple, we will focus on the most popular options you are likely to encounter when prospecting the market.

For amateurs, the best choice is going with all-around boxing gloves which may also be advertised as training or bag gloves. They are designed for pad and bag work, and they are very versatile and very useful since you can use them in almost any type of training. Some general purpose models may be simply referred to as boxing gloves.

If you are looking to spar with a partner, you will need equipment designed to protect both you and your partner. It is possible to use any pair of boxing gloves for sparring if they are the acceptable weight but it is best to go with a model that is specifically optimized for this activity.

The final two types of gloves that we will talk about are those designed for amateur and professional use. Amateur gloves are generally less expensive and enable you to strike quickly but unfortunately, they are not heavily padded.

Professional boxing gloves, on the other hand, are designed for high-level competitions and as such, they come with extra features and are made using premium and expensive materials.

Extra features

In order to be able to use your new product for as long as you want, you need it to be made of breathable materials that can let air flow through for maximum comfort. Nowadays, most quality models come with breathable mesh, and the only downside of this feature is that it can slightly reduce the natural shape of the gloves.

Additionally, boxing gloves that come with shielded wrists can reduce the impact and allow you to hit harder without getting injured. This is generally achieved using a Velcro strap on the front side of your wrists while the back of the wrist is covered by a sturdy section. This is a very popular feature to have nowadays.




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