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10 Best Ringside Boxing Gloves Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Best Ringside Boxing Gloves Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


Read this article to find what some of the best Ringside boxing gloves are for sale today and make a better impression regarding what you need to acquire. After examining many Ringside boxing gloves reviews, we came to the conclusion that the Ringside Apex Sparring gloves are the most suitable pair for one to buy. This model includes a closure system that fits well around your wrists with a hook and loop system for increased adjustability. The palm of the glove is made from a breathable mesh material and on the inside, there is an antimicrobial liner that inhibits germ growth. These gloves are manufactured using Injected-Molded Foam (IMF) technology, therefore delivering more protection and durability. Customers are happy with their purchase and give high ratings to this model. If you are not able to find these gloves, we recommend the Ringside Apex Bag gloves as well.



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10 Best Ringside Boxing Gloves (Reviews) in 2022



Ringside offers a large array of boxing gloves both for beginners, as well as for professional boxers. As many customers don’t know where to start when buying a pair of boxing gloves, we compiled a list of some of the most effective Ringside products, hoping you will get a head start.



1. Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves


These Ringside Apex boxing gloves feature the IMF patented technology. This greatly increases the durability of the gloves and enhances your comfort while punching. The wrist is kept aligned and in a correct anatomical position, thus preventing any accidents or soreness after the sparring session is complete.

The cuffs can be tightly secured by using a hook and loop mechanism that can be easily adjusted even with your gloves on. The thumb is pierced so that sweat evaporates quickly and your hand stays at a normal temperature during training. Moreover, the palm of the glove is made of a breathable mesh that further facilitates air circulation.

Microbial growth is inhibited due to the antibacterial inner liner. The skin of your hands remains clean and after using the gloves they will not retain bad odor. The gloves are available in 2 sizes: 14 ounces and 16 ounces. Regarding the colors, you can choose between 8 different color designs.

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2. Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Training Gloves Gel Sparring


You can purchase these Ringside boxing gloves in 8oz, which corresponds to S/M sizing on some charts and in 10 oz, which is the equivalent of L/XL size. The gloves are extremely light and can be used by children without any problem. Both the palm and the thumb are ventilated so your hand doesn’t sweat as much during heavy training.

You can purchase this item in the extremely sought after Ringside boxing gloves black and gold design from their website.

Like many various other Ringside products, these gloves are manufactured by using the IMF patented technology. This means that your hands will always keep a natural, anatomical position and you will never feel any post-training pain in your wrists. The foam does a great job in protecting your knuckles and provides high levels of comfort.

The Velcro closure system ensures that your gloves do not slip off your wrist and remain firmly fitted on your hands. You can easily equip yourself and begin training as soon as possible.

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3. Ringside Pro Style Boxing Training Gloves


These gloves are manufactured from synthetic leather. Their surface is easy to clean and durable enough to last through many training sessions of medium intensity. There are 5 holes in the palms that favor air circulation and sweat evaporation. This adds to your comfort level and prevents your fists from overheating.

The cuffs are sturdy and ensure your wrists maintain a correct position as you punch. The gloves feature a hook and loop closure system that offer you the possibility of adjusting the tightness of the gloves. In addition, the closure system can be handled with your gloves on. You don’t need help to put them on or take them off.

This model only comes in a small/medium size, which corresponds to 12 ounces. The gloves should be mainly used for exercise, shadowboxing, and fitness. Customers claimed that punching heavy bags caused the exterior seams to break.

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4. Ringside Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves


These boxing gloves are made mainly for sparring. The IMF padding protects your knuckles by covering your hand with a 2 and ½ inch thick foam. This foam has a patented chemical formula. This makes it feel broken in right as you take the gloves out of the box. The foam is covered in synthetic leather.

On the interior of the thumb, there are two holes that, together with the space between the laces, create good air circulation. This prevents overheating and keeps your sparring experience comfortable.

These Ringside boxing gloves lace up and you most likely will need help to put them on properly. This is why training by yourself may prove to be difficult.

You can purchase these Ringside lace up boxing gloves in two sizes: 14 oz and 16 oz. Moreover, you have three color designs from which you can choose: red/white, red/black and blue/white.

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5. Ringside Gel Shock Safety Boxing Sparring Gloves


The exterior of these gloves is covered in two materials. The striking surface is covered with durable leather, and the thumb is covered in suede leather. They are easy enough to clean both on the outside as well as on the inside.

Unlike most other glove models, this item doesn’t use foam to protect your hands. Instead, it is manufactured by using gel shock padding, which absorbs the impact forces efficiently.

The cuff is stable on your wrist and can be adjusted due to its hook and loop mechanism. In addition, a secondary hinge found above the Velcro strap offers you better mobility.

Customers are content with the shock absorbing properties of these gloves and claim the equipment resists even when heavy bags are punched hard. Although the gloves are stiff at first, they break in soon enough and feel much more comfortable after a few sparring sessions.

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6. Ringside Heavy Hitter Glove 20-Ounce


The palm of the gloves is covered in a synthetic material, while the striking surface is covered with leather. Overall, the gloves are easy to clean. You can do that by simply wiping them with wet wipes.

The thumb is pierced. Four holes favor air circulation and sweat evaporation so that you punch comfortably without overheating your hands.

Besides the high comfort level, these Ringside boxing gloves provide adequate protection. The padding has more density; therefore, your hands are less likely to be injured or bruised. Moreover, the gloves protect your opponent, as well.

Because they only come in a 20-ounce size, these gloves will feel a little heavy. However, this works to your benefit as it improves your arm strength and endurance during fighting. Customers do not feel the need to use hand wraps while punching wearing these gloves. You just put them on and start your training.

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7. Ringside Extreme Fitness Boxing Gloves


The Ringside Extreme Fitness gloves are designed for intense workouts. The thumb features two ventilation holes, and the palms are covered in similar holes to facilitate sweat evaporation. Your skin will not overheat and will remain at normal temperatures throughout your training routine.

The gloves come in two sizes: large and regular. Although these sizes both weigh 12 oz, the large model has more room on the inside and can fit larger hands.

The closure system features a Velcro strap and gives you the possibility of adjusting them according to your needs. The gloves are spacious enough to accommodate hand wraps.

The gloves come in 5 different color designs so that you can match them with the rest of your equipment. People who bought them complained that some gloves were delivered with dirt spots on them. Also, the pink color is different in reality than the advertised pink shade.

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8. Ringside Women’s IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves


This pair of gloves features an exterior that is made from a combination of leather and textured vinyl. This makes the gloves durable and good looking at the same time.

They are manufactured using patented IMF technology. This means that foam has been injected in anatomically correct molds to offer great protection and comfort at the same time.

As this model is mainly designed for women, the interior space is smaller than most other boxing gloves and men might find it uncomfortable to wear, especially if they have big hands. The gloves are secured onto your wrists via a hook and loop mechanism. The adjustable Velcro strap ensures that they don’t slip off your hands and your wrist remains in the correct position.

These Ringside women’s boxing gloves weigh 12 ounces and come in two color combinations: light blue/white and pink/black. They are made primarily for sparring.

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9. Ringside IMF Tech Super Bag Boxing MMA Training Sparring Gloves


As the name implies, this pair of boxing gloves is made using the Ringside IMF technology. The striking surface is made from durable leather which makes these gloves resistant when punching heavy bags.

There are three holes on the thumb and many holes in the palm of the glove. This feature favors air ventilation and gives you better comfort during your training sessions.

A hook and loop closure system ensures a secure fit on your hands. The gloves can be tightened or loosened as much as you want. You can easily put the gloves on and take them off by yourself with this mechanism. This way, you don’t necessarily need a sparring partner to help you get equipped.

These gloves come in many sizes in order to fit any hand: junior, youth, medium, large and X-large. You also have the possibility of choosing one of three color designs: black, pink or red.

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10. Ringside Omega Sparring Boxing Gloves


Genuine, top-grain leather covers the exterior of these gloves and ensures that they resist any hard-core training or sparring sessions you put them through. The foam padding is composed of many layers and manages to absorb the impact forces and protect your knuckles with ease.

The popular hook and loop closure design, combined with a high-quality Velcro strap gives the gloves high adjustability and keeps them on your hands even when you swing hard. The thumb is attached, therefore you don’t risk breaking it by bending it backward. In addition, this also protects the eyes of your opponent.

The palm is ventilated, as it’s covered with a breathable mesh material. This, combined with a moisture-wicking liner on the inside, prevents your hands from overheating or sweating. Furthermore, this inhibits bacterial growth and prevents bad odors.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Ringside products are well known in the world of boxing. Their motto is “The best in boxing” and for a good reason, too. They are one of the first companies to improve classical glove designs to better protect the fighter and to offer more comfort. Since the year 2000, they have researched and implemented new technologies on boxing gloves.

Here is some detailed information about their available products and improvements brought to boxing gloves.

Glove Models

Ringside features many glove models from which you can choose. Some would say too many. The downside of this is that the market is flooded with Ringside gloves that, although are inexpensive, also provide low quality. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from items that cost below $40 as they are not as durable as an $80 pair of gloves, for example.

The company tries to reach as many clients as possible and that is not necessarily a bad thing, although they fail to excel in all of their glove models and this is why you, as a buyer, should keep your attention only on their core products that proved to be of good quality over the years.


Ringside IMF Boxing Gloves

These glove models are the ones that made Ringside rise to the top. They easily provide the best value for their price and are the go-to model for any fighter who needs a mid-tier pair of boxing gloves.

That being said, an IMF pair of gloves will never surpass a $200 pair of professional boxing gloves from other manufacturing brands, but for beginners and people who don’t train as often or as hard, they are among the best choices.


Ringside Apex Gloves

These models come in versions designed for training and sparring. They are not as tough as the IMF boxing gloves, but then again, neither is your activity. According to a Ringside Apex boxing gloves review, the sparring gloves have good shock-absorbing properties and are not a bad buy for beginners. The gloves do not cost much and at $50 they are perfect for fighters who are on a budget.

Ringside Fitness Gloves

These are on the low end of the spectrum both regarding the price as well as the quality. With prices ranging from $15 to $40 these products are mainly designed for shadowboxing and other fitness activities. These should not be used for boxing at all, as they do not protect your hands, wrists and neither your opponent or sparring partner. They are not durable.



Injected Molded Foam (IMF) technology is one of the most advanced padding systems ever invented for the sport of boxing. This patented technology is found exclusively in Ringside products. The IMF technology provides the boxer with more protection and makes the gloves a lot more resistant than most brands in the business.

Most gloves found on the market today are built using multiple layers of foam and a material used in carpeting called rebound. This is inexpensive but does not provide the gloves with the needed shock-absorbing properties to protect your hands. After repeated use, these materials break down and cease to give you any comfort.

Ringside uses anatomically correct, pre-curved molds that are then injected with a patented foam formula. This creates a single molded foam layer. In combination with high-quality stitching and exterior protection materials, your hand is safe and comfortable during training sessions.




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